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TeessideSeasider Posted on 23/02/2012 16:58
"Faces" You Don't See at Games Anymore


Bandy Posted on 23/02/2012 17:06


Bandy Posted on 23/02/2012 17:07


Vasily_Rats Posted on 23/02/2012 17:08

Nancy [LOVE]

monkeyman Posted on 23/02/2012 17:10


Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 23/02/2012 17:18


Dibzzz Posted on 23/02/2012 17:19

That black lad, known as Pavarotti.

Funny as fcuk him [smi]

stocko_mfc Posted on 23/02/2012 17:20

Dbizz, i seen him not long ago...
There was a lad with a ponytail always wore the same leather jacket...used to always see him home and away since the early 80,s

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 23/02/2012 17:21

Has Louden packed in?

Tyrone_Shoelaces Posted on 23/02/2012 17:21

Who was the short guy who always carried the radio about?

Tortured_Mind Posted on 23/02/2012 17:21

Sawdust, aka Market Mogga.

Barnsy Posted on 23/02/2012 17:22

Too many to list.

But most managed to find their way to Eindhoven!

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 23/02/2012 17:23

Of course they did, it was European Final, soft lad.

gravyboat Posted on 23/02/2012 17:24


Dibzzz Posted on 23/02/2012 17:25


He must be in his 50's now?

Barnsy Posted on 23/02/2012 17:25

"Of course they did, it was European Final, soft lad"

Soft lad?

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 23/02/2012 17:28

Used to bump into Louden at quite a few games, he's off the radar now.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 23/02/2012 17:29

it's a Scouse term for daft.

Do you think it's odd that the cup final was popular?

Barnsy Posted on 23/02/2012 17:31

Of course not, I just despair that so many jumped ship afterwards. If you disagree with my opinion, fair enough. But leave the insults out.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 23/02/2012 17:35

We had good gates the seaon after the cup final. The dip didn't really come until after relegation, and even now they're nowhere near as bad as the crowds we got when the 'faces' we're talking about were regulars. It's funny that the Jonny Come Latelies have a dig at the blokes who were amongst the 5,000 regulars in the mid 80's.

mooghead Posted on 23/02/2012 17:37

Rod Stewart


littledick Posted on 23/02/2012 17:42

Astor [^]

Robsons_left_boot Posted on 23/02/2012 17:48

The blind man (partially sighted?) at Ayresome Park, he used to go around with a radio to his ear. Not seen him in donkeys!

boksic Posted on 23/02/2012 17:50

Dollar but he was at the carling cup final

I see Cyril is there regulalry these days in the "posh seats"

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 23/02/2012 17:51

Didn't he have a seat in front of the commentary team at one time so he could hear them? Used to sit near him at Ayresome at one time.

monkeyman Posted on 23/02/2012 17:54
Klunge, TWART etc.

The Samsonite brothers and Mogadishu.

ccole Posted on 23/02/2012 17:56

David Shalyer, or Tracy as he now know.

Dibzzz Posted on 23/02/2012 17:56

Him who used to shout 'Come on Boro', in the Holgate in a very high pitched voice.
(it was his normal voice)

Bob Mortimer used him as inspiration for Donald and Davey Stott [:D]

monkeyman Posted on 23/02/2012 17:57
Klunge, TWART etc.

Stuttering Stanley.

borobuddah Posted on 23/02/2012 18:04
Klunge, TWART etc.

Bambam doesn't get in as often [sad]

Barnsy Posted on 23/02/2012 18:13
Klunge, TWART etc.


If that is another go at me you might be interested to know that I had a season ticket in the 80's. My season card has an 'A' prefix.

My comments still stand.

Quatro Posted on 23/02/2012 18:16
Klunge, TWART etc.


Perhaps Corcaigh's not going anymore so you've touched a nerve lad.

Manny-Being-Manny Posted on 23/02/2012 18:17
"Faces" You Don't See At Games Anymore.

The Bishop Brothers.

BillyWindsorsgoingbald Posted on 23/02/2012 18:34

Dibzzz, I think the bloke with the high pitched voice was called Graham. He used to be on the bus from Loftus when I used to bus it in as a lad. I'm pretty sure he also went to Upsall Hall.

spike11 Posted on 23/02/2012 18:40

The guy with the radio was Eric, also a frequent visitor to the speedway.

Graham was the one with the high pitched voice, also had a brother who looked & sounded the same.

Rapid-Viagra Posted on 23/02/2012 18:41

Frankie Bam Bam [|)]

collo1875 Posted on 23/02/2012 18:46

The Ayresome park clock face

Barnsy Posted on 23/02/2012 18:53

Helmsley Harry (R.I.P)

Dibzzz Posted on 23/02/2012 18:55

Quite a few of my mates, which is a shame, and a bit annoying. [|)][:(!]

BillBones Posted on 23/02/2012 19:02

The high-pitched pair were the Wallis/Wallace brothers. I remember one of them supporting Forest for some inexplicable reason when we played them in the 92/93 season.

Very similar but The Stotts were inspired by two brothers who Vic Reeves used to work with.

Dibzzz Posted on 23/02/2012 19:03


loftusloyal Posted on 23/02/2012 19:06

hank from redcar with union jack cap ,bosco ,tonka ,lad who looked like him from musical youth

stocko_mfc Posted on 23/02/2012 19:14

Steptoe from the middle of the holgate... Last time i seen him he was working on stockton market. Also a lad called bubble, another nutter from the early 80's

loftusloyal Posted on 23/02/2012 19:18

lads with high pitched voices are banned from the ground.

Tortured_Mind Posted on 23/02/2012 19:18

Could Steptoe and Sawdust aka Market Mogga be one and the same?

stocko_mfc Posted on 23/02/2012 19:20

No TM he's a thornaby lad who i know quite well. Market mogga that is......

Tortured_Mind Posted on 23/02/2012 19:22

I think his real name's Peter but don't quote me on that.

borobuddah Posted on 23/02/2012 19:27

Are you on about Hank Rah~~~? ain't seen him or his brother for years? Bumpted into a lot of school mates and auld mates in Cardiff, but not them.

7_The_Informer Posted on 23/02/2012 19:29

Buddy, I was coming out of the Riverside last year and saw the Beast of Ayresome. My mate who was with me also confirmed it.

Beanz Posted on 23/02/2012 19:33

the beast is still there,you can see him selling boro lottery tickets near blue bridge and chuck wagon,i always have a little giggle when i see him and tempted to chuck 20 pence at him whilst shouting "beast beast beast" but im not 14 anymore!!!!!!!!

redwurzel Posted on 23/02/2012 19:36

I used to be on the bus from Whitby around 1983 that picked high pitched Graham somewhere near Loftus - he had quite severe learning difficulties, but you could tell he loved his football and the Boro. I got angry a few times when teenage lads found it funny to make fun of him - by saying such stuff as are in love with Tony McAndrew - Graham and sXXXXXXing.

Eric was often seen wondering around the Boro Town Centre and between the town centre and Ayresome Park with a large radio against his ear and had a large limp - he was always on his own. Not sure if he would be allowed to do that today with all this safeguarding stuff.

Barnsy Posted on 23/02/2012 19:51

"Eric was often seen wondering around the Boro Town Centre and between the town centre and Ayresome Park with a large radio against his ear and had a large limp - he was always on .."

He used to sit near the tunnel at Ayresome. John Coddington used to always give him a wave and often had a chat with him.

RedcarBlock53 Posted on 23/02/2012 20:20

"I used to be on the bus from Whitby around 1983 that picked high pitched Graham somewhere near Loftus - he had quite severe learning difficulties, but you could tell he loved his football and the Boro. I got angry a few times when teenage lads found it funny to make fun of him - by saying such stuff as are in love with Tony McAndrew - Graham and sXXXXXXing."

Squeak still used to get the bus late 90s/early noughties. His brother (same voice) was banned for scrapping apparently.

standards Posted on 23/02/2012 20:25

smiley faces

thornabyred Posted on 23/02/2012 20:31

Market Mogga= Ditty

boroskel65 Posted on 23/02/2012 20:34

Was the beast the feller with the protruding lower mandible shouting "10 pence, a golden goal" selling tickets at Ayresome?

morrissey Posted on 23/02/2012 20:34


Harry with the Screw On Hat...

Big Billy Stevo...


TeessideSeasider Posted on 23/02/2012 20:36

Andy Herd

He of the shaved head and long leather mac

Oft seen among the Clive Road A/Men...[B)]

Piggy Posted on 23/02/2012 20:47


The_same_as_before Posted on 23/02/2012 20:47

The lad at the back of the North Stad and his four young lads. He stopped when a steward walked to the back of the stand to tell his 2 yo he could not stand up.

TeessideSeasider Posted on 23/02/2012 20:50

Ingle = Hodgys doppleganger....

Went to a friendly v Ajax at AP in 1978 and he nicked a box of Super Bazooka from an offy near The Speedway...

Everyone in the Holgate that night spent most of the game trying to blow the biggest bubbles.....[:D]

stocko_mfc Posted on 23/02/2012 20:53

Standards, do you mean Peter 'Pallet'. Sells boro jackpot tickets.
He used to sing at the interval when the strippers where on at the Embassy club. He used to take his glasses off and put them in his top pocket then sing puff the magic dragon while the local loonies chucked 2p's at him.

I used to feel sorry for him myself, but he didn't seemed bothered as he was getting 'paid'.

Piggy Posted on 23/02/2012 20:55

Ingle is near enough family to me. I remember going to wimbledon away mid 80's and was stuck for a lift back. He got me on his full coach by sticking a lad in the luggage compartment without the driver knowing.

standards Posted on 23/02/2012 21:03

dunno stocko, it may be him but by sounds of that i doubt it, he was always so quiet really, usually stood ready to get off the bus and we were only in Acklam

standards Posted on 23/02/2012 21:06

80-85 he was a blue snorkel parka type of guy, big belly, but anyway he sells tickets of somesort and goes in the East stand, i hope people dont chuck 2ps at him as he was Thornaby Boro.

outmac Posted on 23/02/2012 21:19

Eric still goes , still has his radio . Sits
in the West Lower.
I remember the lads with the high pitched voices at Ayresome . Saw them a few years ago
(well heard them) at The Riverside but not lately.

offside-again Posted on 23/02/2012 21:27

Oathead. [B)][cr]

Gin-N-Tonic Posted on 23/02/2012 21:33

ingles has ditched the boro for sunderland to suck up to cattermole or darlo to suck up to raj singh. but i bet he will be at wembley if we get there.


stocko_mfc Posted on 23/02/2012 21:37

I doubt its the same fella standards. Peters not quiet..!!

TeessideSeasider Posted on 23/02/2012 22:16

That might have been me - bus was from the Mile House i think

i stowed away in the drivers sleeping area under the coach on the way home and woke up near Thirsk

First game of the 85/6 season - red hot day - Pallys first game

Lost 3-0 [sad]

Tortured_Mind Posted on 23/02/2012 22:19

Now look, so Market Mogga is aka Ditty? Can anyone confirm this as it is getting confusing. Market Mogga aka Sawdust aka Ditty has a harvest moon-like face. Well I think it's a harvest moon but don't quote me.

Link: #

littledick Posted on 23/02/2012 22:20

Twins on South Terrace

Barnsy Posted on 23/02/2012 22:30

The twins. Were they tall guys? I think they came from Guisborough, often could be seen at local cricket games as well.

Tortured_Mind Posted on 23/02/2012 22:38

I think it may be a new moon as opposed to a harvest moon if that helps.

K-Mo Posted on 24/02/2012 08:17

Where did Ray go? I think he moved to Germany to support Koln.

BrucieRiochsRedAndWhiteArmy Posted on 24/02/2012 08:25

Me [|)]

I used to get the same bus as Graham. He stood in the North-West (Holgate) corner and used to ask everyone if they liked Maggie Thatcher [:(!]I think he knew what he was doing [:D]

borobaldy Posted on 24/02/2012 14:45

The twins were jim and John bird, I used to work with them at British steel, sadly jim died some time back and I think John went to live in australia with relatives

billybob152 Posted on 24/02/2012 16:19

I will throw in Bob the Bucket,ad nice lad but a nightmare,and Garry Ingles aka Thorburn
dabbled with being a agent.Total dick head.

Marc_Feld Posted on 24/02/2012 16:29

"That black lad, known as Pavarotti." - he's in the North Stand and rarely misses a home game, he's a very good mate of mine

Stocko - Bubble used to get in the NO Institute quite regularly, Steptoe I haven't seen in years.

Eric (the Wireless) still turns up at the Speedway, sadly his dog, Skipper, passed away a while back.

DelMonti Posted on 24/02/2012 16:31

The guys with the squeky voices - Both used to have a season ticket behind me at Riverside, now only 1 does. in early days at Riverside they were sticking the V's up at some ref and the Steward came up to them and politly said 'have you two guys been swearing?' One was saying no and the otherone was proudly saying he was.

I heard one got a lifetime ban after we played a German team in a friendly and he was fighting with the Germans.

Last few games the one that still goes, his voice has been going between squeaky and normal, he has no clue who we are playing every week though, as he always taps me on my shoulder to ask

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 24/02/2012 18:17


King_Ricard Posted on 24/02/2012 18:30

Graham and Andrew Wallace, one is indeed banned. For sparking a little kid following a goal. Ended up sectioned for attacking a nana and small kid on a bus somewhere.
Ended up meeting a lass and getting a job as a bike mechanic for Aqqua Sapone and now lives in Italy following Modena

Saw Eric the wireless the other week on a bus.

Tortured_Mind Posted on 24/02/2012 19:09

So does Steptoe work on Stockton market and has a brother and I think a grandad who I think may no longer be with us who was threatening to ram a walking stick up his ars a few years ago?

TeessideSeasider Posted on 24/02/2012 21:22

Stishor and Durnan

Oh and an old neighbour of mine - Stalky Young

billyred Posted on 24/02/2012 21:23

the gazette seller from the holgate [?]

Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 24/02/2012 21:42

Big Baldie Geoff and his son Little Baldie Geoff.

TheDukesAWitch Posted on 25/02/2012 07:09

'Eric' is my first memory as a new season ticket holder in 94. I never could grasp why he listened to the match and be there. Though I was very young!

Who's the black lad who runs down to the front of the west stand screaming and pointing? What a lad he is, always remember when that fight happened with Mcshane he was well involved!

perryboy Posted on 25/02/2012 23:30

storky ! r.i.p.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 25/02/2012 23:37

Dallas (RIP)
Earl from Stokesley (10 years since I saw him)

TeessideSeasider Posted on 26/02/2012 09:48

Simon "Tufty" Bolton....

PB. You in N/ Lincs? Rang Sat PM no answer

Kent_MFC Posted on 26/02/2012 11:17

Remember the lads with the high pitched voices from Ayresome Park. Used to sit in front of me. Thought it was a wind up for the first couple of games, and then realised they actually spoke like that.

Like someone mentioned before, they seemed to be the inspiration for the Stotts

redpaul Posted on 26/02/2012 11:51


PRIORYMAN Posted on 26/02/2012 15:22

Borobaldy - John Bird lives in Belmont House old peoples home in Guisborough.

He did have relatives in Australia though. We were in Perth in 1991 and walked into a shop and they were both there - I couldn't believe it being so far from home !

They were longstanding Guisborough cricket supporters and I knew them through playing there.

nashvagasboro Posted on 26/02/2012 15:59

Charlie Amer

jam69 Posted on 26/02/2012 18:21

The blind fella,if its bob your talking about he sadly died a couple of years back

loftusloyal Posted on 26/02/2012 19:07

nige deadman from guisbro,also ayton twins from guisbro ,also esther,sid sadler,paddy mccardle,ken edwards with one eye.all guisbro,bloke from skelton chippie ,he used to leave half hour from end to put fryers on ,alan bird,bloke from enfield butchers,lists endless ,couple of lads from charltons and boosbeck.,always pisxed.bloke from westminster six foot ten and a large cyst on his elbow .

TeessideSeasider Posted on 26/02/2012 21:02

Macca from Thornaby [:D]

perryboy Posted on 01/03/2012 22:24

i remember when gary ingles was sucking up to slaven. with slaven being a celtic fan. ingles decides to walk round wearing a black beret and listening to irish rebel songs on his walkman ! doyle !

verton Posted on 01/03/2012 22:30

Lee Duffy

43myarse Posted on 01/03/2012 22:32

100 [^]

TeessideSeasider Posted on 01/03/2012 22:48

PB You on nights while on here? [:D]

borobadge Posted on 01/03/2012 23:35

lee duffy never went to football matches..

well, i took him once but he didnt get it.

so i will add this list.


Big Billy.


Joe Sykes.

Ernie Ragbo.

Rutter (the nutter).

Boffa Croft.


the moores.

and a whole plethora of grove hill 1970's scallies and boot-boys.

littledick Posted on 02/03/2012 06:47

Joe Sykes..........real name, Nigel

From Hartburn.......pal from schooldays !

The auld gadgie, Fred Appleton [:D]

brad_jones_fan_club Posted on 02/03/2012 07:47

Sykes. He started on some of my mates in the ground at ostrava.

brad_jones_fan_club Posted on 02/03/2012 07:48

Sykes. He started on my mates in the ground at ostrava.

Patrick_Cagoules Posted on 02/03/2012 10:02

Ex Ayresome Park Steward with hair like the hair bear bunch, he was the Silver Fox's apprentice.

MarlonD Posted on 02/03/2012 10:04

borobadge - Is that Big Billy S from Pally Park ?

If it is he's a good friend of the family but you're right stopped going a few seasons ago.

Tortured_Mind Posted on 02/03/2012 10:08

Silverside Beef.

HaithsVets Posted on 02/03/2012 11:21

Yan Haith - the unicycling 70's hoolie-legend!

sasboro1 Posted on 02/03/2012 11:26


verton Posted on 02/03/2012 12:12

Lee Duffy went to a few matches with me.... wasnt keen on the footy.... but loved the rumble..

Marc_Feld Posted on 02/03/2012 12:38

Fcuking Hell!
I remember Yan!

TeessideSeasider Posted on 02/03/2012 13:16


HaithsVets Posted on 02/03/2012 13:30


I think everyone who knew him in the day will remember Yan! In fact you might notice my username on here is a tribute to the mad fecker! His dad was a vet at the top of the Village - spent all his time in the Linny drink Sam Smiths, smoking Embo Regal bent of the pool table. His legend phrase when he was looking for trouble... was... "Ow! Fancy it eh? I'll tap yer feckin' napper off!"

On me 21st in the Linny we'd been to the match and everyone had been pouring 'DIngeon Handshakes" (top shelf cocktails) down me neck and we'd all run out of money. Yan dissappears and truns up on his unicycle with a litre bottle of whiskey he broken out of his dads drinks cabinet!

Every other Friday - he'd do an all day sess in teh Linny bar, then at last orders, he'd get a Plastic 4 pint Flagon of Smiths off Roy - get 20 Regal out the machine and set off hitching by himself to the next days away game!

Remember when he came back from Brum covered in scars and scabs. He'd had a right good kicking. Turned out he'd apparently 'stormed' a home pub near St Andrews - by himself! I used to call him Jonny Seven (One Man Army) after that! :)

I'm not condoning some of that behaviour of course, not these days anyhow, but like I said - A true Boro Legend was Yan!

DCI_Gene_Hunt Posted on 02/03/2012 13:35

Yan Haith - as you say, anyone who knew him would remember him! I wasn't a mate of his but was in the Linny most of the late seventies/early eighties and knew his sister. He was certainly a character! Where is he these days?

MawTheMerrier Posted on 02/03/2012 13:47

Powerful Piere of Billingham has stopped. (used to be called 'one punch' until the day he needed two to down a lad).

The Bam still goes - sits in south stand in front of me.

Joe Sykes - not seen him in 20

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 02/03/2012 14:41

Powerful Pierre, never heard of him.

Does Micky Woodall still go?

Billy the Butcher?

Holgate-bogs Posted on 02/03/2012 16:09

The spanky brothers crazy boys them.

HaithsVets Posted on 02/03/2012 16:15

Mel and Dallas.

And a ginger haired cross-eyed lad with big glasses, from Margrove Park who I think was called Gary Bean. I remember him getting dragged out and hauled away by the coppers at St James when we beat 'em at their place in '78 I think it was.

Happy days like.

free_pint Posted on 02/03/2012 16:18

TS- If you used to go on them busses I'm assuming you'll know my ol' man. 1 of 4 brothers all from Norton, his initials are RB.

skinemrippers Posted on 02/03/2012 16:52

Fatty cl.......... and killer mcneil,from w/banks

borobadge Posted on 02/03/2012 17:37

yes marlon, pally park...

'joe' sykes, i first met him when he was shagging the arse off a school mates sister..
circa 1976/7..

gary deaf n dumb?(big sideburns) from whinny banks.....ouch ! what an handful he was.

loftusloyal Posted on 02/03/2012 18:25

phil bean ,he was from charltons ,he had a broom cupboard in his house full of scarves he d took off away fans ,pride of place was a leather jacket with cannon on back he took off an arsenal fan in 78 ,also he knocked out 2 chelsea fans when they took holgate .hard as fxck.also antony coultard from skelton,.there was a big fat bloke with no front teeth ,used call him walrus can remember him chasing some swindon fans down there high street ,collapsed in a heap after about 20 yards .

Marc_Feld Posted on 02/03/2012 19:27

skinemrippers - was just going to say those two lads

TeessideSeasider Posted on 02/03/2012 19:27

Evening Free pint...

RB? Bro of BB?

Tom_Fun Posted on 02/03/2012 20:10

Does Freddie Boswell still work as a steward?

jimmythequiz Posted on 02/03/2012 20:40

snipper bell
liddle towers (if he ever went)
old lady in block 23 row 25 who continually screamed "switch it"

redisameancolour Posted on 02/03/2012 20:55

Think Oathead goes now and again especially away games if things look like they might be "tasty"

Nice lad is Lee

loftusloyal Posted on 02/03/2012 21:01

lad called jasper from brotton who was also a steward big and ginger ,the smith brothers from guisbro kev and terry ,dave emmms the barber ,the liilie family who had the butchers in guisbro .

skinemrippers Posted on 02/03/2012 21:18

Mark feld,know them personally ,two of the most game and genuine lads .

borobadge Posted on 02/03/2012 21:22

'Lee Duffy went to a few matches with me.... wasnt keen on the footy.... but loved the rumble..'...

[:D] i dont thinks so, he didnt like football and didnt understand why anyone would want to fight over it...

t'was quite funny really....

the big bloke with no front teeth ! sounds like Ernie Ragbo...[:D]

redpaul Posted on 02/03/2012 21:28

Tom Fun : Freddy Boswell packed in a few year ago [^]

skinemrippers Posted on 02/03/2012 21:31

Coxon and big Meg from Acklam

zzzzz Posted on 02/03/2012 21:32

Anyone remember the short arse Danny Davito type that used to travel with the big lads hanging around at the back of the mob. A real pain and did a lot of shouting and a lot of running. Away! [:D]

Someone said he lives Stainton way now and drives a hocked up soft top Merc. Apt. [:D]

skinemrippers Posted on 02/03/2012 21:35

The west lane lot ,Woody,Stevo/Jasper,Cheesey,maloney,robbo.

woolyback Posted on 02/03/2012 21:39
squeaky voices

can confirm that the squeaky voice brothers came from Loftus. i always thought it wa them when I heard Reeves and mortimer[smi]
Another face you never see now is ginger ninja he went everywhere from about 2000-2006 then just stopped.

skinemrippers Posted on 02/03/2012 21:52
squeaky voices

Was at brum late 80s joined up with a group of r/car lads i think wearing, skin tight turned up jeans 18 laces docs green and purple bomber jackets , after a few drinks they decided tosmash anything and anyone not boro met them a couple of years later at Philmores.

borobadge Posted on 02/03/2012 23:33
squeaky voices

i recall Yan...

in fact, it was his bus that left the Cenotaph for the first away game of the seasn V southampton away (1978/79?), that legend has it Steve Gibson was on !!!

i was on it also, but for sure at the time the man was a leg-end.

TeessideSeasider Posted on 03/03/2012 08:06
squeaky voices

Captain Boro and his drum.....[;)]

borobuddah Posted on 03/03/2012 08:28
squeaky voices

Funny that Badgie I used to go to games with two profoundly deaf fella's Chris Lowe from Marske and Alan from Stockton. Dunno what became of Alan, but Chris hasn't been for many years.

WestStandUpperSW15 Posted on 03/03/2012 08:30
squeaky voices

Badge -remember the guy who always turned up on the train with the same plaggy bag full of cans had a Tash scruffy always mortal on the way home - late 70's ??

TeessideSeasider Posted on 03/03/2012 08:38
squeaky voices

Buddah - was it Alan P?

borobuddah Posted on 03/03/2012 08:47
squeaky voices

Not sure of his second name, quite an angular face, sharp skin fashion, a bit mental

TeessideSeasider Posted on 03/03/2012 08:55
squeaky voices

Could be the same lad - brother was/is hard as nail and good lad too

borobuddah Posted on 03/03/2012 09:00
squeaky voices

Alan was handy enough, Chris was a black belt.

TeessideSeasider Posted on 03/03/2012 09:02
squeaky voices


RedcarBlock53 Posted on 03/03/2012 09:05
squeaky voices

"Another face you never see now is ginger ninja he went everywhere from about 2000-2006 then just stopped."

Always arguing. Bit of a n0b.

borobuddah Posted on 03/03/2012 09:15
squeaky voices

Dunno what work Alan did, when we went to games we were15/16 and still at school.

Remember getting caught up with a police charge outside Clive road, a squad car with lights and sirens going screeched to a halt inches from Chris's back when they realised he wasn't getting out of the way. I had to explain he was deaf, but they wanted to nick all 3 of us [:D]

pac-man Posted on 03/03/2012 11:25

" Coxon & big Meg from Acklam " both still around, Meg is recovering from a recent heart attack but doing well.

1finny Posted on 03/03/2012 13:39

The first person on this list was Stevo.
Anyone know what happened to him?

skinemrippers Posted on 03/03/2012 13:45

I remember 1yr at Derby, boro singing Boolas gonna get ye,Boolas gonna get ye,then it went mental in their end,heard he died in nick.

pac-man Posted on 03/03/2012 14:14

Yeah that's right, Boola died about a year or two back whilst in nick from Crohn's disease.

borobadge Posted on 03/03/2012 18:54

Badge -remember the guy who always turned up on the train with the same plaggy bag full of cans had a Tash scruffy always mortal on the way home - late 70's ??.....that was a lad already menitoned on this thread from redcat Hank !!

stevo got married ! (be warned [:D]), last time i saw him at a boro game was at FC UNION in Berlin....

best wishes to Meg on his recovery, if anyone see's him..

skinemrippers Posted on 03/03/2012 19:04

Aider and co from Parkend,me and a few mates went away with these ,hairy but funny times

loftusloyal Posted on 04/03/2012 15:28

bloke with flat cap with boro badge on ,has alive and kicking tatooed on his arm ,remember him and his mates getting a kicking at bradford in 87,tonka with the twitchy eye ,nick taylor ,mark green ,graham norton ,stuart norton ,phil storey ,paul obrien ,dave buckingham,matthew shutt,brian muir,all guisbro.

borobadge Posted on 04/03/2012 15:32

shaun - - - - - has a 'alive and kicking' tattoo, i'd be surprised if he got turned over at bradford.....[B)]

coluka Posted on 04/03/2012 16:47

Herman (Munster)

perryboy Posted on 04/03/2012 17:26

big kev walker ! think he still banned !

boroskel65 Posted on 04/03/2012 18:26

Steve Mclaren

perryboy Posted on 04/03/2012 19:07

Sinker ! I remember the fulwell end singing we want sinker !! after he had given The Bear a good hiding.The Bear! He was one of there top lads. [:D]

TeessideSeasider Posted on 04/03/2012 19:08

Fat Nicky from Stockton

TeessideSeasider Posted on 04/03/2012 19:18

Tommy Bishop....didn't he climb the fence at Elland Road to offer Arthur Graham out?

since1970 Posted on 04/03/2012 19:34

A good lad is Tommy Bishop. See him regularly but the last time at a match was in Eindhoven. Told me he was packing it in, sadly he's kept his word.

TeessideSeasider Posted on 04/03/2012 21:00

Muttley (Richie B) from Norton

charjamol64 Posted on 04/03/2012 21:17

Simon Bolton ?

dodger Posted on 04/03/2012 21:53

Denny Darragh rip


Billy Rogers

borobadge Posted on 05/03/2012 13:18
old faces..

franny romaine..

free_pint Posted on 05/03/2012 13:50
old faces..

'Evening Free pint...

RB? Bro of BB?'

Yup that's the one!

'"Another face you never see now is ginger ninja he went everywhere from about 2000-2006 then just stopped."

Always arguing. Bit of a n0b. '

Actually saw him yesterday! Has a young 'un these days. Was a good guy, but owed people fair bit of money and wasn't the most reliable when it came to busses and paying back money. Can't fault the lads energy. Claimed to play for Darlo ressies for a bit to!

TeessideSeasider Posted on 05/03/2012 13:53
old faces..

Small world

Known BB for neigh on 40 years!

1000% Boro like your dad !

Good lad and family

Was with B and K at Jonny Macs do the other week

free_pint Posted on 05/03/2012 13:54
old faces..

Aye very!

Yup, sold out these days mind [;)] Gone all corporate ha.

Ah right, aye I missed that do unfortunately wasn't too well!

oooooo Posted on 05/03/2012 13:56
old faces..

RB, BB, B and K?

TeessideSeasider Posted on 05/03/2012 13:57
old faces..

The very ones Oooooooo


free_pint Posted on 05/03/2012 13:58
old faces..

Throw in there FP and TS and you have a right party!

TeessideSeasider Posted on 05/03/2012 14:00
old faces..

We go back a long way with the likes of MH and GT from Norton

free_pint Posted on 05/03/2012 14:07
old faces..

I think I know GT but I'm trying to think who MH is.

TeessideSeasider Posted on 05/03/2012 14:16
old faces..

Ended up in hospital in Blackpool with massive leg injuries in 87.....

free_pint Posted on 05/03/2012 14:58
old faces..

Oh of course yes, I know who it is. Used to see him in the navi about 5 or so years ago.