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Boro1980 Posted on 11/01/2012 12:27
The Mackem Game

Will be on the Friday or Saturday as Sunderland have a gave v Norwich on the Tuesday night...

1finny Posted on 11/01/2012 12:33
The Mackem Game

Have I missed something?
Are we playing Sunderland some time soon?
If so, how many tickets will we get and is there a chance it will not kick off at 3 p.m on the Saturday?

nrcjonny Posted on 11/01/2012 12:34
The Mackem Game

do you not realise that since we play on the tuesday aswell?

EnglandOnTour Posted on 11/01/2012 12:35
The Mackem Game

It will be on saturday lunchtime. Just saying.