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footy_expo Posted on 18/11/2011 01:36
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Lads n Slags eating sub-standard food?

monkeyman Posted on 18/11/2011 02:12
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I've never even heard of that place, but it's total shyte.

coluka Posted on 18/11/2011 05:51
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

yep its the worst indian meal i've had in a long while [V]

dicky2006 Posted on 18/11/2011 09:25
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I work near there and i know when the pre cooked food is arriving at 3pm cause i can smell it [|)] stinks.

shamblesdefarm Posted on 18/11/2011 09:29
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

The fmmtm curry connoisseur`s shy on the place but its the place to go for yer birthday meal cause your lass likes the chicken kormas ffs.And the talking point amongst most is not the meal itself but the size of the naan breads and those unhygenic folders [ref]

PinkPonce Posted on 18/11/2011 09:30
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Never been once. I'd much rather pay my money for a nice freshly cooked indian meal somewhere like Jamals (was there last friday) rather than paying for someones marketing and decoration where the food comes as a secondary.

PP ... x

Some_Strange_Gadgie Posted on 18/11/2011 09:38
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Never been disappointed when I've been.
Also heard a rumour that the rumour about pre-cooked food is bollox.

sasboro1 Posted on 18/11/2011 09:39
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

do they sell curry flavoured parmos? if not then its rubbish

abcdefg Posted on 18/11/2011 09:39
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

PP, if you've never been how can you have that opinion of the place?

oooooo Posted on 18/11/2011 09:41
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I went once with work. The XXXXXXing nobheads wouldn't go to somewhere like The Massala on Borough Road where they might, you know, actually cook to order. It was shockingly bad. Me and my mate were in utter disbelief at what they were serving up. The fussy eater among the group did better with his smiley faces and beans.

abcdefg Posted on 18/11/2011 09:43
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Actually forget what I asked, it's clear you've got it from everybody else having the same opinion that's been.

PinkPonce Posted on 18/11/2011 09:44
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Because you don't need to have actually eaten there to know that you're paying for marketing, design, etc ...

The food is all pre-prepared in Bradford or Wakefield and finished off there ...

They don't appreciate your business ... They think you should appreciate the fact that they've opened it in Middlesbrough ...

I'd much rather eat at Jamals or Iqbals, and have honest genuine people cook my meal there and then, from fresh and pay for that, rather than his next advert in the gazette, or Billboard in the village ...

PP ... x

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 09:45
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I like it [:D]

oooooo Posted on 18/11/2011 09:46
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"PP, if you've never been how can you have that opinion of the place?"

Given the option of a freshly cooked meal or a re-heated one, would you expect the re-heated one to be as good as or better than the fresh one? And would you pay more for it? When you see the decor of the place, you can see what they spent the money on. Give me a nice cosy place with shocking music and those big bong things decorating the tables ANYTIME.

PinkPonce Posted on 18/11/2011 09:47
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

And what oooooo said.

It's full of people who think they're better than someone who eats at Jamals. Full of pretentious tosssers who actually think they're 'fine dining'. It's just full of the look at me look at me croud.

The type that like to tell their friends on FaceBook that they're 'Off to Akbars Nom Nom' but think that eating somewhere like Jamals is second class, because it hasn't got big designer chandaliers, and comfy sofas to sit and wait 45 minutes for a table whilst drinking.

They wouldn't know a decent curry if it came out of their arse. Knobheads.

PP ... x

Some_Strange_Gadgie Posted on 18/11/2011 09:47
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

The onion bhajis are ace. Good service, good atmosphere, never had a bad meal there.

Food is better at Jamal's mind. Except for the onion bhajis, which at Jamal's are a little disappointing. Love onion bhajis me.

abcdefg Posted on 18/11/2011 09:49
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

'Given the option of a freshly cooked meal or a re-heated one, would you expect the re-heated one to be as good as or better than the fresh one?'

Well yeah that's obvious isn't it, it was more a case of how do you know it's pre-heated if you hadn't ate there. I've never been there myself, just wondering why all the negativity about the place.

grudgematch Posted on 18/11/2011 10:06
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Tbf to the place, i've never had a bad curry there but agree there is better places to go. Akbars Dynasty just off the a66 Is my fave place for a curry though round here.
Best curry i've ever had was at a place called Sizzling place just outside of York.


MarlonD Posted on 18/11/2011 10:10
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Its the Central park of Asian cuisine

Gains Posted on 18/11/2011 10:10
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Full of people who think they're better than people who eat elsewhere?? Jesus wept.

I go because I like it, the massala fish starter is the best indian starter I've had anywhere.

PinkPonce Posted on 18/11/2011 10:35
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Gains yes ... It's full of people who think that by going to Akbars they're better than poeple who go to a traditional indian restaurant, simply because it's got leather sofas, chandaliers and fancy lighting ...

Imagine how good that Starter would be if it wasn't made 6 hours earlier, 60 miles away [^]

PP ... x

Emmersons_BrazillianDong Posted on 18/11/2011 10:44
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"It's full of people who think that by going to Akbars they're better than poeple who go to a traditional indian restaurant, simply because it's got leather sofas, chandaliers and fancy lighting .."

Only ever noticed this trait in Teesside and Essex.

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 10:46
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Didnt know it had leather sofas too

I'll have to keep an eye out for them next time i'm in, its just gone up in my estimation....

borolad01642 Posted on 18/11/2011 10:48
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

If you want a proper curry, just walk round the corner to Dosa


Humpty Posted on 18/11/2011 10:50
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Personally i'd only judge a restaurant after i've eaten there.

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 10:51
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

or if they have leather sofas or not.

mr_maz Posted on 18/11/2011 10:52
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

just to make clear up this pre-cooked food rumour.

Akbars base sauces and marinated meat is prepared in one facility fresh every day, it is then distributed around all the restaurants and all the elements are then cooked together to cook your food, this is to ensure you get the same quality of food in all the restaurants

In principle, apart from the shipping this is know different to all restaurants. Most meals, sauces, marinates, side dishes are always pre-prepared and simply blended together when an order is placed.

boro-boy-82 Posted on 18/11/2011 10:56
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Can't be that bad was in there the other week with the family and Scott McDonald walked in with the mrs. One of the best Indians I've had [^].

He looked like he was enjoying his too

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 10:57
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Dont be daft, everyone knows they just scrape out the bins behind Jamals then hope the leather sofas and chandaliers distract you from the taste...[:D]

oooooo Posted on 18/11/2011 11:08
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"Can't be that bad was in there the other week with the family and Scott McDonald walked in with the mrs. One of the best Indians I've had .

He looked like he was enjoying his too"


I have no words.

celestial_teapot Posted on 18/11/2011 11:13
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Actually curry, like most stews, benefits from cooking in advance to give the flavours a chance to develop.

I always cook my own curry the day before

Space_Face Posted on 18/11/2011 11:18
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Only been once but really enjoyed it. Good food, good service.

Emmersons_BrazillianDong Posted on 18/11/2011 11:19
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"In principle, apart from the shipping this is know different to all restaurants. Most meals, sauces, marinates, side dishes are always pre-prepared and simply blended together when an order is placed."

Not that its a measure but I know Gordon Ramsey does this at those Gastro Pubs he has.

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 11:20
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Did you like the sofa's?

Some_Strange_Gadgie Posted on 18/11/2011 11:21
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Really quite ludicrous to judge the food and the clientele without going yourself.

Space_Face Posted on 18/11/2011 11:22
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Can't really remember the sofas, mainly the excellent food. The other 5 people in our party also enjoyed their meals. And we are certainly not a 'look at me' crowd! The quality of food is on a par with Jamals.

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 11:24
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

It must have been the chandeliers you went for then?

sasboro1 Posted on 18/11/2011 11:26
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"He looked like he was enjoying his too"

how could you tell? did he celebrate like when he scores a goal?

tom_mate Posted on 18/11/2011 11:27
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

It's Juninho's favourite place to eat 'Whenever I'm back in the Boro'. And the best curry Jeremy Clarkson's ever had.

Space_Face Posted on 18/11/2011 11:28
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Well, I remember the place being very smart. That didn't put me off the food at all.

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 11:30
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Thats good, and you werent distracted by having to look at all the people who also eat there? - its that type of crowd, where you have to look [;)]

Space_Face Posted on 18/11/2011 11:30
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Next time I'll look around and see how many customers have a bright yellow 'look at me' car or are wearing flip-flops.

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 11:36
Akbars Linthorpe Rd


Emmersons_BrazillianDong Posted on 18/11/2011 11:42
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"did he celebrate like when he scores a goal?" [:D][cr]

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/11/2011 11:48
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I used to eat in the one in Bradford quite often when I lived in Leeds, 10 years or so back, and it was excellent.

I think I've only been to the Middlesbrough one 2 or 3 times but it didn't disappoint.

Probably not the sort of place for a shy retiring lad like you ponce, full of these posers....

Bozz Posted on 18/11/2011 11:54
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Can't be that bad was in there the other week with the family and Scott McDonald walked in with the mrs. One of the best Indians I've had .

Did you not wonder what McDonald was doing in there with your wife.

Bororeturn1 Posted on 18/11/2011 12:04
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

ive been a couple of times, the foods not too bad, but it always reminds me of an `indian McDonalds` if you know what i mean. Its like a `shuttle` service. you order your food, you get it quite quick & then pay up & its as you need to leave quick. I think its the way its set out. I went for the first time to the Delhi Lounge in Linthorpe........much better, good service, nice & relaxed, sat after the meal chatting for about 45mins to an hour & it was nice. Will go there again instead of Akbars [:D]

BigCasino Posted on 18/11/2011 12:12
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Not been for quite a while, but I liked it. I also think re-heated curry is better than fresh prepared (same with chilli and ragu) I also didn't realise that curry made in Bradford is so bad. I've had some beauties.

Tom_Fun Posted on 18/11/2011 12:17
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

ooooooo didn't you know? Scott McDonald knows more about food than us because he kicks a football for a living.

rob_fmttm Posted on 18/11/2011 12:21
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

It's excellent and a great atmosphere. Delighted we have so many good places to eat in town.

wildchildjim Posted on 18/11/2011 12:28
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Just a quick sidenote though for
the owners of Akbars.

It is not trendy or cool to have you naan bread hanging down from a skewer like a pinata

There i've said it. [smi]

flute_loop Posted on 18/11/2011 12:31
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

It's ok but Dosa around the corner is far superior [^]

borolad01642 Posted on 18/11/2011 12:46
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Dosa [:D]

Gains Posted on 18/11/2011 13:11
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"Gains yes ... It's full of people who think that by going to Akbars they're better than poeple who go to a traditional indian restaurant, simply because it's got leather sofas, chandaliers and fancy lighting ...

Imagine how good that Starter would be if it wasn't made 6 hours earlier, 60 miles away"

But I go to traditional Indian restaurants, the ones mentioned in this thread. So I'll say again, I go because I like it, you might if you tried it.

And some of the curries might be prepared earlier, as traditional restaurants prepare their base curries earlier, but the massala fish isn't, and with you not having been and tasted it, you're not in a position to comment on it.

Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 18/11/2011 13:14
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Iqbals, Delhi Lounge and Dosa are all miles better than Akbars.

Heine Posted on 18/11/2011 13:32
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Is Dosa the one over the Road from the side of Swatters Carr? Is it licensed?

rumrunner Posted on 18/11/2011 13:41
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Another note to the owners

"how can you justify charging the same price for take away food as that for what you eat in for?"

put in a big order when they told me its the same price told em to poke it and went elsewhere

zidane_is_football Posted on 18/11/2011 13:46
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

The one in Manchester is good! I imagine the one in Boro is identikit but it does seem to have taken on a bit of a life of its own in the way that it divides opinion...

colinmilk Posted on 18/11/2011 13:47
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Been in a couple of times and enjoyed it. And like I'm sure many other people have, I've had curries all over the country many recomendations in Tooting and Brick lane and Akbars wouldn't be that far out of place to be fair.

The_same_as_before Posted on 18/11/2011 13:51
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

This problem re-heated food, half the curry's I eat are from the night before, normally still on the same plate.

However I also have never eaten in the place.

Muttley Posted on 18/11/2011 14:28
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Is it the same people run the one on the A66 near Sadberge?

I've never been there either, should I post a review?

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 14:35
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Ive never been to that one either, but;

-The food is 100 times better than Akbars in Boro
- The people who eat there are the nicest you will meet, real salt of the earth folk.
- The furniture is subtle, and lighting is nothing flashy but really nice.
- No leather sofa's thank christ too.

nor_mate Posted on 18/11/2011 14:45
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

been a couple of times and have nothing bad to say about it. Got treated well by friendly staff who gave us excellent service, atmosphere in there is nice and the food is always absolutely spot on. The hanging naans are a quite 'cool' touch I feel, and they taste gorgeous [^]

going again next week and looking forward to it[^]

sasboro1 Posted on 18/11/2011 14:46
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

as with most things on here everyone has a different experience. some good and some bad. rarely do oyu get everyone agreeing on here. the land of the parmo eaters seems everyone is a food expert and hwat is good or not.

go try it out if its that bad then dont go back

Muttley Posted on 18/11/2011 14:50
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"go try it out if its that bad then dont go back"

Great idea. I've got 50 to spend on a meal so I'll just go to somewhere I've never been to or heard about on the off chance it might just be the best restaurant in the world...

What could possibly go wrong...

Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 18/11/2011 15:22
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Dosa's licensed yeah. Really nice and completely different to any of the others.

Borocelt Posted on 18/11/2011 15:22
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

You're an absolute muggins if you think just about any curry can be cooked to order. You'd be waiting XXXXXXing ages, and most benefit from long cooking times. The sauces will be made in advance, they'll whack the meat / prawns in the tandoor in their marinade, reheat the sauce and bobs year uncle.

If you've ever actually tried making proper curries at home you'd realise they usually take a long time, and being a professional chef will make bugger all difference if the sauce needs to thicken through slow cooking. Christ it can take nearly 10 minutes just to brown some onions off properly. As most restaurants generally aim to have customers meals to them within 20 mins - half an hour sort of time scale it'd be totally unworkable.

Plus as maz already pointed out, a lot of them benefit with the extra marinading time etc.

It seems strange that they can't do some of this in house mind, but if they choose to ferry stock everyday from yorkshire I thnk that's their call to make!

junkyard_angel Posted on 18/11/2011 15:37
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

For those of you who think you are eating freshly cooked curries in the other places, all indian restaurants pre cook their sauces and then adjust them to suit each dish. It makes no difference if this takes place in Middlesbrough or Bradford.

As somebody else has pointed out, Indian sauces actually benefit from standing overnight. I have never seen so much inverted snobbery as on this thread.

footy_expo Posted on 18/11/2011 15:56
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Akbar's is a business to make whoever owns it that bit richer than they already are. The majority of people do not really appreciate genuine good food, well at least in places like Middlesbrough anyway. I'd say most people who eat at Akbar's on a regular basis no very little about good quality food. Pink ponce you are right in what you say, but the Akbar's clientele is mainly made up of the rougher classes, like I mentioned 'lads n slags'

Dosa and the dynasty on a66 are both superior, however Jamal's is easily the highest quality Indian in the area and also I'd say it's probably one of the best in the country for that type of setup. We are lucky in Middlesbrough to have Jamal on our doorstep.

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 15:57
Akbars Linthorpe Rd



junkyard_angel Posted on 18/11/2011 16:01
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Just accept it Lee, you are an average person from a town like Middlesbrough so you know nothing about good food[;)]

now what was I saying about inverted snobbery?

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 16:06
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I might not know a good curry, but i can tell you where you can find a lovely leather sofa [8)]

HotshotMFC Posted on 18/11/2011 16:26
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I haven't been anywhere near the place like people above I think it's crap too.

ron_manager Posted on 18/11/2011 16:30
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

The Delhi lounge beats Akbars.

mikeboro Posted on 18/11/2011 16:34
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I like it, the food is nice and its a good night out with Mrs.

I prefer other tradional curry houses but still visit akbars time to time.

I prefer burger king but still go to mcdonalds.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/11/2011 16:36
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

This is an example of Mr Expo's previous work.....

Link: Snob, fisherman or just a twat - you decide

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 16:41
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

T.wat [:D]

Smoggyoggy Posted on 18/11/2011 16:44
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Is it chocolate brown and does it come with comfy cusions Lee?

Lee_Miller_Fan_Club Posted on 18/11/2011 16:47
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

You better believe it kidda [8D]

Space_Face Posted on 18/11/2011 17:02
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Expo sounds like a bit of a cock.

footy_expo Posted on 18/11/2011 17:41
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Just telling the truth guys. A lot of diners in our area are not really after good food, that is why Akbar's, central park, joe rig's etc thrive. Whoever owns Akbars knew by spending a load of money on chandeliers and deco whilst not worrying too much about the food that it would be a hit with the boro public. Billed as the place to be seen and the la coste/helly hanson/lyle&scott/viv westwood crew turn up in their droves because they are limited individuals and will probably never know any better, come to think it's scary to think these types of folk actually have the right to vote.

Whoever owns Akbar's is a shrewd cookie, make no mistake they no how to make money, but good food - they don't have a clue. It's just a guess, but the owner/owners will probably have a wide range of business interests.

Red_Army1876 Posted on 18/11/2011 18:14
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

The Helly Hansen crew [cr]

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/11/2011 18:30
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"r droves because they are limited individuals and will probably never know any better, come to think it's scary to think these types of folk actually have the right to vote. "

Still cant decide whether he's a fisherman or an absolute prick...

junkyard_angel Posted on 18/11/2011 18:50
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Well he must be fishing because nobody could be so stupid.

Jonny_Ingbar Posted on 18/11/2011 18:56
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I've been a couple of times when it opened and its ok, not as bad as some people are claiming, but not great either.

Jamals or Dosa House are far, far better (for different reasons) and its tragic really that more people go to Akbars because of the decor.

mr_maz Posted on 18/11/2011 19:00
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

My Mum and sisters curries whipe the floor with the entire world!

nashvagasboro Posted on 18/11/2011 19:33
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

not sure about Akbars but here in Nashville we have a fantastic Indian Restaurant called the 'Sitar', when me and our Lass go out we inevidably end up there. Two can eat and tip for $40 bucks.

redandwhiteblood Posted on 18/11/2011 20:07
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

This thread makes me sick. I have gone to akbar's with my dad and our lass before , are me and my dad lads and my girlfriend a slag?

vuvuzelas Posted on 18/11/2011 20:57
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I've been twice now and have'nt really enjoyed it either time. They pack the place to bursting point and the foods pretty poor imo.

COULBYBORO Posted on 18/11/2011 21:04
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I want a curry now!!.[cr]

offside-again Posted on 18/11/2011 21:16
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

So do I. [cr]

m_hill19 Posted on 18/11/2011 21:22
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

It's no wonder people from outside of Middlesbrough have a poor opinion of it and it's citizens when many of the locals are stereotyping it as being full of people who no nothing better than poor food.

Some people's comments on this thread begger belief. Firstly, how can you say somewhere is not worth visiting if you haven't been before? Secondly, someone asked why they would go without hearing anything about it, which is strange as a lot of people give Akbar's a glowing review.

As for Ponce, you create threads about watches and cars on an internet messageboard, how can you possibly pass judgment on people who you believe go to a restaurant for vanity ?

I've been to Akbars a few times and i've enjoyed it. I don't go there because of the Decor or because i think people will think better of me, i go because i enjoy it. I've also been to the Delhi Lounge and Jamal's, obviously i made sure no-one saw me enter or leave those places.

Scubahood Posted on 18/11/2011 21:24
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Really are some unbelievable bell ends on this board. Negative doesn't even come into it. [V]

joseph99 Posted on 18/11/2011 22:08
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

nashvagasboro, believe it or not I used to frequent that place as well as Flying Saucer next to Union Station hotel. Sitar is the best Indian I've had in the US.

mr_maz Posted on 18/11/2011 22:13
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I may cook a curry tomorrow...mmm

Burkoid Posted on 18/11/2011 23:08
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Just arrived home from a cracking meal in Akbar's: quality food, buzzing atmosphere and attentive service. Same to be said when I've eaten in York and Leeds branches too. Only downfall...Jeremy Clarkson's ugly mug staring back at me as I took a wazz!

Mousey Posted on 18/11/2011 23:19
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

You could always rustle yourselves up a Loyd Grossman Korma....... if you fancy risking your life!!!

colinmilk Posted on 18/11/2011 23:55
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

this board is full of know alls and bullshizers.

still funny though.

joseph99 Posted on 18/11/2011 23:59
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

been twice, first was going to be the last until I went again under duress.

Food is awful. Management shocking. They told me jalfrezi was a mild dish. I had to show them all my indian visa stamps in my passport to convince he was out of his depth. Knobheads.

ian1969uk Posted on 19/11/2011 00:11
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

100 :)

junkyard_angel Posted on 19/11/2011 10:06
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

We have a new fishing champion. Step up joseph99.

ClaireSmith Posted on 19/11/2011 11:37
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Sound advice there... Take your passport when eating out, as proof of gastronomic credibility.

junkyard_angel Posted on 19/11/2011 11:38
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

and to prove you are more Indian than the waiter.

Marvanelli Posted on 19/11/2011 12:06
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Some people on this thread are pathetic.

How can you judge the food if you haven't been? How you have an opinion of it if you have never been and given it a chance.

And the best curry's are the ones that are left over night like someone has already stated[^]

Some people seriously need to get a grip[:o)]

Dynamo Posted on 19/11/2011 12:46
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I went there once just to try it. Wont go there again cos it was rubbish. Theres far better curry houses in the Boro than that place.

johnsmithsno2 Posted on 19/11/2011 16:01
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I hate it for all the reasons PP etc say.

But I've been for a few birthdays etc and disappointingly must admit that pre-cooked or not, it tastes really, really good.

mr_maz Posted on 19/11/2011 16:04
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Why are there never such "passionate discussions" about other cuisines?

stedontsurf Posted on 19/11/2011 17:47
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"Expo sounds like a bit of a cock."

Jesus christ. He's just trying to wind people up (and not doing a particularly good job at it at the moment [:D] )

joseph99 Posted on 19/11/2011 18:30
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Went out straight from Teesside airport with laptop bag. Whilst your chomping I showed the manager (the young brother) both of my passports littered with India visa stamps during our little debate.

The daft arrogant t wat was arguing that a jalfreizi curry is a mild Indian dish after I told the waiter it contained zero spice and had the kick of a korma. It was a case of shooting fish in a barrel. He walked off and mumbled something about being Pakistani anyway, not Indian. I couldn't be arsed telling him the chicken was spongey and out of a can.

sasboro1 Posted on 19/11/2011 18:36
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

you are gordon ramsay.

someone should go in there and eat and give us minute by minute update on what its like as it happens

COULBYBORO Posted on 19/11/2011 18:44
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

mr maz,two things
1.A good curry is a joy to the tastebuds.
2.We're all experts about everthing on here.[;)]

junkyard_angel Posted on 19/11/2011 20:36
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

joseph, you do realise that in real Indian food the name of a dish has nothing to do with the amount of spice. This is just a western thing.
People in the UK for instance, believe that a Vindaloo is always hot but in India this is not the case. The 'vin' part of the name comes from wine or wine vinegar which is always included and comes from the Portuguese influence in that part of the country. A vindaloo can be mild.

joseph99 Posted on 19/11/2011 20:59
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

With respect, I wasn't talking Vindaloo. A cursory bit of research:

Jalfrezi is not a traditional Indian dish as such but, like the bhuna, is actually a method of cooking. It literally means "hot-fry" but is probably better translated as "stir-fry". The term jalfrezi entered the English language at the time of the British Raj in India. Colonial households employed Indian cooks who would use the jalfrezi method of cooking to heat up cold roasted meat and potatoes. But the restaurant jalfrezi is not a version of the Anglo-Indian dish. Oh no. The Indian restaurant chef uses the jalfrezi method to stir-fry green peppers, onions and plenty of green chillies as the basis for a curry with just a little sauce. The chillies make the jalfrezi taste very fresh but also make it one of the hotter curries on the restaurant menu.

footy_expo Posted on 20/11/2011 02:06
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I bet all the 'lads n slags' had the XXXXXX poor place packed to the rafters tonight. Just found this out today, but the owner is an ex bent copper who used to pick up prostitutes by flashing his police id. He got sent down for 2 years, made a few contacts in prison and in the years following his release allegedly made millions from wide scale fraud involving mobile phone companies and then then set up suposedly legit as a property developer. No doubt the tax payer has been hammered. He was good mates with Maccerone and other players apparently and is suposed to be a very good cricketer, could of gone pro.

No_Fat_Chicks Posted on 20/11/2011 03:02
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Says in the window its Juninho's "favourite place to eat when hes back in boro"

and Jeremy Clarkson said it was "One of the best curries ive ever had"


footy_expo Posted on 20/11/2011 05:23
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Have had it confirmed by a good source that the food in Akbar's is pre-cooked and then more or less warmed up when an order comes in. None of the food preparation, ingredients is done on site. The meat is cooked to a certain level in bulk before it arrives on site, and then heated up when an order comes in. So there you have it folks, if you like it you like it, I'm not in the business of changing people's minds, maybe educating but that's another story[;)]

mwelolo Posted on 20/11/2011 18:01
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I have been to Akbar's several times and always had an excellent experience there.

Top quality food, extremely courteous service and a lively atmosphere.

Interesting that I always see so many Asians eating there, many Asians also use the up stairs facilities for wedding functions - they must be happy with the food!

So many of the comments on this thread demonstrate nothing less than ignorance and inverted snobbery, such an embarassing characteristic of this area.

So sauces are pre prepared, as in any Indian restaurant, then transported from one place to another. So what? It clearly does not impact negatively on the flavour.

I always eat lamb at Akbars and it is always excellent. I have experinced very few Indian restaurants, and I have eaten in many, which can consistently produce lean and tender lamb to this standard.

The food in many Indian restaurants often varies depending on who is cooking it, a chef leaves and a place can go down hill.This means the food can be hit and miss.Akbar's is consistent, every time I have been the food has been excellent.

I like other Indian's in this area too, Dosa is excellent and I also like Akbar Dynasty it just depends on the mood at the time.

I have yet to find any significant reason to criticise this restaurant.

junkyard_angel Posted on 20/11/2011 18:17
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

joseph was so determined to not go there again that he went there straight from the airport without dropping his luggage off[:D]

mwelolo Posted on 20/11/2011 18:25
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I find I do that all the time, straight off the plane and straight into Akbar's!

Dibzzz Posted on 20/11/2011 18:25
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I went and wont be going again.

Starter was ok, main was shyte, rice was minging.

Where's the best Indian in Boro?

mwelolo Posted on 20/11/2011 18:28
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Actually you are right about he rice, I don't bother with that in Akbar's but it doesn't really matter as the breads are excellent.

joseph99 Posted on 20/11/2011 18:29
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

luggage? Where did I say I had luggage?

Keep defending it - it's all fur coat and no knickers kind of a place for me and many others. Enjoy it!

Dibzzz Posted on 20/11/2011 18:31
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Just to add we went to the Massala a few weeks back. We all had different, all of it was bang on, we really enjoyed it, service was great.

Just one thing, we got in about half ten, it was empty on a Fri night, which is slightly worrying. [sad]

junkyard_angel Posted on 20/11/2011 18:32
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Ok perhaps you were traveling without luggage but you had your laptop bag which you took with you.

joseph99 Posted on 20/11/2011 18:36
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Is that a crime like? Hadn't realised we had laptop bag police on Linthorpe Rd that stop people travelling from Teesside airport who have just arrived from the late KLM flight (2140 arrival) but want to grab the back end of a night out with some friends before going home.

mwelolo Posted on 20/11/2011 18:43
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I've only been to the Massala once and wasn't really impressed at all.

It wasn't unpleasant but there was nothing about it either.

Very ordinary.

junkyard_angel Posted on 20/11/2011 19:00
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Did you travel without luggage?

joseph99 Posted on 20/11/2011 19:07
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

If in Europe for 1-2 nights, yes, shirt undies, toiletries fit inside one of my samonsites. No big deal. Checking-in luggage is a pain and avoided by most regular business travellers I know.

Anymore questions, like why am I allowed two valid passports?

junkyard_angel Posted on 20/11/2011 19:16
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I don't care how many valid passports you have, I'm just glad I wasn't there when you produced them to prove you knew more about Indian food than the waiter, after traveling there under duress straight from the airport without going home.

joseph99 Posted on 20/11/2011 19:21
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Waiter? Is that what I said above? hmmmm!

Thought I was reacting to the ass'ole that is Ditta's younger brother who was giving it the smart-ass big lad? Carry on though!

joseph99 Posted on 20/11/2011 19:23
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"I'm just glad I wasn't there when you produced them to prove you knew more about Indian food"

why what would you have done?


FrozenHorse Posted on 20/11/2011 19:35
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

The McDonalds of curry.[:(]

bill_door Posted on 20/11/2011 19:56
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"Did you not wonder what McDonald was doing in there with your wife." [:D]

Then I quickly scrolled down and people are bickering about luggage.[:D]

Anyway, I've never been to Akbars but the Light of Asia in Redcar is where it's at.[^]

footy_expo Posted on 20/11/2011 23:08
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

Wish I had Guy Fawkes's XXXXXX. My first hit's would be Akbar's, Central Park and La Pharmacie [:D]

juninhosdivingheader Posted on 20/11/2011 23:30
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

I've been to Akbars probably 10-15 times. Excellent every time.

It's not the only good Indian restaurant in Middlesbrough but I do wonder if those making up knocking stories about it are linked with the Indian restaurants whose business must surely be suffering from so many visiting Akbars.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 21/11/2011 08:20
Akbars Linthorpe Rd

"It's not the only good Indian restaurant in Middlesbrough but I do wonder if those making up knocking stories about it are linked with the Indian restaurants whose business must surely be suffering from so many visiting Akbars."

Footy Expos has obviously made his mission to "educate" the people of Teesside about Akbars, so perhaps you've hit the nail on the head there?