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PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 21:35
Weekend Away Idea's

Well Saturday and stop over saturday night....

Any ideas at short notice... ?

Warwick_Hunt Posted on 09/04/2008 21:44
Weekend Away Idea's

Sorry PP, I'm busy I'm afraid - you'll have to get someone else to go with you.

Ask Swayze, he seems like a nice chap for a bit of gentle rumpy-pumpy.

basslady Posted on 09/04/2008 21:46
Weekend Away Idea's

You can take me. I haven't had a weekend away for ages.

BillBones Posted on 09/04/2008 21:48
Weekend Away Idea's

Me and our lass are off to Portmeirion for a couple of nights next week. Give it a go.

basslady Posted on 09/04/2008 21:49
Weekend Away Idea's

All I've got lined up is a weekend in Huddersfield, staying at my fella's mam's...

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 09/04/2008 21:50
Weekend Away Idea's

Right up your street PP.

Link: Yeah Baby

ayresomemark Posted on 09/04/2008 21:56
Weekend Away Idea's

lemon top at redcar

GGGG Posted on 09/04/2008 22:09
Weekend Away Idea's

who you going with lads or a special lady friend

bigdave85 Posted on 09/04/2008 22:16
Weekend Away Idea's

Is this THE ONE?

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:21
Weekend Away Idea's

Lady Friend this weekend. Off to edinburgh with the lads next weekend.

Were gonna go to leeds for some shopping, night out etc but my fave hotel is fully booked...

GGGG Posted on 09/04/2008 22:32
Weekend Away Idea's

thought about taking her to a log cabin one with a jacuzzi normally decent and romantic to

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:33
Weekend Away Idea's

Yeah but not sure where there are some around here. possibly harrogate i think? links appreciated.

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:36
Weekend Away Idea's

GGGG - also, these are often 2 or 3 nights minimum stay...

only looking for 1 night away...

les_groper Posted on 09/04/2008 22:38
Weekend Away Idea's

New York.

juninho_the_legend Posted on 09/04/2008 22:42
Weekend Away Idea's

Rodney trotter that place looks class, have you stayed there before?

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:43
Weekend Away Idea's

It does, but again think its 2 or 3 min stay!

GGGG Posted on 09/04/2008 22:43
Weekend Away Idea's

ah right well you can always look in to it if you google some, if all else fails theirs always the F1 or whatever its called now thats a one night stay :-)

Esekiel1517 Posted on 09/04/2008 22:43
Weekend Away Idea's

Florence without Ermintrude is convivial...:-)

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:45
Weekend Away Idea's

WTF Esekiel?

Funnily enough, i told her we were staying at the F1 earlier on haha!

littlejimmy Posted on 09/04/2008 22:45
Weekend Away Idea's

2 or 3 minutes? I don't think she'll be happy.

les_groper Posted on 09/04/2008 22:46
Weekend Away Idea's

Take her to the moors.

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:48
Weekend Away Idea's

Why not Jimmy - Thats twice [:D] And a fag!

Bound to be happy!

ad763 Posted on 09/04/2008 22:50
Weekend Away Idea's

take her to york

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:52
Weekend Away Idea's

I don't like York Really Though...

Used to work there and got bored. Plus the city centre hotels are rubbish compared to the likes of Leeds / Manchester

Esekiel1517 Posted on 09/04/2008 22:52
Weekend Away Idea's

Her ex walked all over her,what should i do?

ad763 Posted on 09/04/2008 22:53
Weekend Away Idea's

windermere then

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 22:55
Weekend Away Idea's

esekiel are you feeling alright?

ad: possibility.

Esekiel1517 Posted on 09/04/2008 22:59
Weekend Away Idea's

Poncey,you never fail to make me laugh kid!Lets Exfoliate!x

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 23:00
Weekend Away Idea's

I only exfoliate once, max twice a week usually ese.

PinkPonce Posted on 09/04/2008 23:32
Weekend Away Idea's

hoof for night shift...

will check am

LA_Boro Posted on 09/04/2008 23:40
Weekend Away Idea's

anywhere you don't need to check baggage if you are going from T5

On a serious note we like the Lakes and N Wales but looking at the forecast they are both a washout. The only place that MAY be dry both days is Kent. Leeds Castle / Margate ?

slipshod Posted on 10/04/2008 07:26
Weekend Away Idea's

Slaley hall [:D]

PinkPonce Posted on 10/04/2008 08:31
Weekend Away Idea's

LA Boro - Thanks mate, but i'm back up the road for weekends so don't particularly wanna drive down to kent, to drive back home, only to come back on Monday!

mcbrid Posted on 10/04/2008 08:36
Weekend Away Idea's

Can recommend Cliffemount Hotel in Runswick Bay. Easy drive from Boro

Fabulous views if you ask for a room with a balcony, fantastic English Breakfasts and the Restaurant is Michelin guide 2008 recommended.
Good place for a stroll to Staithes along the cliff top and a Steak and ale pie in the pub there or just do the beach at low tide round to Kettleness.

Should be around a ton for B&B - meals about 25 for 3 course.

PinkPonce Posted on 10/04/2008 08:43
Weekend Away Idea's

Cheers McBrid... Thats an option will have a look into it...

woodymfc Posted on 10/04/2008 08:48
Weekend Away Idea's

Karlsbad, lovely bohemian town south west of Prague

slipshod Posted on 10/04/2008 08:49
Weekend Away Idea's

try here meal and stop over for about 130, and not much travelling time

Link: not too far

teesste Posted on 10/04/2008 08:57
Weekend Away Idea's

PP.. I mentioned Linden Hall in Northumberland earlier on in this thread and would recommend a stay there.. Has a pool, spa, sauna, massage rooms etc.. rooms are very nice and also has it's own pub in the grounds which does great meals if you don't want a formal meal in the main restaurant.

Link: Linden Hall

keelo Posted on 10/04/2008 08:59
Weekend Away Idea's

If there is a brisk Northerly blowing there is nowhere better than Runswick Bay caravan site

neilg Posted on 10/04/2008 09:02
Weekend Away Idea's

im sending you the keys to the caravan at crimdon dene caravan park. have fun. theres some spare loo roll behind the kitchen door.

LoveLoveMido Posted on 10/04/2008 09:06
Weekend Away Idea's

Have you thought about Newcastle Quayside, couple of hotels along that way Malmaison etc, lots of good pubs and resturants with plenty to see and do on the Sunday (Entertainers / markets / boat trips etc).

Our lass dragged me there one night last year, I was pleasantly surprised .... and not a deluded meat head in sight

PinkPonce Posted on 10/04/2008 14:19
Weekend Away Idea's

Newcastle is an option Lovex2.

Malmaison there, and others like the copthorn. Been to newcastle a few times and always had a good night there.

Linden hall doesn't look too bad actually,

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast, Dining in our 2AA Rosette Award winning Dobson Restaurant for only 72.00 per person per night (quote WL1)
Dinner, Bed & Breakfast, Dining in the Linden Tree Pub for only 55.00 per person per night (quote WL2)
Overnight Accommodation with Full English Breakfast for only 42.00 per person per night (quote WL3)

BUT was hoping to make a full day of it and with a city you can go shopping etc and have a decent night out...

ridsdale Posted on 10/04/2008 14:30
Weekend Away Idea's

Glasgow would be a great option. Fantastic shopping, far better than Newcastle. Plenty of culture as well. Great pubs and clubs.

Link: Glasgow

Ivan_Drago Posted on 10/04/2008 14:33
Weekend Away Idea's


sasboro1 Posted on 10/04/2008 14:33
Weekend Away Idea's

bet she cant wait for a night away when she finds out you had to ask your friends on the internet for advice [;)]

PinkPonce Posted on 10/04/2008 14:43
Weekend Away Idea's

[:D] SAS, you aren't friends.

There's a wealth of knowledge on this board believe it or not