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lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 29/07/2011 12:35
Nile Ranger

Would you have him on loan?

I would. He's one of very few Premiership forwards who we could realistically sign on loan.
Big lad, puts himself about, won't be on big wages.
I'd like us to go for him.

Marc_Feld Posted on 29/07/2011 12:36
Nile Ranger

wrote some of the best funky disco hits of the 70's and a fine guitarist too.

I'd have him here no problem.

Holgatewall Posted on 29/07/2011 12:37
Nile Ranger

So then he would be...

...The loan ranger.[B)]

Should get him here tonto. (I mean pronto)

Midosparmo Posted on 29/07/2011 12:38
Nile Ranger

"Big lad, puts himself about, won't be on big wages."

If hes signed a contract in the Premier it will be more then we can aford. But I guess we could do a deal to pay only part.

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 29/07/2011 12:39
Nile Ranger

Good one! [^]

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 29/07/2011 12:40
Nile Ranger

Correct Mido. He's only signed one professional contract after his youth contract, and that was when he was in the Championship.
It won't be that big and we wouldn't pay the whole lot I'd assume.

Sea_Harrier Posted on 29/07/2011 12:41
Nile Ranger

Wasn't he the great white hope, a couple of seasons ago, with the skunks singing his praises in all quarters? Especially from that plastic Geordie clown, from Fornaby.

mattyk50 Posted on 29/07/2011 12:42
Nile Ranger

big lad?! hes about 9 stone

he does have a good goalscoring record though... 2 goals in 49 games

i reckon we might be after him if mowbray steps up his search for a 1 in 25 man

Midosparmo Posted on 29/07/2011 12:42
Nile Ranger

Maybe worth a shot, Im not sure though, Ive not seen enough of him.
What I did see wasnt much to get excited about.

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 29/07/2011 12:49
Nile Ranger

Stat man Matty - how many starts has he had?

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 29/07/2011 12:50
Nile Ranger

At Championship level I'm sure he'll be effective.

free_pint Posted on 29/07/2011 12:53
Nile Ranger

Nope. He's a mag, why do we want their players?

bill_door Posted on 29/07/2011 12:55
Nile Ranger

He's destined to be a bog-standard Championship striker anyway.

But he's also a knob, so no.

newyddion Posted on 29/07/2011 12:59
Nile Ranger

What happened to us getting Xisco in on loan?

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 29/07/2011 13:01
Nile Ranger

The only footballer to be named after an Egyptian park warden - FACT!

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 29/07/2011 13:11
Nile Ranger

I can just see it on the Sky Sports ticker tape:

Tony Mowbray denies reports club set to sign Nile Ranger on loan.
Mowbray, "Why would we want Newcastle players? Plus, he's a nob".

Sure you would have never signed Shearer had he stated a wish to move down South!

bill_door Posted on 29/07/2011 13:15
Nile Ranger

You forgot the bit about him being crap.[^]

Powlay Posted on 29/07/2011 13:47
Nile Ranger

Dare say most of you commenting on him have not actually seen him play except for on TV [:D]

bill_door Posted on 29/07/2011 13:51
Nile Ranger

When you watch him play live does he turn into Tolstoy, so to speak?

redwurzel Posted on 29/07/2011 13:54
Nile Ranger

NUFC said Brum could not have him on loan a few days ago.

Common convention is that Championship clubs only pay a % of EPL players wages often to average Championship wages level.

foggysfplandiet Posted on 29/07/2011 14:09
Nile Ranger

Named after the Cairo police launch, apparently.

Manfriday Posted on 29/07/2011 14:26
Nile Ranger

Millwall wanted him on loan as well and got knocked back. Not sure why cos he is terrible

mickgaz Posted on 29/07/2011 16:05
Nile Ranger

Nile ranger would rather have the lone ranger he is crap did you not see him against stevenage garbage and a big time charlie

jimmy_james Posted on 29/07/2011 16:15
Nile Ranger

Please do not be harsh on the lad he scored 2 in 30 in the championship!

The jawdeys did not start calling him NIL ranger until last season!

Emnes got 1 in 18 in the same season and he is now a cult figure!

Tom_Fun Posted on 29/07/2011 16:20
Nile Ranger

He's like a less prolific Shola Ameobi.

the_dude_abides Posted on 29/07/2011 16:21
Nile Ranger

worse scoring record than lee miller

the_dude_abides Posted on 29/07/2011 16:22
Nile Ranger

2 goal in 49 games, what is he, a centre half?