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The_Dude Posted on 22/12/2007 17:38
Badly Missed rochemback today

for everyone who says he does nothing, we desperately needed some possesion in the middle in the second half

Tom_Fun Posted on 22/12/2007 17:39
Badly Missed rochemback today

We missed O'Neil far more than Rochemback.

Bukowski Posted on 22/12/2007 17:39
Badly Missed rochemback today

We missed them both. O'Neill for this stamina and endeavour on the right and Rocky for his ability to keep possession and look for the ball when others appear to want rid of it ASAP.

bear66 Posted on 22/12/2007 18:01
Badly Missed rochemback today

A vote for missed them both here. That's what makes life so difficult - WHU put out a 'second' team and win away - we lose two players and lose at home

onthemap Posted on 22/12/2007 18:03
Badly Missed rochemback today

Yes Rocky has steered us to the fringe of a Champions league position hasn't he.

bear66 Posted on 22/12/2007 18:06
Badly Missed rochemback today

17th will do . Zero points from a home game against WHU reserves suggests that 17th won't be an easy target without him

scoea Posted on 22/12/2007 18:06
Badly Missed rochemback today

So he is to blame mappie for our position? Is it not possible to have a good player in a bad team?

We did miss him.

Blain87 Posted on 22/12/2007 19:46
Badly Missed rochemback today

Who's fault is it that he is missing?

Pauleta_22 Posted on 23/12/2007 11:23
Badly Missed rochemback today

Ah yes, you need to run round like a headless chicken to be a good footballer (cattermole) something only the boro fans notice.

I cant understand the critics of Rochemback, he is the best passer of a football we've ever had and is capable of seeing things which others players in our team are unable to see. Remember Karembeu? yeah he was hit and miss but he would play perfect passes but the rest of the players we had at the time didnt have the same "football brain" and would just stand there instead of running into the space etc.

Watch Rochemback without the cattermole legend mentality and you will realise he is a fantastic player

lee_ding_geek Posted on 23/12/2007 11:32
Badly Missed rochemback today

not only that, but also he is big and fairly brutal. we looked rather small and weak in midfield. george looked F***ed, especially in the second half.