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prepman Posted on 28/03/2008 16:53
serious question

joking apart isnt time we started getting a return on our money we spent on Alves?.

Tuncays_3rd_leg Posted on 28/03/2008 16:55
serious question

I reckon we need to be more bothered about getting the money back that we have paid for Dong Gook's wages.

Alves was signed as a player for next season, just like Tuncay and most other players who come from a different leauge, they need time to settle in.

Was Cristiano Ronaldo as good as he is now when he just came?

PoetLaureate Posted on 28/03/2008 16:55
serious question

Isnt it time we started getting a return on the money we spent on our season tickets.

Alves will be ok once we start creating for him and learn not to put it in the air all the time.

Bandy Posted on 28/03/2008 16:56
serious question

lets be honest ronaldo was wank. His over elaboration of the stepover took football to embarassing limits. To be fair to him now, he is a genius

Tuncays_3rd_leg Posted on 28/03/2008 16:58
serious question

He is better now because he has got used to the English game, just like Alves will, but it takes time, Manchester United where fine with Ronaldo because they had cover for him, where as we needed instant impact which Alves cannot deliver. This time next season i bet they is a few people on this board who will be saying sorry and they think it was a good investment.

NedKat Posted on 28/03/2008 16:58
serious question

joking apart, he hasn't played enough games yet ! Can we display just a minuscule amount of patience on this subject ?

prepman Posted on 28/03/2008 16:58
serious question

we signed him for next season,will take your word for that mate.

Bandy Posted on 28/03/2008 16:59
serious question

no doubts at all that alves will come good

PoetLaureate Posted on 28/03/2008 16:59
serious question

I agree with Boateng when he said he will need time to get use to the premiership. Why people think player's can just play in a new country and be brilliant is daft.

blackandwhitedreams Posted on 28/03/2008 17:00
serious question

Seriously- Alves looks slow and at odds with what is happening around him. Surrounded by creative talents such as Rochemback, Arca and Mido he looks very bewildered. And lonely. And Rubbish.

Tuncays_3rd_leg Posted on 28/03/2008 17:02
serious question

Of course he is signed for next season, if we signed a player from a different country who made a instant impact and kept up with it then i would be so pleased, but that chance of that happening?

prepman Posted on 28/03/2008 17:02
serious question

i dont expect him to be brilliant,just the odd goal now and then.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 28/03/2008 17:04
serious question

We tried to get him last year, Heerenveen whacked the price up at the last minute so we backed off.

Continued to rattle the goals in, AZ had bid accepted and were on the verge of signing him until we sneaked in.

Think that in an ideal world we would have waited until summer to sign him, but had to get him in January or lose him.

Get him fit, accustomed to life in England, keep him off the Parmos' he'll be alright for next season.

Look at Ricard when we signed him in Feb in the first Division; utter, utter garbage. 6 months later in the PL, no problems.

Alves will come good if we play to his strengths and buy midfielders who can pass the ball to him in the box.

Bandy Posted on 28/03/2008 17:05
serious question

heaton sums it up perfectly

inoffthepost Posted on 28/03/2008 19:38
serious question

fookoff prepman u glory hunter.