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beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 10:17
Calling all Youtubers!

I'm looking to put some more videos on Youtube and I thought it might work if I had some requests!

It will make me do songs that I would never usually you get to have your favourites strangled by yours truly!!!! Serious requests only though :-)

If you search on "beerfordolphins" you can have a look at what I have done so far...comments welcome :-)

Ricard00 Posted on 26/03/2008 10:25
Calling all Youtubers!

Good voice, good picking, keep it up.

What are you using to record the guitar & vocals? Also what guitar(s) have you got?

I have a Rickenbacker 330 fireglow (1993) and a Yamaha something or other electro.

Next purchase will be a strat I think.

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 10:29
Calling all Youtubers!

Used to have quite a few guitars knocking about but i have cut it right down to a cheap bass, Burns Brian May, Fender deluxe American strat and a Maton EGB808 performer (the acoustic).

Recorded just straight into a cheap Behringer condenser into Pro-Tools LE with a touch of reverb.

...and they sound better if you turn them up!

Ricard00 Posted on 26/03/2008 10:42
Calling all Youtubers!

Work on my own so the sounds always up.

I've had alot of guitars over the years but there comes a time (with families and sutff) to cut down.

You look vaguely familiar, have you been in bands locally?

King_Ricard Posted on 26/03/2008 10:52
Calling all Youtubers!

do steel river or a more upbeat version of we shall over come

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 11:19
Calling all Youtubers!

Wasn't too familiar with Steel River so I have just had a look on Youtube...

Great track!!!....theres one! cheers!

King_Ricard Posted on 26/03/2008 11:27
Calling all Youtubers!

good stuff

Rochey Posted on 26/03/2008 11:29
Calling all Youtubers!

Just watched a couple there, the Damien Rice one and the Pink one, Excellent voice. You should do We Shall Overcome, and you can be the official unofficial voice of the Boro anthem.

borolad259 Posted on 26/03/2008 11:41
Calling all Youtubers!

Although written by the outstanding Patty Griffin, and covered here by the Dixie Chicks, this song is actually sung from the viewpoint of an old man reflecting upon how he might have done better as a father.

Link: Top of the World

borolad259 Posted on 26/03/2008 11:45
Calling all Youtubers!

Or for a funny song about death and spite...(ignor the first 10 seconds).

Link: Unrequited to the Nth Degree

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 11:46
Calling all Youtubers!

another brilliant song!!!...number two! (the Patty Griffin one..going to listen to the other in a minute!)

I would have probably never, ever heard this song...cheers Borolad.

As for "We can overcome"...the only thing with that, is that there really is not a lot too it, unless there are other verses (and other musical bits) that I don't know about.

MsCurly Posted on 26/03/2008 11:49
Calling all Youtubers!

Really enjoyed those, matey.

Incidentally, don't suppose you noticed our posters up alongside one another the other week at the Glendale Social in Houghton? [:)]

Think you were on the night before me.

I'd love to hear you do David Gray's 'Be Mine'. Love that song, but it's one of the lesser played ones. Think you'd do it a bomb!

buttermyarse Posted on 26/03/2008 11:50
Calling all Youtubers!

Thats great mate.. I am very long have you been playing/performing?... My favourite acoustic song is Small World by Roddy Frame..Dont suppose you could put that up on youtube?

Ricard00 Posted on 26/03/2008 11:56
Calling all Youtubers!

What about either Dedicated Follower of Fashion or Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks?

English Rose by the JAM.

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 11:58
Calling all Youtubers!

bugger...I didn't notice Curly!!! what was the name again..its a duo isn't it?

Hope you had your liability Insurance :-)

As for David Grey....why not!!! good song...number three!

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:02
Calling all Youtubers!

English Rose...yes..number four!

Small world..what a brilliant song, never heard it before. Number 5!

...think I'll go for 10 then stop. I can always put the request out another time

MsCurly Posted on 26/03/2008 12:03
Calling all Youtubers!

I didn't as it happens...Bob made me text it to him the next day. [:D]

Was telling me that you'd had some gobby wench in the audience at the end of the night being a bit lippy.

Got his life story that night. [:(]

He also told me that he noticed I wasn't wearing a wedding ring. [:D] Good grief!

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:05
Calling all Youtubers!

to answer a couple of questions from earlier...I have only ever been in a couple of club bands and I do the Workies on a weekend now solo. Have been playing the guitar for ages but tended towards the metal side of things when I was younger. Trying to concentrate on acoustic stuff now...cheers

Towell Posted on 26/03/2008 12:08
Calling all Youtubers!

Know your Enemy, Rage against the Machine.

MsCurly Posted on 26/03/2008 12:10
Calling all Youtubers!

Don't fancy a duo do you, beer?

I'm not digging solo at all. [:(]

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:10
Calling all Youtubers!

Good job you texted it..his book has a few black marks for those sinners who don't have it!!

I can't remember me getting any stick..not more than usual..but he was getting some lip at the end of the night as he was trying to get people out..

...did he serenade you with "Faithfully" and "Don't stop believin"??

buttermyarse Posted on 26/03/2008 12:11
Calling all Youtubers!

How longs ages...?.. been attempting to learn acoustic for a couple of years but is slow going..

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:14
Calling all Youtubers!

oooooh....I like the solo thing. I can pull gigs when I need to and it gives me a bit more freedom, which is why i got out of the whole band thing.

If you ever want to get together for a daft laugh doing some acoustic stuff I game!

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:18
Calling all Youtubers!

ok Towell...Know your enemy...number 6!!! I'll have to change it a bit though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butter...ages is about 20 odd years playing guitar...

borolad259 Posted on 26/03/2008 12:21
Calling all Youtubers!

That Roddy Frame number is superb.

buttermyarse Posted on 26/03/2008 12:24
Calling all Youtubers!

Cheers ..At that rate I will be as old as Keith Richards before I will be able to perfom on youtube...[;)]

borolad259 Posted on 26/03/2008 12:24
Calling all Youtubers!

This is a great song. Performed with piano, butwould work great as an acoustic number.

Link: Jake by Ginger

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:30
Calling all Youtubers!

ok..Ginger is number 7.

Borolad259 has had his quota though now :-)

johnrambo Posted on 26/03/2008 12:38
Calling all Youtubers!

loving your stuff dude. could you do crashed by chris daughtry i heard an acoustic of it the other day and loved the song. would be good to hear it in your style.

borolad259 Posted on 26/03/2008 12:39
Calling all Youtubers!

I'll keep schtumm now then.

Towell Posted on 26/03/2008 12:40
Calling all Youtubers!

May you never - John Martyn.

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:42
Calling all Youtubers!

yep....Crashed...number 8 it is!

johnrambo Posted on 26/03/2008 12:45
Calling all Youtubers!

good stuff cant wait to hear what you do.

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:46
Calling all Youtubers!

may you never is number 9!!!

I feel bad for Borolad now!!!!!..if it makes you feel better Towells not allowed another now! :-) (unless he wants to take Rage against the machine back?????)

One more to go...

onthemap Posted on 26/03/2008 12:47
Calling all Youtubers!

Yep good stuff.

Towell Posted on 26/03/2008 12:47
Calling all Youtubers!

I'll be kind and remove rage against the machine.

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 12:54
Calling all Youtubers!

:-) cheers Towell.

That John Martyn track is brilliant..did you see that Transatlantic seesion on youtube..fantastic #

two more to go then!!

boro365 Posted on 26/03/2008 13:25
Calling all Youtubers!

how about "the man who sold the world"

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 14:15
Calling all Youtubers!

we have a number 9!!! who sold the world

One more!

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 15:22
Calling all Youtubers!

HUTH!!!!!!!...c' more please then I can beaver away in peace.

borolad259 Posted on 26/03/2008 16:16
Calling all Youtubers!

I'm keeping schtumm.

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 16:37
Calling all Youtubers!

I don't know that one? it by a German group?

oh go on then Borolad...if you have a good one it can be number 10!

King_Ricard Posted on 26/03/2008 16:49
Calling all Youtubers!

We shall overcome is has a full 4-5 verses mate.. check out the link for the boss' version of it..

Like someone said, you can be the un-official official boro anthem... esspecially if you up tempo it a bit..

King_Ricard Posted on 26/03/2008 16:50
Calling all Youtubers!

sorry here is the link

Link: LINK

borolad259 Posted on 26/03/2008 16:52
Calling all Youtubers!

There are plenty to go at with this lot, great lyrics on this one.

Link: bye bye pride

johnrambo Posted on 26/03/2008 17:20
Calling all Youtubers!

do 'one last breath' by creed a top tune. Another which would be good to see what you could do with it. or 'with arms wide open' same band

anth25 Posted on 26/03/2008 21:14
Calling all Youtubers!

Not sure if you have your ten now but a couple of great acoustic tracks IMHO are;

Ron Sexsmith - Gold in them hills
Elvis Perkins - While you were sleeping

Great stuff on youtube by the way

beerfordolphins Posted on 26/03/2008 23:51
Calling all Youtubers! my ten (well...eleven!)

1) Steel River - King Ricard
2) Top of the world - Borolad259
3) Be mine - MsCurly
4) Small World - Buttermyarse
5) English Rose - Ricard00
6) Jake - Borolad259
7) Crashed - JohnRambo
8) May you never - Towell
9) Man who stole the world - Boro365
10) Gold in them hills - anth25

..and 11) We will overcome - Rochey

..although the last thing I want be labelled as is an official un-official anything as, Alistair Griffin-like, I will be criticised and lampooned at every turn :-)

but there are some cracking songs in the list and I'm looking forward to doing em justice. It is going to take me a while but I'll keep you all posted when they start going up...cheers!!!