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Bernie_is_banned Posted on 09/03/2011 13:26
Your thoughts on this story ?

It is alleged that this bloke has plotted these heinous crimes, yet he requires an interpreter in court......

Link: Odd

John67 Posted on 09/03/2011 13:32
Your thoughts on this story ?

In British law you are innocent until proved guilty. If someone has a poor grasp of English I think it is in the interests of justice that he be able to follow and understand the proceedings don't you? Or are you choosing another story so as to demonstrate your fear of all things foreign (different skin pigmentation)?

Bernie_is_banned Posted on 09/03/2011 14:08
Your thoughts on this story ?


I'm wondering how he managed to conspire to commit such crimes with what appears to be an English woman, yet he needs an interpreter in court. Do you think she is fluent in Kurdish?

speckyget Posted on 09/03/2011 14:21
Your thoughts on this story ?

I think she should have asserted her legal right to conspire with an English speaking pervert.

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 09/03/2011 14:25
Your thoughts on this story ?

Should be castrated the dirty XXXXXX.