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Bernie_is_banned Posted on 24/02/2011 06:16
LITTLEJOHN: Time To Scrap Question Time

Broadly agree. Started going down hill when pop stars etc started getting asked on.

Link: Time Gentlemen Please

Kevlar Posted on 24/02/2011 07:04
LITTLEJOHN: Time To Scrap Question Time

Bernie, many pop stars will have had more grounded lives than some middle/upper class politicians, so I don't see why they should be unwelcome. Anyone who lives in a part of the society of this country and can construct a decent debate should be welcome.

Why does your hero feel he can judge the people of Stevenage or at least the audience members of Stevenage. What did he see in those people that made him think that we're going to hell in a handcart? Wrong colour, sexuality, religion?

I imagine this whole fascination you have with LJ is a wind up. If so then bravo! You never fail to get plenty of bites, including me. If it isn't then you really need to read what he says and have a think about what kind of a world you'd like to live in.