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Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/01/2011 20:51
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Lefty and Fatsuma have to be up there, genius.

mattyk50 Posted on 25/01/2011 20:53
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

maxi [ref][:O][:o)][:O][:o)]

OPEO Posted on 25/01/2011 20:54
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

PPs massive post regarding the amount of VVankers on here puts him up there. Welldone PP[^][^][^][^][^]

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 25/01/2011 20:55
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Rumbersponge was the greatest
Shackerooni was good

dooderooni Posted on 25/01/2011 20:56
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....


Bri_Marwood Posted on 25/01/2011 20:57
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Is this where you confess to your other account names?

dooderooni Posted on 25/01/2011 21:03
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Bri, if I could have made up Rich10 I'd not be posting here, I'd be earning millions writing comedies for film and TV.

marsked_magician Posted on 25/01/2011 21:05
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

that marsked magician fella is amazing

Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/01/2011 21:05
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Who is rich10?

dooderooni Posted on 25/01/2011 21:06
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Lisbon, I always thought you'd been around for ages. Guess I was wrong.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/01/2011 21:08
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I've been lurking for years but only started posting recently.

dooderooni Posted on 25/01/2011 21:10
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I doubt you'll find anything by our friend Rich. Rob has nuked the board from orbit at least twice since those days.

parmoandstella Posted on 25/01/2011 21:11
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

LIDDLE_TOWERS....before he got sent to jail

Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/01/2011 21:19
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Liddle must be allowed a laptop in jail then as he's forever posting on Facebook.

maxi_levey Posted on 25/01/2011 21:34
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Liddle... bigger gobshyte than you...[:o)]

ThePrisoner Posted on 25/01/2011 21:37
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Holgate Hero


Lord David


Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/01/2011 21:38
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Never told a tall tale in me life.

rozi Posted on 25/01/2011 21:38
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

MsCurly, HellsBells, JanPlanner, Esky, Ray192, ComfyShoes, EddieCatflap, BroughtonLad, Wheelz - the list is endless, all of them missing and missed most of the time

NedKat Posted on 25/01/2011 21:39
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Rozi, Comfy shoes now posts as Obsolete of Charm

free_pint Posted on 25/01/2011 21:52
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Rozi- I remember those days of old FMTTM[sad]

atkingson Posted on 25/01/2011 21:55
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

No mentions for Genghis_Khan? I suppose King_hellfire was a good one as well.

smifter Posted on 25/01/2011 22:49
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Hells bells, captain5, I've_lost_my_flag, ayresome angel, chboro, boro85, benjiiiiii, mscurly, stepper_t and key_toenail, boroboy75, borobliss,

dave_79 Posted on 25/01/2011 22:55
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

the realists of the message board

and of course mr dave_79

us users that told it how it was, seen boro's decline in the making 4 years ago.

red_rebel Posted on 25/01/2011 23:17
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Of the current wannabe board celebs only Lisbon and PP would even get in the ressies for the all time board big hitters. They may be mid-table Championship makeweights who don't deliver consistently but that is where we are as a board now. Back in the day they wouldn't have even made the bench.

Here is the OFFICIAL ALL TIME BEST XI (based on ability to get a response, passion, added value, wit, wisdom and contribution to the community. It's about quality not quantity)

Piggy Nichol
Lord David/Ghengis

red rebel

*This list is definitive. No correspondence will be entered into on this matter.

beamishboro Posted on 25/01/2011 23:21
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

dave / michael and your sort are the reason why there are no decent posters left.[:o)]

NedKat Posted on 25/01/2011 23:22
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I used to always top these charts. But, that's what being unemployed for a year will do.

NorfolknGood Posted on 25/01/2011 23:24
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....


I believe Rich10 is still available via Catflaporama. I seem to recall seeing him there recently.

Rozi'z list also brings back some memories.

Wouldnt want to miss out Littlejimmy either. He could usually get a good response going, especially from Moxzin back in the days.

Rodney_The_Racist Posted on 25/01/2011 23:26
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

no you didnt Ned.

attonBORO Posted on 25/01/2011 23:39
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

what about Thrylos_MFC?? He had one of the best post ever, as published in TEESSIDE URBAN LEGENDS book!!! What a guy HE must be, what aXXXXXXin guy!!

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 25/01/2011 23:42
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

SW19_Mackem and Boldon lad were always good for a laugh.

squarewheelbike Posted on 25/01/2011 23:45
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Whatever happened to Morti, Keith-a and mendi6?

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 25/01/2011 23:47
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Morti, good shout.

gravy173 Posted on 25/01/2011 23:48
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

scoea/adi dem and briggsy should be somewhere on that list, special mention to mappy for his efforts

NedKat Posted on 25/01/2011 23:50
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

oh yes i did

Rodney_The_Racist Posted on 25/01/2011 23:52
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

No Birdseye. you were just someone who people laughed at when you went mental. No one gave a toss about you.

NedKat Posted on 26/01/2011 00:31
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

and that's, a positive coming from a no mark ass'ole like you ,, Rodney. You insignifiXXXXXX little piece of snot !

SYDNEYSIDER Posted on 26/01/2011 00:33
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I have a soft spot for Mad Maxi[:I]

free_pint Posted on 26/01/2011 00:34
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Karembeau_CA used to be a good poster IIRC?

redwurzel Posted on 26/01/2011 00:57
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Have alot of them gone to the great message board in the sky.......[|)]

NedKat Posted on 26/01/2011 01:02
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Now I know who rodney is ......

Islandstone Posted on 26/01/2011 01:50
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Adi_Dem is the one who stands out most for me I think. I always find his posts intellectual and interesting. Brilliant poster.

Others who deserves a mention;


There's also decent posters like skiprat,grantus, bandy, lisbonlegend,NedKat,etc..

sorry for the ones I might've forgotten.

Ex_Pat_the_Postman Posted on 26/01/2011 03:42
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I'd vote for Sossage (think I got the spelling right) based on the fact that his "8 darter" thread really did make me LOL. Although I realize I may really be voting for best ever thread because I haven't seen said Sossage post much.

stedontsurf Posted on 26/01/2011 03:52
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

don't forget who hold the record for highest current number of posts ;)

Ex_Pat_the_Postman Posted on 26/01/2011 03:54
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

haha!! I remember that thread, too. That thread was up when I first joined the forum. Classic [^]

jarazino Posted on 26/01/2011 03:58
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

PNG Fulham.


red_shamrock Posted on 26/01/2011 10:02
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Joe Laidlaw

Controversial ones

Holgate Hero

Young Poster of the Year.

captain5 Posted on 26/01/2011 10:05
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

You spelt his name wrong, R_S.

1st_time_caller Posted on 26/01/2011 10:07
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

currently - Claire Smith and her husband Clive
from yesteryear - Montague_Longfellow

other people give me a titter now and again, but Claire is a work of genious [^]

red_shamrock Posted on 26/01/2011 10:12
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....


Bandy Posted on 26/01/2011 10:15
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

this is the thread where the attention seekers seek reassurance. Call it an appraisal for a better word.

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 26/01/2011 10:17
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Some great posters have been on here, shame they have vanished and been replaced by 'the clique'[|)]

Bandy Posted on 26/01/2011 10:20
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

it's full of nob heads thesedays

Marc_Feld Posted on 26/01/2011 10:28
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I would have said Sas until he tried to compare Dave Hodgson with Aliadiere.

I'll say Roofie if he say's me [;)]

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 26/01/2011 10:35
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I actually thought it went really downhill when they organised to meet and had t-shirts made. Instead of knowing a few people on here, suddenly loads of new friendships appeared.

I have met a few on here, don't want to be clinging to them though.

Jan_uary Posted on 26/01/2011 11:36
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

What about Toots? Always posting at one time.

free_pint Posted on 26/01/2011 11:40
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I've still got my fmttm t-shirt somewhere. Broady 91 on it!

Haven't most of them gone to Block 17?

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 26/01/2011 11:40
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

toots was a terrible poster who didnt know anything about football, especially how the offside rule works


Kevlar Posted on 26/01/2011 11:44
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

MightyDuck is the best.

He committed some terrible crimes in his early life but has now paid his debt to society and is a fully functioning citizen.

atkingson Posted on 26/01/2011 11:44
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Ako_killa is up there with the best [8D]

ray192 Posted on 26/01/2011 11:46
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Oldie for you

Jax_1 i think it was ? [8)]

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/01/2011 17:53
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Piggy and Claire Smith are up there with Fatsuma and Lefty. There's far too many mentions for mediocre posters on here and one hit wonders.

HarryVegas Posted on 26/01/2011 18:42
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Claire Smith is brill [^]
Soft spots for mad Maxi & r00fie too

atomicloonybin Posted on 26/01/2011 18:45
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....



borolad259 Posted on 26/01/2011 18:55
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Claire Smith would top my list.

Others I find engaging:
Harry Vegas
Revol Tees
Vivs Nan
Red Shamrock
Uncle Harry (when he bothers)
and quite a few others

ron_manager Posted on 26/01/2011 19:25
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

What is the criteria to top the league...if its posts that genuinally make me laugh then Claire Smith has a wicked snese of humour.[:D]

I like Plaz infrequent post just because he is so barmy.[?]

For posts that interest me I think Gravyboat posts good stuff about music[^]

For being a knob end but also making me laugh at there stupidity Bernie is banned and Atkingson are up there[:o)]

grantus Posted on 26/01/2011 20:29
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

It's true, this place, it aint what it used to be.

atkingson Posted on 26/01/2011 20:31
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Borolad... you find lisbon engaging? - [:o)][:o)]

fatsuma Posted on 26/01/2011 20:39
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....


Just came late to this thread!

"Genius"? Don't think so, mate, and don't know anyone else who would agree with you.

It's a far cry from my only previous name check - after the infamous 4-4 draw at Norwich, when my cheery sense of perspective in the storm of disappointment earned me the name.....

"Cheese Dlck" ! [:D]

THAT'S much closer to the mark, I reckon!

And made Mrs Fats laugh so much when she read it that she collapsed in laughter on her forlorn attempt to get to the loo before wetting herself!

MightyDuck Posted on 26/01/2011 20:55
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

my vote defo goes to Kevlar

amazing social commentary [:D]

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 11:00
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

"What is the criteria to top the league?"

Just people that post with some intelligence regarding any particular subject. For instance, people like r00fie who contribute very little except bile and self interest should be discounted.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 11:29
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

MarlonD is a funny lad despit living in Newcastle and Bandy knows his football but seems to have lost the plot recently.

spike_armstrong Posted on 27/01/2011 11:34
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Sweet William - funniest ever.

atkingson Posted on 27/01/2011 11:35
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

What's so unfunny about living in Newcastle though?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 11:39
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Atkingson, does everything need explaining to you.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 27/01/2011 11:45
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

* grammar police * lol

nomark Posted on 27/01/2011 12:44
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Captain 5 and Pink Ponce. The rest of you are all rubbish....except the charming and errudite Atkingson, of course.

Humpty Posted on 27/01/2011 12:47
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

i don't know who half these people are [:O]

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 27/01/2011 12:50
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

their bottom halves? ... dirty boy

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 12:55
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Me neither.[8)]

gravyboat Posted on 27/01/2011 12:58
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Current posters:

Claire_Smith has to top the list for brilliantly perceptive and surrealist comedy.

Then lots more for laughs/interest/footy knowledge & debate


There's probably a good few I've missed too.

Special mention also to PP & LL for their ability to get the board going.

r00fie Posted on 27/01/2011 12:59
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....


Bandy Posted on 27/01/2011 13:00
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

some of the posters listed have posted about 3 times in a year. How do they qualify?

gravyboat Posted on 27/01/2011 13:01
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Quality over quantity, bandy.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 13:02
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Ponce can be a good poster at times but is nowhere near the boards best. Quantity over quality and inability to vary his wind ups mean he is way down the list.

atkingson Posted on 27/01/2011 13:02
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

'some of the posters listed have posted about 3 times in a year'

Exactly. I have been posting on here for about 4 years now

Bandy Posted on 27/01/2011 13:03
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

mabe so but some of the names i have never heard of. It's like putting luke williams in your team of the year with 2 appearances

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 27/01/2011 13:04
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

aye you have Captain5 who never comes on apart from every now and then and mid thread throws in a one liner nothing to do with the thread and then goes again.


Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 13:06
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Captain5 is very funny at times, to be fair.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 27/01/2011 13:12
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

'Captain5 is very funny at times, to be fair.'

eh never disputed that ffs

MarlonD Posted on 27/01/2011 13:14
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

razmond is great.

There you go yer daftchun, you're officially on the list now.

atkingson Posted on 27/01/2011 13:16
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

This board is full of fakes and one hit wonders:
Evil - comes on now and then and tries to copy Jimmy Carr but fails with his terrible attempt at dry humour.

Capt5 - unremarkable

Flar - a good attempt at obnoxious humour when he comes on now and then but nothing impressive really.

PP - Plays on words a bit now and then. takes the micky out of inferior,unpopular posters like me but strangely gets highly regarded because of it.

then we have the king of all posters (in a way) - At King son

I've been posting on here for 4 years now. I've made people, cringe, laugh and argue prolifically through my time on here, and I deserve a award for it.

Jeremy_Clarkson Posted on 27/01/2011 14:01
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I like me [^][:D]

MarlonD Posted on 27/01/2011 14:02
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

You're overuse of emoticons gets on my t1ts.


gravyboat Posted on 27/01/2011 14:03
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

And your penchant for laughing at your own posts isn't good either.

MarlonD Posted on 27/01/2011 14:04
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

correct, gravyboat [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 18:45
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....


Lurcher Posted on 27/01/2011 18:51
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Comfort Bear was very very funny at times.

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 27/01/2011 18:53
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Freedom bear had an unmatched prediction rate.

If its for threads alone, Spacehead wins by a country mile.

joseph99 Posted on 27/01/2011 18:54
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Should this be who is the most self indulgent insecure type, desperate for attention, unaccountable at work and hide behind a multitude of usernames?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 18:58
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Heard of spaceface but not spacehead.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 19:04
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

No Joseph, this is for those special people that have a quick brain, quick wit or superior intellect.

joseph99 Posted on 27/01/2011 19:05
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

all wrapped up in a sea of delusion

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 19:17
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Or all green eyed at not being nominated.[8)]

joseph99 Posted on 27/01/2011 19:26
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

wasn't expecting that retort

It's surely difficult to defend any absence of a self congratulatory mutual back slapping clique of usernames

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 27/01/2011 19:35
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Spacehead had the ultimate in threads, it took my PC about 30mins to load it back in the 2001 sort of era.

'Has anyone got anything original to say' was it's name I think. Not one of these'last one to post' threads soley aimed at thousands of posts.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 19:40
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Joseph, this board used to be full of bright, witty types who have slowly disappeared over the years to be replaced with boastful egotistical types or dull wind up merchants. It's a chance to remember the good old days and those people that brought a smile or a different way of thinking to the board. Don't sound so bitter, it doesn't suit you.

CliveSmith Posted on 27/01/2011 19:43
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

The now defunct Chat Room at mid-day on Monday was one of my favourite times of the week.

Thursday was lunacy day.


bigrichardthe3rd Posted on 27/01/2011 19:49
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

sea h,red sham,macsi levey,,,top lads[cr]

Rodney_The_Racist Posted on 27/01/2011 19:50
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

"MarlonD is a funny lad despit living in Newcastle and Bandy knows his football but seems to have lost the plot recently." - Bandy thinks he knows his football, especially overseas football but his knowledge amounts to nothing more than "Barcelona are a good team", "Messi scores goals" and "Barca play in stripey blue and maroon kits" type comments.

He's thick as fcuk and easily wound up.

sasboro1 Posted on 27/01/2011 20:01
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

best posters were definitely the ones on here from 2001 to the uefa cup final. things didnt seem the same after that. seemed a lot more decent debate then. boro were doing well back then probably made a difference. it was better when you knew very few people on here and that create an air of mystery. too many cliques and back patting now.uefa cup trips meant everyone met each other. these days seems more about point scoring, trying to be the most popular poster and just argue for the sake of it and hatred for others. special mention for briggsy who predictably disappeared once smac left. suprised no one has mentioned regularreader, was a big player in the early years. 2001-2006 seem the best years on here. even bandy didnt know who i was back then. cant believe i've been on here since about nov 2000. hopefully i'll have moved on by 2021. wonder who will still be around in 10 years time?

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 27/01/2011 20:05
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Great times indeed sas but the fmttm meets in Doc browns was where the cliques were formed.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/01/2011 20:07
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Meeting people from the board definitely changes things. The board was more exciting when posting anonymously but I've met some great people through the board and also achieved things that wouldn't have been possible without this place. When one door closes another one opens. Facebook has also had a big role to play in changing the board demographic.

grantus Posted on 27/01/2011 20:53
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

there has been one consistent poster of quality over the last ten years, other than me (shocked at lack of recognition)

Link: the best poster

free_pint Posted on 27/01/2011 21:46
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Can anyone remember flaggy? The XXXXXX he'd come out with! Wonder what happened to him??

neworder Posted on 27/01/2011 22:49
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Nice analysis LL, its a shame some of the wittier posters have left the board, as with others i thinks its just down to being slowly sickened off by the hyper neanderthals who tend to dominate the proceedings on here.
Anyway top marks for me go to the much missed Boromutt.
A special mention for Nedkat after his thriller in manilla with Holgate Hero

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 07:09
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

The success of the board is undoubtedly linked to the teams success on the pitch aswell. People much prefer to read success stories than people moaning about everything from club shop staff to the bovril.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 07:27
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

aye a good example of that is PP complaining because people have issues regarding things not going right, the board reports on whats going on at the time, you cant gloss of the fact that things are so bad just because you dont like the negativeness of it all.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 07:30
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Part of Ponces rant was right, there's trolls about from other clubs who just try and annoy people like the sad gimps they are but we've been crap for a few years now.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 07:36
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

fans from other clubs come on here to wind people up??

Not something i have ever noticed a great deal.

But thats not my point his rant on the whole was at boro fans who are talking negatively because the situation the club is in is a negative one. He is your stereotypical poster that does not like the fact that we are in the situation we are and because of that the fans are talking about just THAT. Instead of cup finals and european trips and signing international class players.

You move with the times and it would seem some cant and even resent the fact others can.

Jeremy_Clarkson Posted on 28/01/2011 07:37
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Forgot to laugh [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 07:39
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Not all of it Razmond, he was also complaining of the inaccuracies posted by people in order to support their negative arguments.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 07:44
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

you mean the inaccuracy regarding everybody wanting the club to sign Alves?

Because thats not how I recall it. A player boro were prepared to pay 12million for before people demanded we sign the player. Fans were demanding an experienced striker, and what we got was Alves, not exactly the same.

I would suggest that some one has recalled the Alves signing inaccurately to have a go at boro fans, and that cannot be right.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 08:06
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Im not going to argue the ins and outs of Ponces post as I didn't read it but the fact is that the board has become a playground for imbeciles and reasoned debate is difficult to come by.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 08:09
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

'I didn't read it '

you have just commented on something you didnt even read. Yet you are complaining that it is difficult to have a reasoned debate on the board.

'reasoned debate is difficult to come by'

How can someone have a reasoned debate with someone when the other comments on something they havent even read?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 08:12
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I read the opening post, I didnt read the thread.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 08:16
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

we were only debating his opening post.

The opening post where he, i felt inaccurately, portrayed boro fans as demanding specifically Alves for 12million. However i recall many demanding an experienced striker, and we ended up with Alves. Sometimes it is easy to have a go at boro fans with inaccuracies, and the is just one example

You must have read his comments regarding boro fans wanting to sign Alves before the club had signed the player?

the rest of that thread didnt have much debate to it.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 08:18
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I'm not bothered to be honest, I felt some of Ponces post had value, some was for a bit of a reaction but I'll let you argue the post with him.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 08:21
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

fair enough.

i thought we were just highlighting 'inaccuracies posted by people in order to support their negative arguments'

and this regarding the Alves situation was a fine example and cannot be good for the board.

But if you feel it wasnt inaccurate and just an over reaction at best then fair enough.

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 28/01/2011 08:24
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I remember the abuse towards Lanb, gate and Gibson for not signing Alves after he scored 7 [Seven] for Heerenveen in one game.

jimmythewondercat Posted on 28/01/2011 08:26
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I can't believe no one has mentioned CHAS-THFC - 'you Boro punks' - he was great value and if the stories were true RIP.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 08:26
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

fair enough maybe that is what he was talking about.

I recall no such specific target mentioned like that until the club had mentioned the potential signing.

It was No fan demanded signing.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 08:26
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I was talking generically, I wasnt arguing specifics.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 08:27
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

ok. but it is a specific example of generally what is happening.

I guess if you want fans to pull together and support a team last thing you do is turn around and slag them off.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 28/01/2011 08:30
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

It is a specific example but this thread is trying to highlight the genius of the board and not argue about Ponces thoughts on signing Alves,

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 08:35
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

apologies when i came into the thread you were highlighting the issues with the board.

too many cliques on it these days which allows one posters who may be out of order to get backed by many other posters.

its a shame.

fatsuma Posted on 28/01/2011 08:53
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

My favourite time in the life of this message board was early 2002.

In the months building up to the FA Cup semi final with Arsenal at OT there was a real sense of an online community.

It did coincide with a successful time for the club, when we could see some smart managerial decisions by Steve McClaren on and off the pitch (e.g Carbone AND Windass on loan).

It was a hint of the successes to follow - although there was never the same unity after "Leedsgate" and opinion on the manager and his tactics became divided.

However, in early '02 there was a healthy balance of genuine humour, surrealism, nostalgia and decent football banter.

There was the odd abusive contributor - but they stood out as such, rather than being one of several.

Sadly, many of the regular contributors of the time - several of whom are mentioned above - are no longer seen here.

This time next year - when a band of young, improving local players starts to climb the table towards the play-off places playing good football, under a good manager and a decent man we may see a return to the fun of 2002....

But that will be 10 years on.....

And I may have found a life by then! [^]

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 08:55
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

'Windass on loan' wasnt that El Tel?

miltonkeynesaverage Posted on 28/01/2011 08:57
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Can you vote for yourself?

If you can then my vote goes to:


fatsuma Posted on 28/01/2011 09:08
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Indeed, he was, Raz. My apologies!

I just always associate Windass with that Semi Final game in particular.

The image of his curling shot in the 1st half is imprinted on my brain!

We were sat right behind it and were celebrating the goal - before their keeper (Wright?) pulled off a save.

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 09:11
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I recall El Tel coming and as the saviour of our season made one signing and that was Windass and he turned out to be outstanding for us at that point in time.

I would have loved to have seen El Tel and Robson continue at the club.

Tel embarrassed himself with that move to Leeds. As short a time as Clough at that club?

ray192 Posted on 28/01/2011 09:21
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

MsCurly [:X]

PinkPonce Posted on 28/01/2011 09:34
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Given that I've probably got this 'award' wrapped up as well I feel compelled to offer my contribution ...

Maxi [^]

PP ... x

sasboro1 Posted on 28/01/2011 09:57
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

pink ponce is a light weight compared to some of the heavy weight in the early days. stuff was original and not repeated over and over again back then. Like i said these days people just want to appear the most popular person on here and goign for quantity over quality

cheese_shop_john Posted on 28/01/2011 09:59
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....



Bandy Posted on 28/01/2011 10:34
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I can only think of a handful of posters who come on here for the right reasons. usually to debate something, sometimes Boro related. What a suprise when that actually happens. Nowadays it's just a place for the insecure. The ones in life who need a bit of a boost or a pick me up and like to tell tales of how wonderful they are. There's too many of em. They spend all day talking about THEM. They never show any interest in anything else apart from themselves. All their posts are about THEM, what they are doing, where they are going, what colour their sh it is. It's sad, desperate and incredibly wierd. it's quite funny at times seeing the usual suspects come on with their multiple usernames especially when you know who they are and indeed some of them do actually converse with themselves. It's amazing how little people know about you on here but fascinating how much you know about them with the right access[;)]

PinkPonce Posted on 28/01/2011 10:37
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Morning Sas [:D]

Gotten right up your nose haven't I ... Won't be long before you're using my name again in one of Anthony Vickers' blogs [^]

PP ... x

sasboro1 Posted on 28/01/2011 10:44
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

thats the thing ponce, i dont really care about you. you are easy meat compared to the old players on here from years ago before your time. i had a lot tougher/better debates back then. you are far too predictable. still think i'm posting on the vickers blog? you getting paranoid by the sounds of it. i've got better things to do than to pretend i'm you.seriously i dont really care about you on here. you are a nobody apart from a username on here at this moment in time. you are just a lad working down south who come back to boro every weekend to flash the cash. all you are is self centred borolad with nothing original to talk about

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 10:46
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

agree with sas.

the pp persona is now dull

mr_maz Posted on 28/01/2011 10:46
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

sorry were you talking about me?

Bandy Posted on 28/01/2011 10:51
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

I always liked Gillandi. He would post some good craic. Never got personal and argued like hell til dawn to hammer home his point. Never ever resorted to acting big time because he knew he didnt have to. Run of the mill gadge. Borobuddah was the same. Had some good "run-ins" with them over the years[:P]

PinkPonce Posted on 28/01/2011 10:52
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....


Once the word count increase, you know you're bothered ... Next you'll be using loads of smilies to try and disguise it ...

I don't think you're pretending to be me on Vickers' blog, I know ...

It must be difficult getting out of bed on a morning Sas, with nothing to do but complain at every opportunity and be a general miserable sod ... Cheer up [^]

PP ... x

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 10:56
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

'Once the word count increase, you know you're bothered'


Bandy Posted on 28/01/2011 11:06
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

The freedom bear was great. His opinions made me chuckle. When you reflect back it makes you realise how many utter cock ends there are on here now

darlonorth Posted on 28/01/2011 11:33
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Flar & Mick Brown

MarlonD Posted on 28/01/2011 11:40
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Another shout for Chas_THFC [^]

RIP (if true) [|)]

Bandy Posted on 28/01/2011 12:17
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Not many women post on here anymore - has the board become sexist?

Razmond_HWDR Posted on 28/01/2011 12:23
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

maybe women are just glory supporters who tag along when the team are doing well.

makes sense.

BigCasino Posted on 28/01/2011 12:44
Best Ever FMTTM Posters....

Teesvillains - by a country mile