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Northseakitten Posted on 17/03/2008 23:34
Where is Rigblast?

Hello everyone
this site is very quiet, not many discussions no heated debates, just Atonement and lyric quizes.
Id rather go back on the plant and do some work.

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 03:39
Where is Rigblast?

well hello stranger where have you been ?
i understand from a previous post your on the scott? how r things going , pity about the cup run being over eh ?
lets climb the table quickly and have a less stressful life.

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 05:48
Where is Rigblast?

Hello blast.
This forum isnt as good as the other one and not been on night sfor a while so I havent bothered.
I miss orouorke and co. good banter.
I think that weve made a ballsup. buying alves and mido alot of money wasted, he wasnt that good at spurs and has alot of bagage.
And alves has a good touch but looks disintrested already, a"what have I done coming here moment" after the wales game.
Were a cup team at best and to throw our chance of wembley and winning was criminal.

Fletch Posted on 18/03/2008 06:22
Where is Rigblast?

Back again eh? Effing talking to yourself... Mentalist!

Fletch (the artist formally known as j_orouke)

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 06:37
Where is Rigblast?

not a fookin gain
hi kitten u maybe right on the strikers
now fletch still in the bedsit ???

Fletch Posted on 18/03/2008 06:42
Where is Rigblast?


Don't worry about Alves, he's for next season... But Mido may be packing shelves at BQ or trying in vain to get his first star in MacDonalds by then!

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 06:47
Where is Rigblast?

cheers fletch ,first time you been polite 2 me

Fletch Posted on 18/03/2008 06:51
Where is Rigblast?

I am mellowing in my old age, besides I am now helping out with the poor unfortunates with care in the community scheme.

How are you mate, hope you are well. Sit down and I will bet you a drink in your special cup that won't spill.

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 06:57
Where is Rigblast?

great line fletch
u and me would get on great

morning_roary Posted on 18/03/2008 09:29
Where is Rigblast?

I feel sick, its like reading gay porn.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 18/03/2008 09:57
Where is Rigblast?

All it needs now is Jack Nicholson to pop his head round the corner [:D]

Special needs eh Fletch ?

I've broke me arm,you couldn't come round and wipe my @rse could you ?

There's a good bloke [:D]

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 11:19
Where is Rigblast?

NSK are you on the Scott at the moment

SOUTHGATES_NOSE Posted on 18/03/2008 11:52
Where is Rigblast?

do an FAO for riggyblaster . . . they are the same person

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 14:44
Where is Rigblast?

How do you know that big nose?

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 19:26
Where is Rigblast?

nosey we are not the same guy sorry .
phil are u PS off the scott ?
the guy who has a load of extra skin and is in his 40's but looks 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from guys who work on the scott with you

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 19:49
Where is Rigblast?

Hello there
good to have the old gang back!
yeah I am still on the Scott working with tony and the others crew change to day so still finding out whos on and off,

I think saying alves is for next year is a cop out he might improve but not enough for 12million.

loads of average strikers over the hill midfield with a goaly who doesnt know if he is coming or going no not a sound base to build for next year is it?

mid table and out of the cups early next season, very good advert for season ticket sales.

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 19:56
Where is Rigblast?

kitten you know phil "the 40 yr old who looks like a pensioner"

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 19:59
Where is Rigblast?

yeah nice lad from coulby I think

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 20:15
Where is Rigblast?

Tony the mackem is that, who says I'm 40 looking 60 the cheeky coont, it's the other way round 40 looking 20....ish

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 20:17
Where is Rigblast?

he is pulling your leg mate, he must know you though tee hee!!

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 20:20
Where is Rigblast?

Are you on the Scott NSK as I'm off there in the morning. I can't answer very quick as I'm on the Stella express to Abz now and this Wifi thing is fooking shyte

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 20:23
Where is Rigblast?

phil off 2moro ? have 1 in aiches for me ?
so you do not look fookin old then , boys tell me you do look like you have lived 3 lives at least.

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 20:24
Where is Rigblast?

yeah I will see you in the morning then dont forget early night and dont have more than your 0.2mg of alchol in your body!!!!
nxn is watching you!

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 20:25
Where is Rigblast?

you guys all company men ? r they getting strict with you lot about anything.

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 20:27
Where is Rigblast?

Riggy, off THERE in the morning, to the shthole called Scott not off home, KSK too late foe that I'm afraid, 0.2 works out at aboyt 8 pints dosn't it?
By the way, who are you?

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 20:31
Where is Rigblast?

phil you going to the scott 2moro ? i thought you were already offshore on there.

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 20:34
Where is Rigblast?

Nope off ther tomorrow, a day fooking early an all but it gets me off a day early too to go on hols so fook it, two weeks all inclusive and then hols

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 20:35
Where is Rigblast?

where you off 2 ?

somewhere where you can relax thailand ?

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 20:36
Where is Rigblast?

cant say to much but on production.
Have you heard any rumours. people are not to happy about the cro situation either.
atleast we got rid of the daft canuck.
have you met the new prod sup mark westwood
short arse know all but a boro lad.

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 20:37
Where is Rigblast?

Lanzagroti, no way of relaxing as I'm with wife and kids!!

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 20:39
Where is Rigblast?

playa del carmen or costa teguise ?
nice place been twice once with kids many moons ago
bit breezy but better weather than at home

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 21:12
Where is Rigblast?

Just got this fooking thing working again, was alright until we got to Edinburgh or whatever it's called. typical everything working ok until we got into the bigots land!!
Playa Blanca wnt last year and it's very nice, bit windy but been from Redcar dosn't bother me if you know what I mean.
NSK, no I don't know him, I must be back to back with him, your not CP are you as I thought he'd(you) had gone to the Buzzard

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 21:49
Where is Rigblast?

NSK I've just heard from ST my boss on campaign team that things migh have gone tits up with the appraisles, have you heard out or not

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 21:55
Where is Rigblast?

Fook me have you been called out or is it extended tea break in the LER!!

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 21:55
Where is Rigblast?

SO YOU OFFSHORE 2MORO PHIL EH ? sorry pal i thought u were gooing home . not cp . are you on the so called 21.10 into aberdeen ?
s dhu, station ,speedbird or highland hotel ?? why delicacy 4 u 2nite.

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 21:57
Where is Rigblast?

Alright Riggy, I should get there about 11.20 ish, straight to the Highland for m, Nexen checks and all that shyte,

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 21:59
Where is Rigblast?

u must be somewhere near dundee now ?
5 hours of torture is it not .
enjoy yourself offshore at least summat to keep you going .

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 22:05
Where is Rigblast?

Just gone past Dundee thankk fook, what rig are you on Riggy

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 22:06
Where is Rigblast?

Down to last can of Stella!!

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 22:11
Where is Rigblast?

do you get breath tested phil ?
have heard its the latest fad to becoming into fashion
what next ? the B*****s should pay us for the day off before we go offshore.
you bristows or scotia 2moro

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 22:15
Where is Rigblast?

phil whats your access to internet like on the scott ?
is it fast enough , are u allowed all sorts of websites , out dodgy any spies on there

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 22:23
Where is Rigblast?

Yeah , a few been finished due to breath tests and my mate just finished for looking at a dodgy site on the interweb so your answer is no the internet access is pretty shyte really. I know for a fact that my mate was looking at next to fook all but he forwarded a message from his mate back to his home email adress and got finished for that ffs.
I'm getting fed up with the B*****s and the way they go on, I'm probably taking too much o a risk everytime I go offshore but fook em, I can't live like a Canadian monk so i'll take my chances with the drink, mind you our lass will go apeS*** if I get caught but ffs it's getting like fooking Colditz out there.

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 22:26
Where is Rigblast?

no I am certainly not CP and glad to see the back of him,ugly arogant ,tight rsed tw@t.

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 22:31
Where is Rigblast?

ive filled the self assesment thing in but havent had the reply yet .
hopefully everything will be in order.
the new prod sups from the buzzard.
heard its pretty crap on there.

marskephil Posted on 18/03/2008 22:37
Where is Rigblast?

Is CP now nxn and if so did he spit or swallow

riggyblaster Posted on 18/03/2008 22:56
Where is Rigblast?

still alive phil not long now for your nice b&b .
i bet your not on time . you been offshore long phil ?
how does the wife like it when u r away , does she get lonely

Northseakitten Posted on 18/03/2008 23:15
Where is Rigblast?

your gettin abit personal now blast leave tufty alone.
he did both plus his pal lined him up long time ago.

marskephil Posted on 19/03/2008 13:04
Where is Rigblast?

NSK,it's not Tufty you thick T***, ffs do you think he could work a PC on the train.
By the way are you Teesside's own morris dancer cause that's the only smoggie I can think of who I'm not on shift with?

boro86uk Posted on 19/03/2008 13:10
Where is Rigblast?

is the scott that bad ??been offered production tech job on there

marskephil Posted on 19/03/2008 13:15
Where is Rigblast?

There all fooking BAD when your out here!!

boro86uk Posted on 19/03/2008 13:31
Where is Rigblast?

waiting to hear - supervisor is on the sick ,do you know which one it is ??? not sure now !!!

marskephil Posted on 19/03/2008 16:02
Where is Rigblast?

No not sure who's on the sick as I've just got here today but I'll try and find out.
You say you've been offered the job, well it's a good package on here 2on 3 off and time and a half if you stay on any extra plus £85 anight for HAM if you get it. I'm only joking on the other posts above as like I say "they are all shyte" when your here but it's no better or worse than any other rig so if you like the package if I were you I'd take the job. I think PSN have just been given a contract extention aswell so the job is pretty secure. There were a few company jobs going for Nexen positions and like always the back stabbers and and arse licking was in full force but that's calmed down a bit now. So good luck if you get it mate, good to get more Smoggies onboard!

Halle_Burton Posted on 19/03/2008 16:17
Where is Rigblast?

Its infested with smoggies, the place needs cleaning out. Im just home last night phil. Hows Leo Sayer doing.

marskephil Posted on 19/03/2008 16:21
Where is Rigblast?

Don't know Halle, I've come on a day early so I won't see him until tomorrow, no doubt he'll be his usual jovial self on his first day!!

Halle_Burton Posted on 19/03/2008 16:28
Where is Rigblast?

have you found any back 2 black yet as that cannot be natural, i seen your rants at the stewards and was dying to add a few comments for you but decided not to. Have you completed your anger management
course yet.Im out of retirement and playing football again tomorrow so will be in some nick on friday and too stiff to type.

Riggy and Kitten both due off today what an amazing coincidence

marskephil Posted on 19/03/2008 16:39
Where is Rigblast?

The rant at the stewards hasn't worked as I've just recieved a final warning letter, but fook em, if I get banned it's probably the only way for me to stop going. I don't think Riggy ans NSK are the same person by the way as I've just found out who NSK is and I'm sure he would'nt be old enough to come out with with what riggy says but I may be wrong, it would'nt be the first time!

Halle_Burton Posted on 19/03/2008 16:49
Where is Rigblast?

surely they cant be different, the world is a scarier place if that is the case. In a three way overlapping conversation like this you will always get two postings at the same time and this thread hasnt so i think you may well be wrong. There was a post last week from einstein saying he had made the nsk up to throw people off the scent.To be a good liar you have to be consistent and bright so im afraid mensa aint getting a new signing there.

Dont be fooled and get some fibre glass in Leos bed to make him more grumpy than his usual "this is S***e" first 10 days.

marskephil Posted on 19/03/2008 16:52
Where is Rigblast?

Well NSK apparently went home today and there was only one smoggie on the flight so it must be who I think it is and like I say I'm sure he's not the same but who know's. As for B2B(Elvis) only the first ten days, your joking arn't ye

Northseakitten Posted on 19/03/2008 19:51
Where is Rigblast?

I am not off to day iam here for over a week yet
i am just on nights

marskephil Posted on 19/03/2008 23:01
Where is Rigblast?

So NSK your not the morris dancer TH then

Northseakitten Posted on 20/03/2008 02:29
Where is Rigblast?

no iam not a morris dancer, cant say to much.
lot quieter without blast.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 07:31
Where is Rigblast?

Well Halle I'm F***** now NSK is not who I thought so you might be right and I admit I was wrong!

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 08:09
Where is Rigblast?

well as you can see by the postings he is one and the same thankfully, he was claiming to have been in cuba last month so if you see one of the deck crew on nights looking like he got a sunbed for xmas that will be him. Even fidel castro give the country up once he realised what the tourist industry had attracted.

NSK hadnt shown for months until i mentioned to rigstein sometime last week. that he was maybe lost in the board change and low and behold he turned up along with pearcys tash another pseudonym regular. I reckon he is on there so nexens loony filter must be faulty.

I had to do nights for four shifts last week to cover one of the lads, hadnt done nights for about six years so im all to fook still. Up at 4 this morning so i will be needing a midday nap at some stage. Happy Harrys out today isnt he.

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 08:10
Where is Rigblast?

well as you can see by the postings he is one and the same thankfully, he was claiming to have been in cuba last month so if you see one of the deck crew on nights looking like he got a sunbed for xmas that will be him. Even fidel castro give the country up once he realised what the tourist industry had attracted.

NSK hadnt shown for months until i mentioned to rigstein sometime last week. that he was maybe lost in the board change and low and behold he turned up along with pearcys tash another pseudonym regular. I reckon he is on there so nexens loony filter must be faulty.

I had to do nights for four shifts last week to cover one of the lads, hadnt done nights for about six years so im all to fook still. Up at 4 this morning so i will be needing a midday nap at some stage. Happy Harrys out today isnt he.

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 08:12
Where is Rigblast?


marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 08:28
Where is Rigblast?

WTF are you doing up at this time in the morning you fooking daft coont, get back to bed. Yeah Mr T. iis out today so I'm going to have to find something to do in the next hour or so.

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 08:38
Where is Rigblast?

body clock is all bolloxed after nights, dont bother about Leo he will do his stand up routine for an hour to entertain you.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 08:43
Where is Rigblast?

Yeah I know what you mean. Are you going to match on Sat, if not we might win, if you are I'll have a bet on Derby!! Your record is about as good as mine this season.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 10:18
Where is Rigblast?

Have you fallen asleep again Halle you old cnut

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 10:24
Where is Rigblast?

Howwe man Jeremy Kyle is on and ive heard riggy is a guest today, no i was sorting the kids out and i wont be at the game as i am sponsored to stay away and give them a chance. Last game was sheff utd so says it all.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 10:27
Where is Rigblast?

You can have my season ticket if you want as I'm out here but don't cause any trouble as I'm on my final warning remember. Mind at your age you'll probably have the tarten blanket and flask with you! :)

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 10:31
Where is Rigblast?

tartan i dont think so somehow, after playing footie tonight i wont be able to manage the steps.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 10:35
Where is Rigblast?

I've told you before, give it up man, didn't think you'd go for the tartan like

riggyblaster Posted on 20/03/2008 11:56
Where is Rigblast?

oh dear me phil stol
you've ben done up like a kipper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nsk and me are not the same sorry nsk is at work i presume on the scott . me got home late last night ?
halle miles out as usual

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 12:18
Where is Rigblast?

Rigstein, you said only last week that you made the NSK name up to throw people off your scent if you can think back that far. Get your lies right if you are continuing with your fairy tales. As for being so secretive about where you work speaks volumes, nobody actually gives a toss.

Walter Mitty with no memory.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 13:24
Where is Rigblast?

Looks like you've been done up like one too if you think I'm Phil Stol ffs. Now I know where you got the 40 but looks 60 with all that loose skin shyte from. Do think Tufty would be able to work one of these things!

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 13:41
Where is Rigblast?

Well Halle that's B2B on better get on with some George Raft!

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 13:44
Where is Rigblast?

how many times do you reckon he will come ot with this is fooking shyite in the first two hours, im saying 12.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 13:47
Where is Rigblast?

Is that 12 per hour or 12 altogether

riggyblaster Posted on 20/03/2008 15:04
Where is Rigblast?

i do not remember ever saying i'm nsk ,if he says different then so be , i guess he is on nights at the momment on the scott. can you not find him phil maybe he is not there ?
maybe your so called mates have got people who do not know u to fookin wind you up ???????????????????
as for halle he's got a few other names on here as well.
me just riggy, as for pearces tash i now know him.

am sure nsk and i have different ip address he is north sea and i'm in the boro ?

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 16:04
Where is Rigblast?

Read my earlier messages Riggy, I never thought you were the same, as for NSK I think I know who it is but I'm not sure if he's from the Boro, fook me this is getting too fooking deep. Anyhow who gives a fook it's all just a laugh, apart for getting mistaken for Phil Stol,(B****** sent me off in a semi final once) now that hurts.

riggyblaster Posted on 20/03/2008 16:09
Where is Rigblast?

agree phil its a laugh ps a ref he must be a horrible man then ?
halle is 2 serious why the fook have 2 or even some F*****s more names???? helps if u get banned i suppose. have a nice trip. give me love to nsk when he appears off out now .

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 16:49
Where is Rigblast?

Phil can you put messages to riggy in big letters and explain more clearly as youve seen before he takes some explaining to. He still thinks im on the hummingbird.

How many times for b2b was it in the twenties or thirties.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 17:01
Where is Rigblast?

Halle, he seems in a good mood, no whining yet but there's still a couple of hours to go, no doubt he'll be having an inbetweeny right about now so he'll probably be whinging to someone else thank fook!

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 22:34
Where is Rigblast?

You still about Halle

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 22:41
Where is Rigblast?

yes just back in and ready for beer

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 22:46
Where is Rigblast?

Fook you and your beer, told Elvis about your footy exploits and he said, "I hope he dosna heed the ball with that heed"

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 22:50
Where is Rigblast?

i headed it once and the laces have scarred me for life, ive seen elvis try to kick a ball at smarties, he could trap it further than i could kick it. Ask him when he did the charity bike ride offshore, he lasted five minutes and his smokers cough could be heard in aberdeen then after another 3 minutes he got off the bike injured the fooking tart.

This beers a bit too cold but it will do, the next few should be fine.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 22:51
Where is Rigblast?

I'll ask him tomorrow, STOP mentioning beer you T***

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 22:52
Where is Rigblast?

Cause I'm fooking gagging for one!

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 22:54
Where is Rigblast?

ok lager lager lager oh and maybe a coupla beers to finish. Whats on for entertainment tonight, titter titter

Northseakitten Posted on 20/03/2008 22:56
Where is Rigblast?

hello lads
been busy as f@@@.
Its wild out to night must be 60mph winds halestones rain the lot!!
supposed to get worse, Alves is supposed to be touch and go for saturday, who cares, he wold only be sub for me at the moment anyway.
i get the feeling he is going to be an expensive dong gook lee.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 22:56
Where is Rigblast?

fook off

That was for Halle not you NSK

Smognessabounds Posted on 20/03/2008 22:58
Where is Rigblast?

There's alcohol in your mouth-wash if you're that desperate.

Grow up you cretin.

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 22:58
Where is Rigblast?

Who the fook are you, now you can go fook off aswell

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 23:03
Where is Rigblast?

Entertainment tonight Halle was,

45 mins in Gym....Shyte
Ashes to Ashes....Not bad
half an hour on Ebay...spent fookall
1/2 an hour talking to a bunch of W*****s on here....alright till some tosser called Smaoggnessabounds came on and couldn't take a bit of crack

Halle_Burton Posted on 20/03/2008 23:05
Where is Rigblast?

no wonder you are on a last warning at the stadium, you are chewy without beer. Bad news theres only a dozen bottles of stella left so i may have to retire early

marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 23:07
Where is Rigblast?

Fair enough, I'm off for a nice hot cuppa, that sounds shyte dunnit, then bed.
Have a couple for me Halle, see you later

Smognessabounds Posted on 20/03/2008 23:10
Where is Rigblast?


marskephil Posted on 20/03/2008 23:11
Where is Rigblast?


riggyblaster Posted on 21/03/2008 10:47
Where is Rigblast?

100 posts on here get yer self a life u sad coooonts
nsk cold eh ? never mind its cold at home nice in the sunshine but in the shade it is very cold. off out 2nite looking for milf's

Northseakitten Posted on 21/03/2008 20:43
Where is Rigblast?

Phil Craigen is now oim on here.
He was supposed to be going to the Buzzard, anyone of your mates putting for his job?

marskephil Posted on 21/03/2008 21:31
Where is Rigblast?

My mates or Riggy's mates?

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 21/03/2008 21:39
Where is Rigblast?

"no wonder you are on a last warning at the stadium, you are chewy without beer. Bad news theres only a dozen bottles of stella left so i may have to retire early"

Halle, you have got the orrible little fukker well sussed out mate.

marskephil Posted on 21/03/2008 21:40
Where is Rigblast?

Thanks for that John, unlike you eh, you never get in bother do you?

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 21/03/2008 21:41
Where is Rigblast?

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 21/03/2008 21:41
Where is Rigblast?


marskephil Posted on 21/03/2008 21:42
Where is Rigblast?

How's it going mate, you there tomorrow?

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 21/03/2008 21:43
Where is Rigblast?

Wife has me on radio silence now as it happens mate.

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 21/03/2008 21:44
Where is Rigblast?

I'm going tomorrow mate. Quietlt hoping its off though.
I'm F***in fed up to be honest.
End of season can't come quick enough.

marskephil Posted on 21/03/2008 21:45
Where is Rigblast?

What's that mean? Talking about trouble, remember the Box fooking ell how did we get away with that, and you get threatened with a ban for standing now!

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 21/03/2008 21:48
Where is Rigblast?

She isn't talking to me.

It was my cousins kids birthday party yesterday so we started on the cans at about 5pm.
Done all the cans by 11ish so sat there until 3am punching brandy and gin into us.
Then I thought it would be a good idea to take all my clothes off in the taxi.

marskephil Posted on 21/03/2008 21:48
Where is Rigblast?

Anyhow WTF are you doing in on a Friday night, how times have changed eh, we're getting fooking old mate

marskephil Posted on 21/03/2008 21:52
Where is Rigblast?

Now you don't have to answer the last message I sent as I had'nt read that one. Nice one mate, keep up the good work, ignore last comment on getting old. I had it for three days the other week, she said we are different us, to which I answered, "yeah I'm happy and your a misserable coont". Sounded alright at the time but the next day not so good. I think I got away with it though as she's alright now and hasn't mentioned it.

marskephil Posted on 21/03/2008 22:07
Where is Rigblast?

Catch you later Johnny boy, off to watch the cricket, have a good one tomorrow.

Northseakitten Posted on 22/03/2008 01:53
Where is Rigblast?

your mates, meaning the lads on your shift?not riggy would you want him on here? teessider or not!

marskephil Posted on 22/03/2008 07:04
Where is Rigblast?

Nah lads on my shift are all tradesmen not really suitable for Prod Super job, what about on your shift, AM probably I suppose?

riggyblaster Posted on 22/03/2008 10:31
Where is Rigblast?

prod super eh?
you guys are climbing the ladder,any of you got experience of PTL or any other supervisory experience?. any way good luck in your chase for promotion any help i can give you just ask. I hope you get what you want, hopefully you are not in it for the cash and power only.

Halle_Burton Posted on 22/03/2008 10:48
Where is Rigblast?

PTL is that Prats Telling Lies, if thats the case then yes Walter Mitty we have all experienced your lies. Get a grip you clown who the fook would ask for assistance from a Grade A idiot on the deck crew.

marskephil Posted on 22/03/2008 11:37
Where is Rigblast?

And you call me a chewy coont Halle

riggyblaster Posted on 22/03/2008 11:40
Where is Rigblast?

sorry just trying to help ?

Halle_Burton Posted on 22/03/2008 11:57
Where is Rigblast?

Hi Phil, just trying to get the message over in the manner he normally does, you know me no offence intended.

It will be a day for tarten wrapovers, thermal undies and flasks today so cant see it being a classic. Bastad tiles were rattling last night even the copious amount of grog didnt keep me asleep so i will have to have even more tonight, how about you whats tonights entertainment. Mr Thunder sounds like a man of my own heart.

marskephil Posted on 22/03/2008 13:15
Where is Rigblast?

Now Halle, rocked to sleep last night out here, blowing a fooking hooly but not so bad now. Yeah Mr Thunder is a good mate of mine believe it or not with the abuse he gives me. I hope he got his C**** trapped in the taxi door when he shed his clothes the other night!

riggyblaster Posted on 22/03/2008 14:22
Where is Rigblast?

hi halle off to the big game soon ,fookin cold here .
so you want no help eh ? sorry just being mister nice.
halle you on the piper ? still

Northseakitten Posted on 23/03/2008 04:30
Where is Rigblast?


marskephil Posted on 23/03/2008 07:20
Where is Rigblast?

Who you talsking to NSK

riggyblaster Posted on 23/03/2008 12:14
Where is Rigblast?

now lads off out soon on the lash in the village ,red rose to be precise. all day session enjoy yourself OFFSHORE.

riggyblaster Posted on 24/03/2008 12:41
Where is Rigblast?

still in bed kitten ? had a hard nightshift ?
even harder out on the lash yesterday !!!!!!!!

marskephil Posted on 24/03/2008 13:05
Where is Rigblast?

Will do Riggy, could'nt ask for more out here today,
50 mph winds
horizontal snow and hail
fooking freezing....

and told by gaffer, "never mind lads, wrap up well before you go out"

riggyblaster Posted on 26/03/2008 19:28
Where is Rigblast?

keep on grafting phil! soon be home !
your wife sends her love

Halle_Burton Posted on 26/03/2008 19:43
Where is Rigblast?

nowt like self publicity you clown hoof it back up the board as if anybody is bothered, grade A idiot.

Phils in his room watching the match

riggyblaster Posted on 27/03/2008 14:13
Where is Rigblast?

ha ha same fookin clown answers
" i don't believe it ?"

Northseakitten Posted on 28/03/2008 01:29
Where is Rigblast?

Halle why do you need to argu and cause probs with everyone?
I am off home tomorrow
flying down to the land of the gods 13:10 from hell to gods country.! three weeks off then back to the fmftm message board.
Anyone fancy a pint 2morrow? abz airport or round the town on the night?
take care,

riggyblaster Posted on 28/03/2008 18:47
Where is Rigblast?

up the board we go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just 4 u HALLE

riggyblaster Posted on 29/03/2008 19:01
Where is Rigblast?

halle/corcaigh u about