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Bernie_is_banned Posted on 21/12/2010 06:19
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

Probably the last column of the year, sadly.

Link: Merry Christmas

north_east_invader Posted on 21/12/2010 08:49
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

isn't he dead yet ? [cr]

HarryVegas Posted on 21/12/2010 08:50
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

Wishful thinking

maxi_levey Posted on 21/12/2010 08:55
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols


squarewheelbike Posted on 21/12/2010 14:47
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

More entertaing are the comments below, from the half wits who agree with him!

Roy_Batty Posted on 21/12/2010 14:52
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

800k a year for that [?]

you couldnt make it up or something

xxlshirts_fit_all Posted on 21/12/2010 14:58
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

haha, while i dont really rate him, some comments against his "humourus ditties" really are funny! some people are actually calling into question the factual content of them, while others are telling him to go clear the snow himself if he is that upset!

I know he sees himself as a heavyweight political comentator, but surely he is really just a poor grade satirist(sp?) who sometimes hits the nail on the head (with factually incorect musings) and othertimes shows himself up for yer actual alf garnet type old school (but harmless biggot)

squarewheelbike Posted on 21/12/2010 15:01
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

"Harmless bigot", there's an oxymoron!

xxlshirts_fit_all Posted on 21/12/2010 15:03
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

yeah, missed the toung in cheek smiley off [:I]

he would be harmless if people didnt take him so serious though[;)]

squarewheelbike Posted on 21/12/2010 15:04
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

I fcuked up as well, described people who agree with him as "half wits", far too complementory!

gravyboat Posted on 21/12/2010 15:05
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

Harmless Biggot [:D]

He's just a cuddly racist!

gravyboat Posted on 21/12/2010 15:16
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

Hi Richard. I have just caused a stir at work by laughing out loud whilst reading your article (during an official break before I get complaints). Are the lyrics copyrighted yet as I intend using a few at our choir's Christmas do tonight. Perhaps you could work on a few songs about people with no sense of humour for an encore.
- Russell George, Birmingham, England, 21/12/2010 9:29


Is that the effect it had on you?

Bernie_is_banned Posted on 21/12/2010 15:22
LITTLEJOHNS's Christmas Carols

No, it made me erect. [rle]