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Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:08
"Spirit of '86". A truly ridiculous philosophy.

Seriously, it is.

The current year is 2010, 1986 was a full 24 years ago. I think the fans should be looking at this as the start of something new, not recreating the old, i.e. bringing back The Power Game. That is just pathetic.

I predict a lot of Boro fan snobbery coming up over the next few months. And when I say Boro snobbery, I mean older Boro fans giving younger Boro fans sh*t because they weren't there in 1986 - basically, they'll be like Vietnam war veterans.

Anyway, as I've said, the world and the game has changed. Mowbray said that himself, I think some of you lot should take notice, because the way most of you are going on really is pathetic.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 26/10/2010 23:10
"Spirit of '86". A truly ridiculous philosophy

Get a life mate.


Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:15

Grading me, eh? Very original.

Do you not agree with what I'm saying? One can only assume that you don't.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:15

You're obviously not getting it are you.[:D]

gizasqueezemister Posted on 26/10/2010 23:16

You are either:
1. A Geordie Troll
2. A Makum Troll
3. A Complete c@ck of the highest order.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:16

Not getting what, exactly?


Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:17

It's kind of a perception of misconception.[^]

Dibzzz Posted on 26/10/2010 23:18

Clueless coont !

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:18

now listen here son...

Only joking (or am I?) In 1986-89 the team was full of local lads (apart from Archie Stephens) I think Bernie was the oldest at about 27. These were a group of young men who wanted to the play for the club.

If the current squad had 1% of the passion that the team of 86 showed then we would be moving in the right direction.

Dont go having a pop at 86 and all that. The current situation at the club makes me cringe when you think what we have acheived since those dark days.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:20

I'm not having a "pop" at 1986. It's just a year. It means nothing to me - as I've joked, I wasn't there.

The spirit of '86 is dead. It went out in 88/89. Why not create something new and stop living in the past?

Dibzzz Posted on 26/10/2010 23:21


newyddion Posted on 26/10/2010 23:22

are you going to be part of that?

You going to the match on Saturday?

Will you be buying a ticket for someone we can't afford a ticket?

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:24

It means nothing to you, but it does to a number of people. So if you dont understand it then keep stum.

"Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:24

It's about rising from the abyss like a pheonix from the flames. We're just about rock bottom, back to where we started from and now it's time to right some wrongs.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:24

1) No, I said before I feel very little for MFC.

2) No, I'm going out Friday night and I'm working Saturday night.

3) Why would I want to buy somebody else a ticket? I'm not f*cking Mencap.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:26

I understand the spirit of 86. I know all about what happened, what went on, all of that. As I said, though, it doesn't mean much to me.

Why don't you want to create something new? Why hark back to 1986? I find it a bit ridiculous.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:28

Thing is, it means nothing to you but it means everything to us. We believe in it and belief is everything. If you don't believe in anything then what is the point, you may aswell just kill yourself.[^]

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:28

Its about history and recreating that ethos and attitude that made this club what it is today.

You find it ridiculous, then get off the message board, as you have stated you care little for MFC, so go forth and multiply.

appletonlesmog Posted on 26/10/2010 23:29

Obvious troll is obvious.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:31

I believe in a lot of things, Andy. I just think that you should create something new as opposed to recycling something. It's a bit boring, don't you think?

rob_fmttm Posted on 26/10/2010 23:31

Your time is up here and you know it.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:33

No because we've nothing left to try but this and if this doesn't work then we are bolloxed. We all know that so we have to go into it 100% wholeheartedly or we remain sh*t for the rest of eternity. Something which can't happen.

billdoor Posted on 26/10/2010 23:33

Paulo, this IS something new. It's not as if he's bringing in half that team as his coaches.

That was a very special time, a very important time, just like this is now. It's not about recreating it, it's about reviving it and extending it.

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:33

What about Christianity?? Surely, the bible is outdated? Lets write a new one, something up to date with Xfactor in it, and iphones and downloading, yeah, something the kids can dig. Im onto something here.....

Dibzzz Posted on 26/10/2010 23:34

I have a small black and white photo on my bedroom wall of the 86 squad.

It's something to cherish and take inspiration from. We're lucky as a club to have it, so why knock it?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:35

I have a 1986 Boro mug which I sit there and pray to every morning when I wake up. Then I kiss a small photo of Gary Hamilton before I go to work.

Dibzzz Posted on 26/10/2010 23:37


BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:38

And on the 8th day, Mogga created God

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:38

What's wrong, Rob? Can you no handle anybody slagging off your precious club? I thought we were allowed to debate things on here?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:39

BoroMod, I don't believe in any form of religion. I don't agree with any of it. But that's another argument altogether.

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:39

But your comments have proved that you are a mass debater

appletonlesmog Posted on 26/10/2010 23:41

Obvious troll is still obvious!
But ambitious, nonetheless.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:41

Tony Mowbrays Red and White Army! [ref][ref][ref]

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:41

Not celebrating Christmas this year then?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:43

I love to debate things, it's healthy.

No, I don't celebrate Christmas. I send presents and resent it, get drunk and generally just do nothing. I hate pretty much all of my family (immediate not included), so it's quite ideal.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:44

Your missus said you slide down the chimney in a red suit and shower her with gifts, you lying get![ref]

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:45

She's lying, mate. I hate it.

daniel_crawford Posted on 26/10/2010 23:46

Why do u come on here and start stupid posts wen you kno fine well it's going to get peoples backs up? Your such a sad person you really are [:o)]
If you have little feeling towards boro then keep why comment on this board? You doing it for attention you little boy [V]

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:46

you like to debate things? Its healthy? yet you like to get drunk on your own do nothing and hate your family?

You sound like a well rounded individual!

Your parents must be so proud! (Alas, you hate your family so you will never know!)

billdoor Posted on 26/10/2010 23:47

"But your comments have proved that you are a mass debater"


Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:47

Anyway, let us focus on the argument at hand.

Saturday will be interesting. Very interesting. If we're getting beat at half time, will the spirit of '86 still be alive or will the crowd boo and show their discontent?

appletonlesmog Posted on 26/10/2010 23:48

Obvious troll is hated by family.
Maybe we'd like his family better?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:48

BoroMod, who said I get drunk on my own, like? I hate my family, yeah - aside from my immediate family. What's up with that?

I'm very well rounded, thank you.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:50

No Paulo, this is bigger than 1 game, far far bigger.[^]

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:51

Why are you so bothered when you state you care very little for MFC?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:52

Because I don't think it's right that you welcome a man like Mowbray into the club when it's only a matter of time before you turn on him.

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:54

Welcome to the Lions den that is professional football!

Now go off home....

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:55

So you'll turn on Mowbray then? What about the spirit of 86, BoroMod?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10/2010 23:57

I still have a Big Poster of Mowbray above my bed, it's covered in spunk like.[^]

BoroMod Posted on 26/10/2010 23:57


How is Steve Bruce doing?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 26/10/2010 23:59

How should I know? I live 40 miles away and I don't support Sunderland.

BoroMod Posted on 27/10/2010 00:02

How is Alnwick this time of year?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:04

I live in Linthorpe, you tedious bender.

Dibzzz Posted on 27/10/2010 00:07

Ow ! Paulo ! Are you off the Inbetweeners?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 27/10/2010 00:07

OP tedious, already admitted you are not a fan - why bother coming on here then?

Opinions and arsoles eh!

degsyspesh Posted on 27/10/2010 00:08

Paulo, rather than coming on here trying to wind people up why don't you sort yourself out, smarten yourself up a bit and go out into the real world and try and find some poor unfortunate young lady (or gentleman) who, in a drunken state, will reluctantly accept to take your virginity?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:09

Everyone has one, eh, swordtrombonefish?

BoroMod Posted on 27/10/2010 00:10

bit harsh there Paulo? No wonder your family hates you!!

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:11


I enjoy winding people up, although that's not what this is about. I'm extremely smart and I also often frequent the real world. I do hope to lose my virginity one day, though :sadface:

BoroMod Posted on 27/10/2010 00:12

Paulo, Madame Palm and her 5 daughters does not count in losing your virginity.

xxlshirts_fit_all Posted on 27/10/2010 00:12

to be honest, what he says makes sense, i dont think he is saying "dont get carried away on a wave of euphoria" just "lets not make it exclusive to those of us who were there in 86"

why not make this a new begining built on the history and tradition of the club with modern overtones!

how about the spirit of 2010! [:D]

lets hope we dont go the same way we did after the spirit of 86 dried up!

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:13

You are rather boring, BoroMod.

I don't really want this to turn into me being accused of being from up the road or you lot trying call me names. How come most of you can't argue properly?

Dibzzz Posted on 27/10/2010 00:13

Nailed on ton, but 50% will be insults.


The sad coont.

Shaun71 Posted on 27/10/2010 00:14

Not sure if the post is a windup as ?I havent read it all.

The Spirit of 86 is period in the clubs history that was very very special. We have had other times in our history which I would have loved to be part of but because I wasnt born I couldnt. It still doesnt stop me wanting to hear everything about those times. The 73/74 Charltons Champions, of which I love hearing about, the 66/67 Ayresome Angels, even the 26/27 squad where George Camsell banged in 59 goals.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:14

I've just said that I don't want to insult anybody. To be fair, most of you do that yourselves by living in the past, thinking it's still the 80s.

degsyspesh Posted on 27/10/2010 00:15

Paulo, you're not arguing though - your just a nob on a wind up.

BoroMod Posted on 27/10/2010 00:16

"How come most of you can't argue properly?"

"I live in Linthorpe, you tedious bender."

Arguing properly is obviously one of your strong points

xxlshirts_fit_all Posted on 27/10/2010 00:17

they are all great periods shaun, but this is now, i tyhink he is saying be loud and proud about this period. trying to live up to some mythically great period may be the undoing of it all!


Tony Moggas red and White Army!

Spirit of 2010!

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:19

I put an argument forward, you lot have chosen not to follow it.

The whole theory is wrong. As I've said, a lot of fans will turn into Vietnam veterans and look down on those who weren't there. It's wrong.

Like I've said a million times, why not look at creating something new? Realistically, nothing will compare to 86 to 88. You know it, I know it. Talking about "spirits" garners false hope. This is a whole new era, why try and compare it to another one? It seems stupid to me.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 00:20

Just a very unique time to follow the Boro thats all.

Was an amazing time and not understood in this boring World of 3 bob feckers.

Shaun71 Posted on 27/10/2010 00:20

xxlshirts - Thats very true, but that period wasnt mythical. It was a special special time and just listening to Bruce Rioch tonight truly brought it back.

Yes lets look to the future but if we can use some of that magic from that time then all well and good

degsyspesh Posted on 27/10/2010 00:21

Who's comparing 2010 to 1986 - have I missed something?

Just because a few people want to bring back power game instead of f'ing pig bag I'm not sure that means that everyone's living in the past?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:21

Well if it was really that unique, why are you trying to recreate it? It's like James Blunt covering John Lennon's Imagine. It's just not right, is it?

What's a "3 bob fecker" then? Are you already proving my 'nam theory to be true?

newyddion Posted on 27/10/2010 00:25

Paulo_SAscouting you have NOTHING to offer to this board.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:25

Degsy, the amount of times I have read the words "SPIRIT OF 86" over the last week are ridiculous.

You can't compare the two. You cannot recreate it. I never mentioned Pigbag, other people have mentioned replacing it with The Power Game. Personally, I couldn't care less what music the players come out to. I'd rather they ran out to no music at all. Well, walk out.

newyddion Posted on 27/10/2010 00:26

Paulo_SAscouting you have NOTHING to offer to this board.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:26

Newy, I bring a lot more to this place than the standard happy clapper.

newyddion Posted on 27/10/2010 00:27

Paulo_SAscouting you have NOTHING to offer to this board.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:28

Yeah, newy, you said.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 00:28

Yes..a very special time in our history, and leave John Lennon out of it he is from our can have James Blunt he is for the 3 bob feckers and all the young parasites.[^][:D]

billdoor Posted on 27/10/2010 00:28

"Well if it was really that unique, why are you trying to recreate it?"

Paulo, do you read posts? I'll repeat:

'It's not about recreating it, it's about reviving it and extending it.'

A Spirit of 2010 would be just dandy.

newyddion Posted on 27/10/2010 00:29

Paulo_SAscouting yet you still post [:o)]

Link: tedious cünt

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:30

red_shamrock: I'll have John Lennon as well, thank you very much.

degsyspesh Posted on 27/10/2010 00:30

It's just a phrase that embodies a period in the clubs history - mowbray himself said today that he wants this to be the team of 2010-2012 rather than 1986-88.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia - it doesn't mean everyone wants to live in the past though.

86 was before I got into MFC, but you sound jealous because you've missed out on something?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:31

Bill, the spirit of 2010 does not exist and will never exist. You're kidding yourself if you think they've got any spirit.

NedKat Posted on 27/10/2010 00:31

he sounds like he's missed out on a lot of things ... ?

Shaun71 Posted on 27/10/2010 00:31

You would have said the same thing in May 1986

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:32

Like I say, Shaun, you older lot will definitely adopt a Vietnam veteran mentality. That is for certain.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 00:33

Nope not your time..thats how it goes,
Your all X Factors and such.

newyddion Posted on 27/10/2010 00:33

The club has changed.

This board has no place for you.

Link: A change is Gonna come

Away_win Posted on 27/10/2010 00:34

Leon dont you get bored/embaressed doing this all day?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:34

Ah well, r_s. That just goes to show how your lot think. You choose to look down on younger Boro fans, thinking you're better than them because you "suffered". The younger generation of fans cannot help what happened over the last 15 years.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:36

All day? Hardly. I've been at work for 12 hours, Away_win.

Why can people on here not accept an alternative opinion? I know you may agree with the things I say some times, but you could at least take the time to accept what I'm saying. After all, I am right.

billdoor Posted on 27/10/2010 00:38

You mean like the Spirit of Steaua? The spirit we showed in that UEFA Cup run, or when we finished 7th in the league?

No reason at all why it can't happen again, and stay longer.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:40

There are many reasons why it won't happen again, Bill.

We're in the bottom three of the Championship. For every season we're here, we're slipping behind Premiership teams, thus meaning if we get promoted, it'll be harder to stay up and even harder to accomplish anything in the Premiership.

I'm willing to be a fair amount of money that we don't get into Europe again within my life time.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 00:40

Set up a Linthorpe Village..(which by the way now stretches from the Settlement to Whinney banks)[:D] X factor spirit 2010.

You being the main dude[^]

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:43

r_s, there's a definitive line between us and Whinney Banks - namely house prices and standard of people.

xxlshirts_fit_all Posted on 27/10/2010 00:43

Bill, the spirit of 2010 does not exist and will never exist. You're kidding yourself if you think they've got any spirit."

well you have lost me now pall, i thought that was what you were advocating, a new era, a new spirit! now you seem to have us beaten before we kick a ball under the new manager!

get yer scarf out wrap it round yer wrist, get to the riverside on saturday if you can and sing lad sing! that is spirit and the club are gonna need it

call it what you want, 86 0r 2010! get behind the team that runs out for the new manager and save your "nothings changed" attitude until saturday evening!

daniel_crawford Posted on 27/10/2010 00:43

Stop posting your crack is terrible!why don't u stop replying to his sad attention seeking threads....he's got no life so let him get on with hating his family or watever he does

billdoor Posted on 27/10/2010 00:44

That isn't the point I'm making, I don't mean we're going to repeat those feats.

Having your team play with that spirit and mentality doesn't have to be on the biggest stages. It's epitomied in the way we play as much as the success it brings. It's the pride in our game, being able to walk away from the ground knowing we put a shift in.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 00:46

35 yards of seperation..same people your all Acklam Green these days and good for you.[^]

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:47

I know what you're saying, Bill. But people keep banging on about 86 and gushing over Mowbray. It's really quite annoying.

xxlshirts_fit_all Posted on 27/10/2010 00:49

why not gush over him, he is our new manager, granted that the "messiah" comments on the news were embarrasing but he is here and we want him to do well so turn yer frown upside down!

NedKat Posted on 27/10/2010 00:51

Annoying as it may be to you, but for those who were there, and lived that period. Maybe, you and those who think like you, should just pish off ...

ste_north_stand Posted on 27/10/2010 00:52

Why do people keep biting to these most obvious of "wind ups"?!

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:52

I said before, I want him to do well. I just wish the fans would change their out look on the situation, that's all. 1986 will never be recreated. Accept it and move on. Stop banging on about it.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:54

Nedkat, yet another 'nam veteran. Get over yourself, man. You were born before me and experienced one of the worst times the club has gone through. Very well done to you, sir. What an accomplishment.

degsyspesh Posted on 27/10/2010 00:56

I repeat, who is trying to recreate 1986?

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 00:58


You keep going on about spirit of 86. Does that not mean that is what you want right now? Is that what you think will get us promoted? It looks like it to me.

Power Game.
Dyed blonde hair.
Short shorts.

Stop living in the past.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 00:59

I dont think the younger gits could stand throughout 90 mins these days and need constant burgers and even toilet roll.

Soft as monks nob the lot of em[:D]

Away_win Posted on 27/10/2010 01:05

Leon your giving the young ones a bad name. Your the one causing a divide. Pick up a book and read about 86 then u will feel more conected with the period people are talking about.

Nobody is wanting to recreate 86 its all tongue in cheek. The captain of that era is now our manager so ofcourse people are going to try and make some parallels.

Night night everyone

degsyspesh Posted on 27/10/2010 01:07

Right, I'm bored now and I've got to be up in 6 hours.

Like it or not, Tony Mowbray embodies "the spirit of 1986". Given that he has today been named our new manager would you rather that everyone got excited about Jack Charlton's side, or the Juninho / Rav / Emo era or perhaps even Steaua?

SUrely you are not too dim to see that? Like I have said, nobody is looking to recreate 1986 - merely reminiscing about what that period was like.

Like you, I too missed out on that era. Unlike you I don't have a chip on my shoulder about it and don't have a problem with people going on about it.

Given that your sole intent on this board seems to be to wind people up however you can, I would suggest that you take a step back and think about your life and question whether there isn't something slightly more positive that you could be doing. Just a thought.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/10/2010 01:07

Absolutely - and today that captain talked about building a new golden era - he wants people to be waxing lyrical about the team of 2010 2011. He wants to build a new golden age at Boro.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 01:08

I know all about 1986.

It isn't tongue in cheek, away_win. People are being serious and they need to stop.

As I've said, I hope Mowbray pulls it off, I really do. Mainly for his sake, because it'll be unfair for the fans to crucify him after they wanted him putting in place. Assuming things go wrong, of course.

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 01:10

That's fair enough, Robert. But when you're knocking merchandise out about the spirit of 86, you're not really helping things, are you? You're hindering progress by hankering for the past with things like that.

TMG501 Posted on 27/10/2010 01:11

I think Liam is funny[^] Keep it going Liam[:D]

newyddion Posted on 27/10/2010 01:13

"they need to stop"
"you're hindering progress"

XXXXXX me you are a right crank [:o)]

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 01:15

Nobody is going to stop you scoffing burgers and pop or have a nice sit down or watching the big telly and such.
Chill out,we accept obese teenagers your part of the furniture so stop worrying.

The fat kids on the block may not have spirit but they can eat one more tatie than the pig[^]..and remember food buys players.

oscarrocks Posted on 27/10/2010 01:17

Im 32 and can remember the gates being locked and can also remember how happy my grandad was when he read the boro reports in the paper out to me and hearing the roars from ayresome park when we went to his house on saturdays, there was a definate buzz around the town Mr Mowbray played a massive part in all of this and he his gonna bring this buzz back and cant imagine anyone young old or middleaged would not want to relive the spirit of 86 come on boro![:P]

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 01:17

I'm a bloke, r_s. I'm just not as old as you. That obviously makes me a bad person and less of a fan.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 01:26

Im sorry if Ive made you feel that way,its all a bit of kidding on.
Let go of the rage, stop all this x factor and listen to some thing right through.

Link: Listen Paulo

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 01:35

Not my thing, I'm afraid.

Link: This is more up my street.

TMG501 Posted on 27/10/2010 01:37

[^]Catchy tune that Liam[^]

Paulo_SAscouting Posted on 27/10/2010 01:39

You can't beat a bit of Core Corp.

I played that last time I DJ'd at Uncle Albert's in town, actually. It didn't go down too well. I enjoyed it, though.

red_shamrock Posted on 27/10/2010 01:40

Nods a good as a wink to a blind horse[^]

chickenrunner Posted on 27/10/2010 07:19

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

halifaxp Posted on 27/10/2010 07:50

Paulo, as I understand your argument, it is that you do not like people referring to the spirit of '86, because the past is not relevant to the present and you think something new is preferable. You want to debate this. People who don't accept your views are like Vietnam veterans.

OK, firstly, the man appointed as our manager has got a history involving the spirit of '86, so it is relevant. He has seen what Teesside determination and guts can do. So, unless you do not believe that people's morals and character is shaped by their past, it is very relevant.

Secondly, do you not think the club, its fans especially, need something to motivate them and inspire them to carry on? This is such a force, so it is, in that way, relevant to the present as well. (Sorry if you are excluded from this, but why do you want to dampen the enthusiasm of fans who are motivated and inspired by a force (the spirit of '86) that is clearly - and to you annoyingly - present in great measure in 2010?)

Thirdly, this thing about Vietnam. Many of th people who were around in 86 will know something about Vietnam too, enough to know that Vietnamese veterans came home despised and spat at for one of the most shameful and catastrophic military adventures the USA has ever gone through. The whole thing stained the name of the USA until...well, now really. So that analogy is completely unworkable, as the spirit of 86 - and the achievements for which it was responsible - are a source of enormous pride to all who went through that year with the club. Diametrically opposite, therefore!

And, last but not least, what is special about what is new? Will you contend that the spirit of Norwich 1 Boro 0 should be celebrated? Will you tell your grandchildren about the period of time when we had the worst away record in the entire football league?

If so, your grandchildren will not understand where you're coming from any more than posters on here have, although they will be much newer than you.

Toodle oo!

MarlonD Posted on 27/10/2010 07:58

"1) No, I said before I feel very little for MFC.

2) No, I'm going out Friday night and I'm working Saturday night.

3) Why would I want to buy somebody else a ticket? I'm not f*cking Mencap."

Why do people even respond to him after he admits the above.

Leave him wallow in his own sh1te.

tengiz Posted on 27/10/2010 10:44

100 posts In 96 minutes ,Not bad.[^]

Buddy Posted on 27/10/2010 11:00

"Leon dont you get bored/embaressed doing this all day?"

I'm quite pleased with myself, I guessed in the first few posts this time. [^]