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lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 23/10/2010 17:21
There is a quick solution

This league is dog turd.
It doesn't take much to have a good side and shoot up the table.

Therefore, get O'Neill in sharpish. He can go back to his old club and sign Barry Bannan and Ciaran Clark.
Then get the marquee signing, David Bentley. Two proper wingers will get Boyd and McDonald scoring. Robson and Bailey can sort the middle out then with them two wingers alongside them.
Drop the ineefective McManus for Clark and watch us climb the table.

This wont happen though, as Gibson rarely does the right thing.
He'll get Mowbray to please the clueless fans who think because he's ugly and 'one of us' (which he isn't), he'll sort us out.

mwelolo Posted on 23/10/2010 17:23
There is a quick solution

You seem to assume that O'Neill would want to come here.

Space_Face Posted on 23/10/2010 17:23
There is a quick solution

He won't get O'Neil as O'Neil wouldn't even consider this job. There are far bigger and better clubs than us who'd want him in charge.

uwefuchs Posted on 23/10/2010 17:24
There is a quick solution

Who's paying for all that?

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 23/10/2010 17:26
There is a quick solution

Paying for that?
You pay a wage contribution for loan signings, and wages for a out of contract manager.
No transfer fees involved.

MON would come here. It's still an attractive job, and no PL teams need managers at present. Liverpool will get a foreigner if they ditch Hodgson.

Sitrep Posted on 23/10/2010 17:27
There is a quick solution

“Bailey can sort the middle out”

In those words, you have lost all credibility

br14 Posted on 23/10/2010 17:27
There is a quick solution

"Who's paying for all that?"


Why do you think Steve Gibson gave the job to Southgate in the first place?

And I suppose you think Rooney wanted out of United because the club lacked amibition and not because of the extra 60,000 a week.

Mind_Games Posted on 23/10/2010 17:27
There is a quick solution

Gus Poyet? [^]

Problem is that the manager will want to bring own staff in so cost us more money!

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 23/10/2010 17:30
There is a quick solution

Play Bailey in his correct position without having to play in the middle and wide because our lack of talent in the midfield, then he will be decent.
So far he's been dreadful, granted.

We have sufficient money for this and more.

Great Rooney comment by the way. Really funny that one. Not at all exagerrating my point either. Cracking stuff.

Spirit-of-the-holtgate Posted on 23/10/2010 17:31
There is a quick solution

getting less and less attractive by the game. Ince is the man to pull us from the mire. Did a great job with macclesfield in a much worse position than that of boro, Even better at mk dons and was never given a fair crack at Blackburn. Ex boro player so ticks that box aswell.

lambsbrothersmatesnephew Posted on 23/10/2010 17:32
There is a quick solution

I'd have Ince over Mowbray.
And Pearson.

ExiledInBolton Posted on 23/10/2010 17:53
There is a quick solution

And our survey said.......


RavsDad Posted on 23/10/2010 17:59
There is a quick solution

If you're exiled in Bolton, hoe do you rate...Mr Megson?