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PinkPonce Posted on 11/03/2008 21:41
Dr Evil

How you doing mate...

Protein Shakes or Muscle Building Shakes... If you don't train enough and take these will you gain weight?

Dr_Evil Posted on 11/03/2008 21:43
Dr Evil

You certainly will mate.

Its all calories at the end of the day.

I only take these on training days (3) times, and once on a none training day.

You starting to train now?

mattyk50 Posted on 11/03/2008 21:45
Dr Evil

if you need a snack though you can do a lot worse than get a protein shake down your neck, even if you've been slacking with the gym

PinkPonce Posted on 11/03/2008 21:47
Dr Evil

I'm not religious yet, but am trying to get back into it...

Mainly been doing a bit of cardio and have got some free weights but my gym membership is doing nothing at home on a weekend...

I'm not trying to lose weight or anything i only weigh about 12st but i'm just gonna try and beef up a little for the summer

Dr_Evil Posted on 11/03/2008 21:47
Dr Evil

Protein shakes only, without the carbs are a lot lower in calories.

You need to cut the rest of the calories out.

Carbs really are the enemy.

Dr_Evil Posted on 11/03/2008 21:48
Dr Evil

What is the heaviest weight you have at home there Ponce?

Ive got so many tips and so little time.

PinkPonce Posted on 11/03/2008 21:49
Dr Evil

Carbs are the enemy...

I've always ate pretty well really... snack wise isn't an issue... I can train my body to eat well ... its just the nights are gonna start getting lighter and i need to get active

Dr_Evil Posted on 11/03/2008 21:51
Dr Evil

Good man.

Ive not been able to train for 8 weeks. 8 WEEKS! My ribs have only just healed.

Ive lost a stone in weight, and feel terrible. 14 stones. Gutted.

PinkPonce Posted on 11/03/2008 21:51
Dr Evil

20kg dumbbell...

I know i need heavy weights less reps for building though... I'm pretty clued up really have just never done the supplements

Dr_Evil Posted on 11/03/2008 21:53
Dr Evil

Well yes and no.

Compound exercises are best for building, but split you will get results too.

If you know a bit son, you crack on.

If you need help in finding supps, let me know what you are after, i will let you know whats best and send you a link.

PinkPonce Posted on 11/03/2008 21:54
Dr Evil

Nice one mate thanks for that