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SuperBok Posted on 23/09/2010 15:16
Ashes Squad

England Ashes Test squad:
Andrew Strauss (captain, Middlesex), Alastair Cook (vice-captain, Essex),
James Anderson (Lancashire),
Ian Bell (Warwickshire),
Tim Bresnan (Yorkshire),
Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire),
Paul Collingwood (Durham),
Steven Davies (wk, Surrey),
Steven Finn (Middlesex),
Eoin Morgan (Middlesex),
Monty Panesar (Sussex),
Kevin Pietersen (Hampshire),
Matt Prior (wk, Sussex),
Graeme Swann (Nottinghamshire),
Chris Tremlett (Surrey),
Jonathan Trott (Warwickshire).

Chris Tremlett???????? pointless pick, he'l never play in any games.

would have took the asian lad from yorkshire me.

Panesar got a lot to prove.

Kilburn Posted on 23/09/2010 15:22
Ashes Squad

I agree Shahzad should be in there, but I'd take Tremlett over Bresnan. What does Bresnan have in his armoury to enable him to take wickets in australian conditions? We've seen on enough past tours to australia that medium-fast county trundlers like him end up getting mercilessly flogged all round the grounds by the aussie batsmen.

Roy_Batty Posted on 23/09/2010 15:23
Ashes Squad

ajmal shahzad?

yes i agree with you, although don't think they will retain ashes anyway

MarlonD Posted on 23/09/2010 15:27
Ashes Squad

Good thing about the England Test squad that it virtually picks itself these days.

Whilst I agree with the Tremelett/Shahzad debate. imagine if this was the football squad, we'd be arguing for weeks about who should & shouldn't be picked.

I suppose the point I'm trying to make is that we've got a very good settled squad/team and anyone in there is in there because they are capable.

I hope we stick it right up the Aussies [^]

Midosparmo Posted on 23/09/2010 15:31
Ashes Squad

The aussies of today are crap now all the old great players they had have gone.
A fairly easy England victory in the Ashes coming up.

R0fl_tb_xx Posted on 23/09/2010 15:31
Ashes Squad

I'd have liked to have seen Rashid in there instead of Panesar, but apart from that it's pretty much what I would have picked.

Midosparmo Posted on 23/09/2010 15:33
Ashes Squad

Monty has won test matches in the past, though he will not play in front of Swann.

speckyget Posted on 23/09/2010 15:34
Ashes Squad

Tremlett's had a fantastic season, albeit in Division 2. Certainly looks the part for Aussie conditions. Agree that Bresnan seems to have crept in on his one day performances. The big mystery is Panesar rather than Rashid; why two off spinners? And why choose a rabbit over a decent bat? The big mystery is why Rashid isn't even in the performance squad.

sparkins Posted on 23/09/2010 15:36
Ashes Squad

I might be in the minority but I can see some logic in taking Tremlett as back up for Finn. Would much rather have seen Shazhad than Bresnan, but I don't see any of them featuring much.

SuperBok Posted on 23/09/2010 15:37
Ashes Squad

Thing is the eleven will stay the same unless we need two spinners

1 Andrew Strauss (captain,
2 Alastair Cook (vice-captain, Essex),
3 Jonathan Trott (Warwickshire).
4 Paul Collingwood (Durham),
5 Eoin Morgan (Middlesex),
6 Kevin Pietersen (Hampshire),
7 Matt Prior (wk, Sussex),
8 Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire),
9 Graeme Swann (Nottinghamshire),
10James Anderson (Lancashire),
11 Steven Finn (Middlesex),

In that batting order as well.

I think Eoin Morgan is going to be an absolute legend and will outscore pieterson and collingwood in the middle order.

Straussy will get loads of runs too, he eats up quick bowlers and their spinners are gash.

Panesar in for Finn if we need 2 spinners.

Roy_Batty Posted on 23/09/2010 15:40
Ashes Squad

"A fairly easy England victory in the Ashes coming up."

lunchtime drinking is never a good thing

SmogOnTheTrent Posted on 23/09/2010 15:41
Ashes Squad

Andrew Strauss
Alastair Cook
Jonathan Trott
Kevin Pietersen/Ian Bell (depending on if KP get get some form back)
Paul Collingwood
Eoin Morgan
Matt Prior
Graeme Swann
Stuart Broad
James Anderson
Steven Finn

Team practically picks itself.

Midosparmo Posted on 23/09/2010 15:41
Ashes Squad

Clearly you have not seen the Aussies since Warne retired.

sparkins Posted on 23/09/2010 15:41
Ashes Squad

I agree with 10 out of that 11 Superbok - however I think Bell will get first dibs ahead of Morgan. I really like Morgan and he has been a breath of fresh air, but I just think Bell is ahead of him in the pecking order for the Tests.

SuperBok Posted on 23/09/2010 15:42
Ashes Squad

ypu CANNOT drop Pieterson

even if he is in terrible form

he is a match winner

Ian Bell fills the numbers up and in my opinion is scared of fast bowling on a hard deck.

tjf81 Posted on 23/09/2010 15:43
Ashes Squad

Alistair cook vice captain! Jesus, he's lucky to have a spot in the squad never mind vice captain!!!

sparkins Posted on 23/09/2010 15:44
Ashes Squad

Pietersen is a certain pick, fitness permitting. Big tour for Bell, but I still think he will be there for the first match. time will tell if his apparent inferiority complex against the Aussies will have gone now the likes of Warne, McGrath etc have gone and he is facing mortals.

R0fl_tb_xx Posted on 23/09/2010 15:44
Ashes Squad

I'd have Pietersen at 4 and i'd be tempted to bring Bell in at 6 instead of Morgan.

Kilburn Posted on 23/09/2010 15:47
Ashes Squad

I can see the logic of taking Panesar rather than Rashid. Panesar at his best is a world-class test match spinner - 126 test wickets at an average of under 35. From all accounts, this season he has been back at his best.

It's unlikely that England will play two spinners in any of the tests in Australia, so the second spinner is there as cover for Swann. In that scenario, I'd choose the proven player who has already taken wickets in high-pressure test matches. Also, in Australia the spinners role will often be to bowl defensively and build pressure on the batsmen, which is something that Panesar can do, but Rashid has yet to develop.

SuperBok Posted on 23/09/2010 15:50
Ashes Squad

nah pieterson is a slogger

he cant go in early doors if we lose 2 wickets.

6 is the highest he should bat.

australia have nothing to be scared of.

Mitchell Johnson is decent if it swings a little bit, which it probably wont.

their leg spinner is garbage.

borolad01642 Posted on 23/09/2010 15:51
Ashes Squad

Get Morgan, Pietersen and Bell in and drop Cook.

Open with Strauss and Trott!


KobeB Posted on 23/09/2010 15:54
Ashes Squad

I think it's fair to since since Bell came back into the team last year he was our best batsman until his recent injury kept him out.

I don't think his place is in question to be honest.

Morgan will be a star, but the next few years Bell will score plenty of runs too.

R0fl_tb_xx Posted on 23/09/2010 15:56
Ashes Squad

"6 is the highest he should bat."

He would be wasted at 6. It would be absolute lunacy to put him at 6.

BobUpndown Posted on 23/09/2010 16:04
Ashes Squad

Morgan has to start...

Bell looks superb but just can't cut it when the pressure is on..

KP needs runs in SA else he'd be looking on from the stands too..

hype & image KP, needs to produce

mattyk50 Posted on 23/09/2010 16:10
Ashes Squad

XXXXXXing panesar?

whats everyones starting XI then?

i reckon

trott or bell

either trott or bell will be unlucky to miss out. personally i would drop cook and open with trott, but thats never going to happen

D_Sylvian Posted on 23/09/2010 16:11
Ashes Squad

speckyget - "The big mystery is Panesar rather than Rashid; why two off spinners?"

Monty Panesar isn't an off spinner.

SuperBok - "their leg spinner is garbage."

They haven't got a leg spinner.

Midosparmo - "A fairly easy England victory in the Ashes coming up."

By no stretch of the imagination will it be a "fairly easy victory".

Midosparmo Posted on 23/09/2010 16:15
Ashes Squad

3 - 1 to England [^]

SuperBok Posted on 23/09/2010 16:21
Ashes Squad

is stephen smith not gonna play then?

D_Sylvian Posted on 23/09/2010 16:23
Ashes Squad

Ponting is on record as saying Nathan Hauritz will play every test.

yearbyred Posted on 23/09/2010 16:24
Ashes Squad

Bell (injury permitting) will start ahead of Morgan in the Tests I am certain.

Roy_Batty Posted on 23/09/2010 16:25
Ashes Squad

"is stephen smith not gonna play then?"

not allowed, face too funny looking or something

Bukowski Posted on 23/09/2010 16:41
Ashes Squad

If it's as hot a summer as the last Ashes series in Australia, I expect Australia to win comfortably.

England couldn't hack it last time.

Roy_Batty Posted on 23/09/2010 16:45
Ashes Squad


Midosparmo Posted on 23/09/2010 16:47
Ashes Squad

England have better quality floppy sun hats this time round. [^]

ste_north_stand Posted on 23/09/2010 16:57
Ashes Squad

Tremlett is a good pick. He is a tall hit the deck kind of bowler which is what you need down there. I would of taken Shahzad ahead of Bresnan actually, Bresnan isn't good enough for test cricket in my opinion and Shahzad can reverse it at pace which again will be important down there. Picking Monty ahead of Rashid is also correct in my opinion, Rashid will be better served playing cricket with the performance squad, another series carrying the drinks won't do him any good. The performance squad is down there aswell this time so it kinda takes the shine off the squad annoucement.

Bukowski Posted on 24/09/2010 02:50
Ashes Squad

Rashid isn't in the performance squad.

SYDNEYSIDER Posted on 24/09/2010 04:01
Ashes Squad

I'll be at the SCG test cheering the lads on [^]. Even though the Aussies are currently gash, it is still gonna be a close one in their own backyard. Barmy Army!

ray192 Posted on 24/09/2010 06:23
Ashes Squad