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HolgateCorner Posted on 29/07/2010 00:05
David Cameron in India

grovelling to the Indians in the hope they will bring jobs to the UK.

I suppose there is more potential in India than Turkey but which Asian company is going to invest in Britain when our wage costs are so much higher?

Another wasted day in the Big Society Prime Ministers diary.

And did you see Gideon saying to somebody on a mobile 'Hi, its the British Chancellor of the Exchequer here'?

What an arsehole.

Miklaadt Posted on 29/07/2010 08:00
David Cameron in India


Link: aw

IGB1 Posted on 29/07/2010 08:12
David Cameron in India

The newspapers here in India are reporting on an announcement of an Indian order for Hawk jet trainers worth up to 750 million. Should keep a few jobs going.

Muttley Posted on 29/07/2010 08:23
David Cameron in India

About time they bought their military gubbins from us, they've been buying ex-Soviet stuff for decades now. In fact I seem to remember them paying for upgrades for their Mig 29s that the Ruskis couldn't afford?

IGB1 Posted on 29/07/2010 08:36
David Cameron in India

You are absolutely correct, I was a front line airbase recently, MIG fighters and Mirage too.

thets5 Posted on 29/07/2010 08:44
David Cameron in India

It's been in the local paper here about bae securing the hawk contract.

borotmt Posted on 29/07/2010 08:51
David Cameron in India

With them being constructed in India.

KingOfTheTribes Posted on 29/07/2010 08:53
David Cameron in India

HolgateCorner - Are you still bitter from the election? [:D]

Holgatewall Posted on 29/07/2010 10:10
David Cameron in India

has he mentioned Corus to them yet?

saw a guy on Breakfast TV yesterday saying Britain was now a junior partner to India.

Cheeky XXXXXX[:(!]

Diasboro_Dan Posted on 29/07/2010 12:24
David Cameron in India

Basically it means even more Indian 'highly skilled workers' being shipped in to do standard, mainstrean jobs in IT and now probably other occupations too. But not journo's or politicians jobs unfortunately.