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Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 13:52
Southgate bashing

Bunch of ungrateful muppets with a memory span similar to a goldfish! Does a day go by without a thread attacking one of the greats of this club? Change the record ffs [V]

Towell Posted on 18/07/2010 13:55
Southgate bashing

I can't even stand seeing that muppet on ITV giving his views on football.

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 13:56
Southgate bashing

No one is saying anything about the player he was a great player for us, but his actions in the summer (never mentioning at all esp the dong gook lee incident), and his managerial reign was a complete disaster.

Great player poor manager who should have been sacked after the cardif game.

but a great player, but will he go the same way as andy townsend and all but forget he ever played for us, on the evidence this summer it would seem so. When i was at villa... etc

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 13:56
Southgate bashing

Thanks for proving my point [V]

Space_Face Posted on 18/07/2010 13:57
Southgate bashing

His actions in the summer???

BrucieRiochsRedAndWhiteArmy Posted on 18/07/2010 14:00
Southgate bashing

tonne [;)]

sixtyniner69 Posted on 18/07/2010 14:01
Southgate bashing

he drank from the poison chalace that was thrust into his hands [:o)]

he should have gone to darlo to learn his trade [fb]

truly great player especially alongside ugo [fb]

but well glad to be shot of him as manager[fb]

Towell Posted on 18/07/2010 14:04
Southgate bashing

Good player don't always make good managers, in this case he turned out to be a complete abortion of a manager.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 18/07/2010 14:06
Southgate bashing

To be fair to him he was thrown in at the deep end before he was ready. Gisbons fault.

keelo Posted on 18/07/2010 14:08
Southgate bashing

To be considered to be Capello's replacement?
ffs is someone on drugs at the FA

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 14:09
Southgate bashing

Whether you're of the opinion that he was a terrible manager or not is neither here nor there. The man is a legend and the lack of respect shown for him on this board is disgusting.

FrozenHorse Posted on 18/07/2010 14:10
Southgate bashing

"in this case he turned out to be a complete abortion of a manager"

That doesn't justify the vitriol that's directed toward SOuthgate though: everything he does seems wrong in the eyes of some, from his punditry to the way he dresses. He is wrong, it seems, just for being SOuthgate. The guy tried his best as manager and failed; that does not make him fair game for unlimited emnity.

The continuing abuse he recieves on here is petty and malicious and a poor reflection of those who indulge in it.

Hercules Posted on 18/07/2010 14:11
Southgate bashing

The last 2 posts are spot on.

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 14:12
Southgate bashing

Well said lisbon that is my view as well i have nothing but respect for the player but i was dissapointed with his actions this summer never mentioning us at all despite the fact he had just left, and the players he was commenting on were from his ex club.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 14:13
Southgate bashing

Very well said Frozen [^]

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 14:20
Southgate bashing

I think respect is a 2 way street though and the way he has all but erased us from his past isn't very respectful either, esp to a man like steve gibson.

I was of the impression he never really beleived in the club and wasn't able to sell it to like minded players, this was borne out by some of his comenst when he was manager.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 18/07/2010 14:23
Southgate bashing

It's now 9 months since he left the club and there's a hell of a lot more to talk about re. Boro now than Southgate's performance as a manager, but STILL some people, mainly the more infantile on this Board, go on and on and on and on about him.

Some of the things they pick him up on, eg his suits, his shoes and even his teeth, say everything about the critics making these childish comments much more than they do about Southgate himself. Grow up, children.

Towell Posted on 18/07/2010 14:23
Southgate bashing

He was a great centre-back no doubt.

Whether he is a legend is debatable.

Certainly in my view his actions as a manager have tainted his legend status.

Sitrep Posted on 18/07/2010 14:25
Southgate bashing

Great player, Sh ite Manager.

End of thread

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 14:27
Southgate bashing

Sitrep, do you just bounce from thread to thread declaring 'End of thread' after your input?

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 14:28
Southgate bashing

Well said towell, i think the real issue is not southgate bashing more the use of his legacy to detract from the current manager. the far more worrying issue is the mindless few who continue to demean and belittle our current manager I could care less about Gareth Southgate as he has left my club.

My issue is with those that fail to realise this and will not on any grounds accept the new manager.

keelo Posted on 18/07/2010 14:29
Southgate bashing

This post looks like it's in response to the "Southgate for England" posted earlier...
I had nothing but respect for him as a player, I also said from the moment he was appointed manager, Gibson was grasping at straws, and it showed later what a bad appointment it was!not only for the club but for Southgate personally,although he would have got a wedge of money from it only mere mortals like us could dream of.But to be even considered to be groomed for the England job!!!!! I just think its gotta be a wind up.

oooooo Posted on 18/07/2010 14:29
Southgate bashing

"I could care less"

You can shove that Americanism up your asre.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 14:35
Southgate bashing

Keelo, it's an everyday occurrence. A couple of threads regarding Southgate's credentials for the England job are just a drop in the ocean with regards to the amount of abuse the guy receives on here.

He'll always be a hero of mine, for all the good things he done at this club. Some of you would do well to remember his entire 8 years service rather than lambasting him for his last year with the club.

could_it_be Posted on 18/07/2010 14:37
Southgate bashing

yesterday's man

i don't tink about him anymore, why would i?

much rather focus on the great job strachan, gibson and, yes, lamb are doing at rebuilding the team that southgate decimated

premiership here we come!

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 14:39
Southgate bashing

"much rather focus on the great job strachan, gibson and, yes, lamb are doing at rebuilding the team that southgate decimated"

It's comments like that which really annoy me. [ref]

Stabilo_Boss Posted on 18/07/2010 14:39
Southgate bashing

I'll always respect him, not just for being an excellent player (the best defender I've seen at the club) but also for being an decent bloke in an industry littered with self-obsessed cretins.

He went about his job as manager in an honourable - if overly idealistic - way. Wanting to produce a team of home grown talent, who recognise the club's role in the community and play open passing football was very naive but it was borne out of the best intentions. For someone who clearly cared about the area and the club to be abused so mindlessly sums up the modern fan really.

I know it's not particularly fashionable to have morals in the win-at-all-costs modern game but I respect him for it nevertheless.

Towell Posted on 18/07/2010 14:42
Southgate bashing

Open passing football?

The football under Southgate was guff.

Stabilo_Boss Posted on 18/07/2010 14:45
Southgate bashing

I didn't say he pulled it off. But that was the objective.

FrozenHorse Posted on 18/07/2010 14:48
Southgate bashing

"I didn't say he pulled it off. But that was the objective"

Exactly right. He tried to erradicate the defensive mindset inherited from McClaren. He usually played with 2 strikers
He never played with 2 holding midfielders
The result was we conceded more, but the attacking intention was definately there.

PinkPonce Posted on 18/07/2010 14:48
Southgate bashing

In response to the person who questioned whether Southgate is a legend at this club, then you can't have been in Cardiff on the 29th February 2004 ...

As a player, Gareth Southgate was outstanding for us and the connection that we as fans had with him when he was captain is probably only bettered by Juninhos relationship with the fans ...

It seems that not one player escapes any kind of criticism from our supporters, however Southgate was rightly immune from that as a player because of his effort, commitment and his ability ...

Whilst I acknowledge that his managerial reign ultimately was a failure, I much prefer to try and remember him for lifting the League Cup and the 3 punches of the air he did after the final whistle at Cardiff, not forgetting the ones after any victory ...

It seems that the man cannot do anything correctly, and we have people like Zorro, over evaluating every single thing the man says ...

His ultimate failure as our manager will hurt him as much as it has hurt us all ... We would all have loved him to have been a success ... Unfortunately it wasn't to be, but we shouldn't forget that without him as a player, you could wave goodbye to the only trophy we've ever won, and with it european football ...

Do I think he should still be manager of our football club - No ... Do i think he should have been sacked sooner - Yes ...

I'm the same as 99% of you on that one ...

PP ... x

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 14:52
Southgate bashing

Over evaluating?> No i just thought as a pundit covering a game featuring a player he signed he would have at least mentioned him, especially as he all but scored the winner.. I found it odd how man who had been at one club failed to make a single reference to this club all summer...

not a eulogy more along the lines of..

well adrian (who did make several remarks that he was at middlesbrough by the way) when i had him he liked the ball played in at his feet etc...

that kind of thing, but no the closest we got was... killen he plays in the championship...

like I say respect is a 2 way thing.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 14:54
Southgate bashing

Have a word Zorro. Like an earlier post said, petty as the day is long [V]

Stabilo_Boss Posted on 18/07/2010 14:55
Southgate bashing

Also, I'm not sure why people are angry that he didn't mention boro much during his punditry. It was a world cup - 99.9% of the audience probably didn't give a sh1t about his time at boro. Didn't hear any other pundits banging on about their former clubs.

HelmutSchmutz Posted on 18/07/2010 14:55
Southgate bashing

Great player
Inexperienced manager dealt a bad hand

oooooo Posted on 18/07/2010 14:56
Southgate bashing

I see zorro, giving everything for the club is not enough, after he is fired by us and we start twisting over settling his contract he should continue to gush about the club at every opportunity when on tv? Just to earn our respect?

PinkPonce Posted on 18/07/2010 14:57
Southgate bashing

Blah blah blah ... He's not there to talk about MFC, you didn't here Alan Shearer mentioning newcastle every 5 minutes, and there'll not be many geordies on messageboards píssing there pants about it ...

He earned my respect on 29/02/04 and he's got it for good now, despite his failure as a manager ...

Grow up ...

PP ... x

FrozenHorse Posted on 18/07/2010 14:58
Southgate bashing

"Also, I'm not sure why people are angry that he didn't mention boro much during his punditry. It was a world cup - 99.9% of the audience probably didn't give a sh1t about his time at boro. "

I agree; he was there to talk about the match he was watching, not himself and not Boro

wiggler Posted on 18/07/2010 14:59
Southgate bashing

Will always be one of the best i have seen in a Boro shirt and the worst i have seen in a Boro tie

Stabilo_Boss Posted on 18/07/2010 14:59
Southgate bashing

Bang on ponce, they're employed as (largely) impartial observers. They probably make a specific effort not to refer to their personal circumstances too much.

As has been said earlier, any stick to beat him with...

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 15:01
Southgate bashing

"He never played with 2 holding midfielders"

He did play with five centre-halves and two left-wingers in a 'must win' game at home though.

I admire the man and the defender, as a manager he just didn't do it. He gave his best for the club, he's gone now so let's just remember him as an immense captain.

PinkPonce Posted on 18/07/2010 15:02
Southgate bashing

[^] Stabilo ...

PP ... x

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 15:11
Southgate bashing

It's good to see so many posters are of the same opinion as me. My faith in Boro fans has been restored [^]

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 15:21
Southgate bashing

strachan is the manager though, let's draw a line and start supporting the people stil at the club.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 15:23
Southgate bashing

That's extremely rich coming from you, zorro...

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 15:46
Southgate bashing

Southgate was one of the best CB to play for us and should be given legend status on that......

But as a manger he was by far the worst one in my memory.. Maybe he did not get the backing he should of from the club. But he was woeful, inept and cluless. These are the only words I can thin of to sum up his time in charge.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 15:53
Southgate bashing

juno, you are missing the point of the thread entirely...

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 15:56
Southgate bashing

No he is not he is saying what many of us have also said great player inept manager.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 15:57
Southgate bashing

To be honest I read the first post started laughing.

Southgate bashing is right he is was a good player. He is useless on the tele and even worse as a manager.

I never read any other posts. Sorrry if I missed the point. But he is out of his depth. Maybe we should blame Gibson but I don't I blame him.

BrucieRiochsRedAndWhiteArmy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:00
Southgate bashing

[^] half way.....

Strachans_Tossed_Caber Posted on 18/07/2010 16:00
Southgate bashing

Great player, shhhite manager.


Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:02
Southgate bashing

I'll repeat what I said earlier, and what many others have posted. Whether you believe he was a terrible manager is besides the point. The abuse the man takes on this board is disgusting.

And that's the point...

Strachans_Tossed_Caber Posted on 18/07/2010 16:03
Southgate bashing

I accept your point.

Now FIN [:D]

FrozenHorse Posted on 18/07/2010 16:05
Southgate bashing

"Whether you believe he was a terrible manager is besides the point. The abuse the man takes on this board is disgusting."

I agree. I don't think anyone's trying to pretend he was anything other than a poor manager.

The point is that this fact doesn't justify the mallicious criticism of his punditry, face, dress sense, or the way he stirs his tea.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:05
Southgate bashing

Is that supposed to be amusing or do you just put smileys on the end of sentences for the crack?

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 16:06
Southgate bashing

The point he is a great play is accepted. But as a manager....... Come on the reason the club has slumped is down to him or Gibson.

The biggest mistake Gibson has made in his time as chairman was letting this muppet run the club for three years

Strachans_Tossed_Caber Posted on 18/07/2010 16:07
Southgate bashing

I don't want to have to repeat myself..

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:12
Southgate bashing

*bangs head against wall*

Ffs, Juno! We are talking about the ridiculous amount of petty abuse Southgate gets on this board. We are not talking about his abilities as player or manager... [ref]

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 16:14
Southgate bashing

You have a valid point and i try to keep my views within reason but its the same with strachan when being ginger and or scottish is seen as a reason to remove him..

as in the sooner we get shot of that ginger scottish XXXXXX the better.

So at least gareth is not ginger.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 16:16
Southgate bashing

He does get way too much abuse on here, but his tenure was one of immense frustration for everyone concerned. I think he gets more stick for not resigning half-way through his third season in charge, when everyone but him, and Steve Gibson it seems, could see we were going down with a whimper. Him clinging on to his job was painful to watch and, as a result, many people grew to forget all the good stuff he did on the pitch and remember all the appalling stuff he did in the dug-out.

We do need to move on from it and hopefully Strachan will help us do it, a win against Ipswich and we can all finally look forward for a change and put what were, undoubtedly, a completely miserable two seasons behind us.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:21
Southgate bashing

And that is why my opening post read that people have a memory similar to that of a gold fish...

If he'd resigned and we'd still gone down, Southgate would still have got all the blame, except people would also have been able to label him a coward.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 16:22
Southgate bashing

Hold on.. I agree with viv. If sothgate had walked away when he knew he was not good enough to manage a football club i would have had some respect for him

What he did was carry on taking money from the club. The man has no sense of pride or honour.

He should have fallen on is sword back in December 2008 and given us a chance of staying up. But he was to stubborn or greedy for the boros money.

Why would anyone give him anything. He was a great player .... The three years after that he was on a very good gravy train that cuts the club millions ....

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:23
Southgate bashing

The man has no sense of pride or honour?

Proof, if proof were needed, that you know nothing about the man. [ref]

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 16:23
Southgate bashing

VIV sums it up for me i started to resent him for the way he acted in that season.. and his endless if i thought there was someone better than me to take this job i would resign... and yet he never did.

It appeared to be desperation and more about his own ego/money than that of the good of the club. I said at the time if he truly loved the club he would have stepped aside as we all knew it wasn't working. Then we had the pre season to endure and the scape goat of Crosby being sacked (what was that about) and this almost defiance to accept that relegation was anything to do with him.

then when he did go the well they never gave me a chance and i never signed alves etc despite saying the oposite when he was in charge (of course i signed alves if this wasn't the case i wouldn't be here).

anyway that is the past and we should move on.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 16:26
Southgate bashing

I'm not sure he would have been labelled as a "coward" to be honest.

If he'd come out and said something along the lines of - "You know what, I gave everything I had and we just couldn't make it work... the club staying up is the most important thing" - then, after the dust had settled, you could look back and know he did the right thing.

I certainly wouldn't have thought him to be a coward, in fact I may even have admired him more for doing that.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:27
Southgate bashing

zorro re-writing history to suit his argument.

Absolute rubbish, every last word of it... [V]

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 16:28
Southgate bashing

Easy... Ask him one question.. Why the phuq did he not leave in December 2008 when he the club and every fan knew he was not up to the job..

Greedy barstard just took the money. A man of honour would have fell on his sword and walked. It would have shown he had balls. But no he stayed took the money.

Sorry You don't agree and I stood by him all the time and defended him on here but I can not believe he did not just take the money and wait to be sacked. As he knew he would be sooner rather than later.

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 16:28
Southgate bashing

Exactly the braver man would have held his hands up and said look the club is more important than me and walked but no he clung and continued to drag us down. Another thing how many times has he been to see us play since he left even in london etc as i know that ex players cattermole etc have done so as they do love the club so how many?

Mogga was at eindhoven as were many others long after they have left even lennie who was sacked is a regular visitor.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:28
Southgate bashing

Fair enough, viv. But I'm certain most wouldn't have had the same objectivity...

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 16:30
Southgate bashing

Easy which bit is a blatant lie then?

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:30
Southgate bashing

I've decided you're not worth responding to, juno. [^]

Space_Face Posted on 18/07/2010 16:30
Southgate bashing

'The man has no sense of pride or honour'
'Greedy XXXXXX took the money'

I think that's the sort of rubbish this thread was referring to.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:31
Southgate bashing

Every single thing you attributed Southgate as saying is complete bollox, zorro...

FrozenHorse Posted on 18/07/2010 16:33
Southgate bashing

I doubt he'd have been praised for resigning. He'd have been branded "a rat deserting a sinking ship". To some, whatever he did, and whatever he continues to do will be wrong.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 16:34
Southgate bashing

I didn't know mogga was at Eindhoven did he get my ticket lol.

To be fair Easy, I would have done the same as southgate and took the money but then I need the money to pay the mortgage etc. I think he should have walked away. Dec 2008 would gave been my choice then in the summer 2009 when Gibson was on century trying to defend him.

Maybe he just thought he could do something.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:35
Southgate bashing

I agree with you 100% on that, Frozen.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 16:37
Southgate bashing

FrozenHorse - There is nothing wrong with resigning when you have the best interests of the club, as Southgate most definitely did, at heart.

It was watching him stumble on for another year that made people end up resenting him. The longer he limped on, the more people began to doubt whether he actually did have the best interests of the club at heart.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 16:39
Southgate bashing

Football is a matter of opinion.

We agree on some point and disagree on others.

The king is dead ling live the king. Come of WGS get us back where we belong.

In the top flight.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 16:41
Southgate bashing

I agree 100% viv

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 16:41
Southgate bashing

Easy some quotes from the man himself in the independent article.

on his denial

When I took over I wanted to bring a certain style, a certain ethos, to the club," he says. "But ultimately you have to win matches. We've done a lot of things right over the last three years. We failed in the end because we're not still in the division, but we failed as a football club. It wasn't just me."

Link: His interview aug 2009

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:45
Southgate bashing

That backs me up zorro...

You posted earlier that he changed his tune after he was sacked. That interview was in the pre-season. He doesn't say Alves wasn't his buy, and he doesn't say Gibson never gave him a chance...

He does say that it wasn't all his fault! Shoot him on sight... [|)]

Do you think it was ALL his fault? If you do, then there is very little point dicussing it further.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 16:49
Southgate bashing

It wasn't all his fault, no, but as the manager of a football club then the responsibility lies with you, ultimately.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 16:50
Southgate bashing

Easy no it was not all his fault. Some of the blame lies with Gibson..

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:53
Southgate bashing

Gibson, the players, the coaching staff, the fans... We all played our part in relegation.

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/07/2010 16:55
Southgate bashing

Just get over it Mul.....he's gone!

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 16:55
Southgate bashing

Shut the f*** up Steven... [^]

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 17:00
Southgate bashing

No I don't believe that's true.

Coaches were his choice. Players played out of position his choice. He dropped players on form. I wish I had a copy of of the Boats interview after he was dropped for the game against Cardiff. He blames southgate.

Fans, how can you blame the fans. Most of us supported him even though we knew he was not up to it.

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/07/2010 17:01
Southgate bashing

To be fair the people that slag him off as a player/bloke because he was an awful manager are as wrong as those who still maintain he was a good manager simply because he was a great player/bloke.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:10
Southgate bashing

Where've I said he was a great manager? The point is Ste, he gets way too much stick on here. He's a legend, end of... Am I right?

juno, so the players have no accoutability for performance? Are you really suggesting that as a group of supporters we done everything possible to help our team stay up? If you think that is the case then I disagree. The atmosphere was terrible and you could see our players were scared of playing at home. Are the fans entirely to blame? No, of course not. But we must accept that we could have done more...

Genghis_Khan Posted on 18/07/2010 17:13
Southgate bashing

Can't be bothered to read the entire thread but attacks on Southgate the man really are pitiful, he's a fantastic and honest guy who gave everything he had.

Attacks on his management are fair and usually reasoned. He had a tough job there's no question about it... we were downsizing regardless, but he made a poor fist of it.

His judgment of a player is utterly woeful and he signed a procession of mediocre as well as playing poor players with better options on the bench our out on loan... this ultimately led to our downfall.

I'll remember him as a cracking bloke, the best centre back I've ever seen wear a boro shirt and the worst Manager in my life time.

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 17:16
Southgate bashing

Easy on the other thread you talk about why gibbo decided to get rid well the writing was on the wall when gareth gave an interview and said that promotion may be beyond us this season as this flew in the face of gibbos aim for the season it wasn't long after this interview the decision was made and gibbo even alluded to it when the announcement was made that promotion was he sole aim. I think gareth said that this is a tough league and if we don't go up we will be stronger next year or something like that.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:16
Southgate bashing

No problem with any of that Genghis. But it's the first paragraph of your post that happens everyday on this board. I'm a passionate Boro fan and I dont like seeing a true hero's name dragged through the mud. Gay? I dont care...

Reservoir_Smog Posted on 18/07/2010 17:17
Southgate bashing

Tbh Easy the Boro fans could hardly have done more? What other set of fans would remained quiet and supportive of their manager in the circumstances that we were relegated under? Any other set of fans would of screamed for Gareth's head months before May. If anything the fans were too supportive.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 17:18
Southgate bashing

"so the players have no accoutability for performance?"

Well, of course they have to take some responsibility but Southgate picked those players.

As for the atmosphere, well, there were reasons for that. Terrible football and terrible tactics being two of them.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:19
Southgate bashing

Bollox again zorro

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:22
Southgate bashing

That response was directed at juno, viv. He implied that the players had zero responsibility and it was Gibson and Southgate that were to blame and no one else.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:25
Southgate bashing

Resevoir, I point you in the direction of the West Brom support, or the Watford support the season they went down. Had we had that kind of home support I dare say it would have been worth another 6 points. Some of the home games were terrible, and everyone was so on edge and nervous. We could have supported them much better. If you dont agree fair enough.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 17:26
Southgate bashing

Fair enough, Easy.

About players stepping up, though, it must be quite a lot harder for a team full of young players, without any real leadership to look to for guidance, to actually take responsibility.

We didn't even have a captain on the pitch most of the season we went down.

Towell Posted on 18/07/2010 17:28
Southgate bashing

No one has yet mentioned the size of his nose and teeth yet.

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 17:29
Southgate bashing

Easy if southgate had shown more ambition against Wigan, Pompey, Fulham, S'land maybe we would of the got the extra 6 points, even Arsenal away, when they were in between 2 very big games we didn't put one tackle in the whole game, which was witnessed on sky, as a bottleless, heartless performance, that game probably summed up his managerial qualities tbh

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:32
Southgate bashing

There was plenty of experience. The team that started (and won) against Tottenham had plenty of experience.

Copied and pasted off sky sports.

Brad Jones 7
Emanuel Pogatetz 6
Robert Huth 7
Andrew Taylor 6
David Wheater 9
Gary O'Neil 7
Stewart Downing 7
Mohamed Shawky 6
Jeremie Aliadiere 6
Tuncay Sanli * 8
Afonso Alves ** 6
Ross Turnbull
Rhys Williams
Jonathan Grounds
Adam Johnson
Didier Digard (72) * 6
Mido (82) ** 7
Marvin Emnes

It's not that young really. We just lacked depth which wasn't Southgates fault.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 17:37
Southgate bashing

"We just lacked depth which wasn't Southgates fault."

If he'd have spent his budget more wisely then we would have had more depth. There is about £35m worth of footballer in that line up, not even taking into consideration Downing's fee.

£35m to go alongside a very productive and well-respected academy is not to be sniffed at.

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/07/2010 17:39
Southgate bashing

Legend as a player of course and i will applaud him whenever he comes back to the Riverside. Still an absolutely god awful manager though.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:41
Southgate bashing

A third of that on Afonso Alves which we all admit was the worst purchase in the history of football.

It's been said a million times, viv. He had to let his big earners go at the beginning of the season we went down, and wasn't given the funds to replace them. We made more than we spent in summer 08

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 18/07/2010 17:41
Southgate bashing

Gareth Southgate was a great captain of MFC and one of our great central defenders. For that he was deservedly heaped with praise & adulation(and paid a very handsome salary).

As a manager he made a total balls up of the job. He caused so much damage during his time in charge that many fans still feel anger and resentment towards the man.

That, I'm afraid, is life at the top. Big money, high praise when things go well but big criticism when things go wrong. I have given Gareth a huge amount of stick about his decisions during his time as manager and feel perfectly entitled to do so.

Having said that I would never be abusive towards the bloke.

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 17:42
Southgate bashing

Easy without sounding disrespectful to southgate, but the way he approached games, his formations/tactics/subs/team talk, whatever way you want to put it, he was useless as a manager, probably in my time as a Boro fan the worst ever manager,nothing to do with lack of respect I'm afraid.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 17:44
Southgate bashing

If £35m, a progressive youth set-up, as well as still having a few decent players at your disposal after shedding a few big-earners, and god knows how much on wages, isn't enough then we have no hope at all.

He had money, he just didn't spend it wisely.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:45
Southgate bashing

The worst manager ever, that managed to keep us in the top flight, in both his maiden, and his second season as a manager, until the rug was pulled from underneath him, and the cost of the golf course truly hit home....

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/07/2010 17:46
Southgate bashing

You prefer to blame a golf course for our relegation rather than the ineptitude of the manager?!

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 17:46
Southgate bashing

Come on Easy, don't cheapen yourself with that kind of nonsense.

'It wasn't Southgate's fault, it was the golf course...'

It's weak.

Space_Face Posted on 18/07/2010 17:47
Southgate bashing

You are right about his first 2 seasons Easy, but he spent £20m on Alves, Digard & Emnes in 2008 (hardly having the rug pulled) and we paid the price in his 3rd season. He did have enough resources to keep us up but failed with terrible player judgement.

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 17:49
Southgate bashing

He had taken a team over from McLaren, each season he bought & sold players when in his 3rd season his comments were 'this is now my team judge me on it' and yes we did.

And I'll say again, the worst ever manager in my time as a Boro fan, I started going in 1970

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 18/07/2010 17:50
Southgate bashing

Southgate was given more that enough resorces to keep the club in the Premier league. He just made a long list of poor decisions. He was out of his depth and should have walked earlier.

I can't understand why would anyone would think that he sould not be critisized for this.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:50
Southgate bashing

That's taking my words very literally lads. What I am saying is that there was a definite change in policy come summer 08. We sold lots of experienced pro's and Southgate wasn't given the funds to replace them. In January 08 Lamb told us that along with Alves we had lodged bids for Wagner Love and Fred! Not as plan B signings but to come in alongside the goal machine!! Where did that money go? I've just had Deja Vu...

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 17:51
Southgate bashing

Easy... You say alves was awful.... You quoted stats on players

Look at his stats. Alves was the best striker we had. He was the most successful striker we had at the time. And southgate dropped hi.

I agree he was $hite but he was the best we had. It took until the last few games of the season for Tuncay to overtake him and he played every week.

I am sure if Alves played 90 mins week in week out he would have been the top scorer that year.

In fact if mid Nd Alves had played week in week out we would have scored more goals. But Southgate fell out with both and they both gave up on the club. It is not the players fault if they are dropped.

As for fans I gave and still give the team the best support I can. For 30 years I have been paying to watch and support them and I have never booed any player wearing a boor shirt. And I never would.

As a fan I did everything I could the season we got relegated and next year I will be doing the same.

Southgate is history. As a player I have loads of respect for him. As a manager sorry he was woeful.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 18/07/2010 17:52
Southgate bashing

Southgate wasted our academy ... we lost Downing, Johnson and Cattermole thanks to him.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 17:52
Southgate bashing

There may have been a change in policy but he still had enough of a budget to work with.

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/07/2010 17:53
Southgate bashing

There was probably a change of policy because he'd XXXXXXed most of the money up the wall already! If Gibbo says the golf course is a positive thing for the club then that's good enough for me.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:54
Southgate bashing

Made 20 million plus Genghis! Gibbo could have refused to sell them. I wonder why he didn't...

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 18/07/2010 17:54
Southgate bashing

At the top of any high profile profession you get well paid and take the praise when you've earned it and take the stick when it's due.

I don't see why he should not get stick for what he did to our club?

zorro_mfc Posted on 18/07/2010 17:57
Southgate bashing

Now who is re writing history, I think the majority on here have given their opinions on him in a fair balance way so for you to blame the golf course is a bit simplistic.

His main failing was in mf where he shipped out key players and never replaced them as another poster has said the way he treated boateng left a lot to be desired as well.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 17:58
Southgate bashing

Easy.. It was him and Gibson that phuqed up. Some people on here blame Gibson. Me I blame southgate.

Not the fans or the players but Southgate.

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 17:58
Southgate bashing

"Gibbo could have refused to sell them. I wonder why he didn't..."

Erm, because after relegation there was no choice?

Who brought about that relegation?

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 17:58
Southgate bashing

As I say, to take what I've said in that manner is being very pedantic...

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:00
Southgate bashing

No choice on selling Cattermole? No choice on Johnson? Downing has been wanting away for 3 years so that was inevitable at some point regardless of relegation.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 18/07/2010 18:00
Southgate bashing

He had nothing to do with them coming through the ranks... so he can't take credit for money on those sales.

Downing went backwards under Southgate, Cattermole was sold off too quick and Johnson wasn't used when he should have been and as a consequence allowed his contract to run out.

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 18:02
Southgate bashing

Did Gibbo/Lamb buy Emnes/Diggard/Mido/Hoyte/Alves/DGL?

Not to mention offering Bates a 4 year contract, before his injury mind, and then state he is the most important signing of the summer, fhs

I don't think it's a case of southgate bashing, it's all about opinions, similar to Boro fans stating they didn't want Mowbray to manage us, who is also a Boro legend & on a par with southgate, IMHO

viv_andersons_nana Posted on 18/07/2010 18:04
Southgate bashing

Southgate got rid of Cattermole, Morrison and Turnbull.

He got rid of Downing by way of taking us down a league.

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 18/07/2010 18:06
Southgate bashing

There were plenty of clubs with less money than boro who stayed up that season.

Only a total buffoon would defend Southgate the manager.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:07
Southgate bashing

[:D] Downing went backwards yet had his best season as a pro under Southgate? Good times Genghis...

Wheater_Walks_On_Water Posted on 18/07/2010 18:08
Southgate bashing

Saying that he was an absolutely hopeless manager is not bashing him, it's just stating fact.

What annoys me is that he talks a hell of a game when he is a pundit however he could not put it into practice.

As for him being considered for the England job, surely that's a joke isn't it?

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:08
Southgate bashing

I'm pretty sure Lamb is the man to look at where contracts are concerned...

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 18/07/2010 18:08
Southgate bashing

Downings last season was poor by his standards.

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 18:10
Southgate bashing

Downing went backwards yet had his best season as a pro under Southgate? Good times Genghis...

How the hell did he have his best season, he never even scored a goal for us did he?

Southgate was a complete joke as a manager, to start the thread is one thing to keep defending the manager is another, noone is questioning him as a captain or a player.

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 18/07/2010 18:11
Southgate bashing

There seems to be two schools of thought on this subject:

* Everyone in the world of football, fans and professionals alike, think Southgate was a dreadful manager.

* 'Easy' thinks he was a good manager. [ref]

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:12
Southgate bashing

He scored 10 the season before. Southgate was the manager. Am I missing something?

Wheater_Walks_On_Water Posted on 18/07/2010 18:14
Southgate bashing

As I said on the other thread, Easy either knows absolutely nothing about football or he didn't see Boro play under his management.

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 18:15
Southgate bashing

Downing went backwards yet had his best season as a pro under Southgate? Good times Genghis...

I assume you meant the relegation season, then if so, how has he improved if he scores 10 one season and zero the following season, just doesn't add up.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 18/07/2010 18:18
Southgate bashing

"Downing went backwards yet had his best season as a pro under Southgate? Good times Genghis... "

His best season was McClaren's last... he was unstoppable at times, especially in Europe... by the time he departed he looked a shadow of that player.

Wheater_Walks_On_Water Posted on 18/07/2010 18:19
Southgate bashing

Easy, you have got well over a ton now matey don't you think it's about time you stopped trying to defend him as a manager as it is now a little embarrassing.

walo Posted on 18/07/2010 18:20
Southgate bashing

southgate one of the best players we av ever had alas he is also the worst manager we have ever had too

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:22
Southgate bashing

Dont contibute to the thread then, Wheater. Okay mate [^]

Downing was superb the season before we were relegated. He was top scorer and created loads. Tuncay went as far as to say he was the best player he'd played with.

Downing had one bad season under Southgate, and every player will go through a season like that once in their careers...

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 18:25
Southgate bashing

Downing had one bad season under Southgate, and every player will go through a season like that once in their careers...

Again down to the manager, as has been mentioned why the hell didn't he rest him and play Johnson, because the bloke just didn't have a clue.

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 18/07/2010 18:25
Southgate bashing

I agree with Wheater. You have gone from making an interesting initial point to making a fool of yourself, trying to defend the indefensible. [:I]

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/07/2010 18:25
Southgate bashing

I remember Downing ripping a top Italian international a new un when we played Lazio (possibly Oddo?).......he was a shadow of that player when he left. Not saying that was anybodies fault inparticular, who knows what happened to him, just calling it as i see it.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:28
Southgate bashing

I think the point of the thread has been made. No one is denying that Southgate made mistakes. He was far from perfect in his 3 years. The abuse he gets on this board whenever he makes a T.V appearance, or does a column in the paper, or is mentioned in the media in anyway is what brought this thread on.

Wheater_Walks_On_Water Posted on 18/07/2010 18:29
Southgate bashing

It's your blind faith in him and the fact that you can't see that he was a crap manager that is a bit strange.

There again I think Taylor is the best left back at the club.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 18:30
Southgate bashing

Why didn't he play Johnson full stop.

Man city play jinky on the right. Why didn't southgate?

Because he had no idea.

A good thread for a ton but its had it's time now.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:32
Southgate bashing

He did play Johnson on the right, and all Johnson got on this board was abuse. Up until last season of course. Then everyone had always knew Johnson was brilliant...

Sitrep Posted on 18/07/2010 18:33
Southgate bashing

You get 1st prize in the most pointless and underserving of a Ton thread

And I have noted that Gareth’s Bitch has the most posts on his own thread, never the less, fully deserving of this Title.

Wheater_Walks_On_Water Posted on 18/07/2010 18:33
Southgate bashing

However I must congratulate you for sticking by your guns[^]

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:35
Southgate bashing

Thanks Sitrep... Just what I always wanted [^]

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 18:36
Southgate bashing

I said jinky was crap.. No where near as good as downing. I still think that's true but he should have played...

How many games did he play in that season.... Not many from memory even though we had no one on the right. And if he did play he came off the bench or was subbed off early.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:38
Southgate bashing

Johnson made a total of 33 league and cup appearances in the 08-09 season.

junouk Posted on 18/07/2010 18:41
Southgate bashing

I expected that to be 10 or so... So I stand corrected.

I have accepted I am wrong now its your turn :)

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 18:42
Southgate bashing

About what?

glover_elbow Posted on 18/07/2010 18:52
Southgate bashing

the only person to blame for southgates sullied reputation with the fans is gareth southgate. the constant spin and post match bull shyte that came from his mouth was an insult to the fans. that offended me as much as the on field dross. added to this his failure to the decent thing and put the clubs interests before his own that s why he is disrespected so much

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 19:02
Southgate bashing

150 odd posts & glover_elbow you have probably hit the nail on the head, spot on[^]

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 19:06
Southgate bashing

A few posters have 'hit the nail on the head' but Glover's not one of them...

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 19:09
Southgate bashing

We've hit 159 posts and I would think 150 odd would agree with him, don't think any will side with your comments TBH.

Easy Posted on 18/07/2010 19:12
Southgate bashing

I think the fundamental point I was making has been accepted by plenty of posters on this thread, erimus. Maybe you should try reading it to see for yourself. Whether people agree with the reasons behind the clubs failure is another matter, but this thread was and still is a call to stop all the petty, malicious abuse that Southgate recieves on this board. I think that is a point most would agree with...

erimus74 Posted on 18/07/2010 19:23
Southgate bashing

People have ago at Gibson fhs, and look what he has done for the club, Mclaren likewise, even Slaven has come under the hammer, it is what football is all about, opinions, take it or leave it we won't change it, but to bang on for over 160 threads on why we shouldn't call southgate is a bit tiresome tbh, my opinion, for what it's worth, is he took the queens silver wasted it big style and now faces the consequences, UTB

BrucieRiochsRedAndWhiteArmy Posted on 19/07/2010 14:40
Southgate bashing

Where's my prize for predicting a century? [smi]

Metroman Posted on 19/07/2010 14:50
Southgate bashing

Ironically he still may turn out to be the right manager at the right time.

Whether it was planned or not getting relegated and clearing out all those expensive dud signings was a blessing.

I think we will start this season financially stronger and with more potential than the bottom half of the premership.

appletonlesmog Posted on 19/07/2010 14:54
Southgate bashing

Louise Taylor of the Grauniad still won't let him go! It'll be a long time before she gets over him, I reckon.

Some of the comments on this article from Boro fans make far better reading than the article itself...

Link: Louise loves Gareth