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rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 14:42
Why is Boro special to you?

We had a fans panel meeting at the Riverside after the end of what everyone agreed and agrees is was a poor, poor disappointing season. A lost season perhaps.

Anyway, a lot was discussed about things that have improved off the field and things that haven't.

At the end of the meeting we were asked to think through a few questions. The idea was to take the responses and feed them to the executive of MFC.

The key question is what would say makes Boro special to you? And what would you say were Boro's values?

If we understand each other's values then decision making should become clearer for us and for the club.

So why is Boro special to you? What would you say were Boro's values?

markofdboro Posted on 27/05/2010 14:43
Why is Boro special to you?

this will be fun

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 14:44
Why is Boro special to you?

I can tell you a few answers we came up with - but I'll leave it open for the moment.

Critical_Bill Posted on 27/05/2010 14:45
Why is Boro special to you?

The club have detached themselves from the fans after revelling in the Premiership and Sky money. It's backfired on them now, hasn't it?

MarlonD Posted on 27/05/2010 14:45
Why is Boro special to you?

Its special in the school type of way.

BarnesBoroFC Posted on 27/05/2010 14:46
Why is Boro special to you?

I was born here. My parents were born here. My grand-parents were born here. {edit - I forgot the greatgrandparents, though I don't know if all were}
The chain is going to end though.

Oh you mean the club: It's special in the way it can affect the overall mentality of a Town. Sometimes it can be uplifting, sometimes it can be one more thing to feel down about, whilst living on Teesside.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 14:47
Why is Boro special to you?

Doesn't sound like a "special" relationship then.

This is a small part of a process to re-write those perceived wrongs (It will also help me with my homework I have to hand in tomorrow).

Piggy Posted on 27/05/2010 14:48
Why is Boro special to you?

It isnt. It's just the place where my team plays.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 14:49
Why is Boro special to you?

The chain might be breaking but is Boro important in tying you in to "home." etc. You might have to move away but does the football club important in making Teesside/Boro still feel like home?

samuel_lee Posted on 27/05/2010 14:49
Why is Boro special to you?

Unfortunately I was born in the town, so that is why I support them. However, they cetainly not special to me ...just have a habit of annoying me.
As for "Boro's values" [cr]

Critical_Bill Posted on 27/05/2010 14:50
Why is Boro special to you?

Barnes, are you a jaffa?

ridsdale Posted on 27/05/2010 14:53
Why is Boro special to you?

The diversity and tolerance.

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 14:53
Why is Boro special to you?

Surely mr Bauser, what makes Boro special to us is the same sort of thing that makes all clubs special to their fans.

Watching a team that tries and wins is what i would like about the club. Some decent scran would cheer me up, something that wouldn't clog my arteries or make my teeth fall out would be a start.

RedcarBlock53 Posted on 27/05/2010 14:57
Why is Boro special to you?

Agree with Bill. There's no connection between the club and the supporters. We are just an inconvience since skys money ruined football

BarnesBoroFC Posted on 27/05/2010 14:58
Why is Boro special to you?

I'm probably not the best person to ask. It was always there, but I wasn't THAT interested. However when I moved away to live in Manchester for 7 years. It was a way of staying connected to the town and family (had a season ticket next to my older brother). I have my ex-flat mate to thank for that aswell.
When I was living in Oz, I would read this board to get an idea of how the town was doing along with the club. I still do.

I guess it's a bit like when people go abroad and become the stereotypical englishman.

WTF is a jaffa?

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 14:58
Why is Boro special to you?

Many people that post on this board no longer live/work on Teesside - some perhaps were even born elsewhere. Yet you come on this board every day and still moan or every now and then gloat about "your" Boro.

So does Boro mean home for you?

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 15:00
Why is Boro special to you?

OK these are a few words some of us said..

• Home town
• Heart of the Community
• Local
• Uniqueness
• Pride in where you come from
• The view of the ‘lights’ as you come down the A19

Some might seem like small things but so what...

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 15:01
Why is Boro special to you?


Critical_Bill Posted on 27/05/2010 15:04
Why is Boro special to you?

Rob, you must have had 'cash cow' on your list.

Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 27/05/2010 15:06
Why is Boro special to you?

They're just MY team aren't they? There's nothing more you can really say. I used to absolutely love going to Ayresome with my Dad / Grandad and standing on the Holgate. Now there just isn't the same atmosphere. The club should be actively encouraging people like the Red Faction who are trying to do something about the stale, sterile atmosphere. But it seems they actually want to do the opposite.

The sit where you want idea behind The South Stand goal could and would work for a large number of the games next season. Obviously when teams bring large away support then the club would have to let fans know that it won't be an option but most teams last season must've brought around 500 or less...

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 15:06
Why is Boro special to you?

Cash cow for who exactly?

The fall in attendances last season was yet another downer for the local economy in Middlesbrough. Pub takings down massively in some cases, shop takings down again substantially for some retailers. Bad news all round.

iloveshortselling Posted on 27/05/2010 15:06
Why is Boro special to you?

It always seemed much classier than Bishop Auckland.

Parmos in a bun.

Air quality.

halifaxp Posted on 27/05/2010 15:10
Why is Boro special to you?

Boro is very special to me because I grew up in the area, Brotton to be exact, which is, and was, football-crazy. Our core values are the core values that I still try to live by, although I have not been able to find work in my home area since I left university and qualified as a teacher.

These values involve honest graft, and all people have to earn our respect( is entitled to respect simply because of their class, wealth or position in life). We are resilient as a community, despite having, through the years, been regularly forced to do the dirty work for the benefit of the nation, often without much financial reward coming our way.

We are proud enough not to care much that much of the rest of England thinks of itself as better than us. We are a people who are more open-hearted than any of the many communities I have experienced in my time away from home; we care about our community in a socialistic way (without the ideological prejudices) and we are happier pulling together than standing back and admiring the glories of individuals who happen to have found life easy. We also have a wonderful ability to laugh at life and at ourselves, which I have also rarely found in other areas of this kingdom.

All of these values need to apply to the football club, if it is to earn the right to represent us. We want effort and honesty in our players; we despise the players who think they are too good for us (despite the evidence of their actual performance for us); we expect the players to see the bigger picture and understand why their example matters to our young people. This is why Juninho and Barry Robson get it so right, and why we have no time for other players whose reputations exceed their worth.

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 15:12
Why is Boro special to you?

I agree completely about the atmosphere and the Red Faction thing. The club should be working their arses off to encourage that. The club is dying on it's arse and RF are the only ones who seem to be trying to do anything about it. And who didn't laugh at 'Trophy Virgins'?

A lick of paint and a good clean of the ground would be a good idea for the new season to try and inspire the rest of us.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 15:12
Why is Boro special to you?

Parmos in a bun were introduced after supporters asked for them in numbers. Lots of other changes were made on the concourses as a result of supporter request - the results were sales rocketed last season.

It might seem obvious to ask the fans what they want to eat but it seems no one had thought of it before and clubs have been coming and looking for themselves to see why Boro is suddenly selling far more food.

At the recent supporters/club meeting someone asked for half pints to be introduced. No half measures.

Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 27/05/2010 15:14
Why is Boro special to you?

The Parmo in a buns from the van near the railway crossing / cinema are top notch. [^]

ItalianJob Posted on 27/05/2010 15:15
Why is Boro special to you?

Born and raised in Boro.
Boro are my team.

Quite simple really. Middlesbrough isn't the most glamorous place in the world but it's home so it's always gonna be special, and this is coming from someone who has travelled a fair bit in the past 20 years.

Whether the team are good/crap shouldn't play a part in it, you are either a supporter or you're not (not a fan, that's a completely different thing altogether??)

Piggy Posted on 27/05/2010 15:15
Why is Boro special to you?

Are we talking club or town? Town means nothing to me, although I am from Norton. The only thing I think that set the club apart from any other smallish town team for a while was Gibbo's focus on the academy and his tendency to give his managers time, even if it was too much time. Thats gone now and we are no different from any other club of a similar size.

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 15:17
Why is Boro special to you?

Wise words halifax. Can we have some stirring music on in the background when we read that out?

Emmersons_BrazillianDong Posted on 27/05/2010 15:18
Why is Boro special to you?

Spot on that Halifaxp. [^]

The_same_as_before Posted on 27/05/2010 15:22
Why is Boro special to you?

Because as a 8 or 9yo with a few friends I could walk at 5.30pm from Berwick Hills over the White Bridge through Grove Hill then Albert Park into AP boys end. Watch a game that I did not really understand but the blokes in red represented me. I was part of the adult noisy world, and then walk home talking about some bloke called Dickie Rooks. At say 10pm without getting a bollaxing from my mam when I got home.

Cost no idea we squeezed in.


RedcarBlock53 Posted on 27/05/2010 15:23
Why is Boro special to you?

• The view of the ‘lights’ as you come down the A19

Always pretty special when you've been away awhile, also when you suddenly see all the lights after Eston on the a174

guyb Posted on 27/05/2010 15:23
Why is Boro special to you?

in the past century, it was Industry and trades that bonded this community together. As they have all gone west, and the new trades like call centers that replaced them are going the same way - the Boro is Teesside now, or the main and most recognizable representation of it to the country and wider world.

By associating with The Boro, you are associating with Teesside, Middlesbrough, the Tees and our lost heritage. Look at the training kit photos - it's not a mistake that the Steelworks are in the background. We should do more to build on this built-in heritage.

NedKat Posted on 27/05/2010 15:26
Why is Boro special to you?

Coming from beautiful Thornaby, Middlesbrough was always the "BIG" town to me, and visiting there seemed like a real awe inspriring treat. When me brother and I first went to Ayresome Park with me Dad, back in the 60's, it was a wonderful experience. I'd never seen so many people together at the same place, all to watch a football game. Growing up with the Boro, being old enough to go in the Holgate End, and walking home to Thornaby after watching the game since we spent the bus fare on a couple of Bovrils and a pie.

Middlesbrough is a great place to grow up, the people are warm and friendly, always willing to lend a hand accompanied with a sarcasist wit and a moan or two. I love the place, and can't wait to go back. The main reason I love it, is most definitely the people !

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 15:32
Why is Boro special to you?

Piggy the question was about The Boro rather than Middlesbrough the place.

Humbert_Humbert Posted on 27/05/2010 15:33
Why is Boro special to you?

no reason.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 27/05/2010 15:46
Why is Boro special to you?

I was brought up in Teesside, it's my local team. The buzz in the pub beforehand, the comradery, the expectation, the humour, the atmosphere at times.

That sums it up.

What cheeses me off about them, which is what they really should be asking is

1. They call themselves a community club then price a big chunk of the community out of watching them (not myself before you start carping). Shameful.
2. It takes ages to get into the ground if you haven't bought a ticket before the day of the match. More of a problem as the number of season ticket holders drops, which is now. Not everyone wants a season ticket (take note sasboro, ccole etc.).
3. Over zealous stewarding.

Humbert_Humbert Posted on 27/05/2010 15:47
Why is Boro special to you?

in fact, they aren't special to me

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 27/05/2010 15:49
Why is Boro special to you?

Maybe not Humbert, but you're special to us.

Humbert_Humbert Posted on 27/05/2010 15:50
Why is Boro special to you?

well i dont know you, or anything about you, so i couldnt possible say if i find you special or not

TurnbullsCans Posted on 27/05/2010 15:52
Why is Boro special to you?

Rob, what is the motivation to them wanting to know what is special to Boro fans about Boro?

Call me cyncical but is there are plan for this information/images to form part of the advertising campaign for tickets and merchandise in a 'pull at the heart strings'-esque' fashion?

borolad259 Posted on 27/05/2010 15:52
Why is Boro special to you?

Like Halifax, my work has taken me away from the Boro since I was 18....and like him, I now live in a small West Yorkshire town.
I would agree with everything he said.

I would add that I used to be proud that the Chairman was "one of us". I'm afraid to say that I no longer get that impression...maybe that's because of his geographical location, or the reasons that he has chosen to be there, or the fact that the club chose to sack loyal workers in the name of saving money, when it was being profligately spent elsewhere.

I used to feel that the white band was ours...simply because it was instantly identifiable as Boro, wherever you might be in the world. The club's decision to abandon that, as well as what was a brilliantly simple and effective badge, were an indication that the pride of the fans in their brand was secondary to the drive for new shirt sales.

However, I still get the same tingle as I drive into the Boro and approach the Riverside. Recently, my work has involved looking at lots of great aerial footage of Teesside...I loved it.

I still love the dry humour, and the camaraderie. I think that the people of Middlesbrough are generally warm and welcoming to outsiders...perhaps because it has always been a place for outsiders.

I hope that the club maintains its community links, and keeps producing great talent in the academy. That sense that it's a club with Boro born/raised people at its heart is important. I hope that WGS' fondness for Scots that he knows doesn't feck that up.

sitheman Posted on 27/05/2010 15:54
Why is Boro special to you?

What makes Boro special to you?

Bit of a silly questions to ask really. Boro are special to me becuase they are the team I support. All other reasons are irrelevent really. They are special becuase they are the team I have invested years of my life and thousends of pounds following. I am local to the North east but see myself more as a Yorkshireman than a Teessider despite both my parents coming from Redcar and Middlesbrough.

What would you say were Boro's values?
Hand on heart I dont really think MFC have any values. I think they have quickly become lost in the money run, sky world of premiership football. They are not a family club as I think they do very little for families other than ticking the boxes in the right areas. They are not a working mans club as they appear to be activly discouraging the 'average' fan from attneding the riverside due to high prices and over ruling policing. They are not even really a local club as the market in Middlesbrough in my view is not the market Middlesbrough are trying to reach to.

I think the values question is the biggest one that the club need to ask themselves and once they have established that their valaues are then they should let the fans know and work towards them.

John67 Posted on 27/05/2010 16:01
Why is Boro special to you?

Borolad259: 'I still love the dry humour, and the camaraderie. I think that the people of Middlesbrough are generally warm and welcoming to outsiders...perhaps because it has always been a place for outsiders' That sounds like a big lovely place that you are describing but unfortunately your description is twaddle. When I come home some of the things I notice are the casual racism and homophobia and general hatred for outsiders (that includes outsiders from perhaps a mile away). I have brought mates up and they are too scared to open their mouths in the town centre in case they get battered. The town is full of chavs as are the estates. I come home to see family and to get to a few matches in the season but lets be honest your description is of a Boro of your imagination not of reality

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 16:02
Why is Boro special to you?

I definitely see the white band as being Boro, and agree we should always have that to make us stand apart. Historically, yes, it wasn't there before 1974, or whenever, but it makes the shirt different from the others, and i like it.

I like the edginess, the friendliness, the humour and the moaning.

MightyDuck Posted on 27/05/2010 16:02
Why is Boro special to you?

i dont think you realise how special the club are to you until you speak with people who 'follow' Man Utd etc. they dont go and dont even know who they played at the weekend. you then regale them with your encyclopedic knowledge of Boro's entire season. thats when you know that they are special to you

You will also find during world cup years when the pres etc goes nuts about England and you think "i just hope Boro stay up" or "i'd rather see me son in a boro shirt than an england shirt any day"

What would be your preference, one game for Boro or one England cap?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 27/05/2010 16:03
Why is Boro special to you?

'I have brought mates up and they are too scared to open their mouths in the town centre in case they get battered.'

That goes back as far as I can remember. It's like any other town if you bump into the wrong people.

Critical_Bill Posted on 27/05/2010 16:03
Why is Boro special to you?

John67, you are describing any average town in the country

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 16:03
Why is Boro special to you?

These questions are being asked of the Boro staff (at all levels) as well as the fans. Hopefully we will realise we have a lot in common and share the same values etc. The idea is that this can become central to what the club is about. It isn't about an advertising campaign as such I don't think it is looking at what Boro represents to the fans and the club and fans thinking about which directions we should be going in etc?

"The aim of the discussion was to begin the process of identifying words, phrases or ideas that best reflect what fans feel about their club, what makes it special and what its true values and principles should be. If we are clear about what we stand for then we should be focusing on areas and taking decisions that reflect these values.

Not only that, but a clear set of values would ensure Boro have a clearer focus internally while also helping fans understand the decisions are always made in the best interests the Boro supporting community."

sitheman Posted on 27/05/2010 16:07
Why is Boro special to you?

The comment about changing the badge and the white band is spot on.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 16:12
Why is Boro special to you?

As far as I understand the white band was dropped because we changed to adidas too late in the year to specify our unique shirt. This date was when the Errea contract came up for renewal. But we now have far more leeway with adidas. The shop is going to be far more red and far less black'n'white this season.

John67 Posted on 27/05/2010 16:13
Why is Boro special to you?

Bill: I agree but some on here, particularly the ones that got away, see the Boro through rose tinted.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/05/2010 16:18
Why is Boro special to you?

One thing I detect from many of the replies is something fundamental the club needs to take on board.

There is a real divide that needs bridging. When the football club talk about raising more revenue from sales in the concourse or from more ticket sales with higher attendances they think that everyone supporters and club alike are pleased by this. The argument being every penny goes back to build the team etc.

I don't think many supporters see it this way. I think there needs to be big attention to this area again. I don't mean everything being stamped with official Boro etc and everything else seen as bootleg and anti-Boro - that is just terrible. I mean there needs to be a lot more work done in making us all feel part of Boro again.

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 16:23
Why is Boro special to you?

MAybe an underground car park for the players, so we aren't reminded how much they are all being paid as we meekly surrender at home to Plymouth or Blackpool, neither of whom will beat us this season.

Critical_Bill Posted on 27/05/2010 16:25
Why is Boro special to you?

This Bauser fella seems to have made the whole situation worse, doesn't he?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 27/05/2010 16:27
Why is Boro special to you?

Spot on.

We have a 30,000 stadium that's half empty, yet hundreds, if not thousands, can't afford to go.

Surely there's some pre-match price adjusting or tickets given away that will lift the club's standing locally.

Hospital and school visits are great, but the club's got to allow kids to see the players kick a ball too.

John67 Posted on 27/05/2010 16:28
Why is Boro special to you?

In regards to the fans relationship with the club, I think that the last 15 years were never going to be sustainable. All that glory for a medium sized club was great but as the prices rose it alienated the youngsters from the estates who were the most passionate and vocal section of fans. The only way to repair this relationship IMHO is to do half price tickets in certain ends with a dole card. The club need to realise that yes, although the more season ticket holders we have the more revenue, it is those core young supporters that can keep the club going through the bad times.

Critical_Bill Posted on 27/05/2010 16:30
Why is Boro special to you?

To be honest, if you are on the dole, football tickets should be at the bottom of your priority list.

RedcarBlock53 Posted on 27/05/2010 16:40
Why is Boro special to you?

God forbid we can actually have working class people in the riverside

John67 Posted on 27/05/2010 16:41
Why is Boro special to you?

Bill: As a young lad and being from an estate through the 1980's getting to the match was the main highlight. Many of us stayed in on Friday etc so we could get to the match ofton walking 3/4 miles to the ground and then singing our hearts out and then walking home afterwards. We felt that the club was ours.

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 16:55
Why is Boro special to you?

Well said Bill and Corcaigh[^]

GillZean Posted on 27/05/2010 17:14
Why is Boro special to you?

daniel poole

SKEELO Posted on 27/05/2010 18:14
Why is Boro special to you?

If and When The Boro start to do well on the pitch the stay away supporters will come back i reckon, trouble is less fans at the present time equal less revenue the club has to spend on players, it's a catch 22 situation unless Gibbo blows a load of coin on quality to try and get the fans back, but has he got the cash ? i personally don't think he has. For sure we're on a downward spiral and wether we can start moving forward again i really don't know, that said i have got my season ticket again because regardless of where we are i'm a fan and i like to watch the team as often as possible home and away.

Why is Boro special to me ?

Cos i've had some fu**ing magic times follwing the Boro, my first taste of glory was going up via the play offs by beating Chelsea and the Wembley ZDS game. We've came along way since those days and obviously had great times with cup finals etc. Even run of the mill away games can be cracking days out if you're with good company or on your jack. I'm proud to be a Boro fan even at this present time and i'm proud to say i come from Middlesbrough the Town, lets not forget we nearly never had a club to support. So there you go, UP THE BORO AND F**K ALL YOU MOANING C**TS. [:D][^]

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 27/05/2010 18:50
Why is Boro special to you?

I don't want to sound cynical, but what will this achieve? What is it's point? Just that the organisation I work for had a series of seminars where staff were put into groups and aksed these sort of questions about the organisation we work for. Notes were made on flip charts and it was all a load of bulls**t. This sounds like typical marketing bulls**t designed to make us all feel better, but all it does is flatter to deceive.

As for what the team means to me, they're my home town club. They're the team my dad supported and the team he took me to watch. I wouldn't want it any other way.

As for summat unique. How many other football fans can say they've seen their team win its first major trophy?

Jan_uary Posted on 27/05/2010 19:02
Why is Boro special to you?

A Teessider born and bred I've lived away a long time now, but always think of it as being

Oops! don't know what happened here, but not typing it all again1

r00fie Posted on 27/05/2010 19:04
Why is Boro special to you?

Middlesbrough means:

*The hairs on the back of your neck bristling, when the Cleveland hills come in sight from the East coast main line, going north.

*Knowing we are real fans and not hangers on, like certain "big" club fans!

*Getting rat faced on trains because there are two Boro fans together on one train!

*Our red band!

*We`re more than a football team! We are TEESSIDE!

UP THE BORO!!!![:X][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 27/05/2010 19:07
Why is Boro special to you?

"Our red band!"

Is that the red band on a red shirt that we had for the best part of 100 years before someone changed it to a white band? Maybe you're typing this from a train while you're rat-faced? [;)]

r00fie Posted on 27/05/2010 19:08
Why is Boro special to you?

Hello deary, you know what i mean[rle][:X][:D]

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 27/05/2010 19:14
Why is Boro special to you?

A lesser man would have edited his post and hoped he'd got away with it! And you knew that I knew that you knew I knew what you mean, I think...

r00fie Posted on 27/05/2010 19:19
Why is Boro special to you?

Not me, im far too modest to boast that im perfect and never make a mistake[^][:D]

could_it_be Posted on 27/05/2010 20:23
Why is Boro special to you?

Boro aren't particularly special to me anymore it's just memories.

memories of ayresome park and of 1986 when i first started going to the boro match regularly with the lads i just started senior school with or my older brothers.

there's no sense of ownership now for the fans but it's not just boro it's football as a whole, blame Sky and Hillsborough (read sheffield police). Standing sections should be allowed again (not an unreasonable notion for most of the modern stadiums); a more reasoned pricing structure to accommodate kids, students and the retired, company subsidised tickets (probably pipedream now big industry is dead on teesside); local fayre at the concessions (petch's pies, lemon tops in the summer!, and hold a shotgun to the head of whoever has the recipe for upex pies); yes, the white band and yes to either of the two previous boro badge's to the current amateurish monstrosity; players with club cars not flaunting their audi r8's in the face sof people who struggle to find the cash to take the family to the riverside; in short like the previous poster said rebuild the bridges between club and community and stop treating us, the fans with contempt.

leroy Posted on 27/05/2010 20:29
Why is Boro special to you?

Boro is special to me because:

- you can get a pint for under 2.50
- you here the word 'mete' and feel right at ease
- you can eat a dish of 5000 calories after a night on the beer and its ok[^]
- i have a XXXXXX job i hate and my team make me forget all that, even by scoring one goal or one bit of skill it makes me happy

expat_smoggie Posted on 27/05/2010 20:46
Why is Boro special to you?

Rob, even though I moved out sometime ago, I still love the place, the drive into Teesside is paricularly exilerating-- goodness knows why-- the nostalgia of the whole area, Roseberry Topping, Guisborough Town markets, Transporter Bridge, Terry Cochrane on the wing, playing for Wilton ICI juniors with Kenny Giles, and those crazy summer nights when I was at school-- which I remember most-- back then Boro were an average outfit-- so nothing much has changed you might say...Roseberry Topping is still there-- thank goodness, as is the Teesside can't beat that, and the wonderful people of Teesside. I hate to dwell on the negatives-- hell we still have a football team which produces England players of excellent quality-- be thankful for living in a great part of England-- there's far worse places-- I should know I'm in one right now!! What I would give now for a nice piece (or maybe 2) of battered Whitby cod, and cool pint of larger to wash it down-- then maybe a trip to the Southern Cross to eye the talent.[:P]

Humpty Posted on 27/05/2010 21:05
Why is Boro special to you?

*fans have asked for more leniancy in the stands for the past few years... we get excuses from our own club.

*let us create an atmosphere...more opposition from our own club.

*they change the badge without any input from the fans.

standards Posted on 27/05/2010 22:46
Why is Boro special to you?

same as John 67,and Could it be, going to the match again without being asked for my postcode, or if sir would like a Boro credit card, or if i have any opinion onions on flipchart Boro feedback, jeezus, business media student tastic...cack.

Easy Posted on 27/05/2010 22:53
Why is Boro special to you?

Whatever special relationship I used to have for the club as a whole, has all but gone. We are fed lies and propaganda by the Chairman and the Chief Exec. It's ruined the way I feel about the club entirely.

standards Posted on 27/05/2010 22:59
Why is Boro special to you?

post removed, it was pants anyway.

grantus Posted on 27/05/2010 22:59
Why is Boro special to you?

Although I love the Boro as it represents home and the people and places I love, the football club has done a great job of completely alienating itself from so many people, myself included in so many ways. By it's public relations blunders, by treating the supporters like idiots, by hiring absolutely pathetic players in that they most certainly do not represent the character of the people of teesside and we are embarrased to have them represent us. Then paying them more in a week than the majority in teesside earn in a year.

Teesside = strong, resilient, proud, determined, fearless.

The club could do far worse than thinking of those 5 words before signing ANY player for Middlesbrough Football Club.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 27/05/2010 23:03
Why is Boro special to you?



grantus Posted on 27/05/2010 23:06
Why is Boro special to you?

and could_it_be, bang on mate [^]

LeitrimBoro Posted on 27/05/2010 23:29
Why is Boro special to you?

"Company Values" "Mission Statement"
I normally switch off when the new "buzz" words are spouted but here goes.

Boro are special because of the memorys, good and bad. The promotions. The cup runs. Oxford match. Big John Hickton living near Thornaby Road. Big Jack. John Neal. Away days. Squeezes. Derby matches. Beeline coaches. Taking your son to his first match. Hartlepool following the locking of the gates. Opening of the Riverside. Cardiff.

The relegations. Nearly going out of existance. Conceding goals in the last minute. The heartfelt loss at Man City in the FLC at Maine Rd. Being locked out at Elland Rd. Wembley. Millionare footballers. The club refusing to let my 18 month old son in at the Riverside because he didn`t have a ticket.
The club and fans have grown apart. We were taken for granted. That p****s people off.
The cash cow has dried up and the club have finally woken up.
No doubt committees will be formed, working parties instructed. Drafts and statements written.
Gibson has a hell of a job to try and gain my respect again.

standards Posted on 27/05/2010 23:47
Why is Boro special to you?

I would partially agree with Corcaigh, but tickets for free I would not agree with, tickets for a fiver yes, and at the same time do not charge season ticket holders for 2 or 3 games in the season, instead, offer them the opportunity of paying a fiver for a ticket, or any contribution they may wish to make, but promote 2 or 3 home games as "Red Army Games" sell tickets any way imaginable until they are all sold, pick up the tempo, encourage full vocal support of the team and stop all chat of incentives, bring a friend, Boro FC does not need sales, or selling, it is bigger than that, get it on, 1 ticket 1 person, no rocket science sales, queue if you have to, sit anywhere if you have to, ignore all whiners, for the good and benefit of the Club, get on with it, pick up the tempo.

HolgateCorner Posted on 27/05/2010 23:50
Why is Boro special to you?

some very good posts on here from people who have answered the question but I particularly love the ones that indicate they couldn't care less about the boro, the area or anything, yet they live hundreds if not thousands of miles away and just have to post their disinterest on the fmttm board.

They definitely have a bond with the Boro and Teesside that is too deep for them to even confront![^]

outmac Posted on 28/05/2010 00:10
Why is Boro special to you?

I don't live on Teesside but have supported
the club all my life and the club are special to me.
Have met some great folks over
the years some of which are now good friends
(which would'nt have happened but for following The Boro')
What is special is the club , it's history
and the fans. The love affair has waned
over the past few years but then that's true
of football in general but I'll always go .
I save up to pay for my season ticket each year
but it does make you sick with the
mercenaries we've had at the club milking
it dry , Mido and his white Rolls Royce to
name but one . The club have lost touch with
us fans and a lot of bridge building to do
and not just when they want our season ticket
cash. There does not appear to be a challenge
to the club . Tees/Brownlee tow the line
with Gibson/Lamb's PR slots .
I enjoyed 3 games last season QPR away ,
Newcastle at home and the Bobby Robson charity game .
Gibson says the club belongs to the community .
Well the community needs to
feel wanted , not taken for granted .
The Boro' can bring a tear to your eye , a
lump in your throat , happy , sad and angry.
Next season is vital both on and off the
pitch , will we be happy , hope so .
The club needs the fans , The Riverside
needs an atmosphere .

WoodallServices Posted on 28/05/2010 01:34
Why is Boro special to you?

Boro's special to me because I was born and bred here the people are fantastic and funny as fcuk, I've suppoted the team all my life through thick and thin...usually thin. Oh and the people of Boro wouldn't usually fall for this smarmy management speak b*lloks, of, cue smarmy voice, "Why is Boro special to you" or "What would say were Boro's values"!! Are you fcuking kidding us Rob?

VonBrock Posted on 28/05/2010 02:22
Why is Boro special to you?

I love the country side which is a bit ironic that we are famous for smog masters. Best countryside within 1 hours drive in the world. fact

junouk Posted on 28/05/2010 09:27
Why is Boro special to you?

I have not read all the thread so forgive me.

Boro are special to me from the first time my father took me to AP. I was excited for days knowing i was going to the game. I was around 10 years old.

We then went to a number of games year on year, at 15 I started going to every game with my frind and his dad in the boys end.

Then liquidation. We stood as one, fans board and players. To bring the club together. This was the first time i thought I would lose my club. Apart from beagrie we all worked to make the club work. the ride from then to now has been fantastic.

It ruins my weekend when we lose. when we win I am over the moon. Middlesbrough Football Club has been my life, days off work to go away, changing shifts to watch games, I even stopped playing just to watch them every Saturday.

I took my son to his first game aged about 8 he is now 15. We both have a ST now and I cant see anyreason why we wont have one.

On the downside, the club are now doing eveerything they can to stop the fans getting behind the club, the treatment from this side and I have spoken to the club there side of the red faction is againt everything i want from a football club.

I want people to come and watch the game sit together and support the team. Standing has stopped most of the atmosphere but games like Liverpool (Branca game) and the EUFA games have created the best atmoshpere I have experianced at any ground.

The match day experiance NOW is awful. I blame the club.

The club need to get the fans back on track. I fear this is to late. The club have taken me for granted and every other boro fan. now they need us and people have had enough. They have lost a whole generation of fans. The old school have now walked away. new fans are looking at this and they have nothing to bring them to the ground anymore. No atmosphere and a poor team. Our expectations are high due the the last 20 years, and I fear they will never deliver.

Nero Posted on 28/05/2010 09:35
Why is Boro special to you?

Boro is my local team and as a result one that I'd support.

Strictly speaking, I may have become a dirty Newcastle fan, as I was born up there and the old man is a big Geordie fan.

However, as fate would have it, the parents split when I was young and he didn't have a chance to influence me regarding footy.

The older brother did and he was a big Boro fan.

My first game was a 2 - 0 win against Huddersfield at Ayresome Park. I was sh*t scarred being in The Holgate at first.

I still vividly remember Slaven scoring the second from the spot in front of us.

Happy times. Football seems another sport since those days.

Smoggy_in_Wilts Posted on 28/05/2010 09:44
Why is Boro special to you?

Moved to Boro when I was 5 and was a southener and moved away 35 years ago when I was 10. However Boro imprinted itself in my soul. As a kid I remember the beautiful countryside around the moors, but also the excitement of the industrial areas, the flares, the smoke and the transporter bridge.
I remember first being interested in football and supporting my local team, even though my Dad supported Leeds. I have remained loyal to Boro since then, I can't get to home matches as distance and time are big factors, but do enjoy showing my support more locally. The club should not forget that people have moved around the country, and all I have met are still loyal to the club. This is because of the unique spirit of people from the area. Yes it is a small unfashionable area with many economic problems, but we are the sort of people who support the underdog, enjoy and endure the constant rollercoaster that supporting Boro entails.
We enjoy the giant killing episodes against the bigger clubs and the thrill of some of the big name signings, but appreciate players who show the character and determination that epitomises people from the area. We want to support the players that we can relate to, who have the same backgrounds as ourselves and don't rub it in our faces with a poor attitude and large salary. We object to the club treating us as any other customer, we want to be part of the club, to be treated with respect and in return we will show our support. We can be cynical and if treated badly we will cease to show our support. The club need to nuture its fans and potential fans by encouraging attendance and rebuilding the atmosphere within the ground and the area.

jannizart Posted on 28/05/2010 09:44
Why is Boro special to you?

Rob, my first visit to the Riverside was for the charity match and as I was about to see the pitch for the first time my friend pointed out that is is something you will remember. There was a sort of magicical feel to it. It was pretty much empty but it had a good feel to it. The red faction were great and I was taken aback by their enthusiasm and determination to make it a good day. The fans were looking forward to seeing the players emerge onto the pitch and a big cheer went up when they did. The players looked so pleased to be there, big beaming smiles on their faces and they ran their socks off to score the winning goal. There were injuries but they got back on their feet and ran it off. They applauded the fans when theywent off at half time and despite being shattered at full time they responded to our cries for a penalty shoot out and came back onto the pitch. These players were there because they wanted to be there. They weren't being payed vast amounts of money in fact they had paid to play. I saw flashes back to the old Ayresome days that Sunday and I think maybe therein lies the difference between a team of enthusiastic amateurs paying to be there and a team of professionals who sometimes look as if they have to turn up because they are being paid to do so.

could_it_be Posted on 28/05/2010 09:59
Why is Boro special to you?

some really good posts here i think. maybe not the kind of responses the club were expecting or in the terms they were expecting them but if it opens an honest dialogue between the fans and the club then that has to be a positive thing (AS LONG AS THE CLUB TAKE NOTICE AND ACTIONS AS APPROPRIATE)

sorry to bang on about liquidation but i believe that was the catalyst for bonding the club and the fans together as tightly as any club can claim to have been. the combination of that threat and a team with a high percentage of local lads and the feeling that it had been a team effort in saving the club was really something special. as mentioned before that's been ruined now and the club's perceived domineering of local media is not welcomed by the independent spirit of teessiders. you might not agree with bernie or whoever but it's not on to gag them, it doesn't make for healthy or productive growth.

i'd agree the stewards need reining in big time, they really need ome training in crowd control or communication skills. i'd also love to see the club have spent less money on an exclusive hotel golf course and instead invest some on a really nice social type club very close to the ground that could accomodate loads of fans before the game. such a place could be a focal point for signings, unveiling kits, fan forums, you name it. it would be abrilliant match day experience to turn up somewhere like this grab a bite to eat, few pints, watch some vintage boro matches or have some live music and general get a buzz going before off to the match. then back to the place after the game to celebrate a win or drown your sorrows with the lads.

listen up Gibbo, the fans are speaking here!

let's get it back on track.

Jon77 Posted on 28/05/2010 10:00
Why is Boro special to you?

Why is Boro special to me ?

Because it is home simple as that. I have been fortunate enough in my life so far to travel the world and see what it has to offer. I have seen Africa, Asia and Australia but nothing can match that feeling of coming home, of seeing Roseberry Toppong looming on the horizon and then the town itself. I love the people of Middlesbrough, no nonsense tell you as it is type people, no bull****ing and snobishness that is so common in many other parts, I think I only feel truely relaxed when in a pub before Boro home game.

It started for my in the mid 80's at Ayresome. Can still rember that first night match, walkign to the ground, seeing the floodlights and the atmosphere building. Then finally walking up the back of the stand and seeing the greenest possible grass lit brightly by 4 large floolights, I was hooked totally from that moment. I loved everything about it, the smell of the smoke and the oxo the shouting.

The club has lost part of it's soul moving to the riverside, but it can be a great place if the club would only reconnect with the fans again and show some respect which has been missing these last few years.

GillZean Posted on 28/05/2010 10:06
Why is Boro special to you?

Well said, could it be[^]

Piggy Posted on 28/05/2010 10:09
Why is Boro special to you?

Now that I know that its the club and not the town we are talking about, Boro is special just because they are my team. I dont think that there is anything unique or different about us though. Same as any other club is special to its fans.

I've a history with them and its better watching football when you care about the result.

speckyget Posted on 28/05/2010 10:14
Why is Boro special to you?

I was taken to Ayresome from the age of six by my Dad and his brothers. Years later, Dad's gone, and one of the uncles, and I'm taking my daughter to the Riverside. For me it's a tenuous thread to the lost parts of your life. One day, I hope it'll have the same resonance for the youngster when I've shuffled off this mortal coil.

Apart from that, given that for real supporters your team is about the last thing where there's no consumer choice, I think we're lucky to be Boro fans. A club run by people with integrity, who insist on decent standards of behaviour, who are involved because of passion for the club. No dodgy dealings, no stock market pressure, no scally players and no trading the club and its future like some toxic derivative. When people ask me who I support I'm proud to tell them.

Esteban Posted on 28/05/2010 10:16
Why is Boro special to you?

Cause it's a football team up here that you can watch with people who talk normal. Like you and me. [:o)]
Seriously though, erm it should be the only club kids from the area would want to watch, but a lot of my younger mates from boro follow liverpool or chelsea! Or even dirty dirty man u. This is a year where the buck stops: spend money on players and get the job done on the pitch or there may not be a club one day...

MAD_POG Posted on 28/05/2010 10:16
Why is Boro special to you?

The club needs to do something drastic but I fear they think that if they win a few games the fans will flood back.

I hope I am wrong but I think a lot of the fans who have walked away will not be back.

The drastic action I would take links with previous comments about the club losing a generation of fans.

Simply give a free Under 18's/unemployed/over 65 ticket with every season ticket until we are sold out.

It's a long term strategy as it may be 10 years before the young fans turn into paying fans but if we are a community club and especially in these economic times we have to do something drastic before the club dies.

MFC_Riverside Posted on 28/05/2010 10:19
Why is Boro special to you?

I think you can get the feeling from these replies that the club is too distant from the average working man. The club should be encouraging us to have the best atmosphere in the UK, nevermind sending letters to tell people to stop banging, charging an 18 year old £390 what ever quid into the North Stand... The club needs to get a spark between us, the people, the main income for the club.

Rob, tell Keith Lamb or whoever you see often that's high up to send letters to Red Faction that tells them to sing and jump up and down... Send letters to the Twe12thman letting them have an unreserved seating behind the North Stand goal... Nevermind all this 'why is boro special to you'. The club needs to go hand in hand with the fans, have votes on what strip to have and if Adidas can't do it, tell them to shove it and get Errea back if it means we can have a strip we want.

Come on Boro...[^][ref]

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/05/2010 10:48
Why is Boro special to you?

Very interesting indeed reading these comments. Can I say something drawn from my own observations?

As someone that has been involved talking to the club in meetings etc ever since 1988 can I tell you that at no time have they been as open and wishing and willing to communicate. Particularly since Neil Bausor came in there has been a sea change.

My own dealings go back to the end of the 80s when I approached the club about re-forming the Supporters Club. I had several meetings with Colin Henderson at the time. Eventually we did re-start the Supporters Club.

Anyway, over the years I have had loads of meetings with club people and fielded phone calls and emails etc. But you must believe me I've never wanted to take any lead as a fans rep on anything in fact I've always actively backed away from this.

But what I can tell you is there was still a big barrier between club and fans after 1986 - according to the club because of liquidation there had to be confidentiality ie secrecy etc. There was an awful lot of suspicion as well.

Then marching on through the years we saw a terrible attitude when it came to Europe. No, I'm not just talking about Eindhoven I'm talking about officials at the club publicly blaming Fmttm and myself for trouble in Ostrava etc. It was quite obvious there were some at the club totally out of their depth when we were in Europe. They didn't have a clue at times in planning ahead etc.

Many people have come and gone from MFC in the last few years. Some I really regret leaving - ie Jane and Alison from the ticket office. But some very good people have come in and they really want to engage with the fans, they want to listen and they want to work in partnership. And that message comes from the very top.

The Sir Bobby Robson match was mentioned above - Steve Gibson personally sanctioned the go-ahead of that game. Which meant our chosen charity was given precedence over other charities and commercial people wanting to hire the pitch and facilities.

With the appointment of Anthony Emmerson for the first time ever at MFC we have an officer (with some power) specifically tasked with working with and for supporters. In my experience supporters were treated way down the list of priorities in the 80s and 90s at Boro - I honestly think we are now at the top of the pile.

Remember there is now someone to actually go to if you have a grievance - there never was in the past. And that fans panel I attend from time to time at least 50% of the people have been invited on after making heated complaints to the club.

I really think we can only get stronger by working together but I want to get across the fact that the football club seem to really want this too. Their agenda is the same as ours I think but maybe this is what this exercise is about.

Steve Gibson and Neil Bausor say that Boro is a club for the community. I do believe they mean this. That makes it special in today's big business football. It also gives us an opportunity. They're inviting us to be part of something. I think we should take them up on the offer.

MFC_Riverside Posted on 28/05/2010 10:59
Why is Boro special to you?

Rob, you keep repeating that it's a club for the community etc...

There isn't many multi million pound organizations that say this, but MFC act in the same way as these, there isn't a difference apart from these daft sayings that it's in our blood... Well I'll decide if it's in my blood, I just want a chance to decide what kit the millionaires that I go and see where, I want to decide if I can sing, jump and shout not some stuck up steward thinking the Riverside is his house...

We need to see action Rob, not a few pesky meeting that's not action, action is telling the council to do one and have as many flags and scarves as we can, having an official singing section that the club support and only want singers in there, having trials on drums ( if it doesn't work fine, but don't ban it becasue less than 1% of fans wanted it to be, it's got to be decided by everyone, by me and you )

I really hope it's true what you're saying but the club just push this Adidas crap down our throats. There will be teams wearing the same kit as us but with a different sponsor and badge... That's not a unique, community football club, thats a merchadise, narrow minded football club...

I really hope this can change in the next few years and things are really as positive as been made out... Too many people are getting too sick of it too fast...

jannizart Posted on 28/05/2010 10:59
Why is Boro special to you?

Well said Rob.

As a newbie here I used to think that if the players read what was said about them on here then it would totally knock their confidence and some of the personal stuff would influence their attitude and the way they played but now I think maybe they do need to hear what the supporters think about them - earning the praise and support of the fans is what they should strive for and the success for the club will surely follow.

Jon77 Posted on 28/05/2010 11:00
Why is Boro special to you?

Top post Rob [^]

And a very interesting thread.

Bandy Posted on 28/05/2010 11:02
Why is Boro special to you?

there is nothing special about going to the riverside thesedays. it's the absolute schitts. Away days are special because the banter is great and they are generally fun days out because you dont know what to expect. The Riverside is a XXXXXX horrible horrible place to watch the Boro

GillZean Posted on 28/05/2010 11:06
Why is Boro special to you?


MAybe you should invite Anthony emmerson to go to some of the German clubs to see what they do. I recently went to St Pauli and Hannover and they were great with their fans. Even at York they have a section in the ground where the , ahem, Ultras can leave their flags and such like, whereas at Boro they RF are seen as something to be sneered at when we really should be encouraging them and engaging with them.

Bandy Posted on 28/05/2010 11:08
Why is Boro special to you?

the club and fans relationship at the moment is ready for the divorce lawyers.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/05/2010 11:19
Why is Boro special to you?

Divorce is not necessary - rather we sit down and think about what we want out of the Boro experience and we work together to achieve it.

We have to include and welcome every sort of supporter at the Riverside, not only the drummer but the person that sits next to them with perforated ear drums.

We do have an opportunity now because the football club wants to talk to us and they want to listen.

We could arrange a meeting with Anthony Emmerson or perhaps organise some kind of online question and answer. Would that be a step forward?

parmoandstella Posted on 28/05/2010 11:28
Why is Boro special to you?

I cant realy describe why it is so special.

It is becaus it just is.

I was born here, as were all my family, gran parents, great gran parents etc etc.

And the club is at the heart of the town. The towns identity is the football club.

So its just natural that i support my home town team.

I am proud of wree i come from and when i work away i am proud to tell people my team is the boro.

all though its been pretty XXXXXXe in recent years, u are kept going by the hought of those days returning in the near future.

MFC_Riverside Posted on 28/05/2010 11:28
Why is Boro special to you?

Theres the exact problem Rob...

The person next to the drummer can go and sit in 10,000 other seats. there is no difference to someone shouter in your ear for that matter...

I'm not necassarilly in favour of the drum, but any ideas must be tried and decided upon together, not a few moaners, it's a common occurance that people who give feedback generraly give negative feedback it's not often someone gives positive feedback...

100% get him on here on a night and do a questions and answers, or maybe you could print this thread out and take it to him, obviuosly take really bad points with a pinch of salt but I'm sure he'll get the generall idea...

Esteban Posted on 28/05/2010 12:02
Why is Boro special to you?

I just feel it is a combination of what is going on on the pitch and all of the job situations in the area at the moment.
I must agree though, let the lad have the drum and let the south east corner continue. Anyone who doesn't like it can move.
I am still unsure if Strachan will ever be a real middlesbrough manager, in the sense that the town/s and the fans will get behind him.
My boss gave up her season ticket and her two sons last year and says now it would be like watching a scottish team now, especially with the backroom changes.
Waxing lyrical time: Gibbo needs to realise that, yes the club is financially stable and we are not in danger of doing a leeds/southampton, but as matt damon (here I go) says in the movie Rounders "You can't lose what you don't put in the middle... but you can't win either".

Bandy Posted on 28/05/2010 12:04
Why is Boro special to you?

all of these meetings wouldnt be happening if we had a winning team

Esteban Posted on 28/05/2010 12:08
Why is Boro special to you?

I think they are a good idea, but the club needs to realise that thousands of decisions giving fans what they want i.e. a pub, concourse parmos etc will not replace investing in solid players who have done the business elsewhere. Then the fans will return. I spoke to an ex season ticket holder who attended the Newcastle game, and he said because of the way we played and the atmosphere, he was considering renewing. And it's true when you think about it. that was an unforgettable day and the lads gave their all. The fans where great and the crowd returned. Rememeber: we only drew this game, but it was definitely the best game of the season. This is one of the things that makes Boro special, when we are all together again and the team do their best.

junouk Posted on 28/05/2010 12:26
Why is Boro special to you?

I wrote a bit this morning and I have been thinking about this since then.

No reason as to why I love the boro I just do.

But the biggest impact on me and help made my love grow stronger has been the fans.

Yes the football over 30+ year but my memories are not of the game itself but the atmosphere.

Anyone else go to trafalgar square in 1990 before the cup final and agin years later. Thousands of people dancing in the fountains singing. Climbing the lions to wave the flags. In Eindhoven and Rome before the games, the build up and anticipation.

The games at the EUFA cup matches including Banik where we travelled accross Europe to see us play for the first time. Standing in the Holgate getting pushed to the front as we surge to celebrate one of Slavens many goals...

Camping out as we surrounded the riverside to get tickets for the cup final. Standing in 1990 up past the hospital to get the first wembley tickets. The squeeze with my old man or anyones old man having said that to get in cheaper.

Lifting a cup was fantastic playing around Europe was Amazing and seeing world class players wear the red and white shirt always brings a smile to my face. But its the fans stood side by side through think and thin. Still singing the name of Steve Gibson and the players win lose or Draw. Wearing the BORO tatoo with pride on holiday for all to see.

I will always be boro now and forever as will my son and hopefully his son.

Why are BORO special to me it is because they are in my Blood and my families blood.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 28/05/2010 12:32
Why is Boro special to you?

'Steve Gibson and Neil Bausor say that Boro is a club for the community.'

Then make it accessible to the community, not just those of us who are cmparatively wealthy.

Times are hard, for a bloke to take his child to the game is hitting the family spending money for nearly 40 quid. For 90 minutes of entertainment? Surely that can't be right.

jannizart Posted on 28/05/2010 12:39
Why is Boro special to you?

Corcaigh, I watched some very young children at the charity match and they loved being there. Some were not in the least interested in the football but a a couple of the girls wandered down to the edge of the pitch and stood in front of the red faction. They began dancing to the songs and clapping their hands. In the past I would have happily taken a photo of this and posted it for you all to see but I knew you can't do this now so you missed out on a lovely moment. There are probably a lot of young children who would love to go to the match on a regular basis but can't afford to. Seems silly if there are to be empty seats this season.

Bandy Posted on 28/05/2010 12:40
Why is Boro special to you?

Thank you Corcaigh. Forty quid is excessive. Twenty is pushing it even.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/05/2010 12:58
Why is Boro special to you?

Don't season tickets for youngsters in the North Stand work out about £5 a match. That is comparable to 50p in the Boys End when I started going at Ayresome with my class mates in the 70s.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 28/05/2010 13:17
Why is Boro special to you?

Rob, a lot of parents won't let little kids go along to the games alone. Parents won't mind going to some matches with them but they won't want to go to all matches because one of their kids is keen. I have personal experience of this as a kid. I wanted to go to every match but wasn't old enough to be allowed to go alone and my dad had other things he preferred doing or was working.

The 'season ticket' argument is weak. I'm surprised at you using it.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/05/2010 13:28
Why is Boro special to you?

Some of us have advocated those reduced price season tickets for years and years. It was a great step forward. Building the future, I think.

Personally I pushed for the teenage reductions as well - I pointed out often that there were very few school leavers, college kids, young adults going to games. Now we need to ensure that those on that particular concession can stay sitting in the same seats they had when they were on kids tickets.

If kids get Boro Pride cards they get in at much reduced prices as well don't they?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 28/05/2010 13:31
Why is Boro special to you?

It's 13 quid for a kid to get in as you did in the 70's. That doesn't equate to a fiver.

rivals_oldschool Posted on 28/05/2010 13:32
Why is Boro special to you?

I'm from there and that's that.

The special ability of people from boro and MFC is the art of romanticising what is pure and utter sh*t and then putting up with it.

Cos that’s what men from Boro do apparently. We don’t act on it, we just put up with it.

The club is a joke, a c*ap atmosphere with a shoddy stadium built in a waste land that is still yet to be utilised for anything. When I see what other cities with prem clubs have done or even towns in the lower leagues it’s a fu8king embarrassment to look at the riverside today and still see the same sh*thole we we’re looking at 15 years ago.

There is nothing vibrant about Middlesbrough, in the town or the club really.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/05/2010 13:32
Why is Boro special to you?

It is almost the same price for the speedway.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 28/05/2010 13:35
Why is Boro special to you?

Oh I didn't know that!

We should have no problem filling the ground next season in that case.

Holgatewall Posted on 28/05/2010 13:40
Why is Boro special to you?

Rob the speedway team are pretty poor at the moment as well[:D]

Boro is just the Boro. It's where i'm from simple really...

...But I really can't get excited about going to the Riverside; a soulless place and the football is terrible.

BoroCobber Posted on 28/05/2010 13:53
Why is Boro special to you?

What a great thread - this could be a record for number of posts!
This is a question I have asked for years and years. I moved away from Boro in '93, lived in Sheffield, then Leeds, now Adelaide, Australia. I have lived half my life in Boro and half away from it, and I also had a season ticket for all except last 3 years(f***ing long way to travel from Adelaide!).

I used to wonder (when it was snowing and I was travelling up the M1/A1 on my way to watch Vickers/Fleming/Ricard and other numpties) why I was doing this. And the truth was...I felt it was part of my identity; that, if I didnt go, I would be taking something away from myself. If I wasn't there, watching, I didnt have a right to voice an opinion (in the way that not voting gives you no right to moan about the Government!) I can't justify these thoughts, they are just there.

When I meet people who support Manu, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea...I feel aloof because I am a true fan who has spent thousands and thousand of pounds supporting the club (but that was the easy bit...the resulting heartache was worse!!!).
I am sure when I say the only times I have shed tears in the last 25 years was due to the Boro (Liquation in 86 when I was on holiday with my parents in Greece and the 'southern' papers available in Greece reported we had folded, Leicester at home '89 to win auto promotion - lose 1-2, first time at Wembley '90 etc).
I have watched best mates shed tears when the league unfairly deduct 3 pts and made us criminals in league football.
But I have also felt emmense pride when we played Man U at old Trafford in League cup semi under Lenny...with 11000 away fans and us still begging Man U for more tickets, ZDS semi and final.

I dont know the answer to Rob's question, but it has striked a chord with enough people to post comments on here.
I love it when people in Australia ask me about my accent (it is still strong) and I say Middlesbrough..they havent a clue where it is , but they know the team through Schwarzer, Viduka, Jones, Oken, Venables, Rhys Williams. I feel proud about where I am from...I say that 'made in Middlesbrough' is stamped on Sydney Harbour Bridge...because that is a great iconic example of our heritage and what it has achieved on the world stage.

Someone said in an earlier post that the town was built on hard work for the nation without the rewards...too right...we have a right to feel proud.
I honestly feel that I live in one of the best places on earth now, but I was born in one of the best places that made me the person I am now...Boro people are friendly, down to earth, real, honest, and take no s**t.
Another poster mentioned the fact that if you meet a person in another town from Boro, you get on immediately and you can get drunk and chat about many other fans can do that? Its a mindset. That we are unique! I reckon only a handful of places have the sense of identity with a town that we have (Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow are similar)...its linked to football.

The club must not underestimate its power to represent the people and the heritage of this town, because it IS important to the people of this town...but by doing so, it must not alienate itself from those people. We know the club has to be run as a business, that it has to get in the Premier League and stay there, and that, in doing so, has to extent its arm into the international community of the Premier League (remember, it is watched all over the world therefore has to develop its marketing to suit)...But the identity of the club must remain in touch with the local community, and I feel that is what has been lacking in recent years. I don't believe this is Gibson's (or anyones) is just what has happened.

Anyway...who's drank all my wine..oh that was me. I'm off to bed!

Holgatewall Posted on 28/05/2010 13:57
Why is Boro special to you?

Well said cobber[^]

junouk Posted on 28/05/2010 13:58
Why is Boro special to you?

I dont think the cost has a great deal to do with it.

As someone has said in the 80s I used to not go out ona friday night and walk to the game if I could not get a lift.

I can see where your coming from Rob younger people are not going to the game. This is the generation of fans that have walked away.

1st because they could not get in because the ground was full. When they were allowed in they were priced out. Now they have reduced the price the football is crap and teh atmosphere is crap.

You can blame the stewards, health and safety, Kieth Lamb or anyone else at the club. The fact of the matter is that not enough people love the club the way we did in the 80s, I guess because we almost lost it all together.

I hate this look after part time fans BS. WHY. if they cant support the team against every club in the league why should they benefit from cheap tickets.

Everything that happened at Christmas last year summed up the club and the attitude to fans like me. Year in year out I put my money and my childrens money in to the club to support them not knowning if we are going to be playing with players like Rav or keeping with Philip Stamps etc. Not knowing if we are going to play attractive football or the same old crap.

The club is getting further and further apart from real fans. Red Faction and 12th man are doing a great job and should be pushed and encouraged to try things not made to feel like they are getting in the way.

All this is a seperate argument against what the thread is about. The list gets bigger and bigger of what I DONT LIKE about the club. Every season I can add more to it.

To many people like me are not going anymore because of the clubs attitude and the football.

The fans need to stand together and support whoever puts on the Boro shirt to start the season. The club need to help and support us doing that. Together we are stron divided we will fall...

BarnesBoroFC Posted on 28/05/2010 14:00
Why is Boro special to you?

It's comforting knowing spare organs are only a seat or two away...

MAD_POG Posted on 28/05/2010 14:24
Why is Boro special to you?

I like to think that I am OK money wise but after giving up my season ticket last year the cost really made me think before going to games.

In the end I went to 8 or 9 but probably will go to less this year and cost is the major factor.

This is without taking family, to improve the crowd/atmosphere kids for a quid either game by game or season ticket linked to OAP/Unemployed offers as well is the only way to go.

The finances of people are going to be stretched over the next couple of years with higher taxes etc. the club need to act now or there will be sub 10,000 crowds next year.

bevoboro Posted on 28/05/2010 14:46
Why is Boro special to you?

The club means the world to me because it is part of my identity, I have loved the club ever since I first started going.

Maybe these points already mentioned would be a start:

Price - Not much needed to be said.

The stripe - If this is what the fans want to see then the club should listen.

The badge - I grew up with the 1986 version and for me we should have kept it, there was no need for a change and the new one is awful in comparison.

The decrepit area around the ground - The Riverside is a laughing stock because of this.

Mark Page and his bloody awful music - We should be allowed to create an atmosphere, his goal music ruins the celebration.

milf_hunter Posted on 28/05/2010 14:53
Why is Boro special to you?

I love MFC. I was brought up to follow Boro, taken home and away by my dad from a young age and i took to it better than he could ever have hoped as i've now over taken him for games attended. I bet he's proud as punch.

Price - Who cares? I want to go to every game so therefore i make sure i have funds for my Season card first and then ensure on a month by month basis i can afford the away games, putting money aside during the close-season which also helps me through. I do overtime where required, anything to make sure i have enough money to go to the games (on top of paying for my house/son/car/woman)

The stripe - It should be iconic and the way our kit is noticed apart from Barnsley, Liverpool etc. NUFC, Sunderland, QPR, Celtic, Reading etc are iconic because of their stripes/hoops and would not change, so why should we? It's fairly simple to establish a hoop/band/stripe into the kit each season christ almighty.

The badge - I grew up with the 1986 version also and find nothing wrong with it, if the club wanted to include the 1876 date why not just change the date on the old badge? I dis-like the new badge

The decrepit area around the ground - Can't be helped now but should have been addressed years ago.

Mark Page and his bloody awful music - Something i've asked to be stopped on numerous occasions. The club should also bring back flag days and the italian opera style music we had to get people in the stadum early creating an atmosphere.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 28/05/2010 15:08
Why is Boro special to you?

'not enough people love the club the way we did in the 80s'

There's more watching now than there was in the 80's.

We didn't get over 10,000 in 1986 until we played Blackpool, I think it was. Typical Boro, we lost 3-1. Third division though.

grantus Posted on 29/05/2010 15:25
Why is Boro special to you?

Smoggy_in_Wilts and could_it_be (again) [^]

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 29/05/2010 15:26
Why is Boro special to you?

Another ton for Rob. He's become very prolific all of a sudden.