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MightyDuck Posted on 21/05/2010 11:53
nokia e71 date problem

does anyone have the date problem and have you been able to fix it?

sean2009 Posted on 21/05/2010 12:11
nokia e71 date problem

My wife has the e71 but no problems with it wot h mean when h say date problem?

MightyDuck Posted on 21/05/2010 12:26
nokia e71 date problem

i reset the date (again) yesterday as it had changed to saturday, and today it thinks its sunday

swordtrombonefish Posted on 21/05/2010 15:25
nokia e71 date problem

Have you got it set to an odd time zone?

MightyDuck Posted on 21/05/2010 15:46
nokia e71 date problem

no, its set to GMT+1. i've googled the problem and there are plenty of topics about it but i havent been able to find a solution.

it seems to be a bug and i think it may need a patch