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Anonymous-Hero Posted on 15/04/2010 18:36
Nazi Admins

My thread called "Vote BNP" which I posted earlier has been removed. Obviously it was a joke as their was other threads with people saying vote Labour, Lib Dems etc . . . And I never would actually vote for BNP.

But it got me thinking, how come them other threads have not been removed, but that one did ? [:o)]

KingOfTheTribes Posted on 15/04/2010 18:51
Nazi Admins

Dunno, the BNP are a genuine political party... double standards I think...

slipshod Posted on 15/04/2010 18:56
Nazi Admins

Because rob once got threatened by the BNP, they threatened to nick his dinner money i think.

Buddy Posted on 15/04/2010 18:56
Nazi Admins

No double standards, it's just that they don't like one of the parties.

susy Posted on 15/04/2010 19:06
Nazi Admins

Dunno like but maybe someone started posting racist stuff on it and the thread descended. I have no idea cos I didnt read it but just a thought

Anonymous-Hero Posted on 15/04/2010 19:07
Nazi Admins

Last time I checked it their was only two posts on it.

Buddy Posted on 15/04/2010 19:10
Nazi Admins

You're reading too much into it. They just don't like the BNP. It's that straightforward.

Anonymous-Hero Posted on 15/04/2010 19:15
Nazi Admins

I don't like the conservatives, but if I was a Admin and someone started a thread saying vote for them I wouldn't remove it.

armchair_supporter Posted on 15/04/2010 19:35
Nazi Admins

Perhaps Rob's fearing another anonymous spammer posting such rubbish policies like:

Deporting all illegal immigrants,

Deporting all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British,

Stopping all new immigration except for exceptional cases,

Rejecting all asylum seekers who passed safe countries on their way to Britain,

Re-introducing corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals,

Restoring capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute,

Ending the liberal fixation with the “rights” of criminals and replacing it with concern for the rights of victims – and the right of innocent people not to become victims,

Nurturing and encouragement of new and existing British industries,

Re-introducing the married man’s allowance,

Promoting of domestic competition of industries,

Increasing taxes on companies which outsource work abroad,

Replacing 100,000 NHS Bureaucrats with Doctors, Nurses and Dentists,

Investing sufficient money in the NHS to provide a decent service to the British people,

Abolition of all “stealth taxes” and other charges on household rubbish collections,

Removing unsightly overhead power lines from beauty spots and their burial underground,

Making all benefits and social housing only available to British citizens,

Only committing British armed forces when British national interests are at stake,

Closing all foreign military bases on British soil,

Resolutely oppose the single European currency,

Support the overwhelming majority of the British people in their desire to keep the Pound and our traditional weights and measures,

and Abolish “anti-discrimination” laws which prevent people from making a free choice.

Ridiculous policies those, like, The BNP and their voters should be rightly slaughtered for that....

Uncle_harry Posted on 15/04/2010 19:35
Nazi Admins

Buddy's right Rob & who ever else decides on the board perameters dislikes Nazis more than Tories - its their perogative.

Buddy Posted on 15/04/2010 19:40
Nazi Admins

A-H: good for you. There's plenty of messageboard software available if you can find yourself some hosting.

Anonymous-Hero Posted on 15/04/2010 19:44
Nazi Admins


leave_my_arse_alona Posted on 15/04/2010 20:01
Nazi Admins

All of the policies above look fantastic and if the BNP were only interested in doing things like that they would have a lot more people looking to vote for them.

However the normal rational man is aware that the BNP is a modern day nazi party who in 2003 had 7 main policy areas, one of which involved "ethnic cleansing". They are a genuine political party but im sure there are 10,000 sick idiots who would be interested in making rape legal and would vote that for a party who would implement that. It doesnt make it right! have we learnt nothing from the holocaust?

I cant believe people intend to vote for this party.