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Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 09:44
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Not good enough is it really?

ovy1 Posted on 22/03/2010 09:45
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

And if you take the monthly interest free payment option, the administration fee of £20 bumps it back up anyway!

Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 09:48
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

lol I know ! [:D]

Surely with our current plight, squad and half empty stadium we'd be seeing a discount of, I dunno, 10% or something?

rick4974 Posted on 22/03/2010 09:50
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

so it's still going to be £21-£28 per match?

F*cking ridiculous.

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 10:03
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I think you are wrong in that I dont believe knocking another £30 or £40 off a ticket would make much difference.My ST costs me £16.08 per match.Thats not too bad.
Where I think the club have got it badly wrong is that they have failed to come up with any fresh ideas to sell more.There are 30000 seats available to home fans.It is far too many for our club in the Championship.We could never fill it.
I could put up a few ideas but heres one for example.Lets say for the sake of discussion we have 2500 St holders under 12.Currently they pay £4 per match which is a pittance[generating£25000 pa in total]Why not let them in free and say you are prepared to give a maximum 2000[under 12] other free places on a first come first served basis if accompanied by an adult[maximum 2 per person]So a mam or dad could take two kids in the North stand for the cost of an adult ticket £370 .You would definitely sell new ST's if you did this and you are filling an empty seat with a fan of the future.
There I came up with this in 5 minutes.Whats wrong with our club?

AlBoro1984 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:06
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

"It is far too many for our club in the Championship.We could never fill it."

We have done in the past, albeit under different economic circumstances. The fact is if we start competing and are near the top of the league the fans will come back.

Last season when Birmingham were struggling they were getting 15k crowds in this division...a few wins and suddenly its back up near 30k. We've been served utter gash for 2 years its no wonder the fans are staying away.

Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 10:08
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Yeah, my son is now very keen, my daughter will no doubt want to come soon too, I'll have to seriously think about re-newing in a season or two's time, as I can't justify the amount of money I'll be forking out.

I may be forced to pick and choose. [sad]

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:08
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

£370 for a boro season ticket. £300 for a season ticket at darlington. makes boro's season ticket seem a bargain.

dropping thee prices will not bring an extra 4,000 fans to make up the revenue

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 10:10
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

You believe we could fill 30000 seats in the Championship.You are dreaming in my opinion.If they followed my suggestion that would only take up about 3000 of the spare capacity-plenty of room for the rest if we start doing well.What is the problem with the club ever doing anything new or innovative?

AlBoro1984 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:11
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Those prices are really working out for Darlo...Do they even have 1000 season ticket holders?

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:12
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

lets drop the prices to darlington's level and then end up in league two[^]

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 10:13
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Sas have you looked at my proposal?

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:16
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

your proposal is fine as long as you dont mind us selling someone like barry robson in the summer to help finance it.

i think fans need to decide if they genuinely want premier league football to return or happy to just see cheap football in the lower leagues.

a season ticket in the north stand works out £16 per game which is cheaper than pay on the day prices at darlo and hartlepool and £3 more expensive oer game than a darlo seaosn ticket.

i think peopel need to look around at the lower league and see what sort of prices they charge. if people cant be bothered watching championship football at £16 per game then nothing will entice them in. the north stand doesnt sell out

jam69 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:43
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

so if it was 700 quid at darlo and 750 quid at the boro that would be ok then?all you are doing is telling us that lower lge football is even more overpriced than championship.
football is way too dear,made worse by awful football.
the fact is alot of people dont want or cant afford a season ticket and find match day prices too expensive for whats on offer.on one hand the club slate mps for doing little to stop job losses,but then try and squeeze every penny out of the same people

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:53
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

£16 a game to watch championship football is not expensive. I think people are just wanting justify a reason for not going. if we were up where westbrom are and scoring goals like them then it wouldnt be an issue.

problem is the football at the riverside has been poor for over 2 seasons and its turned people off. half the price doesnt mean the football gets any better. it would get worse because you cant afford the better players anymore.

it has to come from improvement on the pitch but i dont think strachan likes playing attractive football. maybe the time has coem fro mogga to make a return. [;)]

jam69 Posted on 22/03/2010 10:59
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

i agree if the football was better then people would return,but some would have to make sacrifices to afford it,which with such poor football they wont.
it is over priced though,when i started going in the 70s it was the price of two pints at the most to get in,even at 16 quid its the price of 7-8 pints.used to be the same price as a trip to the pics,even with big increases at the pics its still only 7 quid to see a film,why should football be 3 times more expensive?

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:01
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

at ayresome i remember when it was £4 to get in and £1 a pint. so we can make it £12 per game but then we have to expect to struggle even more as the club will have to cut it's cost further

ccole Posted on 22/03/2010 11:07
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

How anyone can moan at £16 for football in the championship is beyond me.

The price of the season ticket is not an excuse for not attending next season. Those who are going to stay away need to be more honest or look for another reason.

Would anyone expect the company they work for to drop the prices of its products to less than 60 or 70 % of the competition and still offer a quality service?

Donít think so.

jam69 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:08
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

just think football in general is very poor value,when the football is great people will find the money maybe by cutting back on other things like holidays,nights out etc,but whilst its so poor the boro should be addressing the problem with more thought than just price freezing.
btw i can remember paying 80p in the bob end when a pint was 60p,oh the good old days

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:19
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

well fans want cheaper tickets like in the 80s then they have to be prepared to accept the equivalent to jon gittens,simon coleman,jimmy philips,mark brennan, nicky mohan,..etc.

we cant expect gibson to prop up the club with his own money when fans just want as cheap as possible tickets

ovy1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:26
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

The players you've just mentioned are the strandard of what we have now sas!

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:28
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

those players were far worse. its just the manager isnt getting the best out of the players at the moment

ovy1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:31
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Maybes not technically wise, but they showed a lot more passion for the club. (Maybes Gittens the exception, but we'll forgive him because of the Wolves goal!!)

I would say Mohan is Wheater standard!?

rivals_oldschool Posted on 22/03/2010 11:33
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

The problem is the club are reliant on a fan base that was weaned on cheap ticket prices back in the 70ís and 80ís.

If you donít want to go watch division 1 football ever again SAS then I suggest you go pay through the nose at some other football club instead.

A lot of people canít justify those prices without the bank of Mam and Dad which is why a lot of young lads donít go anymore and once you lose them they wonít be coming back.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:37
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

"If you donít want to go watch division 1 football ever again SAS then I suggest you go pay through the nose at some other football club instead. "

"A lot of people canít justify those prices without the bank of Mam and Dad which is why a lot of young lads donít go anymore and once you lose them they wonít be coming back. "

sorry you lost me there, wdo you want us promoted then the club have to keep the prices competetive with the rest of the league. we have half the prices but end up with cheap players and then end up like peterborough. what do the fans really want. £370 is not an expensive season ticket is it? i cant give away my ticket for the preston match. people just dont want to go.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:39
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

The problem the club have is if they cut season ticket prices by say £50-100 would there be a big uptake? I think probably not in the current climate.

My ticket for next year works out at just over £16 a game

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:44
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

for once i'm on shaun71 side[}:)]

Thing is, the lads complaining that £16 is too expensive will not think twice about blowing £30 on a night out on the beer. which is their choice obviously

I think £20 per game for a dad and son is bargain.

rivals_oldschool Posted on 22/03/2010 11:45
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Amazing, so you complain you canít give your ticket away but then wan to keep the pricing structure as it is.

A lot of young lads donít go because the club just priced them out of the stadium for the past 15 years.

Your not going to build a fan base through high prices.

The club is supposed to be there for the people of Middlesbrough, not to provide a certain few citizens with guaranteed premiership football.

There is life after the premierleague. What's the big deal, the premier league was a major bore too for the majority of the time.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:47
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

So you slash the prices to a tenner then what? Will we complain at the lack of signings as theres no money in the coffers?

sitheman Posted on 22/03/2010 11:48
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

The thing is it is not £16 a game. It is £390 a season or £70 plus a month for however many months.

That is a lot of money for people to shell out every month or every year.

People are now more likely to go on a match by match basis. Stupid as it sounds it is probably more cost effective for me to shell out £20 plus every match and go every week then it is to pay a lumper up front or £70 every month.

As for the signings we make etc that has nothing to do with the fans and how we back the club. If that was the case then we should be given a full explanation as to why we wasted £3.5 million on Emnes, £12 million on Alves, why we are paying Mido to play for West Ham, why we arer paying Ali a fortune, or Pogi a fortune not to play.

The fans have every right to decide what they can afford. The club then needs to find a way of pricing their product so that the fans can attend the gamees.

Free tickets to kids is a class idea.

rivals_oldschool Posted on 22/03/2010 11:48
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

As compared to what?

Being sat in a half empty stadium in the Championship?

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:49
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Mine does work out at just over £16 a game. Yes its £370 for the season, but that still works out at £16 per match.

A fiver for all U18s in any part of the ground is an excellent deal.

jam69 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:50
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

sas you bang on about 16quid tickets but what about those who a season ticket is not practical due to work/family commitments,most people wont pay 26 quid and yet from what i read the match day prices are going up again

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:50
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

point i am making is the club can reduce prices but it still wont bring enough fans back to claw back the drop in revenue it brings. people cant give away their season tickets at the moment.the club will know this from who comes through the turnstile.

like i said drop the prices is fine but then we should expect us to not get promoted anbd possibly end up in league one. cant expect gibson to put his own money in anymore.

fans need to decide which direction they want to the club to go. promotion, stangantion or relegation

BTW, anyone under 18 can get in for £4 per game.

i bet if we were playing like west brom crowds would go up and fewer people complaining about the prices

rivals_oldschool Posted on 22/03/2010 11:51
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

With regards to a night out, maybe because you have a better time on a night out.

You get drunk have a laugh and maybe get laid.

Or for half the cost you get to sit in a half empty stadium with no noise, no standing and no beer and watch us eek out a draw against Reading for 90 mins.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:51
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I understand your point Rivals, but do you think that by slashing tickets to a tenner a game that it will fill the ground. History shows that wouldnt be the case. So wed still have a half full stadium, but with less money in the clubs coffers, hence less quality signings.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:53
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

exactly shaun, in 2 years time we would be complaining about the cost of league one football. as i keep pointing out our prices are still pretty good when you look at prices in league one and two.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:54
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Correct Sas, I forgot we had more games in this league. Just over £4 for U18s in any part of the ground.

Jam - Why do you think match by match prices are increasing? They havent been decided yet

jam69 Posted on 22/03/2010 11:55
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

what history shaun? the club dropped prices for two games last season against two of the most least attractive teams(hull and fulham) and saw crowds rise by 7-8000.history shows when the price is right then people will turn up,and spend in the shop,bars etc

rivals_oldschool Posted on 22/03/2010 11:58
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

It's the long term I'm talking about.

The clubs just has the best run it's ever had and the stadiums now half full. So raising the price isn't gonna work either.

I'm not saying it would change overnight, since you can't expect a generation the club priced out to suddenly turn up again.

All I'm saying is if the prices don't drop the attendance rate will never go up.

jam69 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:00
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

thought the club said season tickets were frozen but they would be a small increase in match day prices?

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:00
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

"It's the long term I'm talking about. "

if you are thinking long term then surely you realise thjat drop in ticket prices means less revenue, which means cheaper players which means less chance of promotion and more chance of relegation?

attendances will only go up if the football is better. bet if we were serious promotion candidates with better football then we would have another 5k on the gates atleast.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:01
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I could spend a bit of time and note exactly when weve had offers for games, and for the majority of them it hasnt made a difference. Look at some of the UEFA Cup games, when prices were attractive. The stadium was less than a half full.

Those 2 games were indeed well supported (Hull and Fulham) but there were 2 for 1 offers etc for those games. The club will have looked at every game when there have been offers and seen what the uptake was like.

sitheman Posted on 22/03/2010 12:01
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

What I meant was that you dont shell out £16 each match. You pay that upfront and that is what it works out at.

If you could not afford to pay upfront that you are looking at another £10 on top of that.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:02
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

the problem with offering cheap tickets is that fans begin to expect it for everygame. if the club said tickets were £16 in the north stand do oyu think thwey would sell out? i doubt it because they cant sell out season tickets at that price.

if prices dropped £5 across the board then you need about 4,000 extra fans. drop by £10 and its 8,000..and so on

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 12:03
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

As it stands our club has a massive overcapacity for a Championship campaign.To do nothing to try to encourage attendance is madness.How much revenue do 17000 empty seats bring in?Do they buy a pint a cup of tea,a programme? Do they spend money in the club shop?

Piggy Posted on 22/03/2010 12:05
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I dont think we would sell out if it was a pound a ticket these days. A lot of people who got caught up in the whole Riverside thing have got bored with it and moved on. A lot of the old Ayresome people have got older and, as happens, have drifted away. If people didnt get sick at some point we would have a ground full of pensioners. It's what has always happened.

16 quid a match is more than reasonable these days. Too many of the people moaning mustnt get out very much. A packet of fags is nearly six quid, the sort of tee shirts you wore in your youth would cost close to a ton now (ask Ponce) and if you drive to the shops to buy them you have spent a fiver in petrol before you get there. It's modern life, why should you expect football to be exempt?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 22/03/2010 12:05
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

'I could spend a bit of time and note exactly when weve had offers for games, and for the majority of them it hasnt made a difference. Look at some of the UEFA Cup games, when prices were attractive. The stadium was less than a half full.'

If you're giving the reserves a run out you can't expect people to be that interested. These were games that I loved but let's be honest, watching Jason Kennedy stumble around a pitch isnt going to fill the ground.

It was about the cost of 4 pints for the first 25 years of me watching the Boro. Now it's about the price of 10 pints. They're doing well to get as many through the gate as they are. You can fool some of the people all of the time.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:06
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

So do risk dropping the prices, and still getting roughly the same figure of season card holders? Now we are in this division, then season ticket money becomes a more important element for our transfer spending as the TV money is slashed dramatically.

If £4 a game for U18s doesnt encourage the next generation then I dont know what will.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:08
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I agree Corcaigh, but should it have mattered if we played stewards and the catering staff for games that our club is playing in Europe!

Yes prices have gone mad, and have done so for a few years now. Even in the last 2 years at Ayresome it cost me the equivalent of 8 pints to get into the ground.

We cant expect somebody to keep continuously pumping money into the club. How do we expect money to come into the club? Its not a critiscm of anybody but Im struggling how we'd do it

sitheman Posted on 22/03/2010 12:09
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

At £16 a ticket then i do believe we would sell out the North Stand. My parents for example would go every week if it was cheaper. Over £50 for the two of them does get expensive over time.

They wont buy a season ticket as they dont want to commit.

bear66 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:09
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Free for under 8s at Sheffield Wednesday

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:09
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

We had a two thirds full stadium when we played a full team in the QF of the UEFA Cup.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:10
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

"Free for under 8s at Sheffield Wednesday"

yes and look where they are in the league!

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:13
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Yes wed all like much much cheaper tickets, and yes free ones for the kids.

Would that improve the performance on the pitch? I cant see how if we havent the money to pay for better quality players. The ground would be a bit fuller, but then get frustrated at what they are watching on the pitch!

sitheman Posted on 22/03/2010 12:13
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

With that mentality why dont we charge £30 a ticket and we would be PL champions or £40 a ticket and we would be CL winners. The answer is because our fan base wont pay those prices therefore those ambitions are to big. However, our fan base will not pay £400 season tickets or £25 match day tickets.

You can charge what you like but if the fans aint buying then they are priced wrongly.

rivals_oldschool Posted on 22/03/2010 12:14
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

"attendances will only go up if the football is better"

You have to measure it up against the price still. The UEFA cup attendances are not exactly great examples since some of the teams were absolute nobodies.

The kids ticket argument is still garbage because theyíre not paying for it, their dad is.

Itís only when the money has to start coming from their own pocket do you see how interested they are in the club.

The club fu*ked off the working class and went family orientated for the premier league years.

So where are all those kids now? I imagine they arenít going because it just isnít worth the money.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 22/03/2010 12:15
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.


We had three games at home in a week, I think more turned out for the Charllton game where the ticket prices were slashed.

People just can't keep digging deep. The club, like all others, has created the problem, it's going to take some hard work to solve it.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:19
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

We didnt have 3 games in a week for that Charlton game 3 seasons ago. Yes it was a good crowd, but you can pick out 2 or 3 when we have had good attendances when there have been offers.

Like weve said its a problem for football in general. Do we slash prices, and see the quality of the on pitch team go further and further down?

bear66 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:20
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

"yes and look where they are in the league!"

They're getting 21,000 a game and that's what they wanted . . . fans for the future. We're getting about 17,000 and slipping down the (attendance and match) league at current prices . . so how much should ST prices be to reverse our demise . . . £50 / game?

jam69 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:20
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

those uefa games shaun were all on terestrial tv,plus night games when its late for young kids getting home after 11pm.when theres ben good reductions for saturday games then they have been well attended with alot of familes going who would find paying 75 quid for a family of four out of their price range normally

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:24
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

bear66, sheff wed charge similar prices to us. some of their match day tickets are £29 and season tickets cost about £550.

you wil find that most championship clubs charge about the same amount, give or take a little bit. each club will bring in similar revenue per attending fan

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:25
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Thats a fair point Jam. However it keeps going back to the idea of more season cards being shifted if prices were cheaper?

Im not sure that would be the case, certainly not by 1000s. Its a bit of a catch 22 situation. Gate money is now increasingly a big part of our revenue

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 22/03/2010 12:26
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Are you sure we didn't have 3 games that week?

Basle, the Geordies at home then Charlton?

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:30
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Apologies Corcaigh, I was looking at the Charlton league game

Yes it was a good crowd but it was a FA Cup quarter final, and prices were relatively low, as they usually have been for Cup games for the past few years (Man City this season apart!)

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 22/03/2010 12:34
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

We had over 30,000 that night. They brough around 5,000, it was either a free train or ticket for them, can't remember which, but it was a terrific turn out from the home fans too, with cheap tickets one of the reasons. I remember the atmosphere that night being excellent around me. The North Ormesby kids must have found it affordable.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 12:36
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

cheap tickets for a cup game or playing in the premier league is goign to bring in a lot more than cheap tickets against someone like preston.
back then there were always takers for spare season tickets. now you cant give them away. and always 2000 fans missing from games who have paid for seat

billybob Posted on 22/03/2010 12:54
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Its a fair point that's just been touched on. There are many ways of the club improving attendances that are not necessarily linked to ticket prices.

Just a few ideas but how about offering fans free transport to and from the stadium? How about allowing fans to drink their beer at their seat? How about Gibson selling say, 10% of his share in the club to the fans so that fans feel more like partners than outsiders - may also help to raise additional revenue?

YouAreMyBoro Posted on 22/03/2010 13:24
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

billybob, if shares were offered the fans would complain about them not being cheap enough.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 13:31
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

people wont pay £370 for a season ticket where are they going to find thousands for shares?

boro8686 Posted on 22/03/2010 13:34
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

i had a look and 9 clubs in the premier league (that i have been able to find season ticket prices for) have cheaper season tickets available than we have at middlesbrough which is disgraceful in my opinion, others (presumably those in high tax brackets) seem to think this is fair, not sure why that is though.

bear66 Posted on 22/03/2010 13:35
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

The club has made about £1.50 a game extra from me this season as I'm willing to wait the few minute in the half time queue for a hot chocolate . . . parking is much easier as well . . . the low Championship crowds has some perks

sitheman Posted on 22/03/2010 13:38
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I guess the argument is that we offer more tickets at a good avergae price whereas other clubs off lower prices but for less tickets. They might say have 2,000 tickets that are available at less than £20 but Boro offer around 8,000 tickets are £25 **(Just examples not accurate prices I know)**.

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 13:38
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

the reason is that in the PL you are guarranteed £40 million TV money.Its easy to cut ticket costs.As you go down the leagues the money through the gate is crucial.Thats why match day prices are high.If I went along to Darlo its £18 to get in which is a joke but more or less their only source of income

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 13:41
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

teams like fulham migh thave some tickets cheaper but the also have some costing over £800. works out about £42 per game

boro8686 Posted on 22/03/2010 13:43
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

are you suggesting ticket prices are more expensive in the championship? i can guarentee they are not, many clubs i checked have season tickets nearly £100 cheaper than ours. still its an affluent area we live in isnt it

boro8686 Posted on 22/03/2010 13:46
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

true sas but still means the level at which football is affordable in middlesbrough is higher than one of the richest postcodes in the uk

bear66 Posted on 22/03/2010 13:46
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

We've come from a 'Premier heritage' with escalated prices.

Teams like Derby and Forest (and soon Leeds) get big crowds that should enable them to develop a team over a number of seasons. When we're down to 12,000 the full consequences of a long stay in the Championship will come home to roost

junouk Posted on 22/03/2010 14:03
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I have to admit I find a few things better with the reduced number of people entering the ground.

I am moving my seat to the SEcorner to save £60 [^]

I am not interested what Darlo charge or anyone else. If I cant afford to watch Boro I wont watch any football live. I will just watch it on the Tele.

Darlo example is not a good comparison as they dont have crowds. They could offer the tickets for Nothing and still only get about 2000 people in. Darlo have already put off so many people with the ground move, A chairman that was a crook. A poor standard of football etc. All in all they treated the fans like $hite now no one wants to watch them. I used to go to Darlo as an alternative to going to Boro away but not anymore. No matter what the costs would be.

We cant get in that position. next season only 10-12000 ST holders. Very few match day visiters unless we are top of the league. People are turning the back on the season tickets something had to be done but I dont believe anything new is on offer.

I am begining to feel the club has no option but to charge the price they are now. If they reduced the price by £100 we still would only have 10-12000 ST holders. If they offer insentives to none ST holders the following season would be even worse.

Look after your ST holders give them something they cant get on a game by game basis.

How about:

After 3 years of a ST you get a free shirt. VAlue:£20 to the club
After 5 years a sunday lunch for a family of 4
After 10 Years you get a free ST for a season.

You could even incorparate these incentives with a presentation night at the club. In one of the boro lounges. No one is interested in a free shirt/Sunday lunch FFS but at least its an incentive look at. And lets be honest 10 years a free ST is not a bad deal. Would you renew if your loyalty was begingin to waiver after 8 years knowing a free one is just around the corner? Maybe just maybe.

At least try something.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 14:10
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

you make some good points i agree with.

i'm not arsed on a free shirt and incentives..etc all i want is better quality football and to be up challenging promotion. if that happens then the crowds go up. if we are doing well then all the complaints on the side get forgotten and no one is bothered abotu incentives. if yopu gave people incentives then they find other reasons not to go. prices are not expensive if you plan it properly.

the deciding factor i feel that is missing is creating a buzz around the town for the club. thats gone, pubs are dead prematch now. that buzz will only come from how it goes on the pitch. whether strachan is the type to bring in exciting football is another topic. maybe next someone like mogga would bring some buzz back. he is struggling at celtic but got west brom promoted

captain5 Posted on 22/03/2010 14:22
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Get Juninho as manager.

There'd be a waiting list for season tickets.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 14:23
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

mendieta in too.

junouk Posted on 22/03/2010 14:23
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Your right there sas.

I am sick of hearing people saying I will not go if Steve Mclaren is in charge. Then it was Gareth and now Strachan.

If people want to go they will go. I was paying £250 for my son a few seasons ago its now £95. SO that is a good thing.

I would charge every U16 £5 a game so long as they are accompanied by an adult paying full price :)

I dont know what can be offered as an incentive but feel something has to give or we will end up in the Darlo camp. No football club or a football club playing in a 36000 seater stadium with one stand shut and the other half full with away fans.

No Fans = No football club.

Sky have paid Boro a fortune for 11 years and we have spent it. Not very well but it has been spent. We used to sign Rav, Emerson, Juno. Now we have Robson, Flood.

Signings of Alves, Emmnes, Digard, Hoyte, shawkey and St Ledger(cost 2Mill for three months). Do not keep you in the top flight or fill you with excitment for the new season.

SO you have to encourage people to get the money in before the season starts. Or maybe the club think like Kieth Lamb said last years pay on a day to day basis we make more money out of you.

He forgot to mention IF YOU GO TO EVERY GAME.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 14:33
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

there is a balance, i think prices are reasonable if you still want to go to games. if your mentality is that its a chore then £10 is too much and you will want to go for £5.(bet they still blow £30-£40 on a night out) in the end most people will still go if they want to because for an adult it can only cost £16 per game and for kids it is £4 per game.

football has been poor for atleast 2 seasons and thats what i think is causing the problem. very few memorable games. even 3 seasons ago jsut man city 8-1 stands out. its been grinding the fans down and some have just had enough and lost interest

we have been spoilt from 1995 until 2006. we are now on the comedown and its times like this where the fans stand up and be counted.

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 14:55
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

boro8686 - Those Fulham figures are a bit distorted. The cheaper season tickets are only a couple of blocks. I would think only a maximum of 500 or so would be available.

However the offer from behind one of their goals isnt bad. £349 early bird price, it then goes up £399 after that

flyermetothemoon Posted on 22/03/2010 15:23
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

£13.00 f00kin pound for my 6 year old to go to the odd game.

They are having a laugh.

Cheaper kids prices will have more adults paying on a match day basis. £23.00 is still way to high mind.

I also have another 2 kids under 12 which equates to £39.00 for the 3 of them c/w my £23.00, value for money, i think not.
Dont give me the season ticket crap for kids as when you take in late night games 8.00 pm ffs and other saturday commitments its not worth it.

Look again £13.00 for 6 year old. [:O]

Shaun71 Posted on 22/03/2010 15:47
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Even if kids go to half of the games, by getting a season ticket, nearly halves that.

If your kids go to a few games and you dont fancy a season ticket, surely it makes sense to be a Boro Pride member. That knocks off £5 from a U18 match ticket straightaway

Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 16:00
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

In this flight of football for me to take my two kids + my ST would cost me the thick end of £40,then there's the rest of it, travel, progs, drinks, food.

So easy 60 bar, that twice in a week, it's a joke.

If I didn't have a season ticket you can add another tenner.

And if the wife fancied going another twenty odd quid. So now were up to over £60, then add your 20+ quid for the rest of it and it becomes undoable. It's like paying another mortgage.

Then we'd be lucky to get seats together, I'd just have to move to where there's a few seats.

Then we're treated to watching some pretty poor football.

In effect we've been priced out of it ladies and gentlemen.

Only one or two family members can afford to do it really. Hence the low gates.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 16:04
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

an adult and 2 kids works out £24 per game. as for twice a week. that doesnt happen every often

like i keep saying you can do it quiet cheap if you really want to and can still afford to miss a couple of games. but people just dont want to go anyway so just looking for reason not to go. if it was a £10 an adult ticket then they would use anotehr excuse like crap beer,too far to walk,cold seat, no atmosphere. i think the club know this.

Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 16:06
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I'll say it again, for this level of football it is far too exspensive.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 16:06
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

£16 a go and £4 a child?

if you are not arsed about going and lost interest then just say so. you dont have to make excuses to justify it

Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 16:10
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

No, I'm on about a match by match basis, people can't just go and buy 3 or 4 season tickets.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 16:13
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

so what is a realistic price then. if you decided prices. and who would you sell because we would have to cut our costs to cover it. rememebr that match day prices at darlo and hartlepool cost about £18-£20

Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 16:23
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I've been going on my own, well with my mates, for eons.

Now the kids are getting a bit older they obviously want to go, I'm not tight so I'll take them.

It's difficult as where I sit in the North is full, ie no seats next to me for the kids.

So, do I buy a season ticket for them? Is it worth it? Saturdays are always busy days when you have kids, so they'll end up missing a fair few, then the night games, well, getting them in bed on a school night after 11pm isn't a good idea, so there's another few they'll miss. So the idea of a season ticket is flawed. You have to do it game by game. Then it gets dear.

What I have been doing is taking them to the Cup Games as it's always cheaper, we can sit together, or if one or two of my mates can't go, they sometimes, rarely get to go.

When they get a bit older, then I'll happily get them a season ticket, just at the ages now it's not worth it.

By the way, I'll be going to my dying day, been going since 77 and will be re-newing next season.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 16:27
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

so what do you think is a fair price to charge for tickets?

there are plenty of empty seats in the north stand now. cant you move seats?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 22/03/2010 16:28
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

'rememebr that match day prices at darlo and hartlepool cost about £18-£20'

Why? How about some prices for Spanish, Italian and German sides. They're just as relevant.

robbso Posted on 22/03/2010 16:30
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Different people in seats around me in Block 17 ,North stand every week,so there should be no problems getting 2 seats togethor.

Dibzzz Posted on 22/03/2010 16:36
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.


Yeah I said that earlier, I can easily move seats, but you still want to be amongst your mates don't you?

I don't think it's good value to take the kids at this time though, on a match by match basis.

I'll get my season ticket as usual, possibly ask the lads if they mind moving along to a less densely seated area, or just simply find an area with a few spare seats when I bring them, there's plenty of them.

£5 for a kid on a match by match basis. No season ticket carry on, no Boro Pride carry on, a fiver for a kid across the board, they can do it for cup games, so why not the league?

sitheman Posted on 22/03/2010 16:47
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Agree Dizz.

I think it is wrong to just say that the club need to charge X amount otherwise we would need to sell players.

Fact is people will not go when they have to pay £26 so why not look at what options the club can come up with to make people attend.

3 for 2's? Buy a ticket for 2 games and get a 3rd for free.

Free childs ticket with every paying adult in certain areas of the ground.

Rolling discount as you buy a ticket. First 5 games = £25, next 5 games = £20, Next 5 = £18, remaining = £16.

Unrestricted seating so you can sit with your mates or whoever you fancy.

Relaxed rules about flags and singing.

Student discount for everybody still in education. They could use the uni to sell tickets at cheaper prices.

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 17:07
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Sitheman some interesting ideas there.You will see my ideas at the start of this thread.What I dont understand for the life of me that between Gibson/Lamb /Bausor and whoever is involved in marketing that in the face of falling demand and massive overcapacity of seats in the ground there best idea is to come up with nothing new.I find it unbelievable and could not possibly happen in any other business.

billybob Posted on 22/03/2010 18:23
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Supply and demand.

If your customers are leaving and your profits are falling you have to do one or both of two things.

Improve your product and/or lower your prices.

We're watching a failing team in lower league football inside a sterile atmosphere and being asked to pay the same amount next season to do it all again.

It simply doesn't make good sense either financially or in terms of rebuilding goodwill amongst supporters. Gibson et al appear stuck in a time warp where supporters had a blind unswerving loyalty to the club. Not any more I'm afraid, MFC is a business like any other and ought to be ran as such.

Heine Posted on 22/03/2010 18:39
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

The clubs just has the best run it's ever had and the stadiums now half full. So raising the price isn't gonna work either. ?

eh am i missing something?

junouk Posted on 22/03/2010 18:50
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Joebonano. You will not get the top men at the club talking to us.

I spoke to Anthony the fans liason officer the other week. They are not even allowed to reply to the messsage boards.

The club read the threads but dont do anything about them. They know they are going to lose fans because of this but I think they decided as always the die hards wills till go so charge them as much as possible.

No matter how much the ST prices were going to be people would still decide not to renew because the football is garbage. They hope the team will improve and be top of the league next season then anyone who has not renewed will come back on a match be match basis.

I dont think they will. I think when you get out of the habit of going you dont go back. How many old ST do you know who tell you they thought it would be hard on a saturday afternoon not to go but it was easier than they think.

IF and its a big IF the club wanted to keep ST holders next year they had to do something but this year, last year and the three before that less and less have renewed and the club have frozen tickets prices. It is very very lazy and poor from everyone at the club.

My renewal letter is from Bausor I think. I hope he gets paid on a profit related pay system or by HIS results in getting bums on seats but I guess he will be on a big salary and taking money away from the football club and achieving nothing.

Lots of ideas on here and I hope the club had looked at them all. We had the same threads last year as well. But still the same lazy answer.

billybob Posted on 22/03/2010 19:04
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Heine: "The clubs just has the best run it's ever had ..."

You must have been in a coma since the UEFA Cup Final because we've been on a downward trend since then.

Be honest, when the team was playing in Eindhoven, did you ever think that less than 4 years on we would be 10th in the Championship?

The last answer ^^^ hits the nail on the head - laziness. At least it's either that or incompetence.

junouk Posted on 22/03/2010 19:09
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

billy dont go back that far.

If someone had given you the team sheet for the last game, a year ago you would have pi$$ed yourself laughing.

Can you imagine 12 months ago looking at the future and seeing the team we are putting out.

Still Have JOnes in Goal and Poggi Wheater Grounds and Naughton

Midfield still using Arca, Oniel, Franks (isnt he a striker) Robson

Killen (Who) Macdonald

God how things change in 12 months

redwurzel Posted on 22/03/2010 19:16
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

The other side of the coin is if you keep chopping and changing people get confused.

Last season the pride card was brought out and the season before discounts for 18-21s (£185) and kids for £95 per season.

I think there is nothing wrong with the concession prices we offer.

Overall we are mid priced for our league, what most people want is a stronger squad. If we make a push for a top 2 spot the crowds will come back. People want to see some ambition.

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 21:56
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Juno-I dont expect the club to talk to me or you as such.I have ran businesses myself and I know the basic rules.Their attitude to change defies everything I was ever taught.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 22:04
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

do people want cheap tickets and stay in the championship with a risk of relegation or competitive prices,better players and the chance of promotion?

junouk Posted on 22/03/2010 22:13
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Your right Joebonano they wont talk to us.

I also have my own business and if I watched my clients move away in large numbers year on year I would do everything I could to find out why and book the trend.

But this is football. people will renew because they love the club.

Lazy marketing, reduction year on year on the numbers and blame a recession.

How many years before we get back to AP levels.

1986, administration and out over heads are a lot higher now. Our staffing level away from the pitch must be three or four times higher.

You have to get people to buy on a yearly basis. I dont know what can be done but we are doing very little. If we had people buying on a match by match you would have about 8000 tomorrow night.

Thats sad for a club like ours but i fear it may be true.

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 22:15
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

A competitive price as you put it is a fat lot of use if there is no f***** sat in the seat.How much income does an empty seat generate.?

junouk Posted on 22/03/2010 22:23
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Sas, I understand where your coming from but you wont get that with the current numbers.

If we get back in to the top flight more people will come back. But even in that league we were losing people.

If your losing your current fan base how can you encourage new fans to turn up and pay upfront.

I want a stable club to support, that might mean we have a club that is up one season down the next. But most of all I want a club to support.

I really dont think cost is that much of an issue. I think the club is the problem, they are lazy, they do not encourage people to go and they have had nothing to sell in the past 4 years. It has been stripped of its assets and quality to be replaced with second rate players, some of which cost us a lot of money. Someone somewhere made to many mistakes.

Why would anyone buy a season ticket.... because we love the club. The reason people are looking for excuses is because they are falling out of love with the club. Cost is an excuse but when the love is only one way you need something in return.

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 22:24
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

dont you realise that cheaper tickets wont bring extra revenue in because it will have limited impact and the chances are the revenue will fall. each game there are about 2000 fans who have paid tickets whos seats remain empty

drop prices by £5 a game then you have to get nother 4,000 fans. £10 drop and you need an extra 8,000 fans. which bit to people not understand.

do you not think that the club would reduce prices if it would bring in more revenue?

junouk, can you not see the problem with a bigger drop in revenue if the club offer cheaper tickets? like i said fans need to decide where they want the club to be going. if we have cheap tickets relative to the rest of the league then we wont be signing anymore barry robsons. i dont understand why people dont seem to get it. we dont have tv money to rely on anymore so the club hasd to maximise revenue from gates now.

i know i keep repeating myself but £16 a game and £4 a game for kids in the northstand season ticket is a bargain at this level. i dont see how the club can reduce the prices anymore.

joebonano Posted on 22/03/2010 22:38
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

If youve ever been in business you know the basic rule is that the customer is king.You look after them, you treasure them,you talk to them.If youve ballsed up and accept youve made mistakes you admit it and try to rectify the damage by holding out an olive branch to keep them on board.If you treat people right there is a good chance theyll stay on board particularly in football where there tends to be an inherent love and loyalty.
We are in this position because Gibson/Lamb /Southgate ballsed the job up.Of course the way they go on is that this has never happened.From 8th in the PL in November 08 to a third rate Championship team .This was the time to accept a bit of humility accept mistakes have been made and put forward a raft of offers to get at least 20000 attending on a regular basis.

susy Posted on 22/03/2010 22:39
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

I dont think the cost is such an issue with the season tickets, it is for some, but not most. No the issue is 'what else?' The club offers football being played at a substandard to what the fans are used to for the past few years. The club has been in free fall for years, the biggest mistake was trying to get by on a shoestring, without investment we have headed into a downward spiral that will be difficult to get out of.

Sas , you talk as if the ST holders numbers will stay the same, they wont, they will drop, I can assure you. I am not renewing due to several reasons... the excuse is work, the reason is that the club has done nothing to keep me. The football isnt the best and the ST costs the same. If the club offered something/anything I might have chosen to get another ST but they havnt. Like Junouk says, its like a one way love affair, the club has done nothing but take and now im finishing with it. (Not for good, its just a break and I will visit from time to time)

junouk Posted on 22/03/2010 22:52
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Your right Sas £16 is not bad to watch the football..

Is it enough. I dont think so.

The club will lose supporters. we have already lost 15000 supporters. how long before the club do something to stop this trend.

Supporters need something back £16 a game is good, but not good enough. next season we will be down to 10000 and they will hold prices again, the year after 8000, and they will hold prices until no more season tickets are sold and then they will want to know how to get people back to the club.

You need to work on this now, well to be honest its 3 years to late. You needed to work on it after the UEFA cup when the following season saw a drop in ST sales to 25000 but they have left it and left it. Lets hope they do something soon.

STEEL_CITY_SMOGGY Posted on 22/03/2010 22:52
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

We must have the most fickle fans in the country. Bad football cant be used as an excuse if you are a passionate football fan, you support the team through thick and thin surely, thats what it is all about. We have too many people looking for glory. Would be funny to see how many fans we would get paying £50 for a ticket if we managed the playoff final!

Price is not an issue at the riverside, £16 a game can not be argued with. If the stay aways had bothered to attend any away matches this season they would realise that £16 a game in the championship is quality value in comparison to other clubs in the league.

susy Posted on 22/03/2010 22:59
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Footie fans are fickle yes always have been always will be.

Sticking by your club through thick and thin is great and to be applauded however the ground is massive and getting bigger by the game because the fans are fickle and the club isnt giving an inch. Maybe if something changed then the gates would rise..... cant see it happening in the next few years myself can you?

sasboro1 Posted on 22/03/2010 23:00
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

susy, yes i'm sure the club know season ticket sale will drop. but like i said previously £5 drop in price means you need 4,000 extra fans to get that lost revenue bzck. i don think they would gain an extra 4000 fans because there are 2000 empty paid tickets at games.

the mind set of the fans who are not going to renew will be that even if the club reduce prices they wouldnt renew.

out of interest what price for season ticket would get get you to renew?

i'm not knocking people, i think people have lost interest but trying to find an excuse not to go to games. thats upto them though.

if you look at shaun71, list of prices over the years you can see its not that expensive per game compard to 10 years ago.

question to junouk and susy, what would you set the northstand season ticket at and hoe wwould you claw back the loss revenue in the drop in prices?

STEEL_CITY_SMOGGY Posted on 22/03/2010 23:02
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Sick of all these excuses, at the end of the day if you want to support the team then you get yourself to as many matches as you can and make sure you are there.

susy Posted on 22/03/2010 23:05
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

To be honest Sas its not the cost that bothers me, it is lots of things, mostly the fact that I cant see what the club has done for its ST holders other than be a little cheaper if you attend most of the games at home.

There have been a few good ideas that would have made me think twice about not renewing such as the loyalty bonus type of thing where you get a shirt after a few years, or a meal and meet the players evening for longer term ST holders. Things that would be put down on a marketing budget at cost price to the club, not full face value (I have never owned a club shirt so no loss of revenue except what the club buys them in at)

What do you think of those ideas?

joebonano Posted on 23/03/2010 12:49
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Some good ideas there susy.Unfortunately that would require Messrs Gibson/Lamb/Bausor to show some imagination, initiative or innovation.
The sad fact is that the 3 of them put together havnt got any.

skiprat Posted on 23/03/2010 13:03
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Bausor has actually done a good job since he's come in.

jam69 Posted on 23/03/2010 13:51
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

i think the main problem is not so much the price of season tickets,but the match day price,people are not paying it and find it very poor value.alot of familes want to go to maybe 6-8 games a seson maybe due to money or lack of entertainment but find it too dear,we have priced out the fans who only want to go now and then (nearly every club needs them)people never had season tickets years ago and dont seem to want them now but the club bury their head in the sand.
harping on about the price of darlo or pools just confirms that 1st and 2nd division football is even more of a rip off.
people across the country are deciding that football in england is just a rip off,and its happening on teesside quicker due to the lower incomes.
get it back to the price of the pictures or a day at the races like it used to be

sasboro1 Posted on 23/03/2010 14:04
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

"get it back to the price of the pictures or a day at the races like it used to be"

£7 quid a ticket? we would be in the conference in 4 years time and probably struggling to run a big stadium

djlocky9999 Posted on 23/03/2010 14:07
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

one of the problems is people are sick of subsidising massive player wages. when an average lower league player is picking up 10000 a week there is something amiss and people have had enough of it.

jam69 Posted on 23/03/2010 14:15
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

i ment more in gerneral sas,i understand the club need to compete with others,i just think prices across the board in football have got out of hand,wishful thinking i know

sitheman Posted on 23/03/2010 14:19
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Good points made by Susy and they more or less sum up my feelings about the club.

I get the feeling they just dont give a XXXXXX.

To be honest I stopped thinking about the club a while ago and now I will choose to spend my money on them only if I get good value. I dont get good value in the club shop therefore I wont buy anything. Cannot afford or justify a season ticket next year therefore unless I get good value on the match day ticket I will not go.

junouk Posted on 23/03/2010 16:11
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

sitheman.. Thats the problem people are not going because they dont get value for money.

At £16 you dont get value for money. Match by match basis is great but why would you go. The football is not worth paying to watch.

You need people paying for ST paying the money upfront.

If you break the habit you wont go... If you have a ST you are more likely to go because its paid for.

Sas is right the cost comes in to it and £16 is a good price. Is it going to mean people buy a ST.. NO. Will you lose ST holders because of it Yes.

The club should have spend the last 6 months addressing the system but instead they tried to offer part time fans an incentive. And keep offering part time none committed fans incentives and phuq the hard core pay year in year out fans.....

UNtil they have all gone then offer them something, and by then its too late, they have broke the habbit.

We have lost 15000 so far and more to follow i fear next season, and what have they done. Offered a none season ticket holder a chance of a free one... Not a regular ST holder. Why are we not offered a free one if we win the first 5 games next season? Then you would have no complaint if they did the same deal in December.

I know that would be to much of a gamble, but would you pay up front for a season if you had a chance of a deal like that, however unlikely it was. Maybe make a few people commit that might not be prepared to at this time.

susy Posted on 23/03/2010 16:28
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

That is the main reason Junouk, not the only one.

joebonano Posted on 23/03/2010 17:25
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

Juno-if theyd said"we need your support as the money through the turnstile is vital in this league.We as a club are going flat out for promotion next time.There are massive T.V revenues in the PL due to a new T V deal so its only right that if we achieve our objective that you our most loyal fans should benefit with half price ST's next year if we are in the Premier league.This offer is restricted to our 14000 current ST holders plus the first 4000 new applicants"
Looks a very good offer and very good PR to me.

joebonano Posted on 23/03/2010 17:29
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

And what is more as theyve set the prices they still have time to offer this.

flyermetothemoon Posted on 23/03/2010 18:08
Freeze on Season Ticket prices.

If people dont want season tickets they are being out priced on a match to match basis.

Very narrow minded by the club.