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moon65 Posted on 24/02/2010 23:13
ipod shuffle

i can download an album and listen to it in its original tracklist no problem.when i add another album it plays track 1 of the first album then track 1 of the other album.i want to hear each album seperatly without having to double click.can anyone help?

Angelmatty Posted on 24/02/2010 23:44
ipod shuffle

click on albums at the bottom
sounds like your on play and go play lists

sean_boro Posted on 25/02/2010 00:28
ipod shuffle

surely thats why its called a 'shuffle' [?] it's supposed to play the tracks randomly.

TMG501 Posted on 25/02/2010 01:06
ipod shuffle

I think you have to rename the titles in the properties of the files individually [^]