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bangoutoforder Posted on 01/02/2010 16:52
the amazing middlesbrough spin machine : episode 428

i must say im very angry at the club today. firstly we were told by gibbo himself that we were in no financial trouble at all at the start of the season, and he had wiped off what personal debt their was. since then we have sold a number or players for a fair bit of money and in return we have spent very little.

i dont mind at all if we are in financial trouble and we cant buy anyone and need to sell, but why tell us otherwise? why tell us we have the finances to compete at this level to challenge when we do what i predicted we would do when i woke up this morning...not buy a striker, then sell our top goalscorer with minutes to go and no time to replace him. sickening isnt even in it.

yet again gibbo, your trust is what you asked for and we gave you it, your words yet again seem to be far from the truth. its just another sign of our failing club telling porkies before the season tickets go on sale, only to prove the doubters right again!

a sickened boro fan.


benboro Posted on 01/02/2010 17:04
the amazing middlesbrough spin machine : episode 428

Gibson promised we would invest for a promotion push pre season, since we have sold many of our better players and really failed to replace them with quality. If Johnsons off and no one has signed now then the fans have been booted in the XXXXXX.

It is sickening

Aurora Posted on 01/02/2010 18:51
the amazing middlesbrough spin machine : episode 428

So Miller, mcdonald, flood,robson,naughton,mcmanus,killen in and out goes shawky,st ledger,yeates and jonno.

As it was always likely that jonno was going to go I reckon that lot is good business considering we hada small squad

Ponderosaheadboardbasher Posted on 01/02/2010 18:54
the amazing middlesbrough spin machine : episode 428

Digard out also

If we get Hayden Mullins and Charlie Adam on loan by mid-Feb I will be happy but at the minute our midfield now looks rather weak.

kermit Posted on 01/02/2010 19:14
the amazing middlesbrough spin machine : episode 428

Charlie Adam
Darren Ambrose

Would be very good signings and add competition to our very small midfield.

Nakamura was available on loan and Ambrose woulda went for peanuts given Palaces's financial state. If we knew we were selling Johnson we shoulda made attempts for the 3.