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MightyDuck Posted on 26/01/2010 16:23
this website

cant access it alot of the time, crashes a lot of the time.

whats up with it?

Pauluka Posted on 26/01/2010 16:25
this website

Basically it's screwed. Cheapserveritus

djlocky9999 Posted on 26/01/2010 16:25
this website

its sh1t basically. a poorly wrote forum on a poor server run be idiots. [:D][:D][:D]

rob_fmttm Posted on 26/01/2010 16:29
this website

DNS problem - which has been fully re-written to try and solve the problem.

No I didn't understand it either.

All done on the cheap eh! Think you would be shocked to learn exactly how much it costs to build and maintain this website every year.

Pauluka Posted on 26/01/2010 16:30
this website

How much Rob? Do you pay them in apples?

scooby Posted on 26/01/2010 16:33
this website

"DNS problem - which has been fully re-written to try and solve the problem."

Re-written, eh?

Esteban Posted on 26/01/2010 16:37
this website

It isn't as bad as it was but then I only go on at home now so don't log in and out.
I don't like that other forum mind! And the ball noise on it...

MightyDuck Posted on 26/01/2010 16:41
this website

its been worse than ever since Wednesday or Thursday last week

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 26/01/2010 16:48
this website

Come on Rob, be honest.
It is shyte isn't it. [;)]

onthetap Posted on 26/01/2010 17:22
this website

If it was a Football Programme it would be on Channel 5 and hosted by Colin Murray and John Barnes.

If it was a footballer it would be Matty Bates - always crocked.