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redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 22:15
The best bassist ever ???

absolute quality !

Link: Mark King

Shaun71 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:16
The best bassist ever ???

Not shabby at all.

Best for me though was John Entwistle by a country mile. Brilliant

moon65 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:16
The best bassist ever ???

that link is not john entwistle

Shaun71 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:18
The best bassist ever ???

I know, thats why the link says Mark King

Excellent bassist, but in my opinion the best ever was Entwistle

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 22:21
The best bassist ever ???

Entwistle total quality no doubting that..... I may be a bit biased as i was a big level 42 fan

Still, King was amazing

Only_Me Posted on 15/01/2010 22:21
The best bassist ever ???

I think we have had this conversation before redisa and I agree with you, it has to be Mark King.[smi]
( Wonder what Level 42 are doing now, haven't heard anything of them in a long while.

Anyway, how are you? Hope you are well and have had a good week.

Moon65- the link wasn't meant to be John Entwistle.[smi]

fozzylegend Posted on 15/01/2010 22:23
The best bassist ever ???

got to agree with entwistle... the fella makes it look effortless
however flea is vey good

Link: makesitlookeasytastic!

Marc_Feld Posted on 15/01/2010 22:23
The best bassist ever ???

James Jamerson or Bernard Edwards

Link: bernards_finest

moon65 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:24
The best bassist ever ???

we posted at the same time shaun your right the ox is no 1

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 22:26
The best bassist ever ???

Had a great week Mrs Me thx ! Even better now i'm well oiled !

Mark King is still going strong believe it or not and still gigging..... Not with the originals obviously but Mike Lyndup still gigs with him ( the keyboard player who was amazing aswell ! )

Were great days them ..... I seen them live at the Kirk when they were no-body's... was quite apparent thy wud make it big

woodymfc Posted on 15/01/2010 22:26
The best bassist ever ???


Link: we got the groove

moon65 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:27
The best bassist ever ???

level 42[^][^]

mfc_merseyside Posted on 15/01/2010 22:28
The best bassist ever ???

Dougie from Travis

glostarz Posted on 15/01/2010 22:29
The best bassist ever ???

Peter Hook with Joy Division. Totally redifined the bass player's role. Guitar effectively as percussion (alongside Morriss,s amazing drums) and Hook's bass taking on the guitarist's role without fear . . .

woodymfc Posted on 15/01/2010 22:31
The best bassist ever ???

here it is

Link: The best

Angelmatty Posted on 15/01/2010 22:32
The best bassist ever ???

stu ham

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 22:34
The best bassist ever ???

Love this link...... Speed is incredible

Link: A bit good !!!

Marc_Feld Posted on 15/01/2010 22:35
The best bassist ever ???

What about Bootsy Collins or Duck Dunn?...or Pino Palladino??

asredastheycome Posted on 15/01/2010 22:37
The best bassist ever ???

Level 42 shake your XXXXXXin' head.

Colin Hodgekison who was with Back Door is by a mile the best bassist I have ever seen. That's watching bands for over 40 years. No one better.

Muttley Posted on 15/01/2010 22:38
The best bassist ever ???

Norman Watt-Roy, phenomenal...

You'll have heard this a hundred times, but this time, listen to the bass work of Mr Watt-Roy. Truly we are not worthy...

Link: Listen 'ere

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:39
The best bassist ever ???

James Jamerson...hands down, no contest. Much as I love Lemmy, Barry Adamson, Rick Grech, Stanley Clarke (XXXXXXes all over Mark King), Robbie Shakespear and many others, James Jamerson played things that no-one else can. What he had went beyond was just feel. True genius.

glostarz Posted on 15/01/2010 22:39
The best bassist ever ???

pure masturbation!!!

Marc_Feld Posted on 15/01/2010 22:40
The best bassist ever ???

Muttley - I was just about to mention Norman Watt-Roy.
His bass line on Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick is a beaut.

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 22:40
The best bassist ever ???

Tim Bogert, John Cale ?

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 22:40
The best bassist ever ???

All about opinions and preference..... so no i'm not giving my head a shake...... you telling me Mark King cant play ??

You need to give your head a shake and ive been listening to bands for around 35 years

Different music suits different people

woodymfc Posted on 15/01/2010 22:41
The best bassist ever ???


Link: Mothership connection

Marc_Feld Posted on 15/01/2010 22:42
The best bassist ever ???

I wish I had a fiver for every top 20 hit Pino Palladino has played on.

Only_Me Posted on 15/01/2010 22:42
The best bassist ever ???

Glad you have had a good week redisa [smi]
Anymore trips in the offing?

and cheers btw [ref] good to see ya [smi]

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 22:42
The best bassist ever ???

Jack Bruce must be in there somewhere.

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 22:44
The best bassist ever ???

No trips planned as yet..... sure summin will come up tho soon..... i'll let ya know !

room for 2 ? lol

hows your week been ??

Marc_Feld Posted on 15/01/2010 22:45
The best bassist ever ???

Good choices Woody

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:45
The best bassist ever ???

You read Cales biog yet Rids? A mate has just finished it. so I hope to borrow it v soon. A great read apparently.

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:47
The best bassist ever ???

Lemmy, but half those Pino hits were by Paul Young!!

Marc_Feld Posted on 15/01/2010 22:49
The best bassist ever ???

Instantly recognizeable sound though Borolad

glostarz Posted on 15/01/2010 22:51
The best bassist ever ???

Cale is a a genius. Bit of an insult to call him a "bass-player". Seen him live a few times. Living legend. . .

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 22:51
The best bassist ever ???

"You read Cales biog yet Rids?"

God no, but I will look out for it, I loved the Victor Bockris one on Lou Reed.

Marc_Feld Posted on 15/01/2010 22:51
The best bassist ever ???

One for yourself Borolad

Link: Funkbrothers

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 22:53
The best bassist ever ???

"Bit of an insult to call him a "bass-player"

Not really, it was one of a few things he done really well.

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 22:54
The best bassist ever ???

Stevie Wonder a genious !

Link: link.......

r00fie Posted on 15/01/2010 22:54
The best bassist ever ???

Jean Jaques Burnel.- The stranglers.[^]

NorfolknGood Posted on 15/01/2010 22:55
The best bassist ever ???

Good shout Ridsdale.

Theres a phrase I never imagined I'd type.

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 22:56
The best bassist ever ???

Lemster, that's my favourite (and the greatest) bassline ever...been playing since I was 11, and I still can't do it....but then again, no-one can. [:D][:D][^][^]

YOUDOYLE Posted on 15/01/2010 22:57
The best bassist ever ???

john the bassist
ask jesus
good enough for the son of god
good enough for me[:D]

cohen Posted on 15/01/2010 22:57
The best bassist ever ???

Listen to "Paint it Black" - best running bass line ever, probably the first running bass ever!
Might not be a popular shout but Macca was also a pretty mean bassist!

Only_Me Posted on 15/01/2010 22:58
The best bassist ever ???

LOL, it would be just my luck, that if you took me on your next trip, it would be to the ant-arctic, or somewhere equally cold and miserable [sad][cr]

My week hasn't been too bad thanks. Getting back into the swing of things after xmas and the bad weather. Not sure whether to be glad about that, or not, to be honest lol. [|)]

Anyway, it seems you made a very good decision when you went after this job, it just goes to prove, that you can change your life overnight.

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 22:58
The best bassist ever ???

There have been some great reggae bass players, ashamed I can't name one.

As with soul....

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 23:01
The best bassist ever ???

It seems so ........ been very fruitfull up to now !

And very interesting too....... For the first time in my life i actually enjoy going to work !!!
In a room for 2 it wud'nt matter if it was cold outside btw lol

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 23:02
The best bassist ever ???

I had to Google, but one of the finest bass lines;

"Herbie Flowers (born Brian Keith Flowers, 19 May 1938, in Isleworth, Middlesex) is an English studio musician specialising in bass guitar, double-bass and tuba, who came to prominence performing with David Bowie and Elton John, and then later Lou Reed. It is his bass that opens Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" and underpins Bowie's "Space Oddity" as well as the Harry Nilsson song "Jump into the Fire". He also played bass on the Serge Gainsbourg album Histoire de Melody Nelson, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, and several George Harrison solo albums."

woodymfc Posted on 15/01/2010 23:02
The best bassist ever ???

Night Yawl

Link: Brides

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 23:02
The best bassist ever ???

Lem, an obscure, but brill one for you. I had to play this for a Peel session and learning it was a mare.

Link: strayed

moon65 Posted on 15/01/2010 23:03
The best bassist ever ???

asredastheycome colin who?you sound like a numbnut at work who watches bands all over and thinks hes john peel.has no time for me cos i like the beatles.but i liked the beatles when i was 7 years old in 1976.people who dont like the beatles are XXXXXXing weirdos if you dont agree with me XXXXXX off and shag a corpse listening to colin hodgekison back door anal[:D][:D][:D]

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 23:04
The best bassist ever ???

Wings are the band the Beatles could have been.

Adi_Dem Posted on 15/01/2010 23:07
The best bassist ever ???

McCartney has to be up there. His basslines run throughout the Beatles music and whilst probably not as good a 'player' as some of those on this thread, what he created with a bass guitar was pure genius.

cohen Posted on 15/01/2010 23:08
The best bassist ever ???

Yes, if there had been no Lennon or Harrison

Adi_Dem Posted on 15/01/2010 23:14
The best bassist ever ???

What do you mean?

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 23:16
The best bassist ever ???

McCartney, the Jeremie Aliadiere of bass guitar.

redisameancolour Posted on 15/01/2010 23:17
The best bassist ever ???

Was McCartney always injured ????

cohen Posted on 15/01/2010 23:18
The best bassist ever ???

You Sir, are an idiot

ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 23:18
The best bassist ever ???

He 'brought something else' to the Beatles.

Adi_Dem Posted on 15/01/2010 23:19
The best bassist ever ???

Yes, genius.

clag01 Posted on 15/01/2010 23:23
The best bassist ever ???

Paperback writer

Adi_Dem Posted on 15/01/2010 23:24
The best bassist ever ???

Listen to Something. Probably Harrison's best song but a truly brilliant bassline.

cohen Posted on 15/01/2010 23:27
The best bassist ever ???

Adi, my comments were directed at Ridsdale

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 23:27
The best bassist ever ???

In a way, the Aliadiere gag is inspired. Well done Rids.

BigCasino Posted on 15/01/2010 23:28
The best bassist ever ???

Wings are the band the Beatles could have been.


ridsdale Posted on 15/01/2010 23:31
The best bassist ever ???


Johnny_Thunder Posted on 15/01/2010 23:34
The best bassist ever ???

Best bassist for me has to be Geddy Lee.

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 23:36
The best bassist ever ???

I should create a new username for this, but I agree that Geddy Lee is a brilliant bassplayer. [8)]

fosm Posted on 15/01/2010 23:36
The best bassist ever ???

shke your heads thelot of you.......

Foxton a country mile!

SNOWBANDIT Posted on 15/01/2010 23:38
The best bassist ever ???

Well,funky doo da is all very fine ,but one of my favourites - not just for his playing,but additionally his song writing, style , amazingly distinctive vocals....and was very, in a Reg D Hunter kind of way.

Link: I'm Bad

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 15/01/2010 23:39
The best bassist ever ???

I always though Shuggie Otis who played on Zappa's Peaches en Regalia, aged 16, had the best name for a bassist. Shuggie Otis. I should have called my son that.

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 23:42
The best bassist ever ???

Any bassist who plays with Zappa or Beefheart has to be up there.

I doubt anyone has heard it, but a UK bassist called Jon Poole has recorded an entire album of Zappa songs on his own on a four track, playing everything....and it's brilliant. If a bit of a weird project.

cohen Posted on 15/01/2010 23:42
The best bassist ever ???

Shuggie Otis and Herbie Flowers are two great names!

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 15/01/2010 23:44
The best bassist ever ???

I'll check that out borolad, thanks

inter_me_nan Posted on 15/01/2010 23:45
The best bassist ever ???

McCartney is right up there for me. Prior to him (Entwistle and Peter Quaife aside) you put the non-musician on the bass. McCartney used the bass in a new way in white pop music 66-67, using the higher notes on his Rickenbacker 4001 to play the melody or counterpoint to the melody, rather than just emphasising the roots or playing in a chromatic "box". His playing makes Sgt Pepper- check out his ascending/descending lines on "Mr Kite" if you think I'm pulling your sausage.
I also think Colin Moulding from XTC and Andy Fraser from Free are criminally underrated.
In terms of reggae players Robbie Shakespeare, Family Man Barrett and Boris Gardiner's playing during Black Ark era Lee Perry also deserve a mention among the greats.

asredastheycome Posted on 15/01/2010 23:46
The best bassist ever ???

moon65 loved the Beatles from when I bought She Loves You. Still love all there stuff and love Maccas bass playing but son if you have never heard of the guy I'm talking about don't slag me off. Do a bit of research and come back and apologise.

Link: Your Starter for 10

cohen Posted on 15/01/2010 23:48
The best bassist ever ???

Inter, can't agree with your exclusion of Bill Wyman in your opening line.

asredastheycome Posted on 15/01/2010 23:49
The best bassist ever ???

More Colin Hodgkinson. Apologies I spelt his name wrong earlier. This one is amazing.

Link: Brilliant

borolad259 Posted on 15/01/2010 23:52
The best bassist ever ???

For Eddie Catflap

Link: Mothers Covers

asredastheycome Posted on 15/01/2010 23:53
The best bassist ever ???

More great stuff

Link: And theres more

asredastheycome Posted on 15/01/2010 23:54
The best bassist ever ???

With Mick Moody

Link: Colin Hodgkinson

asredastheycome Posted on 15/01/2010 23:59
The best bassist ever ???

If you know anything about music moon65 I await your apology. By the way I am not a jazz fan but some of his jazz stuff is so good as well.
Anyway I'm p*ssed and off to bed now Sheffield tomorrow.

Link: Last But Not Least

borolad259 Posted on 16/01/2010 00:04
The best bassist ever ???

Arsed, it's virtuoso stuff, and I remember listening to him in the 70s, but he plays the bass like a guitarist. It's about notes and melody rather than groove. I'm not saying it's inferior to Bernard Edwards, or James Jamerson, but it's a bit niche.

mcbrid Posted on 16/01/2010 00:07
The best bassist ever ???

Prominent bassists who have claimed Jamerson as a primary influence include James Brown's Bernard Odum, Rick Danko, Anthony Jackson, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Bernard Edwards, Jason Newsted, Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci, John Paul Jones, Robert DeLeo, Mike Watt, Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee, Victor Wooten, Paul McCartney, and Matt Rubano.

Good night boys - nothing more to see here!

borolad259 Posted on 16/01/2010 00:09
The best bassist ever ???

Don't be a XXXXXX when there's the chance of a thread about bassists making a ton.[:D]
(good point, well made though).

jeff_lebowski Posted on 16/01/2010 00:11
The best bassist ever ???

most zoo animals can play bass, so its difficult to quantify how one can be better than another

the worlds easiest musical instrument to learn, even easier than a triangle

mcbrid Posted on 16/01/2010 00:12
The best bassist ever ???

Ok then - and he only used one finger!

The Hook!

Esteban Posted on 16/01/2010 00:14
The best bassist ever ???

Mark king technical but... John Entwistle and john deacon were awesome!

Esteban Posted on 16/01/2010 00:17
The best bassist ever ???

Read more of this yes macca had the whole rhythm section bit down. He could play bass like it was meant to be dome. Bootsy Collins? erm Ok. Bill Wyman? Get Yerself a lass your own age.

borolad259 Posted on 16/01/2010 00:18
The best bassist ever ???

McBrid, he could have used a saveloy and it would have been brilliant...something in his brain worked in mysterious ways.

cohen Posted on 16/01/2010 00:18
The best bassist ever ???

John Deacon ? ? ?? !! FFS!!?
Most over rated band ever!

mcbrid Posted on 16/01/2010 00:19
The best bassist ever ???

Define best another way then as who played on the most hits and ole JJ wins hands down again.

Funk Brothers on more no 1's than the Stones Beatles and Beach boys plus plus.... put together

borolad259 Posted on 16/01/2010 00:22
The best bassist ever ???

Christ, you're a bigger fan than me!

mcbrid Posted on 16/01/2010 00:27
The best bassist ever ???

Aw shucks!

Motown Maniac probably

I like all kinds except maybe modern jazz but Motown is the one I keep going back to..

mickymacc Posted on 16/01/2010 00:27
The best bassist ever ???

Don't know about the the best,but there's some good bass lines in the stones stuff,and as FOSM said,Bruce foxton had some good riffs.
Well done to the guy who played on Grand master flashes "white lines".

bisexual_trev Posted on 16/01/2010 00:31
The best bassist ever ???

dee dee ramone is my man or maybe sid

cliff burton

mcbrid Posted on 16/01/2010 00:38
The best bassist ever ???

Think that GMF was sampled from something else

Good one though

aytonboro Posted on 16/01/2010 00:53
The best bassist ever ???

j j burnell may not of been the best but he has to be the hardest [B)].

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 16/01/2010 01:07
The best bassist ever ???

Mark King ffs

You lads love a bit of mediocrity.

Only_Me Posted on 16/01/2010 01:27
The best bassist ever ???

No one's mentioned Mike Rutherford Yet?

(There's your ton redisa [;)][smi] )

Johnson Posted on 16/01/2010 02:34
The best bassist ever ???

[:o)] [:D]

Fools. The best, best band ever [apart from The Cure) is New Model Army

redcar_racer Posted on 16/01/2010 06:27
The best bassist ever ???

No mention of Geddy Lee!!!

Or Lemmy Kiliminster??

Geezer Butler??

Roger Glover...

Oh dear, oh dear... [ref]

TMG501 Posted on 16/01/2010 07:05
The best bassist ever ???

I think its fair to say that I'm a bit biased on this one. There's
been some fantastic bass players mentioned, but IMHO it has to be Jamerson. Be patient, or go to 1 min 24. One of the rarest opportunities to see Jamersons "hook". The one finger that played on more number 1 hits than The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones & Elvis combined

Link: James Jamerson

borolad259 Posted on 16/01/2010 08:21
The best bassist ever ???

Looks like it's Jamerson, based upon the nominations of the FMTTM jury. Quite right too. It's just a shame that up until his dying day, some other bugger was trying to claim credit for his work.

Magic Posted on 16/01/2010 08:59
The best bassist ever ???

Surely Mani out of the Roses is worth a mention, also Paul Simonen is up there.

bear66 Posted on 16/01/2010 09:26
The best bassist ever ???

Jack Bruce

caldy_bunt Posted on 16/01/2010 09:42
The best bassist ever ???

Not a follower of bassists as such but do like a good bassline. Abba's Dancing has got an awesome bassline as does Rancid's Maxwell Murders.

The link is a kid covering the bassline from Maxwell Murder. He's very good and shows just how intricate and rhythmic the bassline is. There is a nice solo about 1 minute in.

Link: ...his bird has a nice ass too,

peck Posted on 16/01/2010 10:07
The best bassist ever ???

that dude off freak -le chic quality!!!

JonMc Posted on 16/01/2010 10:18
The best bassist ever ???

The Ox. Brilliant musician but he always managed that trick of playing basslines that were both tuneful and yet easy enough for a beginner to copy.

Honourable mentions to Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler and Jack Bruce.

peck Posted on 16/01/2010 10:22
The best bassist ever ???

the guy from Talk Talk especially on `its my life' excellent

Adi_Dem Posted on 16/01/2010 10:28
The best bassist ever ???

Mani does deserve a mention actually.

To whoever said that a zoo animal could play bass - nonsense. Most people, with practice, could play the bass. Most people cannot play the bass well. The bassists mentioned on this thread are fantastic players. Genius in some cases.

Just as an aside, playing on more numbers ones is not the same as having more number ones!!!

borolad259 Posted on 16/01/2010 10:38
The best bassist ever ???

Maybe not Adi, but when the bassline is a large part of what makes the "hit" work, then it carries a lot of with JJ.

Someone mentioned New Model Army earlier. Stuart Morrow was a really good bass player.

Adi_Dem Posted on 16/01/2010 11:32
The best bassist ever ???

Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing with their inclusion on this thread at all, I'm just saying that playing on a lot of number ones is not comparable to writing a lot of number ones, that's all.

Brilliant bass players though.

Has anyone mentioned Foxton yet? He deserves to be on here as well.

mcbrid Posted on 16/01/2010 11:49
The best bassist ever ???

One of JJ's best....carried lots of weight in this massive hit
Nice mix as well..

Link: Rattle yer speakers!!

half_a_bar_on Posted on 16/01/2010 12:04
The best bassist ever ???

Mick Karn of Japan. Mark king youre having a laugh

borolad259 Posted on 16/01/2010 12:09
The best bassist ever ???

Mick Karn was pretty much unique...and the fact that he could play like that whilst sliding across the stage was quite impressive.

andybarca Posted on 16/01/2010 12:12
The best bassist ever ???

for me


MoggasDog Posted on 16/01/2010 12:42
The best bassist ever ???

anyone guity of 80s fretless bass should be shot at dawn

the ox and jack bruce are good calls. even though jack could be shot for some hideous fretless cack

its got to be john paul jones, hasnt it?

manhead Posted on 16/01/2010 19:17
The best bassist ever ???

Les Claypool.

here endeth the thread.[B)]

manhead Posted on 16/01/2010 19:25
The best bassist ever ???

.....followed by robert triiiiiiillio

lewesred Posted on 16/01/2010 19:37
The best bassist ever ???

mick karn resembled a frog and had hands like a frog too....massive with pads on the end...great bass player ! Mingus anyone ?

mooghead Posted on 16/01/2010 21:18
The best bassist ever ???

I have some isolated Entwhistle basslines if anyone is interested (Baba O' Reilly and Wont get Fooled Again), from The Who mastertapes??!

parrothead Posted on 16/01/2010 21:22
The best bassist ever ???

We used to have a basset,
but she died.

LEE_BRILLEAUX Posted on 16/01/2010 21:32
The best bassist ever ???

Toss up between James Jamerson or Sid Vicious

I_am_Boncho! Posted on 16/01/2010 21:34
The best bassist ever ???

Me I strum those string's like its your birds fish

mmmmm pink shrimp

Boncho [:X] x

mooghead Posted on 16/01/2010 21:43
The best bassist ever ???

Go here and tisten to 'fooled bass'

original playing

Link: Entwhistle

hootswah Posted on 16/01/2010 21:55
The best bassist ever ???

Another shout for Mark King from me...
I have seen a few bassists in my time, and I am a bass player myself, so speaking from experience, the doubles and triples that Mark pulls off are quite astonishing. He plays at speed, can play many variations (slap,pluck,fretless) and all the more amazing considering he was a drummer and forced into bass by accident as L42 had no bass player.

If you don't believe me, watch this.....

Link: at about 2.20 it kicks off.....

Saving_Private_Holgate_Hero Posted on 17/01/2010 15:49
The best bassist ever ???

i can only presume those mentioning sid vicious are being ironic given he was a schite bass player or that theyre just clueless spotty twerps who probably say "the beatles" when asked who is the best band of all time [rle]

Marc_Feld Posted on 17/01/2010 15:53
The best bassist ever ???

Steve Jones played some of the bass parts after Matlock had been sacked.

Saving_Private_Holgate_Hero Posted on 17/01/2010 15:57
The best bassist ever ???

thats right marc

well done!

junco-partner Posted on 18/01/2010 04:40
The best bassist ever ???

And not even a mention of john Paul Jones...
or Phil Lynott & even Paul Ryder

ovy1 Posted on 18/01/2010 07:27
The best bassist ever ???

My vote goes to Iron Maiden's Steve Harris![^]

whocares Posted on 18/01/2010 09:13
The best bassist ever ???

suprised it too till down here to mention the god that is Les Claypool

Link: 6 Stinging it!!!

manhead Posted on 18/01/2010 10:03
The best bassist ever ???

STEVE HARRIS [^][^] Legend.

TeeSv Posted on 18/01/2010 11:02
The best bassist ever ???

Surprised no ones mentioned the Sun at Stockton and the Princes Alice a few years ago

spike_armstrong Posted on 18/01/2010 12:03
The best bassist ever ???

On sheer ability, it's a (bass) pick from John Entwhistle, Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire and Stuart Hamm.

Personally, my favourites are Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler and Bob Daisley.

Subwoofertastic [^]