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Bandy Posted on 21/02/2008 13:15
Downings comment

Tongue in cheek I hope. Just read a snippet saying Alves will have to fight for his place cos we've been playing well upfront lately!

Give your head a shake Stuey lad

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:16
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I think he's dead right.

Tuncay and Aliadiere have been in cracking form and even Mido looks like he might be getting back to his best. On current form (and I accept that Alves has barely played a half) he shouldn't just walk into the side.

Rochey Posted on 21/02/2008 13:17
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Yeah I laughed when I read that aswell. Just like Woodgate can't afford a house in London...

Brick_Tamland Posted on 21/02/2008 13:17
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Who made Downing manager of Middlesbrough? Getting a bit big for his boots this lad. Think it's time Johnson was given his chance.

Rochey Posted on 21/02/2008 13:18
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Its a nice problem to have though, alot better than being forced to play Dong Gook *cringe*.

Bandy Posted on 21/02/2008 13:19
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scoea, I hope you are joking. Tuncay hasnt played for 3 games and Mido has only just come back!

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/02/2008 13:20
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I think we should sell Alves for half the price we paid for him, he has looked S***e in the 45 minutes we have given him.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:20
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Could you not say exactly the same thing about Alves Bandy??

Ned_Le_Quesne Posted on 21/02/2008 13:20
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I hope he was serious ! Everyone should be fighting to get into the first team, and we've got a forward line where competition should be encouraged.

We got rid of the two fat lazy tvvats, now we've got some hunger going on, and Alves may not always be first choice. My advice, keep an eye on Mido ...

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:20
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'I accept that Alves has barely played a half'

So how many halves has 'back to his best' Mido played recently?

They haven't scored a dozen between them so far, have they?

Bandy Posted on 21/02/2008 13:22
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sorry but a 12 million striker who scores more goals than games does not make way for a forward line that hasnt reached double figures between themselves all season.

For that reason Alves is IN

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:22
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Exactly Ned.

Cat - talk about mis-quoting!!! I think you'll find that I said Mido looks like he might be getting back to his best, certainly more so than Alves!!

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:23
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If price tag and past performance are your selection criteria then you have a lot to learn.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:23
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We're just banging them in from all angles eh Stewie?

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/02/2008 13:23
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Fooks sake, Alves isnt fit, neither is Mido, Tuncay is injured.

They will all be fighting for a place, and that, is exactly how it should be.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:24
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Precisely Dr Evil.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:24
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When it comes to watching football, I'd say it's yourself that needs to give his head a shake.

On what do you base your claim that Mido looks to be getting back to his best? His shot or his two decent passes?

br14 Posted on 21/02/2008 13:25
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Alves is a 12 million pound risk that has to be managed carefully.

Throw him in as a starter in games and you run the risk he loses confidence.

I reckon we use him after 60 minutes until he's match fit or scores a goal.

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/02/2008 13:27
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Good theory br14, however, you dont get match fit by playing 30 minutes a game.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:28
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Or pay 12 million for a bloke with no faith in his ability.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:28
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His overall fitness and improved performance in the last game has shown SIGNS of him getting back to his best. On that basis he is rightly ahead of Alves at this moment in time. Equally, Aliadiere and Tuncay have been playing very well and deserve to be ahead of the other two.

As time goes by and Alves and Mido get to full fitness then they will be pushing for a place.

That is exactly how the selection process should work.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:34
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You only get to full fitness by playing first team football. So far this season, I'd guess that Alves has played more games and should be fitter than Mido. He's not carrying the weight that Mido is for a start.

You've got some contacts inside, scoea. I heard at the weekend that he's been getting a lot of stick off the lads because of his weight, any truth in it?

When they're fit, I'd give them a run out together. Mido could be the perfect foil for Alves. He can hold the ball up and create a chance, we haven't got many with that ability in the team.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:37
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Not heard anything about that but Southgate said today how pleased he has been with Mido's attitude.

Long term Cat, I agree with you. The point I am making is that it is entirely correct that Alves waits for his chance because, in my view, our front two have actually been doing quite welll recently.

Brick_Tamland Posted on 21/02/2008 13:38
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Mido is a class footballer - no doubt about it. He's played up front with some world-class strikers. He seemed as motivated as he was against Fulham and Newcastle at Sheffield United. He was hardly the slimmest footballer when he arrived at Spurs in 2005 but still performed well.

We'd be daft to sell him.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:40
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We've signed Alves because the forward line is not doing 'quite well'.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:40
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I heard that the ribbing had really got to him and he's been doing extra training and looking after his diet.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:42
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Knew he couldn't resist.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:42
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He has got a point.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:42
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No he hasn't. He's got an obsession though.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:43
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Come on, they haven't scored a dozen between them.

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/02/2008 13:45
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He does have a point on this Scoea.

Forwards are meant to score goals. Its all well and good running around and putting a great performance in, working hard, terrorising the defenders.

But whats the point if you dont score many?

See Dirk Kuyt.

sasboro1 Posted on 21/02/2008 13:45
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3 goals from 23 games for aliadiere is just not good enough and southgate agrees as thats why he has gone out and blown 12m on a striker in january

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:46
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Even he's scored 8 or 9.

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/02/2008 13:47
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Well, you can see my point though.

I still rate Aliadiere however.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:47
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I think you're missing the point I am making actually. I am not disagreeing that Alves has been bought to score goals. That's a given. The point I am making is that it is absolutely undeniable that Tuncay and Aliadiere have been playing well recently and thereofre currently deserve their place in the team.

Southgate quite clearly doesn't agree because he has said how highly he rates Aliaidere in numerous interviews.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:48
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Yet again I didn't mention any player not one, and you say I've got an obsession, mind you usually say it's a vendetta so I think the medicine may be working.

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/02/2008 13:48
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Well Scoea, they do deserve it, but if they arent scoring, then we need to be looking at other avenues.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:48
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So assuming all 4 were fit, which two would you pick to play, assuming we were playing 4-4-2?

rob_fmttm Posted on 21/02/2008 13:48
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Downing is top of the Boro stats.

Link: Actim Statistics

Critical_Bill Posted on 21/02/2008 13:49
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sas, goalscoring doesn't matter nowadays.
It's more about 'stretching the opposition' and making an 'assist' every 5 games, apparently.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:49
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I don't think I've ever used the word vendetta. Your memory really doesn't work so well.

You referred to "the forward line" and so I assumed you meant Aliaidere and Tuncay. Sorry I should have know you meant Huth.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:50
Downings comment

You've just asked the question he refuses to answer.

Bandy Posted on 21/02/2008 13:50
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"If price tag and past performance are your selection criteria then you have a lot to learn"

scoea, is it any reason you get labelled as patronising.

it was only 3 months ago you were telling me we had a manager who couldnt motivate or manage.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:50
Downings comment

Erm, except that I have answered it many, many times. In fact I answered it just yesterday. As I say, just because you have no momory of it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/02/2008 13:51
Downings comment

It says he is third in that report Rob.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:51
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Winger in top of dribbling and crossing stats!!!!!!!

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:51
Downings comment

#pulls up chair#

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:51
Downings comment

Now come on Bandy, that was tongue in cheek and was actually taken from one of your posts from a little while ago so get down off that high horse.

Bandy Posted on 21/02/2008 13:53
Downings comment

my horse will always be higher than yours.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:53
Downings comment

Come on you blithering fool - name them.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:57
Downings comment

I'll start you off:
Downing and Ali as you've been saying for months.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 13:57
Downings comment

Blithering fool?

Nice. I said the other day that I was no longer going to engage you on this particular topic. You seem to turn every thread into an argument about the merits of Aliadiere. I have answered you before. You choose to ignore it. I set out my thoughts on a thread yesterday of which you were a part. You choose to ignore it.

If I answer you again, just this once, will you accept my offer that we simply agree to disagree on this particular topic? A yes or no will do.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 13:59
Downings comment

Engage me then.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 13:59
Downings comment

Like I said I didn't mention him, you brought him up.
C'mon name them, stop blithering.
I didn't ask the question, answer the man.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 14:04
Downings comment


scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 14:07
Downings comment

I know you didn't mention him by name and I therefore apologise for assuming your reference to our forward line as being a reference to Aliadiere and Tuncay. I accept that I should have known you were referring to Tuncay and DGL as that is your favoured front line when Mido and Alves are unavailable.

Right, what I have ALWAYS said is that Aliadiere will continue to get his fair share of games even though Alves has signed. Southgate was buying Aliadiere even when we had Yak and Duke here. Yak and Duke have simply been replaced with Alves and Mido. Who is first choice will be determined by form and fitness I am sure you agree. If you were to ask me who I would pick with everyone on form, fit and at the top of their game then I can genuinely see Aliadiere and Alves being the preferred front two. Equally, I can see a time when Tuncay will be doing better than Aliadiere, when Mido might be more deserving of a place. That is the nature of having a squad.

However, what I ACTUALLY think will happen is a movement away from a standard 4-4-2 and instead us having one striker (either Mido or Alves) with supporting players on either side to be picked from Downing (who will play most games), Tuncay and Aliadiere.

Now, and here's the thing that you really need to read, I accept that I could be dead wrong and Aliadiere might never play when the others are fit and playing well.

However, that does not and never will detract from my view that Aliadiere is a very good player that benefits the first team. Do you see? I think he's a very good player (which is what we have always argued about) and I can still think that irrespective of whether he is first choice or not.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 14:11
Downings comment

Just 4 names, forget the essay - just 4 names.
#stirs coffee#

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 14:13
Downings comment

Can't you read it? Congratulations on you maturity and the reasoned and sensible way in which you have dealt with this subject. You have your answer and you have the 4 names, just 4 names.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 14:15
Downings comment

#fetches biscuit tin#

Bandy Posted on 21/02/2008 14:15
Downings comment


You start a tongue in cheek thread and two people end up argueing about absolutely fk all

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 14:17
Downings comment

That's an attacking line up, scoea. Who would you leave out of the present side, a midfield player or a defender?

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 14:17
Downings comment

I know Bandy, now you know why I posted that Downing thread yesterday!

As much as I like to watch mappie embarrass himself like this, I have made the decision not to engage him any more on this subject. He has my answer. It's what I genuinely think and he cleary has a problem with it. I accept that he disagrees and I can live with that. I am not sure that he can but that's up to him.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 14:17
Downings comment

# eyes malt loaf #

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 14:18
Downings comment

Do you mean with the 4-3-3 type line up Cat??

If so then it's obviously one of Arca and Rocky. I have no strong view either way and again it would depend on form and fitness. If pushed I would drop Arca currently.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 14:19
Downings comment

# checks waistline #

sasboro1 Posted on 21/02/2008 14:20
Downings comment

southgate must be a S***e manager if he blows 12m on a striker and hardly plays him. if he isnt goign to make him first choice then the money is better spent elsewhere in the team

Bandy Posted on 21/02/2008 14:21
Downings comment

sssssssh, sas, he's not quite fit yet but as soon as he is he will be first choice

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/02/2008 14:21
Downings comment

For me the defence would be exposed with a midfield of Downing, Rocky and O'Neil. We'd lose Downings wide play as well. He'd be so busy chasing after the bloke that's walked past Rocky to think about going forward.

We'd need a really strong midfielder to play that system, Boateng in his hey day maybe, but it would still be a push to keep Downing in a 4-3-3.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 14:24
Downings comment

4-4-3 - I must've missed something?

# puts malt loaf down and re-reads thread#

Nope still no answer.

Critical_Bill Posted on 21/02/2008 14:27
Downings comment

"now you know why I posted that Downing thread yesterday!"

As usual a hollow attempt at oneupmanship.

grantus Posted on 21/02/2008 14:38
Downings comment

Yeah, are strikers are doing so well that our our top scorers in the Premiership, after 26 matches have 4 goals each. One of them is a midfielder.

Stuey, shhhhhh. Do your talking with your feet, dozy.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 16:30
Downings comment

Bill - could you please explain how, in your warped mind, that is an attempt at oneupmanship?? Please tell me because you really have confused yourself with that one.

Mappie - read my previous post because the answer is there. Try the second paragraph. Nothing about 4-4-3, only confirmation as to which of the two strikers I think will be first choice in a 4-4-2. Go, be a devil, have a read of it. 46 years old and so immature.

Critical_Bill Posted on 21/02/2008 16:33
Downings comment

It was yet another display of self-important, I knew best braggartism.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 16:38
Downings comment

As I suspected you've got it completely wrong as you usually do about me. That Downing thread was not about being proven correct or any such nonsense. I posted a thread on the day Downing signed in which I admitted to being extremely pedantic about the fact that the actual contract hadn't been signed. I mischievously then posted again yesterday because I was at home ill and bored because I expected a reaction similar to the one that followed Lamb confirming that McClaren hadn't actually signed his deal. Basically, for want of a better phrase, I was putting up a thread designed to provoke a little reaction.

I then posted what I did on this thread in response to Bandy posting "You start a tongue in cheek thread and two people end up argueing about absolutely fk all". That is to say that I did the same thing with the Downing thread yesterday.

Are you with me? As I say, you have me completely wrong.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 16:45
Downings comment

OK I've read it, and it's truly exhilarating, you mention Aliadiere, Alves, Yak, Duke, Mido , Tuncay and Downing.

So just to make things absolutely clear, your four names if all fit are who?

Just four names that's all, give Gazza a nudge if you're struggling, he'll help you out.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 16:47
Downings comment

You know what mappie, you can F*** off. It has become tiresome and boring. For your own peace of mind I shall not be responding to any more of your nonsense and I will, ultimately, end up posting something that I really don't want to.

You know what I think, I have given you in the second paragraph above who I think the two first choice strikers will be. So I'll leave it at that.

Go and find someone else to play with.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 16:48
Downings comment

Nurse....he's flipped!

The_263 Posted on 21/02/2008 17:03
Downings comment

Scoea! I understand that you have a legal role and qulaified to barrister status at a very very young age. How can this be achieved considering this board is dominated by your threads, arguments chilish squabbles etc - you spend an unhealthy amount of time on here. You must truly have a great job (or family) to find time to keep up with all the board politics. You must be in a family business surely - how else could you get away with this daylight robbery of your employer. I have one question:

Who's ya Daddy?

Critical_Bill Posted on 21/02/2008 17:06
Downings comment

Is scoea a child 'genius'?
Like that blonde kid from the Antiques roadshow who is now a woman?

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 17:08
Downings comment

Apparently he's the double of Ian Beale.

mwelolo Posted on 21/02/2008 17:10
Downings comment

Poor Scoea, people just don't understand him.

George1507 Posted on 21/02/2008 17:40
Downings comment

I think the defence is doing better, but the forwards have a got a long way to go. We haven't scored two goals in a league game since Dec 9 and only four other times before that.

We are starting to create more chances now, so it must be that the chances are not being taken.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 17:57
Downings comment

onthemap, how can you go from being a rational human being with a reasoned opinion (The Rochemback thread) to this childish display?

sasboro1 Posted on 21/02/2008 18:10
Downings comment

I think the improvement in our form is down to the defence settling down to be the same 4 players. Our strikers havent really improved that much its just we are leaking a lot less now.

still only scored more than 1 goal in a game twice in last 13 games and both of them were in the fa cup against lower league teams

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 18:15
Downings comment

I'm 30 this year, that is hardly young to qualify as a Barrister (I did that when I was 22). I do get involved in childish squabbles but it is never the case that I am actually being childish. As for this board being dominated by my threads. Is it really? How many of mine are on here then?

I can set my own hours and I am the employer!! That, plus the fact that I am currently ill and at home means that I have the time to respond to such threads. As for board politics, I didn't realise there were any. I just thought this was a pretty harmless pastime.

You're either jealous or just plain vindictive. Can't decide which.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 18:56
Downings comment

Your defence of Scoea is admirable it really is, however I didn't mention the dreaded A word, Scoea did,I didn't ask the question Corcaigh did, and it was Bill that made the references to the previous Downing 'I told you so' post.

The thread developed the way it did because it was a sort of 'put up or shut up' question that didn't suit someone.
Lets be honest about this, it's hardly rocket science is it, 'if all the strikers are fit who gets the starting nod?'

It's nothing personal, it's not childish it's just a simple question that Corcaigh asked - not me, but the prospect of losing face, on a messageboard for God's sake, is obviously intolerable to some, so lets just leave the question unanswered and pretend it was never asked.

I'm sure you'll be able to come to his rescue another time.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 19:09
Downings comment

Despite what I said above Mappie, I'm going to respond to that because it is the first attempt at a reasoned post you've made. Reasoned, but full of lies as usual. It's almost as if you have several personalities.

1. I agree you didn't mention Aliadiere. You mentioned the forward line, which I presumed included Aliadiere. Are you saying it didn't?

"We've signed Alves because the forward line is not doing 'quite well'."

2. The put up or shut up question was answered, you just chose to ignore the answer:

"If you were to ask me who I would pick with everyone on form, fit and at the top of their game then I can genuinely see Aliadiere and Alves being the preferred front two."

So there you go. By the way, I suggest you read through each of your contributions to this thread and then take stock and consider whether you have been just a little bit childish.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 19:26
Downings comment


You just love calling people liars,(it's maybe because of your line of work), you'd deny calling me a liar now if it weren't for the fact that I'm pointing it out and it's in the above post.

You mention vendettas and then deny it, you regularly say others are obsessed and yet a simple mention of the words 'forward line' sends you off on this mission to somehow prove your footballing knowledge.
You'll have to let me know what other terms are unacceptable on your board, strikers or goalscorers maybe, maybe I should steer away from mentioning anyone except the back four and Schwarzer?

You reckon Ali(3 goals in 20+) and Alves will be the striking partnership, a fit Mido, Downing or Tuncay will be on the bench presumably.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you make me smile you really do.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 19:46
Downings comment

1. I only call people liars if they have a propensity to lie, which you clearly do.

2. I have never used the word vendetta, not that I think there is anything wrong with the word but I don't think you have a vendetta so why would I use it?

3. You have an unhealthy obsession to prove to everyone that you are right about Aliadiere. I have not concluded that you have an obsession based on your contributions to this thread but rather on your consistent and repeated threads on the same topic.

4. In what way have I tried to prove my footballing knowledge here? I have an opinion that is genuinely held but I have acknowledged that I may well be proven wrong. You seem to have conveniently forgotten the number of threads you have posted pointing out that we are all going to be proven incorrect, that 'sides' will be switched etc etc

5. I take it that you now acknowledge that I did, indeed, answer Mr Cat's question some time ago? It seems that you now want to belittle and mock my opinion rather than my perceived reluctance to give that opinion.

I can keep making you look silly all day if you want.

Space_Face Posted on 21/02/2008 20:19
Downings comment

I think he's jealous, scoea.

boro74 Posted on 21/02/2008 21:28
Downings comment

"we've been playing well up front lately."

I think the emphasis is on LATELY.

People refer to the lack of goals from Ali and Tuncay. They both started off badly, as far as goal scoring is concerned. The goals they have scored came in games they played recently.

If you just consider their recent form, they have been doing well. Alves will have to fight for his place.

boroandproud2 Posted on 21/02/2008 21:45
Downings comment

I think the fact that we have a goal difference of -15 warrants Alves a starting berth alone.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:00
Downings comment

If Ali even dreams he's going to keep Alves out he should wake up and apologise.
and you call me silly really do make me smile.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:01
Downings comment

Where has this idea that we only need 2 strikers come from?

Space_Face Posted on 21/02/2008 22:02
Downings comment

Who would you say has been our best attacker these past 2 months Mappy?

However if we spend 12m+ on a player, he is going to be first choice.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:05
Downings comment

I don't think you're silly because of your view on aliadiere. I, unlike you, don't have a problem with that. You're entitled to your opinion, as am I, and we disagree. No problem with that.

You are silly because of the way you go on. I would be embarrassed if I were you but it is quite clear that you aren't. Equally, you genuinely can't see how daft you are making yourself look.

You mock me because I won't answer a question, even though I have answered that question repeatedly in the past and, indeed, on this thread and then once you realise that I have answered it you mock me because you disagree with that opinion. Correct me if I've got anything wrong here but really that is just one example of your immaturity, lack of tolerance and all round lack of any sort of humility.

As I say, I can do this all day. 46 years old as well!!

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:08
Downings comment

There isn't one, we could play 10 up front if wanted to, but I guess we wont mate.
That's what most teams stick to but hey maybe you're right Downing, Tuncay, Ali, Alves and Mido, up front if they're all fit eh?

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:09
Downings comment


scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:10
Downings comment

He just doesn't get it.

Space_Face Posted on 21/02/2008 22:12
Downings comment

He used to get it, then they changed what it was. Now, what's it, seems weird and scary to him.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:12
Downings comment

I'm not mocking you I'm responding to your petty insults, you know like calling me a liar that type of thing.

I can take it though, I won't throw a hissy like you do once a day, maybe you forgot, you weren't talking to me, you flounced off earlier.

Whats really bothering you mate?

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:14
Downings comment

Are the other two trainee Barristers?

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:15
Downings comment

You are a liar though. You constantly make up what people have said to suit your own argument.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:19
Downings comment

Not everyone on this board lives the tedious humdrum existence that you do, it may seem like lies now son but that's just because of the life you lead.
You'll learn.

In fact enlighten me tell me some of my lies go on,I'm intrigued to see what it is you're struggling with.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:20
Downings comment

Exactly Blain.

I didn't flounce anywhere. I've continued to post and all I said was that I wouldn't respond to you any more. I changed my mind.

What petty insults? You have proven yourself to lie on this messageboard and I pointed that out. You have been childish and immature. I pointed that out.

And you have mocked my opinion. You can deny it if you want but it is all there in black and white above. Before that you mocked the fact that I hadn't given an answer when in fact I had, you just chose to ignore it or, alternatively, didn't actually read what i posted. Either way, that is a bit dim.

the trainee Barrister comment? Sorry you lost me with that one.

Read your last post to Blain and tell me you're not childish, immature, condescending and with no humility. Go on, I dare you.

As I say, all day long.

HelmutSchmutz Posted on 21/02/2008 22:24
Downings comment

I love the way scoea posts like he's in a court room. OBJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Court Adjourned for the evening while I go and watch Prison Break.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:26
Downings comment

You know as much about my 'existence' as you know about football. On this subject I will enlighten you on your situation, as percieved by the outside world. You come across as a sad middle aged man trying to bring everybody else down to your level of misery by constantly attacking certain men who play for the football club you, allegedly, support (Attendance would be one step one on the ladder to 'support'). It seems you will keep on and on about the same point, which has been argued a million times, until you 'win' (how you would percieve it) and everybody submits to the all powerful map. When in reality everybody else just cant take you serious any more.

You lied about scoea saying you have a vendetta for one.

Space_Face Posted on 21/02/2008 22:27
Downings comment

You know Mappy is losing when he calls you 'son'

He told me to go and ask my Dad the other day.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:29
Downings comment

Look mate, if you go around calling people a liar and posting 'I told you so' posts every time you need your ego boosting, then you have to expect the responses you get.

Everything you accuse me of is more or less what Bill accused you of earlier in this very thread - read it - read it slowly.

The trainee barrister comment was made because the other two seem to simply gush to agree with your every word. They come across as slightly, whats the word...well sort of over eager to please you.
I just wondered that's all.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:31
Downings comment

See what I'm getting at?

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:32
Downings comment

See what I mean?

Space_Face Posted on 21/02/2008 22:32
Downings comment

ffs [:D]

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:34
Downings comment

I don't go around calling people anything. I quite specifically called you a liar because that is exactly what you are. Bill accused me, incorrectly, of oneupmanship. That is not in the same vicinity as calling someone a liar. It certainly isn't accusing me of being immature, childish and lacking in humility. I suggest you read it again or at all. Slowly.

They agree with me because I am right, not for any other reason. It is comments like those that lead me to believe you are immature. I am just calling it as I see it.

All night long now.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:36
Downings comment

Have you two seen that film - Mike Bassett Football Manager I think it's called.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:38
Downings comment

Whats that got to do with the price of eggs?

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:38
Downings comment

Certainly have. One of the worst films I've ever seen. Why? Do you see yourself in it somewhere?

You see, I would regard that question as a loaded one designed to, yet again, insult me. But of course you're not that immature. Are you?

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:39
Downings comment

Whats the name of the character, the assistant manager?

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:40
Downings comment

I think hes taking aim at me

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:42
Downings comment

Deggsy is it? Something like that?

Scoea I wasn't thinking of you, I don't need to think up reasons to insult you.
No that character comes to mind when I read Blain and the other guys posts.

Sorry it just amuses me.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:43
Downings comment

Can you not see that's kind of proving my point?

sasboro1 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:44
Downings comment

So did we ever find out who the front 2 first choice will be? my money is on tuncay and alves.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:45
Downings comment

You're idea that I agree with everything scoea says it pretty weak to be fair. It just shows you trying to embarass me into backing down.

If you actually read some other threads you would realise that scoea and me agree on two things. Aliadiere's contribution and your stupidity, childishness and all round T***ishness. Besides that we agree on very little.

Space_Face Posted on 21/02/2008 22:45
Downings comment

That's mine too, sas, in the long term.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:46
Downings comment

Yeah Tuncay and Alves will play 40 games each and Mido and Aliadiere will play 0.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:48
Downings comment

Apparently he made it clear about 8 hours ago Sas - you missed it too then mate?

Lighten up boys

F***ing better do this because you are F***ing this up. Kids would F***ing die to wear those F***ing shirts. You are all so F***ing useless. You gotta prove you can F***ing do this because at the moment you are F***ing losing 2-0 to the F***ing Mexicans.

Thats a funny film Scoea.

Space_Face Posted on 21/02/2008 22:52
Downings comment

Of course they won't blain. But I would hope Southgate has some idea of his favoured first 11?

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:54
Downings comment

He probably does and I reckon he will have Ali and Alves up front. But Tuncay and Mido will both play 20 games a season.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 22:55
Downings comment

Kevin Tonkinson: [having been arrested for drink-driving] It wasn't my fault, boss, I had to swerve to avoid the traffic!
Mike: Only because you were on the wrong side of the bloody road! How many milligrams did you have?
Kevin Tonkinson: 88.
Mike: 88 bloody milligrams! You go on the P*** all day, you've ballooned out like the Pillsbury Doughboy! You've really let me down this time, Tonka, I'm telling you.
Kevin Tonkinson: I wrote an apology, boss!
Mike: Oh, F*** the apology! You could go to jail for this! What sort of system am I going to play then? Three across the middle and one in bloody Pentonville?

C'mon that's funny, you've got to think that's funny!

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:56
Downings comment

So, we're back to you not accepting that I answered the question then. Hey ho. Here's a tip - Alves and Ali. Alves and Ali.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 22:57
Downings comment

Not really mappie.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 22:59
Downings comment

It must be one of those movies for those with a higher intellect.

scoea Posted on 21/02/2008 23:00
Downings comment

Right, that's enough talking B*******. Good night all. Even you mappie, you old rogue you.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 23:02
Downings comment

Night Scoea
Night Deggsy

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 23:04
Downings comment

Ooh I'm so upset mappy. That Deggsy nickname will really hurt me. Almost makes me want to mention the owld ex-wife before I pop off and cry myself to sleep.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 23:12
Downings comment

No witty comeback? No more Mike Bassett gems?

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 23:23
Downings comment

Lighten up Blain, I was answering emails.

It's not real this place, you're holding a conversation with a computer screen.

Here you go mate:
Margaret: Mike, here's the squad list, and I've given copies to the press, like you asked.
Mike: Ah, well done, Margaret, thank you... hey, hang on a minute! There's 28 names here, I only picked 26.
Margaret: Well, that was the list you gave me.
Mike: Tony Hedges, York City? I didn't pick him, love.
Margaret: You must have done, Mike. I wouldn't have put him down, otherwise.
Mike: Never heard of him, have I? And who's this clown? Ron Benson, Plymouth Argyle?
Margaret: Look, Mike, they were on the list of players that you gave me!
Mike: [holding up the cigarette box he wrote the squad list on] Oh, come on, love! Show me where it says "Benson and Hedges" on that.

Made me laugh anyway.

Blain87 Posted on 21/02/2008 23:26
Downings comment

Probably get more sense from a computer screen than we do from you. Especially after about 9:30 when the depression induced drinking binge takes effect.

onthemap Posted on 21/02/2008 23:29
Downings comment

Blain are you always this up tight? Chill out mate, watch a film that Mike Basset thing is funny honest.