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HolgateCorner Posted on 30/11/2009 21:23
March 1983 - QPR away

My only visit to Loftus Road and we get thrashed 6 - 1 on the plastic pitch.

These people moaning about 2 - 2 at Peterborough don't know they are born.

Hoof_Hearted Posted on 30/11/2009 21:25
March 1983 - QPR away

Was that the game we had to borrow a strip from them, because we forgot to take ours?[B)]

fozzylegend Posted on 30/11/2009 21:27
March 1983 - QPR away

it's on youtube somewhere........ [|)]

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 30/11/2009 22:24
March 1983 - QPR away

We didn't forget to take our strip. It was because one of MotD's scheduled games was postponed at short notice and in those days, you weren't allowed to wear sponsored shirts in televised matches. We didn't know we were going to be on telly and thus had only packed our "McLean Homes" shirts.

Jonicama Posted on 30/11/2009 22:25
March 1983 - QPR away

I went along and we were flattered by the scoreline as we were battered. I don't think we'd ever played on the plastic pitch and QPR were knocking it around like a five a side game.

I vaguely remember one headed goal where their scorer headed it down, our goalie dived expecting the ball to skid along the pitch and the ball bounced 4 feet above the goalie lying on the plastic pitch and he was scrambling to reach up for the ball. Can't remeber who it was.

Hopefully a better result on Saturday.

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 30/11/2009 22:27
March 1983 - QPR away

Jonicama, we played there the year before in the FA Cup and drew 1-1. Kelham O'Hanlon was the keeper in 1983 when we got stuffed.