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MightyDuck Posted on 16/11/2009 09:25
Marton FC

Anyone got kids playing in the under 8s or 9s?

blindschool Posted on 16/11/2009 09:28
Marton FC

Get your kids to Stockton Town, they are the future.

Link: stfc

MightyDuck Posted on 16/11/2009 09:30
Marton FC

my nephews play at TIBS but the coach has left and someone parents are running it now, they are getting worse every week. its no good for them

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 16/11/2009 10:22
Marton FC

If they enjoy it then it's good for them, if they don't it's not.

Never used to like Marton as they'd sign up all the better players and hold onto their registrations so they couldn't play for anyone else. Won the league because they had all of the good player on their books. It's changed alot now by all accounts.