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Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 01/11/2009 21:59
Drinking Your Own Piiss

Small Glass on a morning small glass before you go to bed.
Cliff Richard swears by it been on it for 3 weeks now never felt better.[^]

privatepile75 Posted on 01/11/2009 22:00
Drinking Your Own Piiss



mooghead Posted on 01/11/2009 22:01
Drinking Your Own Piiss

Nah, he drinks his boyfriends.....

sixtyniner69 Posted on 01/11/2009 22:03
Drinking Your Own Piiss

the SAS are taught to do this( its in their books)
they distill it first

Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 01/11/2009 23:07
Drinking Your Own Piiss

I reckon this time next year i will look younger than i do now as well.
Also for all you baldy's out there it is supposed to promote hair growth.[^]

homesickblues Posted on 01/11/2009 23:09
Drinking Your Own Piiss

Must make your head whiff a bit though?

oldsmoggie Posted on 01/11/2009 23:13
Drinking Your Own Piiss

I'll give it miss thanks[V]

John_Money Posted on 02/11/2009 08:35
Drinking Your Own Piiss

as a professional urinotherapist i can heartily recommend it

r00fie Posted on 02/11/2009 08:51
Drinking Your Own Piiss

[^]Its filtered and pure. No water = own urine is safe. FACT.

Manfriday Posted on 02/11/2009 09:18
Drinking Your Own Piiss

How can something that has already been through your body possibly give you any benefits going through again? Surely your body would of taken all it needed before it left your winkle? Plus does your lass know you drink p1ss? Lol

Rod100 Posted on 02/11/2009 09:34
Drinking Your Own Piiss

"Its filtered and pure. No water = own urine is safe. FACT."

strange. i thought urine (urea) was a poison that would kill you, thats why your kidneys filter yourt blood to expell toxins etc, and it is expelled as urine?

so whats changed now then?

Gibson_Wheres_My_P45 Posted on 02/11/2009 11:10
Drinking Your Own Piiss

I know somebody who has been doing it for 10 years and he hasn't aged a bit and says he feels 20 years younger than he is.

Link: Piiiissss Drinking