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HolgateCorner Posted on 31/10/2009 20:03
Is Johnson too big in the head?

Has a couple of good performances gone to his head?

He was poor again today and since I don't go to away matches, that is what I see.

He won the match against Derby but I thought today he was like a headless chicken, not putting an attackers name on the ball when he crossed it into the box and a shocking penalty at a crucial time. If he'd scored the penalty I think we would have gone on to win.

I have doubts about his attitude.

Billy69_uk Posted on 31/10/2009 20:05
Is Johnson too big in the head?

weak willed limp wristed no balls lazy get

so yup

red_shamrock Posted on 31/10/2009 20:05
Is Johnson too big in the head?

You want to be glad we have him otherwise we would be fighting Relegation.

Hercules Posted on 31/10/2009 20:06
Is Johnson too big in the head?

I tend to think hes too greedy but then I ask myself 'would I pass to Emnes or would I try and beat my man and get my shot off?'. In most circumstances I find myself thinking I'd probably try and beat my man.

Rocky10 Posted on 31/10/2009 20:11
Is Johnson too big in the head?

Take it away from him and you have a pub player.

The_Dude Posted on 31/10/2009 20:12
Is Johnson too big in the head?

[rle]here we go

todays defeat had now been blamed on

st ledger

and now, its adam johnson

well done jonno

red_shamrock Posted on 31/10/2009 20:13
Is Johnson too big in the head?

Dont forget Stachan

Joe_Sully_Boro Posted on 31/10/2009 20:48
Is Johnson too big in the head?

I think he is good, but today he seemed to go missing in the second half.

bevoboro Posted on 31/10/2009 20:54
Is Johnson too big in the head?

The crux of the matter is that we are unable to break down teams who come and park the bus, its harsh to blame Johnson or any of the attackers. Plymouth were very well organised today and we just couldnt break through them.

Hopefully Strachan has the ability to tactically change how we attempt to break down a stubborn team, it was a bit much to expect him to do so after four days with the squad though. I am still confident that Strachan will be a tonic for us.

bear66 Posted on 31/10/2009 20:57
Is Johnson too big in the head?

You get what you see with him and 9 goals have come because he's not looked for a player. I thought he had a reasonable second half but struggled to get much ball in the first half (Poggy not as good as Bennett has been recently in that respect)

homesickblues Posted on 31/10/2009 20:59
Is Johnson too big in the head?

He's our main threat gong forward. We did not give him enough ball today. We kept going down the right and nothing came of it. Lets use him while we still got him.

bevoboro Posted on 31/10/2009 21:01
Is Johnson too big in the head?

My back four today would have been:

(RB) St Ledger
(CB) Wheater
(CB) Pogatetz
(LB) Bennett

I suspect though, that Strachan has spotted something with Bennett in the DVD's he didnt like. That is why Bennett was dropped IMO.

Julios_Hairband Posted on 31/10/2009 21:03
Is Johnson too big in the head?

The problem isn't so much Johnson, it's more that when he doesn't perform there's no one else in the team who can step up. He isn't going to get 8s and 9s out of 10 every single week, but when he's not doing it, it basically means that the team isn't either.

It's basically the same problem we had with Downing for years.

outoftowned Posted on 31/10/2009 21:12
Is Johnson too big in the head?

a player of (a) the value he thinks he is (b) the ability some on here think he has... should be getting 8/10 week in week out .. esp v plymouth and alike

HolgateCorner Posted on 31/10/2009 21:54
Is Johnson too big in the head?

I also have an alternative view of Johnson today which I haven't seen anybody post yet and that is his confidence could be fragile.

It took him a long time to become a regular in the team and that place is now threatened by a new man in charge.

The penalty miss was the miss of a player who bottled it, he didn't even get it on target, maybe Johnson buckled under the pressure of Strachan's clean slate.

He will also be aware that a lot of prospective managers will be looking out for Strachan's opinion on Johnson before trying to sign him up. Strachan may also have commented on Johnson running his contract down and his view on that kind of thing. I can't see Strachan being as accepting of it as Southgate was.

Many more performances like that and his career will be at the crossroads, things change quickly.

outmac Posted on 31/10/2009 22:03
Is Johnson too big in the head?

yes he is too big for his boots . Did nothing
again today , not a team player at all .
He was trying to be clever with one of the
Argyle players after he missed the penalty
gesturing it was his number on the board to
be subbed . It should have been him off .

blindschool Posted on 31/10/2009 22:07
Is Johnson too big in the head?

"Strachan has spotted something with Bennett"

I think he just realises he is too young and green to be playing in the first team at the moment. Parnaby said he would make loads of mistakes if he was played now and that is the case. It would probably destroy his confidence if he played too much.

dave_79 Posted on 31/10/2009 22:12
Is Johnson too big in the head?

he is by far the most most creative player at this club come january when he leaves you will know about it.

outmac Posted on 31/10/2009 22:16
Is Johnson too big in the head?

roll on January then then mighty Wigan
or Brum can fight over him .
Will never be a patch on Downing .

outmac Posted on 31/10/2009 22:17
Is Johnson too big in the head?

roll on Januery then .

HolgateCorner Posted on 31/10/2009 22:18
Is Johnson too big in the head?

dave 79 - if he's not doing at the Riverside (Derby match apart) though and he's going to leave anyway, why play him?

Wouldn't it be better to invest first team time in somebody who will be part of Strachan's future team?