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MightyDuck Posted on 19/10/2009 10:52
Adam Johnson

i know this gets posted a bit but why on earth does GS insist on playing him on the right wing? he twisted on all last season that he wants to play on the left yet for half of every game he's on the right. Bad times

speckyget Posted on 19/10/2009 10:53
Adam Johnson

No excuse for the shocker he had at the weekend, about half of which was on the left anyway.

byrno Posted on 19/10/2009 10:56
Adam Johnson

He's been pretty poor on both wings recently though.

When he was on soccer am the other week he was mumbling something about how he prefers to play on the right.

skiprat Posted on 19/10/2009 11:30
Adam Johnson

I prefer to not see him on the right at all.

Anybody4abeer Posted on 19/10/2009 11:31
Adam Johnson

Did he not say something about him and Yeates like switching over so they just do it from time to time! Maybe Southgate should get his finger out and tell him to stay on the Left