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r00fie Posted on 11/10/2009 08:29
RIP Stephen G. 33.

Made some great pop records, and sold more records in the 90s than Take That. 33 = no age.[sad]

Lupin Posted on 11/10/2009 08:32
RIP Stephen G. 33.

Stephen Gerard never sold more than TakeThat did he ?

Blimey, don't tell Ronan.

axel1974 Posted on 11/10/2009 08:49
RIP Stephen G. 33.

not a great fan of his voice to be honest...... still a bit sad to think that someone younger than me has passed away

rick4974 Posted on 11/10/2009 09:45
RIP Stephen G. 33.

Boyzone were awful as was Stephen Gately but at 33 yr old, thats awful.
Like Axel said, sad to think that someone younger than me has passed away.

PinkPonce Posted on 11/10/2009 10:21
RIP Stephen G. 33.

... And there really was a need for you to make homosexual reference in his name Rick wasn't there ...

Regardless of whether you're a fan of his, or not it is terrible news ...

PP ... x

rick4974 Posted on 11/10/2009 10:23
RIP Stephen G. 33.

Pinky, put your feathers down, it was only a typo. i will change it.

Also Pinky, if i wanted to leave a homosexual slur on this thread, i could of done it on the Stephen Gately Jokes thread.[|)]

Which has finally been deleted[^]