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MightyDuck Posted on 05/10/2009 14:02
Southgates Contract

is this the last year of his contract then?

djlocky9999 Posted on 05/10/2009 14:02
Southgates Contract

nope. another after this.

AyresomeJoy Posted on 05/10/2009 14:02
Southgates Contract

next season is the last.
if we go up or make the play offs he will get another 5years before he reaches the last year of his current deal.

mattrich Posted on 05/10/2009 14:03
Southgates Contract

Will he get a new contract next summer then? Or will Gibson take the chance that another team doesn't try to nick him?

MightyDuck Posted on 05/10/2009 14:04
Southgates Contract

who thought giving him a 5 year deal would be a good idea. in fact, 5 years for any manager is high risk.

i cant believe it.

Piggy Posted on 05/10/2009 14:11
Southgates Contract

Didnt he still have a two year playing contract remaining when he took over, but on higher wages?

Five years doesnt seem unreasonable to me, we are a club that takes a long term view. There are bound to be exit clauses though, we wouldnt have had to pay him up in full if Gibbo had wanted him out after a year.

SteveGoldby Posted on 05/10/2009 17:31
Southgates Contract

mattrich - you are joking, aren't you?

ZeroOne Posted on 05/10/2009 17:37
Southgates Contract

I bet GS can't believe his luck. He has no accountability whatsoever.

Ripley_11 Posted on 05/10/2009 18:09
Southgates Contract

Someone told me last week that his contract was actually extended last season for another three years. First time I've heard this particular rumour though so I take it with a pinch of salt