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nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 20:41
Gilbrook school

Anyone on here go to the old school and what are your memories of the teachers. Some good old tails of trouble wouldn't go a miss either.

Trotters_Independent_Traders Posted on 13/02/2008 20:48
Gilbrook school

i went. loved it.
2nd day at gillbrook i got the cane, 6 across both hands(the last year of the cane too)
got fingers stuck in testubes in 2nd year.
Some class teachers, mr douglass(young gordon), miss passman, mr pearson, mr oliver, mr dodds(who never teached us), mr mulholland.

i left in 1991

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 20:51
Gilbrook school

I got caned by Hindel and anyone who said it didn't hurt is a b**lsh*ter.

Trotters_Independent_Traders Posted on 13/02/2008 20:53
Gilbrook school

thats the F***er, wasnt his wife second in command?

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 20:55
Gilbrook school

Douglas drinks in the pov on a friday he hasn't changed much in 20 years or so.

Trotters_Independent_Traders Posted on 13/02/2008 20:56
Gilbrook school

do you remember mr whitlock, the ex science teacher who didnt have a clue and who is now old bill and still doesnt have a clue

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 20:56
Gilbrook school

Yes Trotter she had a typing class and had the biggest pair of airbags in the school.

Trotters_Independent_Traders Posted on 13/02/2008 21:00
Gilbrook school

when did u leave nathan

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:03
Gilbrook school

1989 for my sins.

ayresomemark Posted on 13/02/2008 21:10
Gilbrook school

80 - 85,

absolutly class times

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:13
Gilbrook school

I was in the same year as paul wood,brad gowling,ste thompson,gaz tyerman,the patchets,ste and james currie and went out with the school bike carolyn jones until 3rd year. Also wanted to bang miss morgan.

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:14
Gilbrook school

What year did you leave Trotters?

ayresomemark Posted on 13/02/2008 21:18
Gilbrook school

its funny when you see the teachers now nearly 30 years since they taught you, a surreal experience.

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:21
Gilbrook school

ayresome were you in coatsies year he swung me round by my neck on my first day.

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:29
Gilbrook school

Pity the place went down hill when hindel left.

ayresomemark Posted on 13/02/2008 21:29
Gilbrook school

Year above me mate

the delves,stewy yare, sean cairns,harland et al were in my peer group.

vichyssoise Posted on 13/02/2008 21:33
Gilbrook school

i never went to gillbrook sweats for me but my wife did we both left in 88 we thought the cane was abolished in 85 could have been wrong though,here's a few names she remembers.
mr douglass(science)
mr french(french)ironic
mr oliver(p.e)-(geography)
the late mr mullholland(art)
mr hindel(bastaaard headmaster)
mrs hindel(typing)
mr arnie arker(support teacher)
mr schmuk(p.e)
was there a teacher called mrs welsh
what was the teacher called who wore a black bunned wig[?]
she was a nightmare

Trotters_Independent_Traders Posted on 13/02/2008 21:36
Gilbrook school

i left in 91 nath.

you were in the same year as my cousin, peter "ollie" allport.

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:37
Gilbrook school

Yes mrs welsh was a bitch who i believe was dept head and i think she had a wig. mr mullholland was class, mr schmuk a perv and mr huxtable, legend in my eyes.

Red_Clowne Posted on 13/02/2008 21:39
Gilbrook school

Arnie Arker was a physics teacher when I was there (when it was Eston Grammar) between 65 and 70.


nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:40
Gilbrook school

Mr trotter your cousin was a decent lad. Was karen green in your year or clair lewis or in fact Mr shane burgess

Trotters_Independent_Traders Posted on 13/02/2008 21:42
Gilbrook school

now theres a name i aint heard of in a while, good old budgie. I recognise the lasses names like. its been a long time

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:46
Gilbrook school

Mr budgie is now working on the wilton site as a rigger.

ayresomemark Posted on 13/02/2008 21:47
Gilbrook school

Names i remember


nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:48
Gilbrook school

If we are going to talk nick names mine was hench or kneesh.

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 21:50
Gilbrook school

You cant remember miss morgan (shakes head).

ayresomemark Posted on 13/02/2008 21:52
Gilbrook school

morgan was ward when i was there

Trotters_Independent_Traders Posted on 13/02/2008 22:04
Gilbrook school

my nickname was dickie. Gilly was a great school.

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 22:10
Gilbrook school

Just rememberd being called the persil boys and that T*** cuthbert doing the school discos

nathan007 Posted on 13/02/2008 22:12
Gilbrook school

Gilly the brilly stap the crap sarahs the swears and peters the cheaters how imature am i?

BoroPhil Posted on 13/02/2008 22:23
Gilbrook school

Cuthbert, Cowley and GRaveling were all B*****s but funny as feck.

I left in 96

Shoarma Posted on 13/02/2008 22:29
Gilbrook school

once got caned off ullyart,now that wasnt funny.chucking snowballs at someone on Nby Rd and he drove past.

mr goffin in CDT laughing at me made it worse.

hootswah Posted on 13/02/2008 22:45
Gilbrook school

Yes I did - 1984 to 1989 - great school, good times

hootswah Posted on 13/02/2008 22:49
Gilbrook school

nathan - I must know you then?

i was mates with them fellas too

Midos_Fat_Head Posted on 13/02/2008 23:51
Gilbrook school

Graveling funny as feck got in trouble off him a few times but was always cool with me. Also i remember a teacher called Miss Larson i think her name was blonde haired women always had a crush on her when was there.

Left in 96 along with BoroPhil who does know me.

hootswah Posted on 13/02/2008 23:53
Gilbrook school

I remember Miss Larsson...also remember Mrs brown - hom ec teacher from around 1984/5 - lovely stuff whe you're 12!

Midos_Fat_Head Posted on 13/02/2008 23:56
Gilbrook school

can't rmember anyone called mrs Brown though but yeah your right miss larsson did home economics i think. I also remember Mr Flynn for french got away with bloody murder in his classes oh happy days!!!

shafted69 Posted on 14/02/2008 05:06
Gilbrook school

90-95 for me. I remember karen green, a few years above me though. Mr mullholland was class and alw drunk and it was mrs welsh who had a wig

BrisVegasRed Posted on 14/02/2008 07:54
Gilbrook school

Funny - I was thinking recently about school days etc and particularly about our football teacher back in about 1973 ish called Keith Dodds. Thought he was a great bloke...

SmogOnTheRhine Posted on 14/02/2008 08:05
Gilbrook school

Blenkiron the mackem Tech Drawing teacher - white sock check every lesson, anyone with white socks had to stand in a line and get caned, it was a twice weekly ritual for us.

I have vivid memories of one of my classmates playing with himself in Mohaghans English class (he'll remain nameless, but I haven't forgotten the B*****), me and my mate p*ssing ourselves laughing, and refusing to tell Monaghan why, so caned again.

BrisVegasRed Posted on 14/02/2008 08:27
Gilbrook school

Yeh - remember Blenkiron well....
I came down to Gillbrook (ex Grammar School) from Eston County Modern.
For caneing at ECMS - we had Chunky Foster - now there's a charactor and a half!!!

Rain_dog Posted on 14/02/2008 10:06
Gilbrook school

BrisVegasRed, I came down from ECM also. We were the last intake at ECM. And yes I got caned by Chunky Foster!

NHCCBORO Posted on 14/02/2008 11:54
Gilbrook school

1975-1980..Ms Ward oh yes

extratomato Posted on 14/02/2008 12:46
Gilbrook school

FA0 Nathan007

Just twigged who you are - stop accosting us in the Woody, and get back to Oli 6 or whatever plant you are on.

FAO Hootswah

If you are the person I am thinking of - Does Gigg Lane Boro Mascot mean anything too you circa 1986 ??

PS. You will be surprised how many other ex Gilly lads post and lurk on here. Wont they Holuc & Shawarma ?

baghdadboro Posted on 14/02/2008 13:21
Gilbrook school

Ayresomemark.... can't believe you left Mr Cuthbert off your list
'Forgetfullness causes me extra digital manipulation!!'

I was there same time as you, lived round the corner from the Delves (Graham was killed a while back) and I used to knock about with Ian Harland since Alderman Jones days...

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 16:42
Gilbrook school

extratomato do you work for FW

Shoarma Posted on 14/02/2008 16:45
Gilbrook school

he works for no man but himself.

rumrunner Posted on 14/02/2008 16:49
Gilbrook school

only pussies went to Gillbrook
the real Eston lads went to Stapylton

Shoarma Posted on 14/02/2008 16:51
Gilbrook school

now a housing estate for those that are too young to remember.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 16:53
Gilbrook school

extratomato give me a clue to who you are.

Shoarma Posted on 14/02/2008 16:55
Gilbrook school

in junior school he had a pair of adidas littbarski

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 16:58
Gilbrook school

Bury Mascot [:D]

Miss Larson was hotter than the sun.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 17:05
Gilbrook school

shoarma your clues are as much use as the one's they used to have on 321!

Shoarma Posted on 14/02/2008 17:07
Gilbrook school

sorry mate im sure fatty will reveal all if hes on tonight.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 17:09
Gilbrook school

I must know you then shoarma so give me a clue to who you are.

Shoarma Posted on 14/02/2008 17:15
Gilbrook school

you dont know me but i knock around with your mate extratomato,ive seen you when out drinkin with him in nby

ayresomemark Posted on 14/02/2008 17:55
Gilbrook school

Fooking hell how did i forget cuthbert but then again i did forget doddsy.

its all coming back!!!!!!!!!!!

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 18:11
Gilbrook school

Who are you then Nathan?
You must know the Stirks then, Craig and Steven?

goalscrounger Posted on 14/02/2008 18:25
Gilbrook school

79-84 for me, you may have seen me doing the school discos and youthy (great for Valentines cards!!)

I've read these threads before and wondered who Mrs Morgan was, thank you whoever it was who mentioned she was formerly called Miss Ward. I know who you mean now, she never taught me after she got married.

For those who mentioned young Mr Douglas, I now teach his youngest son (after previously teaching the elder); bright lads the pair of them. I've also ahd the surreal experience of working alongside Mr Giles and Miss McQuillan when I taught at Acklam Grange and also Mr Kigour (who has popped up as a supply teacher a few times at my present school!).

My favourite teachers were Mr Dodds and Mrs Glover (but I know what hootswah means about Miss Brown!!)

I got caned twice at Gilly, once by Hindle for absolutely nothing (cue parents down to school to complain) and once by Doddsy for fighting after a lunchtime game of cricket got a bit out of hand.

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 18:27
Gilbrook school

Spaceface - do i know you as well? When were you at Gilly?
You must have gone to Attlee road too?

Ricard00 Posted on 14/02/2008 18:36
Gilbrook school

GS - are you MH?

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 18:40
Gilbrook school

I remember I got caned - Mr hindle - 1985 November it was. The usual thing happened with the "Stap" and "Sarahs" joining forces to come and pelt the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years while the 4th and 5th years were in lunch. I got an ice ball thrown at my head by a lad called Dean Simms, so I threw it back. Sadly for me, Hindle got between us and it hit him and knocked him over. When he and the dinnerlady turned round, there was me stood on my own, near the bikes where Miss Morgan's English room and the library was. It was clearly me. Unfortunately he couldn't cane me, so Miss Welch did it. I was bloody livid and sore!

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 18:43
Gilbrook school

If you are who i think you are hootswah then you are telling fibs. Did you go in the RAF.

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 18:45
Gilbrook school

Yes I did - what part is fibs though? I only got caned once and that was it????
help me out cos I remember standing in Hindles corridor for 45 mins waiting for the cane. I had to go back to he english class afterwards and my backside was stinging.
It was my 2nd year, and the english class was with Miss Morgan in the room next to the library.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 18:49
Gilbrook school

Did you go in the RAF.

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 18:49
Gilbrook school

As I said nathan, yes I did....why?
And what part is fibs?

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 18:51
Gilbrook school

Then i know who you are.

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 18:58
Gilbrook school

Right.....go on.....
That's a start - why am I telling fibs and why the cryptic messages?

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 19:03
Gilbrook school

hootswah the only Bury supporter in the village.

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 19:03
Gilbrook school

Bury are my second team - yes - so....?

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 19:05
Gilbrook school

Oh i remember now wasn't Arsenal your first true love.

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 19:13
Gilbrook school

Not really sure where this is going?

Anyway, I'm sure you know - that's cool - not on here for an argument - can get that at home thanks!
Just out of interest though, who's this? Or at least, give me a clue...if not, again that's cool.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 19:18
Gilbrook school

hootswah you prat read the rest of the posts on here and it will remember who i am you axl rose impersonating dope.

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 19:33
Gilbrook school

Fook me! I did not know you posted on this board fella!
And you were in the bloody english class when I got back from getting the cane!
You dick!
How's tricks fella!
You still living up opposite the cemetary?
Christ how long since we went for a drink...the normanby...must be about 12 year back?
You still with your mrs? Last we talked, you were looking at a job at Wilton golf course....

hootswah Posted on 14/02/2008 20:09
Gilbrook school

Kneeshaw kneeshaw stick it up your kneeshaw......etc......

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 20:15
Gilbrook school

Left Gilly in 89 so must know a few people on here. The cane/snowball thing rings a bell, I got the cane for a similar thing but it was a big dogs ball that hit the dinnerlady.

I liked blenkiron. Can anyone renember what he used to call thick people. He would get shot if he said it today.

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 20:20
Gilbrook school

I went to Gilly yes, Hoots, not Atlee Road. Far too classy for that. I'm the artist formerly known as stepper_t, Gillbrook's answer to the hot bloke off Beverly Hills 90210.

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 20:22
Gilbrook school

FFS tomo how many names do you have.

borobetty Posted on 14/02/2008 20:30
Gilbrook school

I was there 80 - 85 so will know Baghdad Boro and Ayresome Mark - any clues guys?
Ricard00 - GS is MH!

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 20:30
Gilbrook school

space face what about mr hooten outting me big gob. I just knew he couldn't keep his gob shut never mind new user name here i come.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 20:36
Gilbrook school

Space face were you not more a rick astley look a like.

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 20:36
Gilbrook school

I have many Patch [:D]

Tell him to edit it Nathan.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 20:40
Gilbrook school

hootswah you prat edit that post. PS idont know how you do this. Space face hows it all going and is holuc jam or joh?

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 20:42
Gilbrook school

Holucs the better looking young one.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 20:44
Gilbrook school

So thats jam no it must be joh hang on arn't we only talking minutes here.

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 20:54
Gilbrook school

Only 5 i was left to cook for a bit more.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 20:57
Gilbrook school

So is it jam or joh?

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 21:04
Gilbrook school

joh i think, sometimes even i can't tell the difference.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 21:10
Gilbrook school

Now then hows it going last time i talked to you i think you were celebrating the birth of your baby girl, have you fathered anymore i have 3 myself girl boy girl.

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 21:12
Gilbrook school

Depends when it was i have a 9 year old going on 19 and a 4 year old going on 40.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 21:20
Gilbrook school

I think it was the 9 year old. I know what you mean by the way my 10 year old is going on 30 the 8 year old lad is fine but the other girl who is 3 is more like 13. Hope you and yours are all doing fine.

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 21:29
Gilbrook school

Apart from having 3 females in the house i/we are fine thanks.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 21:32
Gilbrook school

Holuc do you know who extratomato is and if so can you give me a clue.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 21:42
Gilbrook school

Mr Holoc i worked away for a few years and may have missed it so ill ask did we ever have a school reunion. If not i think you would be a good person to arrange one. By the way what ever happend to ian bestford.

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 21:43
Gilbrook school

think about 2 goal keepers.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 21:47
Gilbrook school

Was extratomato in our year and give me his initials because i am lost.

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 21:48
Gilbrook school

besford went in the raf. I havn't seen him for years. We did hve a reunion a few yesr back but it wasn't advertised enough. I found out after the event. what did you get sent down for?
I don't have time to fart never mind organise a reunion, anyway thats a tarts job.

goalkeeper for s/land and a fat ex keeper for everton.

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 21:49
Gilbrook school

Bruce grobbelaars

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 21:55
Gilbrook school

For my sins i got sent down for not being good enough to get a job at home so i had to go and work in the ship yard in Barrow on the west coast. Had a great time but its always better to work on your doorstep so to speak. And will someone please tell me who the fook is extratomatos

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 21:58
Gilbrook school

Just got extratomato god i feel thick now.

holuc Posted on 14/02/2008 22:01
Gilbrook school

only feel thick? lol

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 22:04
Gilbrook school

He's not really bruce grobbelaar

goalscrounger Posted on 14/02/2008 22:16
Gilbrook school

Correct ricard (and I assume you are RG??)

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 22:23
Gilbrook school

No space face he is more like a nevil.

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 22:29
Gilbrook school

Still no wiser mate. I'm thicker now than I was then ffs.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 22:38
Gilbrook school

Space face you are the one who chucked your gut on a ferris wheel at alton towers arnt you. With me and gaz ty

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 22:40
Gilbrook school

Don't think so. I did go there, but can't remember chucking up.

nathan007 Posted on 14/02/2008 22:45
Gilbrook school

Did i rip your nike coat?

Space_Face Posted on 14/02/2008 23:01
Gilbrook school

Yes, you B*****

baghdadboro Posted on 15/02/2008 09:00
Gilbrook school

borobetty... I was in the 03 form classes and the E lesson classes, used to hang about with Craig D, Micky D, Jason R, Mark P & W. Got caned in Geography (1st Year) off Mr Bailey infront of the class for bending some lass's fingers, got caned in Art (5th year)... for flicking the old breadbag clips,remember that one cos I was made to bend over the table!!! Blenkiron, one of the French teachers and Jackson also gave me five off the best...oh happy days... initial GH left school and joined the Army

extratomato Posted on 15/02/2008 11:57
Gilbrook school

That was funny reading back that guessing game..

Not happy to being reffered as fat twice like !!!!

Goal Scrounger.
Weather starting to break so dust down the Giant, and I will warm up my vocal cords for singing in the dales.

Ricard00 Posted on 15/02/2008 12:28
Gilbrook school

GS, that's me.

How's tricks?

borobetty Posted on 15/02/2008 12:33
Gilbrook school

Baghdad Boro - was your nickname Nutty by any chance? If it was, you did Geography with me in Mr Main's group in 4th and 5th year.

goalscrounger Posted on 15/02/2008 18:05
Gilbrook school

extratomato, I'm on half-term next week. How does a ride one day next week fit in with your work plans?

I am VERY unfit at present so it's your chance to climb a hill quicker than me!!

ricard, where do you work now? I hear you're no longer at the CLC but have your own business?

baghdadboro Posted on 15/02/2008 19:29
Gilbrook school

borobetty... nail hit well and truly on the head, although I haven't heard that nickname since school, so now do I get any clues to who you are? The thing I remembered most about Geography was the double lesson once a week while everyone one with common sense was doing creative stuff in metalwork etc... what a bad choice that was...

nathan007 Posted on 15/02/2008 20:31
Gilbrook school

Space face are you on tonight and Mr hootswah edit my name you dumb fook.

nathan007 Posted on 15/02/2008 20:41
Gilbrook school

Did anyone see the pics of stu mead on friends reunited. Looked like inch worm was in paradise the lucky git.

Space_Face Posted on 15/02/2008 20:42
Gilbrook school

Yeah, I'm here.

nathan007 Posted on 15/02/2008 20:47
Gilbrook school

Have you seen G tyerman of late? The other day i bumped into Mr G Baige. PS im sure you barfed on a ferris wheel at alton towers.

Space_Face Posted on 15/02/2008 20:58
Gilbrook school

Havent seen GT in about 15 years [:D]

Sometimes see GB and Meady around.

Was I drunk?

nathan007 Posted on 15/02/2008 20:59
Gilbrook school

Space face have you seen your uncle spike lately.

nathan007 Posted on 15/02/2008 21:01
Gilbrook school

I'm sure meady was on some island paradise.

Space_Face Posted on 15/02/2008 21:08
Gilbrook school

Yeah, did he move to New Zealand or something?

Don't see spike as often as I should. You still go in that club?

nathan007 Posted on 15/02/2008 21:18
Gilbrook school

No i havent been for a long time. We should go for a pint one time. What aqbout as week on saturday?

Space_Face Posted on 15/02/2008 21:21
Gilbrook school

Can't, but may be ok the weekend after?

There is a Gillbrook group on facebook.

borobetty Posted on 15/02/2008 23:10
Gilbrook school

Baghdad Boro - my initals were LH. I was in 04 and F. Any idea who this Ayresome Mark might be?

Shoarma Posted on 16/02/2008 09:59
Gilbrook school

Stu Mead lives in Oz via Thailand

Tomato square the bike thing with the missus first before making bold statements like that.

and ill see you on the trails in July.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 15:31
Gilbrook school

I was chatting to Meady the other week and he was enjoying Oz very much. There on work and reluctant to come home!

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 15:35
Gilbrook school

I can only edit your name within a certain time I think.
Have to say though, you've already given most of your name away by saying my nickname was "kneesh"
Not hard to work out for anyone who knows you is it?
Oh, and re the Bury comment...if memory serves, weren't you Manchester Utd's biggest fan?
Anyway, I would edit it mate, but I can' drama though is there?

shafted69 Posted on 16/02/2008 15:37
Gilbrook school

did the cane really hurt. My dad used to put a deck of cases in each arse pocket to stop it hurting.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 15:48
Gilbrook school

Did it ever - it hurt like a tvvat mind you but...part of growing up. It was the only time I was ever caned.

Shoarma Posted on 16/02/2008 15:56
Gilbrook school

the cane stung but it was the slow release throbbing ache that lasted for hours that was the killer.hindle was bad but Ullyart was worse think i started crying.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 16:20
Gilbrook school

Shoarma - when were you there fella?

Do you know Nathan 007?

Shoarma Posted on 16/02/2008 16:23
Gilbrook school

83-88 mate year above you by the looks of it.

know the name "kneesh" and know all the lads on this thread that know him.

knock about with Gaz T,extratomato,Gaz B and co.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 16:27
Gilbrook school

Yeah, you were the year above it seems then -
Gaz T still over at the pub in Redcar? Might not be the case now but I remember his family ran a pub near the train station didn't they?
Extra tomato....think I know who that is too - one of the brothers....
I remember being in the Boro about 1993, in the Madhouse, and seeing Meady and paul Maude and thinking how tall PM was.
I think I was out with David Anderson that night..
Oh, by the way, I never did find out...Do you remember Michael Howe, and if so, did he get sent down, or was it just a rumour? I always got on with him like, we were at Atlee Road together.

Shoarma Posted on 16/02/2008 16:33
Gilbrook school

Gaz T lives in Acklam,family man parents got out the pub trade a while ago.

extratomato has a brother but younger than him.

Micky Howe dont know if he got sent down but the lads think that he should have been arrested and tried by the fashion police coz of his penchant for wearing anything without sleeves.

Stu Mead sex tourist.

Paul Maude gay cyclist.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 16:37
Gilbrook school

Lol...PM gay cyclist! LMAO
If you know Gaz T, you must know nathan007, tommo, steve and james (brothers) and john and james (brothers) too?

Shoarma Posted on 16/02/2008 16:40
Gilbrook school

yup know them all bar nathan007,who i know by proxy.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 16:42
Gilbrook school

He used to be a good mate of mine - just no longer in touch - good lad as well, shame that.
He was in my year, lives over Whale Hill way.
Can't say more than that....nickname of Kneesh.

Shoarma Posted on 16/02/2008 16:46
Gilbrook school

yeah know Ady Welsh who knows him.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 16:48
Gilbrook school

Does Ady Welsh still live up California? Just behind the garage?

nathan007 Posted on 16/02/2008 16:56
Gilbrook school

I dont live at whale hill.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 17:27
Gilbrook school

Didn't wanna give your old I thought it was closest.
You still live off church lane?

Oh and can you say what happened to Mickey H ?

holuc Posted on 16/02/2008 20:00
Gilbrook school

Hootswah, micky howes on the taxis. What brothers are you getting tomato mixed up with?

Shoarma are you AH

Shoarma Posted on 16/02/2008 20:15
Gilbrook school


Space_Face Posted on 16/02/2008 20:19
Gilbrook school

Im rubbish at these name guessing games [V]

holuc Posted on 16/02/2008 20:20
Gilbrook school

I'm not suprised tomo you change yours every week.

hootswah Posted on 16/02/2008 22:38
Gilbrook school

Then I am still clueless.....
(Wasn't always you know!)

Magic Posted on 16/02/2008 23:24
Gilbrook school

Soft T***s Sacred Heart Redcar beat you on and off the pitch.

baghdadboro Posted on 17/02/2008 07:42
Gilbrook school

borobetty - would I be right with Miss Hill, as for Mark the only one I can think off that goes to matches used to sit on my left in Geog... don't know if he posts on here though!

ayresomemark Posted on 17/02/2008 07:51
Gilbrook school

bboro and bbetty - ive sussed both of you.

1. bbetty - im sure i walked past you at the Fulham game.

2. bboro - you came to my office a few years back and we've since lost touch.

any of you going to Sheffield today?

were setting off at 10.

baghdadboro Posted on 17/02/2008 08:09
Gilbrook school

ayresomemark - so would that be ex/current csm... as for the game, will have to listen on line not in he uk for a while. if you did get out wot you upto now?

ayresomemark Posted on 17/02/2008 08:21
Gilbrook school

nice speaking again mate.........finish next year.dopey me should have realised with your username. well at least we can now keep in touch.

getting picked up to go to the match so i'll gatch up later,keep low move fast


holuc Posted on 17/02/2008 09:23
Gilbrook school

Magic it depends what year. The Sacred heart we played against we stuffed in every sport. I'm sure we beat you at basketball aswell and i was in the team. LOL because i'm only 2 ft 6.

nathan007 Posted on 17/02/2008 12:35
Gilbrook school

Hootswah i now live in normanby how about you. I saw your ugly mug in the paper when you got married.

hootswah Posted on 17/02/2008 16:28
Gilbrook school

You couldn't have done - I don't live on Teesside.
Fibs fibs fibs!

Oh and it wasn't in any papers either....

boscobosco Posted on 17/02/2008 17:21
Gilbrook school

i was at gillbrook 81-86 captain of footy team ..

hootswah Posted on 17/02/2008 17:24
Gilbrook school

You'd probs know Mickey waugh then? Mickey and alan? maybe darren as well?

boscobosco Posted on 17/02/2008 17:26
Gilbrook school

darren waugh I think but can't put a face to him

anyone else around 81-86?

hootswah Posted on 17/02/2008 17:36
Gilbrook school

few lads from over Gtown way.

borobetty Posted on 17/02/2008 22:44
Gilbrook school

Ayresome Mark - am I right in thinking you were in 04 with me? If you were then you are Peapod. (If the person you saw at the Fulham match had a child with her then it was me)
Baghdad Boro - you have the right person!

hootswah Posted on 18/02/2008 16:45
Gilbrook school

BoroBetty - this is getting like the fooking Crystal Maze,lol!

nathan007 Posted on 18/02/2008 18:25
Gilbrook school

Hootswah i am sure the photo was of you it will have been about 18months ago. Where do you live now?

nathan007 Posted on 18/02/2008 20:35
Gilbrook school

Where are you hootswah this must be the longest that you havent visited this board.

ayresomemark Posted on 19/02/2008 17:27
Gilbrook school

Borobetty - it was deffo you then, you've aged alright. But alas you are incorrect with guessing. Think more of a measure of electricity.

borobetty Posted on 19/02/2008 21:56
Gilbrook school

Rhymes with dots & spots!
Where do you sit at the match? We're in SW corner.

nathan007 Posted on 20/02/2008 22:56
Gilbrook school

Hootswah have you fell of the edge of the world?

ayresomemark Posted on 21/02/2008 14:48
Gilbrook school

correctamundo! - well done, sit in the south stand in line with the 18yard line top tier. Normally in the nops or the navvy beforehand. Look forward to seeing you sometime.

nathan007 Posted on 21/02/2008 18:57
Gilbrook school

Anyone know russ harker or alex skelton?

1908_5thdec Posted on 21/02/2008 19:10
Langbaurgh School well hard

was it good at your school, Ive always thought there was better in the area?

nathan007 Posted on 21/02/2008 19:14
Langbaurgh School well hard

At the time the Gilly was the best in the area. It had the best teachers the best pupils and our sports teams pis**d on everyone.

hootswah Posted on 22/02/2008 22:46
Langbaurgh School well hard

Well nathan, I don't live within 60 miles of Teesside anymore. I'm also not a celebrity,lol, so me getting my face anywhere with anyone who doesn't know me is gonna be no use.
You MIGHT have seen me on The Weakest Link a couple of years ago though.......

hootswah Posted on 24/02/2008 16:49
Gilbrook school

Did I read or hear right???? Is Mr Mulholland no longer with us now????
Shame if so - he always got us drawing old crisp packets or copying pics from 1981 janet Frazer catalogues!!!
Top man.
I remember I bumped into Mrs Jackson, the History teacher in the Boro a few years back - nice that she remembered me!

nathan007 Posted on 25/02/2008 19:55
Gilbrook school

Where do you live then hootswah? I saw Mr Sands (oo7) the other week and he look very run down, nice of him to not recognise me. I'll ask again about russ harker and alex skelton.

skunks-mek-me-laff Posted on 25/02/2008 20:32
Gilbrook school

Nathan 007, P***ed on everyone except Sarah Metcalfe

nathan007 Posted on 25/02/2008 20:37
Gilbrook school

Just a bit before my time mate.

skunks-mek-me-laff Posted on 25/02/2008 20:40
Gilbrook school

thought as much, i,m an old B*****.

nathan007 Posted on 27/02/2008 00:46
Gilbrook school

While i'm at it hoof.