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moon65 Posted on 30/08/2009 22:06
lennons last interview.8/12/80

for beatles/lennon fans or anyone interested i suppose you can listen to the full interview with rko radio on the day of his death.yoko is on first and john eventually joins in.entertaining and sometimes eerie.if you turn it up loud enough you can hear mad manhattan with taxi horns etc outside.also knowing chapman is downstairs waiting with a loaded gun in his the very end you hear yoko asking if the car is ready.this is when the famous picture is took of john signing the album for chapman.then he jumped in the limo to finish off walkin on thin ice for yoko.six hours later he was dead.well worth a listen if you love the man like i do.

moon65 Posted on 30/08/2009 22:08
lennons last interview.8/12/80

sorry its on you tube.just type in lennons last interview.

Aldadleeadeair Posted on 30/08/2009 22:09
lennons last interview.8/12/80

each to their own, but i think his like a headless chicken, reminds me of gronkjaer