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MightyDuck Posted on 28/08/2009 15:33

considering she's been a millionaire most of her adult life and is married to a billionaire rapper, she doesnt half sing some depressing songs

maca88 Posted on 28/08/2009 15:36

I cant say I'm a massive beyonce fan but which ones of her songs are depressing?

If I were a boy - not really depressing I dont think, more just about her annoyance with double standards.

Halo- Uplifting song.

Sweet dreams - not sure, just catchy.

MightyDuck Posted on 28/08/2009 15:39

she's always on about splitting up and struggling.

mustnt write her own songs.

dont think id bang her either

maca88 Posted on 28/08/2009 15:42

I never though she was that special either but watched the video to sweet dreams again a while ago and completely changed my mind.

SoSmo Posted on 28/08/2009 15:49

One can only hope she doesn't browse Middlesbrough Football Club message boards. The shock she'd get knowing the upstanding Teesside men would turn her down if she saddled up to them in Boro Pizzas offering a blowy after / during their 'ladies size' parmo. [cr]

bernies_cigs Posted on 28/08/2009 15:50

'ere, love, put an onion ring on it'

maca88 Posted on 28/08/2009 15:50

Maybe with her being so sought after all the time she might be turned on by the thought of a chase. In that case I'm in there!!!

Blaydon_Boro Posted on 28/08/2009 16:29

Never mind her music [:P]

Link: Hello!