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Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 13:39
Wasps nest

Shall I tackle it myself, or call the professionals?

I'm not allergic to wasp stings, and i'm rock hard.

JLinardi Posted on 24/08/2009 13:43
Wasps nest

You will get hammered if you try and do it yourself, what you gonna use? A couple cans of raid?

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 13:45
Wasps nest

I was considering using;

Link: This

Mavrick Posted on 24/08/2009 13:46
Wasps nest

A dozy person would use a lighter and a deodorant spray!

Let me know how u get on [rle]

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 13:49
Wasps nest

Do it yourself, I would. Seems like good fun.

Try a high pressure washer first. Then maybe a smoke bomb. If that doesnt work just leave Radio 1 on next to it for a while, they will soon foook off.

As I typed that I realised that I am turning into my Dad. Except that he would probably have used proper wasp killer first time.

CiscoKid Posted on 24/08/2009 13:49
Wasps nest

Go for it!!!!!!

Jon77 Posted on 24/08/2009 13:49
Wasps nest

This is where a blow torch in handy

I have blow torched a few wasps nests before.

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 13:51
Wasps nest

I know someone who tried to get rid of a wasps' nest, armed only with a rake and blanket. Not very successfully, it must be said.

JLinardi Posted on 24/08/2009 13:51
Wasps nest

Lol I can picture you now, stood 3 meters away covering everything but the nest in foam [8)]

Genghis_Khan Posted on 24/08/2009 13:51
Wasps nest

I got stung by a nest as a kid, ended up in hospital. I didn't even realise it was a wasp nest and booted it ... you can guess the rest.

I have a crack under a step in my garden that I took great pleasure in clearing out with some petrol and a lighter each year, the trick is to leave a trail to the back door then light in run inside... they stopped coming the last few years[sad]

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 13:53
Wasps nest

I need to fashion some kind of netting to go over my head, I was thinking of a keep net from fishing.

If I couple that with a hard hat from work, and some overalls and gloves, and then tape up all the openings i'll look like a dyck but i'll be like fuqing godzilla to them XXXXXXs.

Ouroboros Posted on 24/08/2009 13:53
Wasps nest

Just flick a tea towel at them and spray with fly spray a few times. They'll take the hint and realise they're not welcome.

Seriously, If that Nippon stuff is designed for Jap wasps, it must be good, because Jap wasps are f'kin rock.

privatepile75 Posted on 24/08/2009 13:58
Wasps nest

go for it.

the funniest thread i've read in..............................ever

japsterboro Posted on 24/08/2009 13:59
Wasps nest

I had a wasps nest a couple of years ago in an airbrick in my house. Little feckers kept attacking me everytime I walked passed it and it was right near the front door.

I bought some spray and attacked them ... they were going mental and I was 'tagged' by one on the back of my leg. Loads of them came out of the airbrick in a stoned state, at which point I started stomping and probably killed about 50. At that point, I thought I'd won the battle and for a few days, I was wasp free.

After about a week, they came back and were seriously XXXXXXed. Anyway, I called the council and they extinguished the lot while I was at work ... i dunno what they were tooled up with, but it worked.

My advice is, use the council ... or you could end up like this poor soul.

Link: DEAD

Lefty Posted on 24/08/2009 14:07
Wasps nest

I think the council use talcum powder.

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 14:08
Wasps nest

Very interesting, Lefty, but what about the wasps?

GregNic Posted on 24/08/2009 14:12
Wasps nest

'Seriously, If that Nippon stuff is designed for Jap wasps, it must be good, because Jap wasps are f'kin rock.'


Ouroboros Posted on 24/08/2009 14:14
Wasps nest

Zoec, I don't think wasps use talcum powder either.

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 14:21
Wasps nest

What do wasps do in winter? Do they hibernate, fly South, die? If you wait a few months it should be easier but less fun.

In the meantime, just put out loads of jam jars with a bit of jam left in and pick them off a few at a time in each jar.

Lefty Posted on 24/08/2009 14:23
Wasps nest

Talcum powder works. There are no wasps on top of our wardrobe.

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 14:24
Wasps nest

This is why David Attenborough and Terry Nutkins are such respected professionals. They know answers to questions like "where do wasps go in winter" and "what do wasps use as an alternative to talcum powder".

ajhume51 Posted on 24/08/2009 14:25
Wasps nest

Actually laughing out loud at work to this thread. Quality.

Holgatewall Posted on 24/08/2009 14:26
Wasps nest

On last weeks rat pack the guy was called in to get rid of a wasps nest and he had to wait until everywhere around was clear to kill the wasps becasue they go mad and just sting everyone when the nest is attacked.

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 14:28
Wasps nest

On second (or third) thoughts, I'd wait until near bonfire/bondy/bommy* night and stick a big firework into it.

* Nobody cares what you call it. Or the whole tan/croggy thing. Or lunch/dinner.

Capybara Posted on 24/08/2009 14:31
Wasps nest

Ahhhhhhh ..... wasps.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 14:37
Wasps nest

try playing the same song really loud around the clock,they'll give up eventually or totally ignore them till they go somewhere else..the attention seeking bstds

CiscoKid Posted on 24/08/2009 14:39
Wasps nest

Many years ago when I was seriously into fishing we used wasp grubs as bait. To collect them we used cyanide powder which does indeed resemble talcum powder.

We would locate a nest and sprinkle the powder around the entrance, returning the following day to dig out the grubs.

As a joke we once replaced a mates powder with harmless chalk powder, when he returned to dig out the nest...... stung 12 times and had to visit the local A&E!

Lefty Posted on 24/08/2009 14:45
Wasps nest

Maybe I'm being slowly poisoned.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 14:49
Wasps nest

beware of shifty looking russians with umberellas

one_man_clique Posted on 24/08/2009 14:50
Wasps nest

Sulphur bombs.

crocadogafrigapig Posted on 24/08/2009 14:51
Wasps nest

Just tell them to fook off.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 14:52
Wasps nest

in russian i presume

The_Downing_Wave Posted on 24/08/2009 14:52
Wasps nest

I obliterated one myself only a couple of weeks ago using a can of 'WASP NEST DESTROYER FOAM from B&Q.

Worked a treat

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 14:57
Wasps nest

I think i'm willing to take a few stings in order to save the £38 the council charge.

The way I see it i've got three options.

1. Wasp nest destroyer foam
2. Deoderant can and a lighter
3. Talcum powder.

I think one of these solutions sticks out.

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 14:58
Wasps nest

The talcum powder?

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 15:00
Wasps nest

Yes [:D][^]

I'll let you know how I get on.

Ouroboros Posted on 24/08/2009 15:16
Wasps nest

Instruction for use of that Nippon stuff. What actually happens in brackets.

Controls wasps in and around the home (unless you die in the process).

Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer is a specifically designed powerful spray aerosol that will destroy a wasp nest from a distance of over 3 metres. (Hmmmnnn. Until the spray withers and you are tempted to within stinging distance of the enraged little bastterds).

The spray foams up instantly to thoroughly wet the treated nest. Fast acting with rapid effect on contact. (Unfortunately fast decaying and falls off in seconds, although allowing sufficient time to rouse the wasp sentries).

Contain permethrin & tetramethrin (I don't think the wasps had heard of these. It certainly didn't seem to worry them).

Apply: At the first signs of wasp activity. (Eh?)

How to Use:

- Spray in early morning or late evening when wasps are in the nest. (for maximum stinging effect). Hold can upright 3 metres away from the nest and spray in 3 second bursts to thoroughly wet the nest. (After the 2nd burst which goes woefully astray, like a XXXXXXed bloke desperately trying not to XXXXXX on his shoes, run screaming like a girl away from the nest).

- Pay particular attention to the nest entrance or where the wasps are seen entering and leaving. (i.e. entering and leaving rapidly so that the first fast interceptors can tag you with pheromone bombs which guide the really heavy stinging phuqqers to you).

- A repeat application to the nest may be required where the entrance is not readily accessible. (or when you get out of hospital).

Note: If using on painted surfaces, test before use for discolouration before carrying our overall application. (This wasn't my overriding worry as I beat off the cloud of attack trooper wasps. Oh no, that wall's gonna be discoloured tomorrow!!)

Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer produce a temporary foam coating on the target surface. This would normally disperse after a few minutes. (Define "normally". Does 20 seconds count?)

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 15:21
Wasps nest

Are you speaking from experience here ouroboros?

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 15:23
Wasps nest


So more "Narked" than "Destroyed" then?

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 15:24
Wasps nest

I think using an air rifle on it would be good fun. And relatively safe too as you should be able to hit it from about 40 yards away. Or even (if you have a clear line of sight) from through your letterbox.

scobba Posted on 24/08/2009 15:25
Wasps nest

well get on with it and let us know how you get on

one_man_clique Posted on 24/08/2009 15:27
Wasps nest

Cut their wings off and make a pair of curtains out of them.

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 15:27
Wasps nest

Nah it's at the foot of a tree.
I'd also rather not destroy the conifer as it's quite nice.

Shall I just run up and boot it with my steel toe capped boots on?
I think that would be the most heroic way of doing it.

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 15:29
Wasps nest

The heroic part might be spoiled by the running away from a cloud of angry wasps whilst squealing like a girl part.

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 15:30
Wasps nest

Why didnt you say?

Climb the tree and drop an anvil on the wasps nest.

Ouroboros Posted on 24/08/2009 15:30
Wasps nest

Towell, maybe I had a bad batch. Others seemed to find it OK. I didn't use that Nippon stuff though.

However, two tips. Don't do it while windy (seems obvious now really).

Have a test shot. Gives you that extra vital few seconds so that you aren't stood peering idiotically at the the spray head as the first airborne yellow & black arrive.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 15:33
Wasps nest

dress them in suits and send some mfc stewards around......though i like the idea of wasp wing curtains personally

The_Downing_Wave Posted on 24/08/2009 15:36
Wasps nest

I must admit I was a bit taken aback by the power of the foam when I used it.

I was expecting a kind of 'waft' of light foam to gently coat the nest, and then magically kill all the wasps, but instead it flew out with the force of a Robert Huth header, bashed straight through the side of the wasps nest and knocked half of it to the floor in one go.

At that point I thought 'run - or finish it'?

And I ran

Anyway, I summoned up enough courage to go back later and give it another bash, finishing the little bstards off with glee.

But beware the foam - it's strong stuff!

borolad259 Posted on 24/08/2009 15:37
Wasps nest

WAsps don't like human urine as it stings their eyes. next time you have a skinful, just wait untill your bladder is full to bursting and pish into the entrance of the nest. Job done.

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 15:37
Wasps nest

Did you fashion any personal protective equipment or just go 'commando' as it were?

The_Downing_Wave Posted on 24/08/2009 15:38
Wasps nest

I wore a long sleeved shirt [ref]

JLinardi Posted on 24/08/2009 15:48
Wasps nest

Couldnt you set fire to it from your window if the nests in your garden. Like if you fix a match to the end of a broom handle, light it then lean out and introduce the flame to the nest. Then you have the luxury of closing the window and watching the nest getting engulfed in flames. Might not go exactly according to plan like.

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 15:50
Wasps nest

Do you think they're killed by Carbon Monoxide? I might attach a hose to the car exhaust and gas the fuqers.

one_man_clique Posted on 24/08/2009 15:51
Wasps nest

Get some sulphur bombs. They'll die in minutes and it's good to watch.

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 15:52
Wasps nest

JLindardi - What, when the wind changes and he finds himself beating out the flames licking up his curtains with his Ladybird Book of Wasp Removal?

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 15:54
Wasps nest

There are just so many options, its a pity you just have the one nest.

Do you have a trouser press? I reckon pressing the nest overnight should sort them out good and proper.

JLinardi Posted on 24/08/2009 15:55
Wasps nest

How could the flames 'lick' his curtains from 20ft away?

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 15:56
Wasps nest

also handy as a makeshift toastie machine...hungry work wasp killing

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 15:57
Wasps nest

Fire's a tricky thing.

Kilburn Posted on 24/08/2009 16:04
Wasps nest

What you need is a badger.

Badgers love eating wasps nests. They sneak up on them in the night when the wasps are asleep and eat the wasps, grubs and honey.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 16:06
Wasps nest

i do believe wasps are used in badger baiting,could be worth a go

JLinardi Posted on 24/08/2009 16:06
Wasps nest

I hve a few badgers available for rent if you fancy it?

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 16:08
Wasps nest

Wasps make honey?
I've heard everything now.

Do you think Whinney the Pooh is available for hire?

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 16:08
Wasps nest

You could probably get one from the temporary badger setts next to the A66.

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 16:10
Wasps nest

Wasp honey surprised me, too. Doesn't really sound that appetising.

Anyway, I think you'd be better off with a grizzly bear than Winnie the Pooh.

Kilburn Posted on 24/08/2009 16:12
Wasps nest

They do get stung when they eat the wasps, they just don't care.

Link: Hard

Jon77 Posted on 24/08/2009 16:13
Wasps nest

At the end of autumn common wasp nest dies and the only wasps left alive are the young mated queens. They fly away and find a safe place to hibernate for the winter. It is not uncommon to discover a hibernating queen in the folds of curtains in houses.

So there you have it, if you are going in to attack a wasp nest try and take out the queen and you will have destoryed next years batch as well.

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 16:15
Wasps nest

I'm thinking though, they've never actually tried to sting me.

I might just leave them be, they're all gods creatures afterall.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 16:16
Wasps nest

i would suggest you get a badger of honour,you dont want half a job done by some of these cowboy badgers

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 16:17
Wasps nest


Wilmslow_Red Posted on 24/08/2009 16:18
Wasps nest

I refer readers to Eddie Izzard and his take on the insect world......


And then, there’s bees and wasps. When you’re a kid, bees and wasps are out to get you, so you run from bees and wasps. (mimes running while chased away by bees and wasps) “Bees and wasps!” And they’re always just behind your head… “There’s a wasp behind my head!” They’re on a tractor beam, gotta cling on there… And they just chase you, and your Dad, who’s working with the bees and wasps, comes out and tells you, “Stand still!” and you go, (in a very low voice) “What? No…” And the wasps go, “Thanks, Dad!” (sounds of speeding and crash)

And later on, you realize that bees aren’t so bad, because they only sting you once, and they only sting you as a last resort, which is the equivalent of the “do or die” card in “Escape from Colditz, The Board Game.” And also they make honey, and that’s an amazing thing! Bees make honey?! We’ve known this since we were kids, so we take it absolutely for granted, but bees are insects, furry body, red- not red, yellow and black stripy, hairy leggy, big ears- big eyes! Big ears as well, but they leave them behind when they go out. Got out of that one. Medium size wings, you know- they’re buzzy things, you know, and they make honey?! Which is in your morning, on your breakfast-y toastie, in a jar, kind of- how do they do that?! I mean, do earwigs make chutney? Do spiders make gravy? What is going on? Earwigs going, “Get the chutney under that stone there. (singing) We make chutney all day… It’s an earwig’s life, ain’t it? Put the chutney in there, there we go.” And spiders, saying, “Gravy, yes… no problem at all, mate. We’ll make spider gravy, the way spiders like to make it, yes… Put that cube in there… Hold on, Legs… There you go, mate. Can we get the measuring jar back when you’re finished?” It’s very weird!

So they way bees make honey, is they get 10 bees together, they fly down to a supermarket, they get a jar of honey, and they bring it back, that’s how! And the Queen Bee just gets a big knife, and spreads it in… in some artist’s fashion, in the big combs in the back. The worker bees just look on, and the drones come in occasionally and go (drone sounds) “Would you XXXXXX off, you drone bees?” (drone sounds continue)

That’s bees; wasps have this one sting thing that works for them. “I’ll sting him, I’ll sting him, (singing) I’ll sting this guy over here… pow! I’ll stick this brick for no reason, I’ll sting this thing, and this guy once again…” And they sting whatever they want, and then they get back to the hive and make nothing! Nothing at all! They just smoke dope, all day long… all through the Summer, and so the old sting is stoned out of his brain… (wobbling about and singing) “Fancy a carpet? (singing continues) I used to be a flyer, yes… Fly through the sky, those were the days… Me and Baron Von Richhovenwasp…

Yeah, now I’m a rambler, no longer a flyer, I ramble… (singing) I like to ramble cross carpets… Oh, I’m dead! (mimes dropping dead) Yes…

And also, bees look for pollen; they find pollen, and when they do, they come back to the hive.

“I’ve found pollen.”

“Where did you find pollen?”

And instead of telling the other bees, they do an intricate dance in front of them.

(singing and dancing)

“Brian, where’s the pollen?”

(resumes singing and dancing)

“Where’s the bloody pollen, Brian?! All this leaping about can wait until later!”

Why doesn’t the first bee who found the pollen say, “Follow me! (buzzing) Here it is.” That could work, couldn’t it? No, they don’t think…

JLinardi Posted on 24/08/2009 16:19
Wasps nest

If its out of the way of where you operate round your house and garden and you have no curious kids who might go snooping about. Then just leaving it there may just be the best thing to do. Then destroy the empty nest in winter so they dont come back to it.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 16:23
Wasps nest

they will come back,wasps are like elephants

zoec Posted on 24/08/2009 16:25
Wasps nest

I'm pretty sure an infestation of elephants would be worse than an infestation of wasps.

You probably wouldn't have the queen elephant hibernating in your curtains over the winter, though.

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 16:26
Wasps nest

You cant just leave it. Not after all this advice. Take a 5 iron to it.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 16:27
Wasps nest

the badger would be in trouble too

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 16:27
Wasps nest

Some of the kids on the road might accidently boot their footy into it I suppose.

StevieT Posted on 24/08/2009 16:27
Wasps nest

Could be worse, like! [:O]

Link: 30 hornets v 30,000 bees

darlonorth Posted on 24/08/2009 16:29
Wasps nest

P i s s on it.

Julios_Arga Posted on 24/08/2009 16:33
Wasps nest

I had a problem earlier in the summer with a wasps nest in a birdbox on the garage wall. I bought some of that aerosol spray from Tesco and went out at dusk and sprayed from about 3 metres away. The spray was immense!!!

I did it for 3 nights in a row and by the third night they had gone.

It doesnt seem to kill the wasps it just destroys their nest and they all fly away.

Worked a treat for me. Just keep a good distance!

smoggynorm Posted on 24/08/2009 16:34
Wasps nest

Where is the nest?
If you are really serious about taking the wasps on your best bet would be:
Put your lasses tights on over your head.
Make lots of noise outside the front door.
With a bit of luck someone might phone the police suspecting that you are a robber or a gypsy then when the police arrive ask them to contact the council to remove the wasps!

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 16:35
Wasps nest

I think dusk seems the best time to do it, they must be tired after a hard days flying around stinging people for no reason.

darlonorth Posted on 24/08/2009 16:37
Wasps nest

Best just to get one of them rentakill blokes round

He fixed the wabby nest at mine at this summer. Used some kind of smoke stuff and left a load of powder stuff round the entrance and they all flew off, in the direction of Belguim.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 16:38
Wasps nest

this spraying business seems a tad extreme compared to the other options offered...but hey its your nest

smoggynorm Posted on 24/08/2009 16:40
Wasps nest

The reason I asked where is the nest is:
If it is in one of your air bricks at the bottom of your house ground level, DONT tape the air brick up like I did cos they will find a way to come up through the floor in your house and they get very angry!!![:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!]

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 16:43
Wasps nest

It's at the foot of a tree near the drive of my house.

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 16:51
Wasps nest

Attach a reasonably lengthy metal pole to the top of the tree and wait for some thunder and lightning.

smoggynorm Posted on 24/08/2009 16:52
Wasps nest

Light a fire around the tree using wood not petrol. That should get rid of them [;)]

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 24/08/2009 16:55
Wasps nest

I had the same air brick nest problem.

I used the wasp killing powder from B&Q, they walk it back into the nest and kill the wasps in there[^]. Then I used the foam stuff and sprayed it in through the airbrick[^]

They won't sting me!

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 16:59
Wasps nest

thunder n lightening sounds a goer...but was a reasonable length[?]

Mojo Posted on 24/08/2009 17:02
Wasps nest

Sledge hammer and a pair of comfortable running shoes.

Miklaadt Posted on 24/08/2009 17:14
Wasps nest

Leave some radioacive waste near the nest for a bit then let one of them sting you. You'll probably then mutate into Waspman or something and develop some useful special powers.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 17:18
Wasps nest

Honey making wont be one of them,but maybe your powers will give you some hit records allowing you to save your tree if not a whole rainforest

Lefty Posted on 24/08/2009 17:26
Wasps nest

Have you thought about getting a job with ACME, Piggy?

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 17:31
Wasps nest

[:D] beep beep .....climbing up that tree with the anvil[:D]

Piggy Posted on 24/08/2009 17:32
Wasps nest

[:D] The careers officer missed a trick with that one Lefty, it would have been perfect.

CiscoKid Posted on 24/08/2009 17:33
Wasps nest

Have you thought of moving house? That would solve your problem.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 17:35
Wasps nest

focus on the nest unless you live in a caravan

swindonred Posted on 24/08/2009 17:37
Wasps nest

Some great ideas on here.

I like the 5 iron option [:D]

I remember at school years ago we had a nest, the best thing for ages, we used to run and hurdle it before being chased by a few of them.

Didn't get rid of the nest but it was a great buzz trying not to get stung!

CiscoKid Posted on 24/08/2009 17:39
Wasps nest

There are two types of wasp that are commonly found in the United Kingdom; they are the common wasp and the German wasp. Both species are almost identical to look at.

All worker wasps die out during the winter; the only wasps that survive are the queen wasps. Queen wasps hibernate during the winter inside the old nest or construct a small “golf ball” sized hibernation cell.

During April and until early June, the queen wasp will leave the old nest or hibernation cell and begin the construction of a brand new nest in a new location. The old nest or hibernation cells are never used again.

Nests are mostly made out of a mixture of chewed wood and wasp saliva. Queen wasps will often start to build their nests in roof voids, wall cavities or in outbuildings.

By the time September arrives the nest can be as large as a small armchair with up to 10,000 wasps using it.

During June and July you are unlikely to get wasp stings, as wasps are too busy chasing insects and bringing up the larval wasps. However as autumn arrives these activities stop and the wasps start to feed on fermenting, over ripe fruit. These “drunken wasps” are now at their most dangerous and can become very aggressive, with a wasp sting more likely to happen.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 17:41
Wasps nest

dpends how far you trying to hit the nest,a driver might give more distance,but then your accuracy may suffer

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 18:02
Wasps nest

It's XXXXXXing down maybe they'll get flooded out and the weather will solve my problem for me.

bombero Posted on 24/08/2009 18:06
Wasps nest

[smi] its like the end of The day of the Triffids

attonBORO Posted on 24/08/2009 18:11
Wasps nest

if yr as hard vas me dad who stood on a wsps nest 5 years ago, when he was 81 and he got stung 92 times (so the doctor in north tees hosp told me!!) then fcuk and tackle it urself, otherwise, if not that fcuking hard get the council to send in the boys! well, one bloke with some powder.....

j_d76 Posted on 24/08/2009 18:13
Wasps nest

If you really want to annoy them, pour a bottle of vinegar on it then run like fook!

A nice side effect is you'll have a lovely vinegary eroma in your garden for weeks afterwards [^]

NedKat Posted on 24/08/2009 18:23
Wasps nest

How do yer know human urines stings the wasp's eyes ?

Did you XXXXXX on the nest, and watch all the wasps running out screaming, "Aghhh, me eyes, it nacks" ... ?

block_4_Eastender Posted on 24/08/2009 18:27
Wasps nest

Tell them you'll put sky sports 1 on tonight at 7:45 if they don't leave now
That ought to do it

Stanley_Downing Posted on 24/08/2009 19:22
Wasps nest

There's a little known fact that wasps despise sperm, put a few specimins on the nest and they'll leave and never come back.

LucyFir Posted on 24/08/2009 19:23
Wasps nest

Personally i never kill anything - i would gently move the nest and place it in a neighbours garden [:D]

Leatherneck Posted on 24/08/2009 19:30
Wasps nest

But paraffin was reccomended to me by pest control some years ago and it does work.
Paraffin, sprayed at the entrance to the nest if it is hidden aor soak the nest with paraffin. I have a nest in the roof of one of my bay windows, of which I have sprayed the entrance to today, I will watch over the next few days.

mickymacc Posted on 24/08/2009 19:59
Wasps nest

I went to the chemists for some wasp killer,the bloke says "we have'nt got any,have you tried boots", "no i said,I want to kill them kindly,not kick em to death".Probably deserve stinging for that like.[:I]

Gillandi Posted on 24/08/2009 21:01
Wasps nest

I had a nest in my back yard that I didnt know about until a few thousand of them saw the light on and invited themselves in to my bedroom one night, whilst I was entertaining and er, in flagrante. We ran downstairs and I armed myself with a can of fly killer and, ever the gentleman went to war for half an hour and repelled the invaders. Next day I phoned someone out of the yellow pages who, for £47, came round and sprayed them all into a peaceful waspy after life.

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 21:04
Wasps nest

That's the thing, I resent paying someone £47 when I can do a half-arsed job myself.

Gillandi Posted on 24/08/2009 21:08
Wasps nest

Was 10 years ago so it's prob £97 now.

I'm sure there are do-it-yourself methods online if you google it but you dont want to do half a job and anger these multi-stinging little suckers.

borolad259 Posted on 24/08/2009 21:18
Wasps nest

Ned, if I XXXXXXed in your eyes, it would sting a bit. I'm presuming that wasps aren't as hard as you.

zzzzz Posted on 24/08/2009 21:20
Wasps nest

Water, jump leads, car battery. [pa]

smoggynorm Posted on 24/08/2009 21:22
Wasps nest

Didnt you like my idea of the fire then?

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 21:25
Wasps nest

I'm goin to deal with them later.
It's raining, although that's probably the best time to get them.

kazza Posted on 24/08/2009 21:25
Wasps nest

we had one in garden couple of year ago, just shot a load of ant powder at it and run!!! got rid of ours, they do go a bit mad though[smi]

Jon77 Posted on 24/08/2009 21:27
Wasps nest

Whats the difference between a hornet and a wasp ?

zzzzz Posted on 24/08/2009 21:27
Wasps nest


Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 24/08/2009 21:29
Wasps nest

Get yourself on the phone to Flamingo Land and see if they have one of these. Be careful though, they're are also known for castrating people when threatened so make sure you persuade it to do the job in other ways...

Link: Better Than The Spray...

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 21:29
Wasps nest

Who'd have thought people would be so interested in my wasps nest, I'm sure i've had far more interesting things to say in the past.

Is it that you want to see me hurt? [?]

I might jet wash them out, that's certain to rile them up.

zzzzz Posted on 24/08/2009 21:31
Wasps nest

You gonna film the slaughter and put it on youtube?

Towell Posted on 24/08/2009 21:33
Wasps nest

Ah that's a good idea that!

sheriff_john_bunnell Posted on 24/08/2009 21:36
Wasps nest

this thread illustrates why we won the war. [^]

NedKat Posted on 24/08/2009 21:39
Wasps nest

Tin hat and flame thrower ?

zzzzz Posted on 24/08/2009 21:41
Wasps nest

sherrif... spot on! [^][^]

sheriff_john_bunnell Posted on 24/08/2009 21:41
Wasps nest

what do you say when you get stung by a wasp? I say AYAS!

glostarz Posted on 24/08/2009 21:43
Wasps nest

Had a wasps' nest fall through my ceiling in rented accomodation in Swansea a few years back. Thankfully happened about 10 pm as wouldn't have fancied me and the mrs. in bed, asleep waking up to room full of hundreds of the little stingy XXXXXXXXXXXXs. Elderly (80+) landlord calmly walked in to room and started spraying insect repellant through hole in ceiling with swarm around him and didn't get stung once;the XXXXXXer. This is the same geriatric landlord, mind who decided it would be a great idea to burn off overgrowth in back garden on a day when we'd had 3 weeks without rain and it was 30 degrees and was surprised when it resulted in an inferno and got annoyed when the fire brigade charged him for a call out. I was in bed at the time, after a nightshift and woke up by sound of what i thought was rain; opened the curtains to see a 12 feet high wall of flame about 10 yards from my window. Landlord hadn't even thought to knock on and tell me there was a problem. . .

tommywheeliesdad Posted on 24/08/2009 21:45
Wasps nest

them honey badgers [^]there the kiddies

markw_21 Posted on 24/08/2009 21:48
Wasps nest

Go on Towell, don't let em bully ya...

If all else fails, get Getye round, he'll smoke em out [;)]

NedKat Posted on 24/08/2009 21:48
Wasps nest

The hornets built a nest under me eaves. I thought I'd knock the bloody thing down and get rid of the little buggers. Sooo, I grabbed me fishing rod, and started flicking the end at the hornets nest. The biggest baddest hornet flew down, hovered for awhile till he got the bead on me, then flew on in with a look like he wanted to kill me [xx(] ... I shyt meself, but it was too late ! The biggest baddest hornet boss swooped under me windmilling arms and stung me a Bobby Dazzler right under me eye ! Hurt like buggery !! [B)]

zzzzz Posted on 24/08/2009 21:53
Wasps nest

Where's that songwriting bloke? Gillandi.

FFS if you can make a song up about the Kahn you do one about Towells nest?