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Esteban Posted on 19/08/2009 18:40
FAO Beamish

Is Stanley a nice place? Seriously. I'm after a lass who lives there!

beamishboro Posted on 19/08/2009 19:33
FAO Beamish

good god no.[V]

its like wheatley hill.[:O][:O][:O]

Esteban Posted on 19/08/2009 19:36
FAO Beamish

She's not from there shes from Yorkshire I think it was a cheap houses thing. Wheatley hill like... Oh dear
... I'll have to make a Trimdon lass out of her! (Bird in hand, labour club then taxi to 42 in Hartlepool... 42 is now shut and I think a night out with them lasses will give her alcohol poisoning).

beamishboro Posted on 19/08/2009 19:54
FAO Beamish

whats deaf hill like these days matey?

Esteban Posted on 19/08/2009 19:57
FAO Beamish

Looks the same the pub is an old peoples home now. I lived there briefly as a kid. Mostly the Grange and the village I see now.
I don't like the co op. I go to Fishburn co op or bells in sedgefield. I used to go to that shop every day after work for my gazette when I worked at Middleton st george. (Nostalgic for things that happened 4 months ago!)

LucyFir Posted on 19/08/2009 21:20
FAO Beamish

How quaint,a meeting of the Durham village idiots society [:D]

Esteban Posted on 19/08/2009 21:24
FAO Beamish

Me dad's from Stockton dammit. So I'm also half mackem according to Gibbo. [V]

Esteban Posted on 19/08/2009 21:29
FAO Beamish

Sorry I mean our dad. [^]

beamishboro Posted on 20/08/2009 17:49
FAO Beamish

beamish junior goes to school in lanchester which is very civilised[^]

the_elf_unit Posted on 20/08/2009 17:51
FAO Beamish

Lots of knuckels get dragged along the floor in Stanley - the land that time forgot

Esteban Posted on 20/08/2009 20:34
FAO Beamish

Which makes me think why would she live there. Why???????? (And yes there is no man involved!)