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Esteban Posted on 16/08/2009 14:55
fao Beamish

Please talk to us mate, got the hungover blues! I'll get you a curly wurly and a freddo if you let me take the XXXXXX out of north durham! [^]
And a tin of irn bru [^][^][^][^]

Esteban Posted on 16/08/2009 16:16
fao Beamish

Haway man. I'll throw in a toffee crisp and visualise the natural beauty of stanley. Or wherever.

beamishboro Posted on 16/08/2009 17:10
fao Beamish

nowt wrong with north durham[^]

its like beverly hills compared to trimdon[;)]

Esteban Posted on 16/08/2009 17:12
fao Beamish

GRRRR. No wait I had it coming. Beverley Hills indeed!
And I suppose you thinks its funny that I'm half stockton!

beamishboro Posted on 16/08/2009 17:17
fao Beamish

trimdon people are great[^]

got lots of friends in the sedgefield/bowburn/coxhoe area.

Esteban Posted on 16/08/2009 17:18
fao Beamish

I'm half village myself but I don't have the accent. Sedgefield is a nice area I think.

beamishboro Posted on 16/08/2009 17:27
fao Beamish

i remember about 8 years ago niall quinn lived in sedgefield and a load of boro fans from the village went round his house at 2am the night before we played the mackems and set a load of fireworks off to disturb his sleep[^]

his wife came out and informed them that the team were staying in a hotel that night[DFS]

Esteban Posted on 16/08/2009 17:31
fao Beamish

I bet Richie was one of them!