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Esteban Posted on 25/07/2009 22:38
Most haunted

Is it me or is this the biggest con trick on TV. Bloody hell, this is cheap tv. Let's go in a dark room and talk a load of rubbish with a 'psychic' and then pretend you can hear sounds that the viewers will only be able to hear if their tv is right up.
Back to Blue Peter Yvette.

Only_Me Posted on 26/07/2009 00:41
Most haunted

No it's not just you, though it can be quite entertaining at times, particularly when Derek Accorah goes off on one.
One question that they never seem to answer for me is though, how come, these so called spirit guides, who are always ancient red indians, can speak in English to Derek or whoever?
They are supposed to be from days long before settlers arrived in the states, so who taught them English?

Johnson Posted on 26/07/2009 01:11
Most haunted

'Is it me'

Well, Yes,

Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 26/07/2009 07:59
Most haunted

I went down into the underground streets in Edinburgh on a ghost tour thing. The Most Haunted Crew had been down there a year before, apparently they set things up etc to make 'good' tv. But something happened which non of the crew could explain which involved some scratch marks on the sound man. They all XXXXXX it.

jmboro Posted on 26/07/2009 11:31
Most haunted

risidual energy whats that all about derik must say this about 20 times in every episode

TMG501 Posted on 26/07/2009 11:49
Most haunted

Whether its bollox or not, you've got to give them credit.
How do they convince a tv channel to re-commission a series that started in 2002
that tries to prove the existence of ghosts etc, fails, and still get to make more series[?]
Not only that, they convince them to let them try and find spirits in other countries.
Now thats clever[:P]

Esteban Posted on 26/07/2009 12:00
Most haunted

It is I suppose, but my God it is soooo set up. There was even stuff in the press a few years ago about their hoax type antics.

icarus1965 Posted on 26/07/2009 13:18
Most haunted

why are the lights awalys off why dont, they keep them on so we can see any paranormal activity...

yvette deals with ghosts as a job why does she have a eppy on each episode ?

blindschool Posted on 26/07/2009 13:21
Most haunted

Why do they always point the cameras at their own faces instead of in the direction of where the ghosts are supposed to be. They say they want to capture a spirit on camera but all they get is a view of someones nostril debris.

gibosgimp Posted on 26/07/2009 13:29
Most haunted XXXXXX

Link: what`s that noise